6 Jul 2015

British Grand Prix 2015

British Grand Prix 2015
Motorsport, it is in the blood of the nation and is one in which the Brits tend to excel at. Today is my birthday and what a way to kick off the start of my birthday than to write about one of my favourite things, that being F1. This year I found myself very lucky in that I was able to attend the qualifying day at the British Grand Prix which is held at Silverstone in Northampton. A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post about F1 and in doing so I was kindly provided with two tickets to attend the Saturday event. This year marks the tenth year in which I have being watching F1 so it was fantastic to be able to finally attend a race weekend, one year I will make it to an actual race day as despite not being able to see a lot (the cars are super quick) the atmosphere and experience will make it all worth it.
British Grand Prix 2015 Having never been to any form of Grand Prix weekend I wasn't quite sure what to expect, however there was a lot more to do and see than I had expected. There was entertainment from the Red Arrows and their fantastic display which for me was incredible to see. I hadn't seen the Red Arrows for quite a few years so it was really great to see them in action. There were also races from both GP2, GP3 which are feeder series for F1 as well as the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup.

British Grand Prix 2015 British Grand Prix 2015
Walking around the jam packed venue there was countless food vendors which sold a variety of different foods. There was also wine and beer stalls, pic n mix stalls and more than one ice cream truck; needless to say I headed straight in their direction for my ice cream and strawberry sauce! I also stopped off at one of the Ferrari team merchandise stalls where I may have come away with my very own Ferrari hat which of course had number 7 on it; I'll forever be a Kimi Raikkonen supporter. Team merchandise tends to be super expensive so I only picked up the one thing, although I wouldn't have minded a Red Bull top as they are really nice.British Grand Prix 2015 British Grand Prix 2015
Overall I had such a lovely day, the weather was beautiful and the atmosphere was great! Everyone was in high spirits and looking forward to a great race weekend; it was really nice to be surrounded by fellow F1 fans.

Have you ever been to F1 weekend?

The tickets for this event were kindly provided to me for writing a post about F1 in June. There was no requirement for me to write about the event at a later date however I really wanted to share with you my day out to Silverstone as it was something I really enjoyed.

4 Jul 2015

June Beauty Favourites

June Beauty Favourites It isn't very often that we can experience a bit of the old sunshine here in the UK yet I have to say that this week has been absolutely beautiful! Granted it has been a little bit too hot at times and we have had some rather odd spells of thunder, rain and even hail yet on a whole it is great to finally bring out the ice cream without sitting inside in front of the TV! This truly wouldn't be a UK blog without the weather being mentioned somewhere now would it.

Onto this month's beauty favourites I have picked out five items that I have being using the most. Those who visited my blog a few days ago will spot my most recent review which was the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch*. This has been the only primer that I have reached for since it was kindly sent out to me to road test around a month ago, where I have to say it has become my firm favourite. For a while I had being using the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and whilst I was quite happy with it I had wondered if there was something better. For me personally I find the Clarins primer to work much better on my skin type which is oily to combination with the odd areas of dehydration.

Sticking with make up products for one more moment I have here a Vintage Metallix cream eye shadow from Illamasqua in the shade 'Embellish'. During Illamasqua's last online sale I managed to snap up a little gift set which contained a brow gel, gel liner and this eye shadow in which out of all three this was the product that was left feeling a little unloved. During a little clear out a few weeks ago I made a mental note to start using this and have not looked back since. It is a beautiful cream eye shadow which blends out effortlessly and is super pigmented; a little sure does go a long way with this. Like all of my cream eye shadows it falls within the bronze spectrum yet this particular one also has tiny flecks of glitter in it which it subtle but still eye catching; I think this makes this particular eye shadow much more unique. Whilst I do think that this is more than wearable for day time use I'd much prefer to wear it for an evening out because of the added glitter element.

My trusty Burt's Bees lip balm* in the shade grapefruit has not left my bag this last month as for some reason my lips have being really suffering of late. I have a couple more of these floating around and tend to reach for them over every other lip balm I have. They are simple to use and they provide me relief for a couple of hours, they're also pretty affordable too. This month I'm back with an old favourite and oh how I missed it within my routine! The Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic is a repurchase whereby since my original review back in 2013 it has remained to be one of my all-time favourite toners. For me I find that the best time to use this is after I have either used a clay mask or when I have used an exfoliating toner as I really do feel as though it hydrates my skin nicely.

To round off this month's favourites I wanted to end with my budget beauty find. When it comes to cleaning make up brushes I know a lot of people find it to be somewhat of a chore however I enjoy it, I like knowing they are clean. Having said that I can't clean them properly every single day therefore the B Make Up Brush Cleanser was something I decided to pick up on a whim when in Superdrug a few weeks ago. At the time it was on offer for roughly £3 although at full price it is only £4.99. I thought this was a pretty good to honest as it allows me to quickly spot clean my brushes without having to wait a few hours for them to dry. Whilst it will never make up for washing them properly (I save that for the weekends) I do think that this has helped me quite a lot, especially when I seem to use the MAC 217 for everything these days.

What have been your beauty favourites this month?

2 Jul 2015

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Review

Being a beauty blogger for the last three years has opened up a whole world of tips and tricks that I never knew about. There are so many that I now carry out on a regular basis where some of them have actually become part of my daily routine. A prime example of that (pun completely intended) has been that of incorporating a primer into my make up routine.

Over the last few years I have tried a fair few of which there have been a variety of different brands, price points and indeed opinions. Primers have always been the type of product that I have never quite managed to feel satisfied with as I have always been left wondering if there was something better out there. One of the most recent primers that I have being using is Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch* primer which I have to say had a lot of very good feedback from some of my favourite bloggers therefore I was very intrigued as to how well it would work for me.

Aimed at a range of different skin types this is likely to be a primer that is worth considering trying out if you haven't already. It has a cream like texture which is incredibly smooth; this allows it to glide onto the skin beautifully. The texture for me reminds me somewhat of Benefit Porefessional however they are different in colour, I also feel that once applied that the Clarins version feels smoother on the skin although the difference is very small. The Clarins primer does not feel heavy at all and helps to provide an almost veil like layer over any imperfections. In particular I have noticed that it cover areas of dryness very well, in fact, I think that it does this better than any other primer that I have tried to date. 

Upon use I tend to apply three dots of the primer, one on my forehead and one on either cheek and then I simply rub it in gently across my face all whilst focusing on any areas where I know my make up tends to fade first; this is always around my nose and my chin. Once applied my skin is prepped and ready for my make up base of choice which currently is either my Nars Sheer Glow foundation or the new Laura Mercier Silk Creme* foundation.

In terms of longevity I really have noticed that when I get home from work or after I have been out that my make up is lasting a lot longer. Whilst it will never look as good as when I first applied it several hours before I do think that this primer has made a noticeable difference. In fact when I first started testing this out I had originally forgot that I was testing out the primer and had been shocked at just how good my make up was looking six hours later, it didn't take me too long to think back and realise what it had been that I had used that morning.

In order to keep things balanced I do like to say where I think this product can be improved and that for me is simple. It would be lovely to see this in a little tube of some sort as it would be a lot my hygienic that way. Clarins have tried to tackle this issue to an extent as this does come with a little spatula of sorts however let's be honest, I don't think many of us will stick to using those for long; I have already lost mine.

For me this is without a doubt a great product and is whole heartedly one that I will be purchasing in the future once this current pot runs out.

1 Jul 2015

Beauty & Go Bioactive Beauty Drinks | My Thoughts

Beauty & Go Bioactive Beauty Drinks

If you remember back in April I posted all about Beauty & Go and their bioactive beauty drinks, in which during that post I mentioned that I would be trying out the detox drink for one month in order to see how I got on. Well fast forward eight exams later and a little bit of a delayed blog post and here I am with my overall thoughts on the process.

Back when I wrote my original post you may remember that out of all four flavours available it was the detox drink that in my opinion tasted the worst; in fact I actually liked the other three quite a bit so as I began this little experiment I found that I was already off to a bumpy start. Originally I started off with drinking two of these each day however I soon began to really struggle and had to drop down to just one. I am not the sort of person to readily admit defeat so soon yet I honestly found this drink to be really hard to stomach; it quickly developed into something that I would put off until the very last minute of the day.

The detox drink as the name suggests aims to detox and purify the skin as it consists of macro Antioxidants from pomegranate and lemons. It also contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, artichoke, broccoli, orange fibre, cucumber, spirulina algae, dandelion, spinach, mint and nettle, citrulline, natural olive fruit extract, resveratrol, zinc and vitamin C. It is needless to say that this list is full of good stuff. I wanted to love it, I truly did, yet the after taste that this left in my mouth was one I never quite got used to, even after drinking one a day for a whole month.

In regards to any physical improvements I saw I will be honest and say that they were very subtle, I did notice that a few weeks into my challenge that my skin was clearer and that it did indeed look brighter although I am yet to be fully convinced that the detox juice was the reason behind that. I honestly think that things like this ride on so many factors, for example your diet, your stress levels and sleep pattern and indeed whether you exercise or not. Whilst I do think they can be helpful to a certain extent I also think that you need to be putting in effort in every area of your life and not just hoping for a miracle in a bottle as it were.

Despite the fact that I personally did not like the taste of this particular drink I know that others did so it really is one that you need to sample for yourself. Beauty & Go drinks are sold in Selfridges and now Tesco so they should be relatively easy to get hold of if you're curious about them. On a side note I'd like to add that aside from the detox drink that the other three were really quite lovely, I would have had no trouble drinking those twice a day for a month at all. Overall I am really glad I got to try something like this as I will admit I have always been incredibly curious.


29 Jun 2015

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito
There is a new range at The Body Shop this summer which you may or may not have spotted over the last few weeks. The Virgin Mojito range has quite literally been splashed all over the blogging community recently and with good reason. If you are into super fresh and fruity scents which literally optimise summer then it is well worth checking this range out.

The limited edition Virgin Mojito range consists of blends of lime and freshly crushed mint, where upon use you are instantly transported to a beach with a cocktail or two in hand! Like most ranges from The Body Shop there is body butter, shower gel and body scrub which are all divine, and that is just the scent alone. Being quite a fan of The Body Shop I have tried more than my fair of body butters in the past, it goes without saying that the Virgin Mojito Body Butter* is already a firm favourite of mine; it is so incredibly refreshing. 

If you are looking for a good old exfoliator for in the shower then I can't say that I could recommend the Virgin Mojito* one too much. For me it is extremely light and doesn't provide the texture that I would like for a body scrub, although having said that it is really gentle and provides light exfoliation so this may be a good one to use regularly or to have at hand if you have a bit of sunburn.

In recent months The Body Shop have launched the body sorbets in which the Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet* is probably my favourite product from this whole range. Having never tried one of these products before I was incredibly curious to see how they worked for me as I have always been a huge fan of the much thicker body butters. Upon using this I was pleasantly surprised at how light it was and how easily it absorbed into my skin. Using this has made a nice change to my body butters although I do think that for those who suffer with drier skin that this may not be enough in terms of keeping the skin hydrated; overall I think the body butters would be much better. 

On a whole I have been really impressed with this range, it sure is perfect for the summer months, especially if you are jetting off somewhere sunny. Never fear though, for those of you who are not (me included) I hear we have somewhat of a heat wave coming this week so whip out your sun hat, sunglasses and the ever important SPF and enjoy.
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