31 Oct 2014

October Favourites

October Favourites
Throughout October I found myself reaching for some old favourites along with a new foundation sample that I'm trying to make last as long as possible. Starting off with my beloved Dove Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Spray (which I might add is like gold dust where I live) this leaves my hair feeling super soft and really helps to keep it free from tangles after I have washed it. This is my second bottle and will not be my last as I really do rate it, plus I think it smells incredible and is super affordable too.

As autumn arrived I decided to change my make up routine a little bit and started to use my NARS Fairy's Kiss Palette much more. The purple hues in this palette are fantastic and are very easy to work with where on a whole I find that it is very hard to fault eye shadows and indeed any product from NARS. From one counter to the next I have being wearing MAC Plumful whenever I have had the chance, this really is one of my up-most favourite lipsticks to wear and will be the first MAC lipstick I use up without a doubt as I reach for it more than any other.

Lastly I have managed to pick up a little sample of the Dior Skin Star Foundation after having my skin tone matched in House of Fraser a few weeks ago. I have to say so far I think this foundation is utterly beautiful and isn't as expensive as I had anticipated considering it's from a brand that I class to be incredibly high end. Whilst I really do like it it's not something I will be investing in this side of Christmas as I've a few others to use up first however I will be bearing it in mind when the next foundation shop is on the cards.

Before I sign off for today I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the gorgeous ladies who guest posted for me this month. Don't forget to check out their blogs and indeed their posts that they put together for me where you can read all about Bioderma, LUSH and a DIY Facial Pamper!


30 Oct 2014

Dorothy Perkins Wish List

Dorothy Perkins has always been one of my favourite high street stores to browse especially at this time of year as I really like their knitwear and accessories in particular. A few days ago on the Dorothy Perkins twitter page they were holding a little tweet to win type competition. I didn't win sadly yet thought that my little wish list would make a nice quick and interesting post for today.

The three quarter length jumper is super cute and is my favourite colour when it comes to clothing, yes I can safely say that I'm a granny as I love the colour grey! In fact quite clearly there is a bit of a theme here with the clothing items I've chosen as they are predominately black, white and grey. I think that this is primarily because these are the types of colours I feel most comfortable in and of course they go with most things too. As for the black and white tunic I have to say I'm pretty darn gutted that this is now out of stock in my size. I really do regret not ordering it and have found myself praying to those of a higher authority ever since that it will come back into stock soon.


28 Oct 2014

Guest Post - DIY Pamper Facial

DIY Pamper Facial
Hello everyone, My name is Chaitra and I am so happy to be writing for one of my favourite blogs today. Thank you so much Amy, for this lovely opportunity! Every now and then I like to give myself a facial at home. It is just my way of caring and pampering my skin because happy skin makes me a happy little bunny! I have a very simple routine and I do this whenever I get the time, but at least twice a month. Hope you enjoy a little peek into my routine here.

 What you need:
 A Balm Cleanser / Oil
 Flannel / Muslin Cloth
 Essential Oil
 Hot Water/ Steam
 Face mask

1. Apply the balm cleanser/ cleansing oil to your skin and massage for about five minutes. I am currently using the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm and it is a miracle product. This video by Lisa Eldridge is the ultimate guide to facial massaging. I am a 100% sure you will love the video.

2. Run your flannel under hot water and wipe the cleansing oil off your skin.

3. Bring some water to boil in a teapot, optionally add a few drops of your favourite essential oil in there, cover your head with a towel, put your face close to the teapot and let the steam do its magic on your pores for about 3 to 4 min. I have found that the steam really makes the skin more workable and supple.

4. Exfoliate your skin with an exfoliator of your choice. I personally just use a mix of honey and sugar as a facial scrub and I love the results. Wash off.

5. Apply your favourite face mask and eat some dark chocolate while it works wonders on your skin. My current favourite face mask is the love lettuce fresh face mask from Lush cosmetics.

6. Wash off and apply the serum and moisturiser in your skincare routine.

 That's it. I find this routine helps to relax, refresh and rejuvenate my skin. And also I like taking out time for myself once in a while, it is a good de-stresser and just a feel good thing.

 Do you have any relaxing facial routines?

26 Oct 2014

Short Term Goals


Generally speaking I tend to keep my personal life off my blog the majority of the time however simple posts such as these are a great way of showing more behind the person without diving into their life too deeply. A few days ago I came across a post by Cat over at Lilac Ghosts where she shared her personal short term goals. I found this to be a really interesting little post so thought I would create my own little list; it'll be nice to look back at this in the New Year to see if I managed to achieve any of them.

1: Firstly I'd like to have somewhat of a 'spring' clean in my bedroom and get rid of a few things. I've a few bits and bobs that I have being meaning to put on eBay for the best part of a year; it would be nice to get around to that soon.

2: I'd also like to finish a few books that I've had on my bookshelf for too long. Before I Go to Sleep has been half read for around a month now, it's about time I finished it and gave it back to my friend asap!

3: This beautiful photograph is from a relatively recent visit to the woods where I live. Considering I live by such a beautiful place I sadly don't make as much use of it as I should. My plan is to try and make regular visits from now on in forms of going for walks and exploring new trails. It is so refreshing and relaxing over there so I find that it's a great way to chill out for a few hours, plus there are so many nice things to photograph too.

4: As some of you may know I have recently started a GDL which is a Graduate Diploma in Law. Before I started I was told that the course is pretty intense however I completely underestimated just how intense it would be. This huge shift in the sheer volume and pace of work has made me take quite a long hard look at my organisational skills, this is something I have already started to work on and improve.

5: Looking back to the previous point I need to remember that whilst studying is so very important as well as job applications, work and volunteering I also need to ensure I save time for myself. At the moment I'm feeling like I'm being hit by a bus every day (to quote my lecturer on Friday) so I simply need to remember to allocate myself time to relax and to not think about law or vacation schemes, even if it is just for a few hours.

Setting short term goals is quite important to me as I do it on a daily basis in the form of a to-do list however they are pretty much on a day to day basis. Having something set in stone for the remainder of the year will hopefully allow me to focus on them without feeling a time constraint.


23 Oct 2014

Recent Purchases #3

Recent Purchases

It's just a quick one today as by the time most of you will be reading this I will have endured or still be enduring four different law tutorials throughout the day with the subject of Land Law up first, delightful! Actually it isn't that bad at all, I just need to get my head around some of the legal jargon used however before I ramble on too much I'm going to get straight to it with today's post. I'm writing this right at the beginning of the week whilst on a quick break from studying and thought that it would be a nice opportunity to sit back and write a couple of blog posts.

Today I wanted to share with you some of my recent purchases that I have picked up over the last few weeks. Once again I'm growing my nails (shock horror) and have picked up for what must be the millionth time the Sally Hansen Maxium Growth nail treatment which I have to say is very good; it's quite simply me that let's the side down where growing my nails is concerned. Alongside this I finally picked up one of my most coveted beauty items which is the Dior Addict Lip Glow. I cannot begin to express how much I have wanted to try this product whereby my curiosity has only been fuelled even more by such positive praise from Sophie.

Moving onto clothing I have picked up just a couple of items in the past few weeks where I have just realised that one of them isn't actually pictured; both are from Primark. I'll put it out there that Primark is a place that drives me quite literally insane! I don't think I have ever had a pleasant shopping experience in any of their stores which is why I tend to avoid it like the plague. Having said that I do find it to be very good for basic items such as plain tops as I like to wear them a lot therefore enjoy having a nice selection to choose from. I picked up a simple dark green long sleeve top just last week as I really do like the fit of those tops in particular (I have quite a few now) and they wash really well too! For such an affordable price I actually think they are very good and would definitely brave those Primark aisles again to pick up a few more. The other item I picked up was a beautiful light grey knit jumper which cost me just £10 which I found in the Primark concession in Selfridges, yes that surprised me too! Over to Dorothy Perkins I found myself purchasing a tartan scarf however be warned I highly doubt my scarf purchases will be ending there, I have some weird scarf obsession that cannot be tamed.

It's slightly worrying that in the last two trips to Birmingham I have made three visits to Paperchase however I did come away with a rather handy weekly desk planner which I think will help me resolve my organisation woes, at least I hope so anyway. Lastly whilst in Asda I decided to pick up some metallic Sharpies because firstly you can never have enough Sharpies and secondly I thought they would be really good for Christmas this year when decorating Christmas cards, wrapping paper and gift tags. At this time of year I tend to have these wonderful ideas yet somehow find myself being too busy to carry them out, hopefully this year I can do a few Christmas inspired DIY posts to help get into the festive mood. Who am I kidding, WHSmith have had the chocolate oranges in...I'm already there!