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1 Sep 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect Lipstick

Charlotte Tilbury products are one of the most exciting launches that I have seen so far this year. From the distinctive rose gold packaging to the quality of the product it truly is a brand that I'm hoping to explore more of throughout the remainder of the year.

The K.I.S.S.I.N.G Fallen from the Lipstick Tree 'Bitch Perfect' Lipstick was a giveaway prize that I won from Aimee a few weeks ago, who also happens to have just started her own YouTube channel so be super awesome and go say hello! I realise that I do state that Charlotte Tilbury products are in rose gold packaging which is actually quite weighty adding of course to the luxurious feel and appearance of the product. Speaking of which in the image above the packaging does appear gold to me rather than it's more beautiful rose gold sister however I'm not entirely sure why that happened so let's move swiftly on before I become to embarrassed by my lack of camera skills.

For me Bitch Perfect has tones of pink and soft brown within it which I realise may not sound all that appealing but please bear with me as once applied it truly is beautiful. If you like your nude shades then this is certainly one to check out, particularly if you're feeling like splashing the cash as at £23 they're certainly a luxurious treat in my book. Scent wise these smell very similar to the vanilla scent associated with MAC lipsticks therefore if you like those then you will most certainly like these too.

Enhanced with a secret ingredient the 'Lipstick Tree' the breakthrough anti-oxidant helps to protect the lips from UV damage. The formula also claims to help create a more pert pout which is something I'm generally quite sceptical however I have to say it works, it really does.

In terms of longevity I have been very impressed with the wear time with this shade as I found it to last me 2-3 hours before I needed to reapply; staying power is also pretty good too even when eating and drinking. Application is extremely easy as the formula is incredibly easy to work with being super soft and of course very pigmented. The formula itself is more hydrating than I thought it would be however its not as moisturising in my opinion as some others in my collection. Please do remember that I seem to suffer with dry lips quite a lot as so many of you will have heard me say before so I wouldn't be put off at all by that one factor; I'm certainly not.

Overall it's a fantastic lip product that has fast become one of my favourite nude shades to wear. Being beautiful to wear and not just to hold I have a feeling that this won't be the only Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in my collection for long.

Charlotte Tilbury products can be purchased online or at Selfridges. For all of you in the US Charlotte Tilbury will be launching on the 02/09/14 so you have just a few more hours to wait until you can get your hands on some of these beautiful products.

I've been featured...

Autumn Ambience

Today I have guest posted over on The Black Pearl Blog run by the beautiful Sandra whilst she is away on holiday. Be sure to hop on over and have a read about some of my favourite products for this coming autumn and winter and of course let me know some of your favourites too.

31 Aug 2014

August Overview

August Overview

August saw a variety of posts over here whereby I have picked out just a few of my favourites to revisit. Without any doubt my favourite post this month was my Folli Follie Festival Style post whereby I was kindly sent a few items from the brand in order to help style a festival outfit. I had so much fun putting this post together and would love to hear what you thought of it in the comments below.

An incredibly popular post along with an incredibly popular product was my review of the LUSH Tea Tree Water which has been a welcome blessing into my skincare routine. This refreshing toner has being helping to keep my blemishes at a minority over the last few months and really does deserve such praise from me as I think it has worked so well on my skin.

Of course make up is always popular whereby another fun post I shared with you all was my feature of Topshop Make Up. This is a brand which used to see so much coverage on so many of the blogs that I read that I found myself wanting to try everything. Over time the hype of Topshop make up has settled down as is naturally expected. Overall this is a brand that I really do like, their nail polishes are fantastic and the shade range is extensive making it a sure pit stop for me when I pop into store.

Never one to avoid the hype completely I finally purchased Rimmel 107, you all know which one. This is a fantastic berry toned lipstick which will work beautifully for autumn and winter time.

As the end of August draws near and we head into September I would just like to thank all of you who are continuing to leave me such wonderful comments and feedback over here. I've also being given so many more wonderful beauty recommendations over the last few months; I knew I could count on you guys! 

30 Aug 2014

August Favourites

August Favourites

As we say goodbye to August I can't help but wave merrily as we head into September, the coming months despite the dark mornings are some of my favourites when it comes to fashion and beauty. Throughout August I had being using a few things none stop whereby there are a couple of new things that have crept in unexpectedly. 

I'm very lucky to say that in recent weeks I have won two beauty giveaways from two of my favourite ladies within the beauty community. From Laura I was thrilled to be told I had won the original Urban Decay Naked Palette which had been a product that I had wanted to add to my collection for a while. I have to say that this palette is incredible, I'd even go as far to say that I prefer it ever so slightly to the Naked 2 Palette which I had for my birthday this time last year. The shades naked, sidecar and hustle are so far my favourites within the palette and are as always super pigmented, long lasting and utterly beautiful to boot.

The Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in bitch perfect is my new favourite nude and was a giveaway prize from Aimee who is quite simply a Charlotte Tilbury fanatic! From the packaging alone you know you're in for something extra special whereby the lipstick itself does not disappoint. They also smell really nice which is a bonus; nobody wants a smelly lipstick under their nose!

One morning I decided not to use my normal blusher and instead picked up again the Lily Lolo Honey Glow Shimmer Stripes* which I did a more in depth review of here. I'm not going to lie I had forgotten just how much I liked this product as it really does help to warm up my complexion and highlight my none existing cheek bones in a way that I hadn't been able to before. 

Of course before any make up can be applied skincare is of the up-most importance whereby I have being using an SPF Religiously. My favourite SPF that I have found has been the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL which I picked up from Boots. This SPF is utterly fantastic and doesn't feel greasy at all once applied to the skin therefore it's definitely one that I will be re-purchasing once this one runs out as I feel no need to try another.

It's rare that I feature hair care over here on A Little Boat Sailing however I had to share with you the Faith In Nature Grapefruit and Orange Shampoo* which was sent to me a couple of weeks ago. This is actually a product which I wish I were able to find in my local Boots and supermarket as I wouldn't hesitate to buy it now that I have tried it. Full of an uplifting citrus scent my hair feels so good after I have used this shampoo and the corresponding conditioner, in fact it also seems to last a little longer before I feel the need to wash my hair which is always a good thing in my book.

What are your top choices for August?

27 Aug 2014

It's all about Kate

Rimmel 107 Lipstick Rimmel Kate 107 Lipstick

It has only taken me just under two years to fall for the hype of the Lasting Finish Matte Lipsticks by Kate Moss for Rimmel London. I guess for the most part I had put off buying this particular shade because of the word 'matte' which tends to create stunning finishes on everybody else but myself. My lips suffer with being dry quite a lot of the time where I find it a constant challenge to keep them nice in order to wear my lipsticks without them caking into dry patches.

Whilst out shopping with my friend a few days ago she convinced me that I had to buy this lipstick. I almost nearly reached the checkout on that particular occasion however eventually I ended up putting it back in favour of my concealers. Of course me being me this restraint did not last long which resulted in being back in Boots just a day later with 107 in my hand.

This lipstick has quite the cult following and I'd happily place a bet that I won't be the only one sporting this gorgeous colour throughout the coming autumn and winter. The light in my picture above is I would argue a tad deceiving as this colour is slightly darker than it appears in this image. I'd describe this as a berry red which reminds me of somewhat of snow white for some reason, it truly is beautiful and I cannot wait to wear it once autumn is here in full swing.

Of course being a matte lipstick I'd prep the lips with some balm beforehand. I used one which in hindsight was a poor choice as it isn't very moisturising at all, in fact I'm not entirely sure why I still have it. Whilst sitting here writing this post I can feel my lips starting to feel rather dry so a good moisturising balm is in my opinion warranted. That I have to say is my only criticism where this lipstick is concerned and it is one that is easily countered as lasting power, pigmentation, visual appearance and price point are all winning factors; overall this has to be one of my favourite beauty purchases to date.

So come on then, what's your favourite lipstick at the moment?