29 May 2015

Topshop Beauty | Five Years

Topshop Make Up It is hard to believe that Topshop Beauty turned five this month, it honestly only seems like yesterday when I first very first discovered it. From the vast array of nail polishes to the awesome cream blushes it is safe to say that Topshop Beauty has been one of my favourite discoveries in the time that I have being blogging. 

Last year I dedicated a whole post aptly named Topshop Make Up in which I shared with you a few of my favourite products from the range. To this day I still think that Topshop Beauty is great value for money, the packaging is also incredibly sweet and what with the added rose gold detail for the five year celebration who wouldn't want a little something from the collection.

In order to kick off the five years of the Topshop Beauty line they have re-released their best selling products in limited edition rose gold packaging, which I have to say looks absolutely beautiful! There are a grand total of fifteen products within the limited edition collection which consists of five lipsticks, five nail polishes, a liquid liner, glow highlighter and a lovely cream blush. My local Topshop did seem a little sparse on the lipstick front as only Innocent and Nevada was available at the time however I would have loved to have picked up Beguiled whilst I was there.
Topshop Make Up
To this day I still enjoy using the Topshop nail polishes in particular as I find the formula to be pretty fantastic, especially considering they only cost £6. They're often just as good, if not better than other brands that I have tried which have been more expensive. It goes without saying that I had to pick a nail polish up therefore I decided to go with 'Green Room' as I don't own a shade like this at all, the only similar one I have tried is from Models Own and that technically does belong to my sister. 

I also decided to pick up one of the lipsticks in the shade 'innocent' which in the bullet looks like a warm toned pink yet when applied does come across a little bit cooler than you would have initially thought. Nevertheless I think it is a really pretty colour that will be really lovely to wear throughout the remainder of spring and as we head into summer. The last time I purchased a lipstick from Topshop I must admit that I do remember being a little underwhelmed in regards to the formula, however I'm all for giving products a second chance so hopefully this time round I have a much better experience.

Topshop packaging has always been a hit with me, I think it is fun and cute yet in the same breath it wouldn't see any of us feeling slightly daft pulling it out of our handbags. I really do love it and will continue to browse those nail polish stands for a long time to come yet. Now if only they would bring back the highlighter in 'crescent moon' then I would be quite literally over the moon!

27 May 2015

Things I do When I Want To Feel Good

Things I do When I Want To Feel Good
It's ironic that as I type this post I'm sitting in mismatched pyjamas with an oversize cardigan that could easily pass as my Nan's. However this post is one that I have being looking forward to writing for a little while so I'll try to ignore that fact whilst I type. Recently I have being trying to re-evaluate a few things in regards to my personal life, I've being trying to decipher what actually makes me happy and what makes me feel good as I haven't felt that way for a while. It's a working progress for sure however I've started off with a few simple things.

Whilst I have being studying for what feels like an age I've found myself in somewhat of a rut. I have been at home a lot when I haven't been at work and had found myself starting to feel as though I had 'let myself go'. Staying in your pyjamas all day is perfectly OK on your day off yet I honestly felt as though I was living in mine. This had become more of a routine rather than a 'lazy day treat' which I knew I needed to nip in the bud pronto. By making the effort to pick out something nice to wear for the day and even wearing a little bit of make up, regardless of whether I was actually going out or not I noticed in myself that I immediately felt more motivated and more on top of things. Have you ever had a telephone interview and been given advice to be dressed as if you were having a physical face to face interview? I guess it's the same principle that I'm trying to get across in my own roundabout way as by being physically prepared you are often more mentally prepared too.

This got me thinking about those little things that I do in my daily routines to make myself feel more confident and in some circumstances more motivated. There are a many things that I could include within the topic of making yourself feel more confident and indeed happier within yourself however considering this is a beauty blog primarily I thought I'd focus on a few of my favourite things within that realm for today. Whilst not for one minute would I ever suggest you need make up, or pretty clothes to feel good I know that deep down these do add to my own confidence. I don't feel ashamed to say that.

Things I do When I Want To Feel Good

I don't know about you but no matter what anybody says I do find that having pretty lingerie always makes me feel good, even if I'm having one of those dreaded 'I hate my thighs' days. There's just something incredibly satisfying about nice lingerie in my eyes, especially these days when there are so many different designs, colours and styles available. The One Jessie Bra* along with the many available within the lingerie range at House of Fraser is so beautiful, it is sophisticated and dare I say sexy, yet it is not over the top and comes in the most beautiful emerald green. 

Painting my nails is always an instant moral boost for me, mainly because it shows I have achieved something by actually letting them reach a length which is suitable for painting. Picking out a nail polish and doing an at home manicure always makes me feel good, I cannot lie that having painted nails makes me feel really feminine but that might be purely because I tend to have rather short stubby nails 99% of the time. Recently I have being opting for more nude shades and have avoided the typical spring pastel trend; Essie Ballet Slippers has been a favourite for a while and continues to be just that.

Both lipstick and fragrance are my final things that add the finishing touches (clearly I've skipped a few steps here), there's nothing like popping on your lipstick and spritzing on your favourite fragrance before you head out of the door. The NARS Audcacious Lipstick in the shade Anna was a shade that I had wanted since Christmas therefore it goes without saying that this is currently my shade of choice, whereas without fail when it comes to fragrance I always go for Stella by Stella McCartney; it's a classic.

Obviously there are heaps more things you can do in order to make yourself feel more motivated and energised. I could list so many things right now such as exercising, eating more healthy, taking up a new hobby or going out and meeting new people. For now I've stuck to beauty however I'd love to explore this type of post further, I think it is good to address the things that make us feel good so that we know what they are so that we are able to stick to them more.

If all else fails ladies and I really just cannot be bothered with all of the above then I'll always turn to a good old book; it's a fail-safe which more often than not cannot be beaten. Currently I'm reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert because it has been on my to read list for about three years now. I think it will be good although it's too early to tell just yet, although whilst wrapped up in this cardigan I'm sure I'll fly through it, it's so cosy!

25 May 2015

Make Up and Things

Make Up and Things
Over the last few weeks I have managed to pick up a few things that I'd had my eye on for a while. I'd love to say that it was a well-earned shopping trip after exams but I'll be honest with you, it was more procrastination shopping in town when I should have been revising if truth be told. Nevertheless, here I am with a little post rounding up a few of my most recent purchases. 

Make Up and Things
For a while now I have adored the brand that is Rifle Paper and Co. From the elegant yet not strict drawings, full of both bright colours and pastels I think it is a brand that appeals to many. After what felt like defeat in trying to pick up this set of notebooks I happened to find them when I popped into Waterstones whilst waiting for my train last week. Whilst browsing the stationary section rather thoroughly (if you haven't had a look before then I seriously recommend checking it out) I couldn't quite believe it when I saw these shoved to the one side of the book shelf. At £9.99 they're not the most affordable notebooks, however I do think paying that price is justified when you find something you really do like. All three are lined and have the word 'notebook' printed across the front in gold lettering, they really are very beautiful and you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into them.

I've also recently had a new iPhone case from the lovely team at Iconemesis. The Cat Sims Feather* iPhone 5s case has made a nice change to my bright blue one that I had previously. It's a beautifully designed case that features light blue delicate feathers all over, I think it's super pretty! It also fits my phone perfectly and is really sturdy too which is a huge bonus, as aside from the fact you want your phone protected I have in the past had phone cases which have been of poor quality, this however is great! At the moment it is in the sale for £5 which I think is an utter bargain, it's well worth checking out the other cases that they have too.

Make Up and Things

Whilst in Primark I stumbled across this rather cute mint green make up bag which cost me all of the £3. It's incredibly spacious yet not too big, however this will strictly be a bag that I use at home because I do think that it is a little too big for my handbag. Normally I wouldn't have picked out something as large as this however the mint design which has little white triangles dotted all over it really did catch my eye, I also liked the fact that it had 'make up' written across it in gold letters. 

From the super affordable to the somewhat eye watering I have finally made an investment by purchasing the Tom Ford Eye Colour Quad in Cocoa Mirage. We all know I adore my make up and do believe in spending more where it is warranted, eye shadow being just one of them. In particular here I draw attention solely to powder eye shadow because I never find the high street to do those very well at all, whereas in comparison they really do nail cream eye shadows. Despite this I was reluctant to go through with this purchase however I did and that's pretty much the end of that. As of yet I haven't used it, blame exams, no time and having not photographed it until today however I will be back with a review as soon as I have tried it out because I'm incredibly keen to assure myself and you that this was money well spent.

Wishing everyone an amazing week and good luck to those of you with exams still, may the odds be ever in your favour! 

23 May 2015

Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita Palette

Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette

The Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette was my very first foray into the brand, in which since that time I have found myself falling hook line and sinker for the rose gold packaging and beautiful thought out hues. I've three of these palettes now and each one is incredibly unique, offering me something different depending on the colours and indeed looks that I want to create that day. I've already popped up a review of the Fallen Angel Palette which is not just stunning but is also one of my most used palettes to date, despite the pain it caused me to finally wear down those embossed stars.

In contrast to the Fallen Angel Palette we have The Dolce Vita which is much more warmed tone in nature. Like all of Charlotte Tilbury's Eye Shadow Quads they are all set out step by step on the back of the quad which enables you to create your own smoky eye. That is great of course if you want that type of look however for every day I do find that it can be a little much, therefore I just tend to use what I fancy, although for those who are a little unsure of where to use what shades and what type of eye shadow then it's a great little feature to be included.

Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Eye Shadow Palette

The Dolce Vita consists of four eye shadows, the first being step one which is the prime shade. This is shade that I found a little difficult to describe, however in conclusion I opted for it being a light peach which almost verges on champagne. This is a shimmer and offers not just a perfect shadow as your starting point but also an ideal one for highlighting the inner corner and brow bone. Step two involved enhancing the look of which by using the rich rust toned brown you're able to create definition around the eye and within the socket. 

Moving onto step three which involves a bit more blending you want to smoke out the eye shadow. This shade is perhaps more accustomed to the usual types of shades I go for as it's more of a traditional brown of which when paired up with the rust toned shade they truly do work beautifully together. On a side note I'd like to add that whilst all the shades have generally photographed pretty well here I do think that this one has come out a little flat on camera, it is actually very pretty when you see it for yourself. Finally to add a little extra dimension to the look you have step four which is pop! This gold glitter shade is one of the prettiest I have seen yet I think it's hard to overdo it as it is so pretty and delicate. In order to apply this I'd advise using your finger to gently dab it on where you want it as I think it is much easier in comparison to using a brush.

I think this little quad offers quite a diverse range of looks for both day and night, in fact I think this applies to all of the Charlotte Tilbury quads as they truly are fantastic. In terms of pigmentation I have yet to be disappointed as they are one of the best I own in terms of this. Creasing is very minimal in my experience; although I'm yet to find powder eye shadows that do not crease at all however using an eye shadow primer will help with this greatly.

Overall once again Charlotte Tilbury make up ticks all of the boxes. I think that it's needless to say that I'm really looking forward to the release of her summer collection in a few month's time.

19 May 2015

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

If there has ever been a product review that has been a long time coming then it is this one. The Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado had been a product that I had wanted to try for a very long time. I know that when I first started blogging this was a product that was floating around yet the price had always put me off. I wasn't quite ready to drop the pennies back then, yet these days I'm not too worried about paying a little more, especially if it's backed up by great reviews over a long period of time.

It wasn't until I was watching a video by Lisa Eldridge early last year where she featured this that I finally decided to pick it up. First and foremost I wasn't actually aware that it comes in two sizes which of course has a reflection on the price. When I asked for this product at my local Kiehl's counter I was immediately given the full size which now in hindsight if I had been offered the smaller one I would have opted for that, especially seeing as I had never tried it before. The smaller tub of this costs £20 whereas the larger comes in at £33 therefore there's quite a price difference although when looking at the amount of product you get it is better value for money to buy the larger size.
 Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

The product itself is light yellow in colour, almost verging on green which is something that I quite like. Upon application this colour does not show up at all, in fact it immediately starts to melt into the skin creating a lovely texture to work with. Having tried a few eye creams in the past I would say that by far this is the thickest in texture yet this is something I really do like in an eye cream as I like to feel as though it is doing something for me. Despite it being a thick cream it does not feel heavy around my eyes at all which again is an added bonus. 

I must admit that I do suffer from dehydration around my eyes quite a lot and whilst I don't think that this completely eradicates that I do feel that it helps improve things for longer. Where other products in the past have helped me in this area I don't feel as though they have given me the results that this has which makes this product a firm staple for me within my skincare routine. This product is something that I'm happy to use both morning and night where of an evening it is extremely satisfying to pop on once I've cleansed my face.  I also find that for me it works great under my make up yet I do know that others find it a little too thick for day time use however do bear in mind my issue with dehydration. 

Whilst here I will address the issue of dark circles as they are indeed an issue I suffer with as well as dehydration. This product as far as I understand is not marketed towards combating dark circles so I will not judge it in that way. I do think that it improves them to a very mild extent although it's nothing to write home about, although if I'm honest I think making myself drink more water and achieving a decent amount of hours of sleep at night would improve them far more than any cream on the market.

The non-migrating formula is enriched with avocado oil this is extremely moisturising oil and is a natural source of Amino Acids, Vitamins A, D and E. Shea Butter is also present which is renowned for its moisturising properties, there's also Beta-Carotene which is a new one to me, this is a natural antioxidant and is often found in carrots, hence the name.

Have you tried the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado? 

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