Saturday, 1 August 2015

July Beauty Favourites

July Beauty Favourites

Every year I find the passing of July to be somewhat of a sad one, it is for me the month which optimises summer here in the UK and of course what with it also being my birthday month I find it sad to say goodbye. Nevertheless time is waiting for no man therefore it is time to get straight into my monthly beauty favourites as before I know it I will be writing the same for August.

Starting off with make up I have rarely strayed away from my Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in nude mauve since I purchased it back in March. This shade has been a firm favourite of mine because it looks so natural and incredibly pretty on the skin; in fact I do keep meaning to pick up a couple of the other shades because I have been so impressed with this one. If you haven't yet tried these blushes then I really do highly recommend them as they're long lasting, affordable and easy to use.

Over the last month I have being growing my nails and have once again being wearing various nail polishes. Without a doubt my most worn of all time let alone throughout July has been Barry M Raspberry. I absolutely adore this shade and always get complements on it when I wear it. Like all Barry M polishes this is cheap as chips and lasts really well on me; again this shade in particular will be a repurchase in the future. I would also like to make a note that this particular polish is almost three years old now and the consistency is just as good as the day when I first purchased it; well done Barry M! 

My last make up item comes from the soon to be released Clarins Autumn Collection whereby the Rouge Éclat Lipstick* in the shade Tawny Rose will be truly perfect for autumn. I have being wearing this a lot since it first landed on my doorstep as I have been super impressed with the texture and indeed the shade. I really do like my nude shades at the moment so I can see this being a firm favourite long into the next season.

In terms of skincare there is a product here which I have being using for a while yet find myself only now mentioning it. The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel was a product I was sceptical of, purely because of the hype around it yet I have to say I do like it. Whilst I don't think it is a revolutionary product I do think it is a very good one. It is essentially a balm/gel cleanser which at first behaves much like a runny balm texture yet once it comes into contact with water it turns to a gel like texture which foams up. I actually don't like to use the word foam there as it is not typical of that reaction however I couldn't think of a more appropriate word. Whilst I really do like using this I don't know if I would repurchase it, it is after all a little bit expensive. Having said that, if I did have a little bit of cash to spare at the end of the month then I would be tempted to treat myself to this again.

Over the last few weeks my skin has become quite dehydrated and no matter what I did or used it didn't seem to improve things long term. Since then I have being trying out the Jurlique Advanced Serum Herbal Recovery Serum* which I have to say has made quite the improvement to my skin. I feel like it is too soon to rave about this because I haven't being using it that long yet I really did want to mention this now as so far I have been very happy to use this within my skincare routine.

My final beauty favourite this month is a fragrance and happens to be one which I had wanted to purchase for a very long time. As it happens I was kindly given the opportunity to try this for myself, although I already knew it was one that I liked a lot after countless sprays of it in the aisles of Boots and various other stores. Thierry Mugler Alien* is quite a distinct fragrance and isn't one that I would typically associate with summer, having said that I have never been one to conform to seasonal appropriate make up or clothing. This is a floral woody amber scent which is quite warm; I think if you like Stella by Stella McCartney then chance is you may like this too.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Life Lately #2

Life Lately

A Little Boat Sailing first started off as a beauty blog and if I am honest it will probably always remain that way. I enjoy writing about make up and skincare so much, it's a really nice thing to sit down and do, it's therapeutic to me. Yet amidst the lipsticks, perfumes and cleansers I do like to insert a little snippet of my life and what I am up to at the moment; if anything it is a little online diary for me.

Back in February I wrote my very first instalment of my life lately posts, in which now that we are just over five months since I first published it, I thought it was about time that I posted an update. Since we last properly caught up I have finished my GDL course, which I have to say was a huge relief! I really did find it very difficult because of how intense it was as it was a course that is recognised to the level of a law degree, only you study it in 9 months as opposed to three years; man it was tough. I'm not going to lie in that I also really struggled to gain a balance between that and this blog because to put it simply, I enjoy writing this blog so much. Yesterday I got my results back, I managed to pass everything barring a couple of exams and I am quite frankly gutted. Up until now I have never failed anything, I didn't even fail my driving test yet I have found myself in this situation of a resit. To put it frankly I feel really ashamed and embarrassed about it, it's odd being in this situation as it has never happened to me before. Yes I was that girl who cried on the train to work this morning because of this.

Despite that somewhat miserable start to my post I'm happy that I can say I got my first legal job working in a solicitors, let's just say it's a good thing that this job was not riding on me passing my course first time. It is a full time job so please bear with me whilst I get to grips with working 9-5. My blog posts over the next few weeks will be a little intermittent I am afraid, yet those posts that will be published will still be of the quality I hope people have come to expect here; less is more for me at the moment and I sure hope everyone can understand that for the time being. 

Recently I also got to go to Silverstone which I wrote about, it was a great day out and one that I will never forget. I have always been such a huge fan of Formula One so it was great to finally see the cars in action. Speaking of which, the sport has gone through a very painful week where it has lost one of its promising young drivers. Jules Bianchi was only 25 years old when he sadly lost his life through injuries sustained in a crash at last year's Japanese Grand Prix. It was a very sombre mood watching the race this weekend, although in one way it was nice to see how tight knit the F1 community truly is, it's just a shame it was in such circumstances.

You may remember that last time I wrote one of these posts that I had entered the Invisalign competition with Oasis in which I somehow managed to win. I have had a few people ask me about that so I thought it would be appropriate to mention that here. There has been somewhat of a delay with this process due to various things however I am super happy to report that by the end of August (you have to wait three or four weeks for the Invisalign to come back from America) I should have started the treatment; I can't wait to keep you all updated on the progress.

In terms of beauty I have picked up a few new things recently although I haven't had time to mention them much at all. Due to this post from Catherine I finally managed to purchase the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette which had been on my list of products to buy since I very first saw it last year. It sure is a thing of beauty and the product itself is as good as I had heard, despite the high price tag I have not regretted purchasing it at all. There were also two products which caught my eye from the new Lasting Finish by Kate Nude Collection from Rimmel in which I found myself purchasing one of the nude lipsticks in number 45 (I can't see a name) as well as a nail polish called soul session. In the relatively short period in which I have being using them I have to say that I am so impressed, the nail polish is beautiful and the formula even more so whereas the lipstick shade is incredible; it is such a nice nude and I cannot get enough of it.

Finally I would like to end this post with a huge thank you to you. A couple of days ago I reached 3000 followers on Bloglovin. This truly was a figure I could never have imagined, I'm so blessed to have this blog and to be able to interest just a handful of people, let alone more. Thank you.

So there you have a bit of a round up for me, what about you?

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Clarins Autumn Make Up Collection 2015

Clarins Autumn Make Up Collection 2015 That time of year is almost upon us where slowly but surely we start to hear whispers of new make up collections launching. We catch glimpses of a new eye shadow palette and spot a new lipstick on the horizon, although we are never quite sure of the release day so find ourselves waiting eagerly for more news; or maybe that is just me.

For those of you that fancy a peek at the new collection launching from Clarins this Autumn then you're in luck as I have a couple of products from the collection to share with you today. The Clarins Autumn Make Up Collection for 2015 is a humble one in my opinion yet in the same notion it is extremely feminine, sophisticated and natural; I am quite sure that it will be very popular once it hits stores at the beginning of August.

The collection consists of a new limited edition eye shadow palette, two new shades to the Ombre Matte Eye Shadows as well as three eyebrow pencils, two new kohl pencils and two beautiful new lipsticks in what I have to say is utterly beautiful packaging.

Clarins Autumn Make Up Collection 2015

The limited edition Pretty Day Eye Shadow Palette* retails at £33 and consists of five beautiful harmonious shades ranging from light pinks to taupe and dark brown. There is a selection of two mattes and three shimmer shades so you have everything you need here in terms of finish to create a really lovely eye look for both the daytime and evening. Having never tried eye shadows from Clarins before I wasn't too sure what to expect however I'm really happy to say that they performed really well, each and everyone within this palette is pigmented, buttery and easy to blend with hardly any fall out what so ever. It is a really versatile little palette and it is incredibly travel friendly as it is so small and light. As you may have noticed it also comes with a tiny little brush, which I do think is a little unnecessary, however I have to bear in mind that not everyone has an abundance of eye shadow brushes so this may be incredibly useful to others. 

If I had to be critical about anything then it would be that for the price you would in my opinion expect more sturdy packaging because cardboard isn't exactly the strongest material. Having said that on a whole this is a really nice little palette and it is well worth checking out if you're in the market for a new one this autumn.

Clarins Autumn Make Up Collection 2015
Clarins Autumn Make Up Collection 2015

The second product is the Ombre Matte Eye Shadow* in the shade Heather which again does not disappoint in terms of quality. At £19 these are cream to powder formulas, although I wouldn't take cream literally as they're relatively solid within the pot. They are however very easy to blend because they do have a very soft texture to them, in fact I have been really impressed with this shade in particular because I am really enjoying wearing purple at the moment. This is the ideal shade for me as it is relatively safe as it is quite a dusty purple, yet it offers something different to my traditional bronze and taupe choices.

Alongside the eye shadows I have being testing out the Rouge Eclat Lipstick* in the shade Tawny Rose; this is a new release to the range and retails at £19.50. Of course with Clarins there is always a skincare benefit hidden away somewhere, of which these lipsticks contain the benefit of the Nutri Youth Complex which helps to protect lips against dehydration. The formula also contains Vitamin E and plant waxes such as jojoba and sunflower which help to provide instant comfort. I have to say that in terms of pigmentation this lipstick really is great; it is also very easy to wear and glides on beautifully. It's relatively glossy I would argue but not over the top in the slightest, in fact I just think this is another element which makes it so easy to wear.

Tawny Rose truly is beautiful; to me it is a true autumn nude which I'm already more than happy to sport. It is my darkest nude by far and I really like that, it is more sultry without being harsh which I think is key. This is a shade I would highly recommend taking a look at if you get the opportunity, especially if you like a nude which lies on pink/brown spectrum as it is already a firm favourite of mine, I'm just grateful that it isn't limited edition.

Overall I have to say that from my experience in using these products that I'm really looking forward to seeing the collection launch soon, it really is a lovely collection for the coming season. Out of the products featured here today the stand out items for me are the Rouge Eclat Lipstick, closely followed by the Ombre Matt Eye Shadow as the shades for me are absolutely perfect for autumn.

This collection launches nationwide come the 2nd of August so keep your eyes peeled, if not for the lipstick alone.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Vichy Purete Thermale | New Launches

Vichy Purete Thermale Review

There is no denying that when it comes down to skincare that the French have it sussed. Over the last couple of years now I have in that time tried a few different brands out and have always been impressed. The most recent brand that I have discovered is Vichy, where up until now I had not used any of their products before. I have been aware of Vichy for a while, particularly after paying a visit to Edinburgh one year where I stayed with a Korean lady whose skin was immaculate; naturally I noted what skincare she had in her bathroom and Vichy was indeed the main one.

Recently Vichy has released some new products to their Purete Thermale range which is targeted towards all skin types, even the most sensitive. This range is particularly targeted towards protecting the skin from environmental damage caused by various factors such as pollution. I have noticed that brands are leaning very much towards this these days which I guess in an ever expanding, busy world that it is perhaps warranted more so now than ever. 

For the last few weeks now I have being trying out two of the latest additions to the range. The new releases consist of the Vichy Purete Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel and the Purete Thermale Beautifying Cleansing Micellar Oil; both have been welcome additions to my skincare routine. 

The Vichy Purete Thermale Beautifying Cleansing Micellar Oil* was one that intrigued me immediately as I'm a huge fan of micellar waters in general for removing my eye make up as to date they are the only thing I will use on my eyes on a regular basis. Now of course, this is not like the traditional micellar waters that we all know and have come to love as this one is oil based. However, I wouldn't for an instance let this put you off as I personally have been very happy with this product, in fact so much so that I already know that I will purchase this before I run out of this current sample. At the moment I am using this product as my pre-cleanse, to put it simply I use this to remove my make up as it breaks it down really well and removes my eye make up so much better than I had initially expected. With this being an oil I did at first expect it to be quite thick yet it is quite watery if I'm honest which means it feels nice and light on the skin. I massage this all over my face and gently over my eye lids to help break down my eye make up; for the record I do not wear waterproof mascara as I have no need to therefore I haven't tested it on that. Once I have done this I simply wash it off whereby upon contact with water the oil based cleanser emulsifies into a milky consistency which makes it very easy to wash away. Having done this my skin is left feeling moisturised and very clean and that's before I have even gone in for my second cleanse.

For the morning time I have being reaching for the Vichy Purete Thermale Fresh Cleansing Gel* which I have found to provide a really refreshing cleanse which wakes me up; especially after only four hours sleep when the cat has being going crazy all night (that's a whole different story). With this being a gel I tend to always opt for morning use with this type of cleanser as of an evening I prefer a cream or balm cleanse as nine times out of ten I have being wearing make up that day. This is a nice cleanser for the summer although I personally think that if I were to use this all of the time every single day that my skin may perhaps find it a little drying as it is a foaming cleanser, although having said that in the time that I have being using it my skin has been fine. 

Both of these products smell really nice which only adds to the pleasure of using them, although out of interest the gel cleanser slightly stings my eyes if I get it too close whereas the micellar oil does not. If I had to pick just one of these products to continue using then my vote would go to the Vichy Purete Thermale Beautifying Cleansing Micellar Oil every single time; it just works. Incidentally it has also meant that I have not felt the need to buy any cotton pads for removing my eye make up with my standard micellar water which has been a huge bonus as I get through those things very quickly.

Have you tried the Vichy Purete Thermale range before?

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson

Charlotte Tilbury Norman Parkinson Collection 
Charlotte Tilbury has in my humble opinion created one of the most beautiful make up collections ever released. Her iconic looks are not new to beauty enthusiasts and the brand is easily one of the most attractive beauty counters I have ever encountered. What with the rose gold toned packaging and the extremely well thought out eye shadow quads and of course fantastic quality, it sure is a brand that I find hard to beat and to ignore. 

In the past I have been no stranger to her products and have since they were first released managed to pick up a few here and there; the Dolce Vita palette will forever hold my heart. Yet when I heard all about the summer collaboration with British Fashion Photographer Norman Parkinson I immediately knew that this would be a collection worth waiting for.

Charlotte Tilbury Norman Parkinson Collection
Charlotte Tilbury Norman Parkinson Collection

The Charlotte Tilbury Norman Parkinson Collection consists of an array of beautifully packaged products, some of which have a twist on much loved favourites. Within the collection there is the Colour of Youth Lip and Cheek Glow which is a refreshing rosy hue which adds a youthful flush to the cheeks. The presentation of this is second to none and it embodies a picture of a previously unprinted image of Norman Parkinson's wife Wenda. The second piece is one of Charlotte's most popular products, that being the Filmstar Bronze and Glow. This limited edition cream formula has a gorgeous dewy finish and is in my opinion easier to work with than its powder counterpart. This product is beautifully portrayed by Jerry Hall which features an iconic Vogue cover shot from 1975.

The collection also consists of two limited edition make up bags which I must admit I am on the fence about. Whilst I absolutely love the designs of them and secretly wish I owned one, they are in my opinion a little too expensive for what they are. Having said that, don't get me wrong though because if money was no object then I certainly would have picked up the On Call Make Up bag.

Charlotte Tilbury Norman Parkinson Collection
A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of  previewing this collection a week or so before its official release in Selfridges, where at the time having been able to try out the products myself I settled on treating myself to two items from it. The first item I decided to pre-order was the Dreamy Glow Highlighter which features yet another stunning photograph by Norman Parkinson of Carmen dell’Orefice for Vogue in 1959. This highlighter is of fantastic quality and does not disappoint as it is incredibly fine, beautifully pigmented yet it is not over the top in the slightest. In comparison to the highlight from the original Filmstar Bronze and Glow I would say that this one leans more towards a peach tone whereas the original is more of a champagne tone. They're not miles apart so I would advise comparing them at your local counter in order to make your mind up as to whether to pick this one up or not; having said that, I'm glad I did.

Charlotte Tilbury Norman Parkinson Collection
No make up collection would be complete without a lipstick or two gracing the scene, of which out of the two one in particular caught my immediate attention at the preview event. Starting off with Miss Kensington, this was the one out of the two that I thought would be the one I would gravitate towards the most. It is a nude after all and most certainly falls within the spectrum of my most worn lipstick shades, yet when I tried the 1975 Red instead I was instantly sold on its much brighter and bolder counterpart.

Having never tried any of the matte revolution lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury before I must admit that I found myself feeling a little apprehensive, I just was not sure what to expect. I struggle with matte formulas, there is no denying it yet I have to say that the formula of the Matte Revolution Lipsticks is hands down the best I have ever tried. This is not drying on the lips in the slightest which is always something I look for, particularly within a matte formula. It does not drag or seep into lines; in fact it is hard to believe it is a matte formula at all. In terms of pigmentation the 1975 Red is incredible and wear time is seriously good. I want to keep talking about this over and over yet I will refrain from doing so. Ultimately it is safe to say that I will be adding more of these lipsticks to my collection in the future.

Charlotte Tilbury 1975 Lipstick

The 1975 Red is not your typical red; it is described by Charlotte as her 70's sunset red which I think is a perfect description. There are blends of red, orange and coral within this which I think makes it so unique, I really do think it is a universally flattering red which would suit so many different skin tones.

What do you think of the Charlotte Tilbury Norman Parkinson Collaboration? 
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