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30 Aug 2014

August Favourites

August Favourites

As we say goodbye to August I can't help but wave merrily as we head into September, the coming months despite the dark mornings are some of my favourites when it comes to fashion and beauty. Throughout August I had being using a few things none stop whereby there are a couple of new things that have crept in unexpectedly. 

I'm very lucky to say that in recent weeks I have won two beauty giveaways from two of my favourite ladies within the beauty community. From Laura I was thrilled to be told I had won the original Urban Decay Naked Palette which had been a product that I had wanted to add to my collection for a while. I have to say that this palette is incredible, I'd even go as far to say that I prefer it ever so slightly to the Naked 2 Palette which I had for my birthday this time last year. The shades naked, sidecar and hustle are so far my favourites within the palette and are as always super pigmented, long lasting and utterly beautiful to boot.

The Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in bitch perfect is my new favourite nude and was a giveaway prize from Aimee who is quite simply a Charlotte Tilbury fanatic! From the packaging alone you know you're in for something extra special whereby the lipstick itself does not disappoint. They also smell really nice which is a bonus; nobody wants a smelly lipstick under their nose!

One morning I decided not to use my normal blusher and instead picked up again the Lily Lolo Honey Glow Shimmer Stripes* which I did a more in depth review of here. I'm not going to lie I had forgotten just how much I liked this product as it really does help to warm up my complexion and highlight my none existing cheek bones in a way that I hadn't been able to before. 

Of course before any make up can be applied skincare is of the up-most importance whereby I have being using an SPF Religiously. My favourite SPF that I have found has been the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL which I picked up from Boots. This SPF is utterly fantastic and doesn't feel greasy at all once applied to the skin therefore it's definitely one that I will be re-purchasing once this one runs out as I feel no need to try another.

It's rare that I feature hair care over here on A Little Boat Sailing however I had to share with you the Faith In Nature Grapefruit and Orange Shampoo* which was sent to me a couple of weeks ago. This is actually a product which I wish I were able to find in my local Boots and supermarket as I wouldn't hesitate to buy it now that I have tried it. Full of an uplifting citrus scent my hair feels so good after I have used this shampoo and the corresponding conditioner, in fact it also seems to last a little longer before I feel the need to wash my hair which is always a good thing in my book.

What are your top choices for August?

27 Aug 2014

It's all about Kate

Rimmel 107 Lipstick Rimmel Kate 107 Lipstick

It has only taken me just under two years to fall for the hype of the Lasting Finish Matte Lipsticks by Kate Moss for Rimmel London. I guess for the most part I had put off buying this particular shade because of the word 'matte' which tends to create stunning finishes on everybody else but myself. My lips suffer with being dry quite a lot of the time where I find it a constant challenge to keep them nice in order to wear my lipsticks without them caking into dry patches.

Whilst out shopping with my friend a few days ago she convinced me that I had to buy this lipstick. I almost nearly reached the checkout on that particular occasion however eventually I ended up putting it back in favour of my concealers. Of course me being me this restraint did not last long which resulted in being back in Boots just a day later with 107 in my hand.

This lipstick has quite the cult following and I'd happily place a bet that I won't be the only one sporting this gorgeous colour throughout the coming autumn and winter. The light in my picture above is I would argue a tad deceiving as this colour is slightly darker than it appears in this image. I'd describe this as a berry red which reminds me of somewhat of snow white for some reason, it truly is beautiful and I cannot wait to wear it once autumn is here in full swing.

Of course being a matte lipstick I'd prep the lips with some balm beforehand. I used one which in hindsight was a poor choice as it isn't very moisturising at all, in fact I'm not entirely sure why I still have it. Whilst sitting here writing this post I can feel my lips starting to feel rather dry so a good moisturising balm is in my opinion warranted. That I have to say is my only criticism where this lipstick is concerned and it is one that is easily countered as lasting power, pigmentation, visual appearance and price point are all winning factors; overall this has to be one of my favourite beauty purchases to date.

So come on then, what's your favourite lipstick at the moment?

25 Aug 2014

Canadian Beauty Swap

Canadian Beauty Swap

Beauty products from across the big pond have always looked incredible yet have always been a bit out of reach for me. A few months ago now I teamed up with Celina who runs The Celution in order to do a beauty swap, whereby there would be an exchange of beauty products whilst sticking to a budget that we set ourselves. Celina lives in Canada where I of course live in the UK so there were quite a few brands that we were both interested in that we would otherwise struggle to get hold of if it wasn't for the swap. The prospect of trying out some new brands was rather exciting to say the least! Seeing as this package literally arrived a few days ago (we thought it had got lost) I haven't yet tried any of these out properly so I'll be back with reviews in a few week's time. 

Being quite a fan of Maybelline lip products, well, one in particular I found myself quite keen to try the Maybelline Color Whispers which are still currently unavailable here in the UK. I had read in a few online reviews that these were quite similar to the Revlon Lip Butters which made me really quite keen to try these out. The shades I chose were Coral Ambition and Orange Attititude.

Keeping along the theme of lip products I also wanted to try the EOS Lip Balms which you have all probably seen before. This nice little package of two really appealed to me whereby I do plan on giving one to my sister once I can decide which flavour to choose for myself.

As you may tell I'm pretty keen on my blushers whereby Milani and Tarte were both products which were at the time unavailable here in the UK. I'm aware that Tarte is now a bit easier to obtain here however the shades from what I have seen are pretty limited which is such a shame as these blushers have received quite the acclaim from the blogging community over the last year. The blusher that I chose from Tarte was the Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush in the shade exposed which was a shade that I was really keen on picking up. Now that it has been photographed (finally) I cannot wait to try it out tomorrow morning.

The Milani Illuminating Face Powder on first instance looks like a blush whereby to be honest I know that's what I will primarily use it for. These apparently act as a blush, powder and bronzer all in one however I'm not too sue how I feel about that so I'll have to report back on how I get on with this one. Of course visually this powder is stunning, the embossed rose design is incredibly pretty and unique to anything that I currently own, in fact it is so pretty that I almost don't want to use it just yet.

Last but not least I'm featuring here my first ever item from NYX which was a product that I saw specifically mentioned in a video by Fleur. The NYX Rouge Cream Blush in the shade natural was a shade that appealed to me for the coming autumn as although I do like my peach and pink tones I cannot help but be drawn into mauve tones for this time of year, they are often so flattering on my skin tone.

I have to say it has been really nice to feature some items that are readily available to those across the pond for a change as I know most of the items I do blog about can be hard to obtain if you live abroad. If you've tried any of these or have further recommendations for me then I would love to hear them in the comments below.

Whilst I'm writing this post I'd like to say a huge thank you to Celina. I hope you're enjoying your beauty swap items too and cannot wait to hear what you think about them over the coming weeks.

23 Aug 2014

Recent Purchases #2

Recent Beauty Purchases

It has been just over three months since I last featured any new products that I have purchased. Back then I think I alluded to the fact that I was trying to save a bit and not spend as freely as I had been doing and I have to say I think I've done pretty well. Of course I had a birthday pop up in between that time period which made not buying any treats a lot easier.

There are a few items here that are necessary in my eyes whereby Batiste Dry Shampoo makes an appearance once again along with a repurchase of the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer. Speaking of Seventeen there was an offer running in Boots when I picked these up a few days ago so I also picked up the Seventeen Phwoarr Paint which I'd heard quite a lot about. Sadly I have tried this already and my first impression isn't that great. I've tried it under my eyes to help combat those dark circles but I find it to be quite a dry formula which made it difficult to blend in such a fragile area. I will persevere with it and apply a more hydrating eye cream in that area to see if it helps somewhat but at the moment I'm not too impressed.

Along with products that are easily obtained in Boots I also on a whim picked up a lip liner from Rimmel. This wasn't a planned purchase however seeing as I don't own any lip liners and have being wearing lipstick more I decided it was time to invest in one. I say invest like it was a pricey purchase but this was super cheap and has turned out to be quite a nice liner too. The Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in the shade Eastend Snob was the shade that appealed to me most as it is a mauve pink nude which happens to be one of my favourite shades to wear so I knew it would suit a lot of my lipsticks that I own.

Onto more luxurious treats I had saved some of my birthday money to treat myself to something from Charlotte Tilbury. I decided on the blusher 'Sex on Fire' as the muted pink tones will complement my skin tone nicely and should work really well for the autumn time. The lipstick was a prize that I won from the beautiful Aimee a few weeks ago, she helped me pick out the shade 'Bitch Perfect' which as the name would suggest is pretty perfect. If you like your nude shades like me then this is definitely a shade that will appeal to you.

What have you treated yourself to recently?

21 Aug 2014

London Retro Carnaby

London Retro Carnaby London Retro Carnaby Glasses

These days I'm finding that I have to wear my glasses more and more as I tend to be on the computer a lot and also find myself watching too many episodes of the Tudors on Netflix. Luckily for me wearing glasses isn't quite the fashion woe it once was as there are so many frames around these days that we're often spoilt for choice. The London Retro Carnaby* frames were kindly sent to me a couple of weeks ago which happened to be perfect timing considering I was on the lookout for some new frames after my prescription had once again changed.

I've always been a fan of the somewhat retro thick black frame so of course this was something I opted for on this occasion. Seeing as I wear glasses for driving, watching TV, lectures and being on the computer I wanted a frame that I was going to feel comfortable in as I would be wearing them quite a lot. I have to say that I have not been disappointed with this frame at all or indeed the prescription lenses that were put in for me for the purpose of this review. The quality is perfect and really impressed me as I did wonder what they would be like. Of course when popping on a new pair of glasses with my correct prescription in it was like a whole new revelation, my garden had never looked so crisp and green! You never quite realise just how much your prescription can change until you put on your new pair.

The frame itself is light weight and feels comfortable to wear even after a few hours watching one too many episodes of The Tudors (I'm obsessed). Arriving in a sturdy well-presented case I feel I have a really good quality pair of glasses here that will not only last me a long time but will also look on trend and smart too.

Glasses Direct has a huge range of glasses online whereby I have to say the London Retro range has really captured my interest. With a wide variety of frames for both men and women there is a style that I'm sure would appeal to everyone on there. Of course there are plenty of other brands on there too so it's worth having a look if you're in the market for some new specs!