23 May 2015

Charlotte Tilbury The Dolce Vita Palette

Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette

The Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette was my very first foray into the brand, in which since that time I have found myself falling hook line and sinker for the rose gold packaging and beautiful thought out hues. I've three of these palettes now and each one is incredibly unique, offering me something different depending on the colours and indeed looks that I want to create that day. I've already popped up a review of the Fallen Angel Palette which is not just stunning but is also one of my most used palettes to date, despite the pain it caused me to finally wear down those embossed stars.

In contrast to the Fallen Angel Palette we have The Dolce Vita which is much more warmed tone in nature. Like all of Charlotte Tilbury's Eye Shadow Quads they are all set out step by step on the back of the quad which enables you to create your own smoky eye. That is great of course if you want that type of look however for every day I do find that it can be a little much, therefore I just tend to use what I fancy, although for those who are a little unsure of where to use what shades and what type of eye shadow then it's a great little feature to be included.

Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Eye Shadow Palette

The Dolce Vita consists of four eye shadows, the first being step one which is the prime shade. This is shade that I found a little difficult to describe, however in conclusion I opted for it being a light peach which almost verges on champagne. This is a shimmer and offers not just a perfect shadow as your starting point but also an ideal one for highlighting the inner corner and brow bone. Step two involved enhancing the look of which by using the rich rust toned brown you're able to create definition around the eye and within the socket. 

Moving onto step three which involves a bit more blending you want to smoke out the eye shadow. This shade is perhaps more accustomed to the usual types of shades I go for as it's more of a traditional brown of which when paired up with the rust toned shade they truly do work beautifully together. On a side note I'd like to add that whilst all the shades have generally photographed pretty well here I do think that this one has come out a little flat on camera, it is actually very pretty when you see it for yourself. Finally to add a little extra dimension to the look you have step four which is pop! This gold glitter shade is one of the prettiest I have seen yet I think it's hard to overdo it as it is so pretty and delicate. In order to apply this I'd advise using your finger to gently dab it on where you want it as I think it is much easier in comparison to using a brush.

I think this little quad offers quite a diverse range of looks for both day and night, in fact I think this applies to all of the Charlotte Tilbury quads as they truly are fantastic. In terms of pigmentation I have yet to be disappointed as they are one of the best I own in terms of this. Creasing is very minimal in my experience; although I'm yet to find powder eye shadows that do not crease at all however using an eye shadow primer will help with this greatly.

Overall once again Charlotte Tilbury make up ticks all of the boxes. I think that it's needless to say that I'm really looking forward to the release of her summer collection in a few month's time.

19 May 2015

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

If there has ever been a product review that has been a long time coming then it is this one. The Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado had been a product that I had wanted to try for a very long time. I know that when I first started blogging this was a product that was floating around yet the price had always put me off. I wasn't quite ready to drop the pennies back then, yet these days I'm not too worried about paying a little more, especially if it's backed up by great reviews over a long period of time.

It wasn't until I was watching a video by Lisa Eldridge early last year where she featured this that I finally decided to pick it up. First and foremost I wasn't actually aware that it comes in two sizes which of course has a reflection on the price. When I asked for this product at my local Kiehl's counter I was immediately given the full size which now in hindsight if I had been offered the smaller one I would have opted for that, especially seeing as I had never tried it before. The smaller tub of this costs £20 whereas the larger comes in at £33 therefore there's quite a price difference although when looking at the amount of product you get it is better value for money to buy the larger size.
 Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado

The product itself is light yellow in colour, almost verging on green which is something that I quite like. Upon application this colour does not show up at all, in fact it immediately starts to melt into the skin creating a lovely texture to work with. Having tried a few eye creams in the past I would say that by far this is the thickest in texture yet this is something I really do like in an eye cream as I like to feel as though it is doing something for me. Despite it being a thick cream it does not feel heavy around my eyes at all which again is an added bonus. 

I must admit that I do suffer from dehydration around my eyes quite a lot and whilst I don't think that this completely eradicates that I do feel that it helps improve things for longer. Where other products in the past have helped me in this area I don't feel as though they have given me the results that this has which makes this product a firm staple for me within my skincare routine. This product is something that I'm happy to use both morning and night where of an evening it is extremely satisfying to pop on once I've cleansed my face.  I also find that for me it works great under my make up yet I do know that others find it a little too thick for day time use however do bear in mind my issue with dehydration. 

Whilst here I will address the issue of dark circles as they are indeed an issue I suffer with as well as dehydration. This product as far as I understand is not marketed towards combating dark circles so I will not judge it in that way. I do think that it improves them to a very mild extent although it's nothing to write home about, although if I'm honest I think making myself drink more water and achieving a decent amount of hours of sleep at night would improve them far more than any cream on the market.

The non-migrating formula is enriched with avocado oil this is extremely moisturising oil and is a natural source of Amino Acids, Vitamins A, D and E. Shea Butter is also present which is renowned for its moisturising properties, there's also Beta-Carotene which is a new one to me, this is a natural antioxidant and is often found in carrots, hence the name.

Have you tried the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado? 


17 May 2015

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer Collection

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer Collection
There's nothing quite like a new seasonal make up launch to get me excited, especially when it comes from one of my favourite brands. To me there are not many brands that do both skincare and make up well; it tends to be one or the other in my experience however I really do feel that Clarins manage to pull off both very well indeed. Their latest launch looks at summer where of course most of us will be hoping to achieve a nice warm glow to our complexion without the dreaded hue of orange creeping in.

The Clarins Aquatic Treasures Collection has recently been released by which there are a number of products which have stood out to me, firstly the two Ombre Iridescent Eye Shadows look absolutely beautiful. I should imagine that they will be really quite lovely for both day and night with Aquatic Rose being more suited for a day time look and Aquatic Grey being used to create a soft smoky eye for an evening. There's also the Clarins Fix Makeup Refreshing Mist which you can use to mist lightly over your make up in order to prolong it, as well as this it also provides your skin with hydration. This is a product that has actually caught my eye as it comes in a nice slim bottle and is said to smell of roses; I've made a mental note to check that out myself next time I pop by a counter.

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer Collection
The two items I have to share with you are probably my favourites from the whole collection and that's because they're a little out of my comfort zone. I'm quite a pale person myself and have always found myself shying away from products that aim to warm the complexion up such as a bronzer, as well as those that aim to provide a glow to the skin. Having said that this year I really want to embrace that sun kissed look, therefore both the Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base* in the shade Apricot, along with the Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer Bronzer* will allow me to do just that.

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Summer Collection
The Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base* is a product that already exists however two new shades have been added with the release of this collection. Apricot is the shade I have here which aims to add warmth with a subtle hint of glow for those with fair skins, for darker skin tones there is also the shade Golden Bronze. When I first tried Apricot I was a little dubious as I thought it would be much too dark for me, having said that once blended out with a drop of moisturiser I can get away with it. I'm not too worried about this because come summer time when I naturally pick up a slight tan anyway I think I'll be able to wear this without any concern. Under foundation this does help to provide a more fresh and healthy appearance and is now something that I find myself wanting to use all of the time whereas before I did not even have a product like this within my routine. I'm also very aware that within the normal range there are some lighter shades which I'll be having a close look at very soon in store, rose in particular sounds perfect.

I think without a doubt the star of this collection is the Aquatic Treasures Summer Bronzing Compact* which is not just strikingly beautiful but also provides an extremely flattering warmth to the skin without being too much; naturally of course this does depend on how much you use. Within the compact there are four universal matte shades which can be used individually or together to create a nice radiant glow, all housed within a stunning compact this is for me a sure favourite for this summer. I like the fact that this product is matte as whilst I do like to use a highlight I prefer the rest of my make up to be as shine free as possible. In terms of pigmentation it is very well pigmented meaning you do need a light hand with this as it is very easy to go over the top; a light dusting is all you need.

Overall this collection is absolutely stunning, not just in terms of presentation but also because the products that I have tried achieve what they set out to do; as I said before I'm wary of warming things up so to speak but I found myself very comfortable with these products. I'm hoping to pop up a look using these once my exams are over in a few week's time so stay tuned for that.

Have you tried anything from Clarins recently? 

15 May 2015

Selfridges Work It!

Selfridges Work It
When it comes to Selfridges I always get a little bit excited, it's like Toys 'R' Us only for adults. From the vast array of clothing, accessories, gadgets, amazing food and of course make up it is without doubt one of my favourite places to shop. 

Being situated in the heart of Birmingham Selfridges is surrounded by not just shoppers browsing the city but also by the hustle and bustle of those commuting to and from work. That's why they're kicking off next week with a fortnightly series of events for workers to take part in. The majority of them are designed to fit around the lunch hour so you won't be back late however you can also pop along after work in order to see what's going on.

From Monday 18th May until Sunday 31st May in collaboration with a range of local businesses and food vendors there will be 30 minute activities starting from 12pm which include learning Spanish, yoga and salsa as well as fashion and beauty tips, all of which will be led by industry experts in bite sized tutorials. There are also specialist talks taking place to help you get your head around Linked In, as well as this there are CV workshops and talks from Nick Holzherr, Birmingham's very own Apprentice star. 

Selfridges Work ItThere are loads of activities to get involved with so if you can make it so why not check out the list of Work It Events where I'm sure you'll find something to tickle your fancy. I'll give you a heads up with the first week of events but be sure to check the link to find out is what happening throughout the whole campaign. Some of these events are ticketed so be sure to check beforehand.

13 May 2015

Dixi Jewellery

Dixi Sterling Silver Rings
Back when I was younger I always used to wear rings, yet in the last five years or so, in fact maybe more I suddenly realised that I had stopped wearing them altogether and that I had done for a rather long time. There was no real reason for this other than the fact that the one ring I did wear every single day sadly broke. I to this day have never got around to getting it fixed at the jewellers which had up until now resulted in me never replacing it.

For a little while now I had being looking at purchasing some new jewellery that I could wear regularly that didn't break the bank yet would be durable and would also of course look pretty, all whilst being sterling silver. Whilst looking for bohemian themed jewellery a few years ago now I stumbled across Dixi and made a purchase of an amethyst necklace which to this day is one of my favourite pieces; you can find that in my Jewellery Collection post from last April. Ever since then the brand has always remained firmly in my mind, therefore it was only natural for me to return in order to purchase some of their rings.

Dixi Sterling Silver Rings

The first two rings I picked up were the most extravagant of the four as they have a little bit more going on in comparison to the others. Firstly the Supernova Burst Rainbow Moonstone Ring is without doubt the most striking yet is one I feel that I can't wear all of the time, mainly because I'm worried I may catch it on something. Despite that one factor it is a ring that I absolutely adore and is one that I enjoy wearing when I'm going out. It is for me a statement piece as my jewellery is generally very reserved yet this is the one item I own that has a little something extra about it; it's certainly eye catching and quite mysterious in its own charming way.

Secondly I have what I think is probably my favourite out of all of them which is the Arya Black Onyx Ring. This is one that I wear almost all of the time as it is incredibly unique as well as being small enough to wear every day. Originally I purchased this in moonstone I believe however because I got the sizes wrong by the time I returned it the moonstone version had sadly gone out of stock. However I truly believe that was fate because I do actually prefer the black onyx version even more so than the one I originally ordered therefore I'm extremely lucky that I now have this within my collection. 

Dixi Sterling Silver Rings

To replace a much beloved thumb ring I decided to order the City Beneath Ring which again is one that I wear alongside the Arya Black Onyx Ring. It's discreet and simple yet with the intricate little design on I think it adds something extra as opposed to a plain silver band; having said that I still do want a simple silver band at some point as they look gorgeous. My most recent purchase is the Amitah Ring which comes from the most recent Dixi collection, that being the Warrior collection. This is so beautiful; in fact it was the first item that stood immediately out to me when the collection was first released. I really like the fact that it is chunkier in comparison to my other rings from Dixi, of which despite this I still think that it is really feminine and that it offered something very different to what I owned up until I purchased it. I have found though, that despite it being the same size as the others (barring the thumb ring) that it is a little tighter when putting it over the knuckle area. I'm putting that down to the fact that it is just a thicker ring therefore there is a little less manoeuvring available when putting it on.

Dixi Sterling Silver Rings

Overall I have to say that my first ring purchases with Dixi have been fantastic. It took me a few attempts to get my ring size right as having not purchased a ring for a long time and of course having not tried any of them from Dixi before it was always going to be a bit difficult to gauge it correctly at first. Therefore after a few returns and excellent customer service from the team at Dixi I now have a few rings that I can wear alone or together so that once again I'm sporting jewellery that I absolutely adore.

Have you checked out Dixi?

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