23 Nov 2014

LUSH Big Blue Bath Bomb

LUSH Big Blue Bath Bomb
When it comes to LUSH products I'll be honest and say that in the past it had been a brand that I had not paid that much attention to. Having said that in the last six months my shopping habits have changed somewhat and I've found myself visiting the store on a regular basis. 

Big Blue here was actually within a gift set that I had last Christmas so it has taken me pretty much almost one year to finally get around to reviewing it. Big Blue was one that I had a feeling I would like as in the past I've alluded to the fact that I like my water to turn blue as opposed to an orange/red so I knew that I'd be off to a good start with this. Of course the first striking thing about this bath bomb is the fact that there are little pieces of seaweed inside (you can see them protruding out the seal of the bath bomb in the image above). 

Initially I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I'd never had used a bath bomb before that had anything inside, so this was rather a new experience for me. Upon use this fizzed as per normal and released A LOT of seaweed, far more than I anticipated and if I'm honest far more than I was comfortable with. Whilst I adored the colour of the water and the scent of the product itself there was just too much seaweed for me, I found myself wanting to sieve some of it out of my bath; quite the opposite to a relaxing bath time I must admit. If you're interested in seeing what I mean there was a mini video of this on my instagram which shows you the bath bomb in action.

Having said that whilst I found the amount overwhelming I did notice just how moisturised my skin was afterwards, this was an incredibly moisturising bath and it left my skin feeling really good. Moving onto the scent this was really refreshing and calming for me, I can't say that I was able to pin point individual scents but after looking it up there are notes of lavender and lemon included.

Once my bath was over I did decide to remove a lot of the seaweed myself as I dreaded the thought of it going down the bath plug. Overall whilst there were positives regarding this bath bomb there was just simply too much seaweed for me. I'm quite quickly coming to the conclusion that the LUSH bubble bars are the best way to go for my personal preference.


21 Nov 2014

Dream Team

Dream Team

I never thought I would spend just under £20 on one make up brush...I'm so glad I did!

Throughout my time writing about beauty over on A Little Boat Sailing I have come across my fair share of hyped up products which have and haven't at times warranted the craze and excitement surrounding them. In all honesty I could probably count around ten products that have in my opinion lived up to the hype over almost three years which I think says a lot in regards to our individual likes and dislikes.

This year I have discovered a few new products that in my opinion are worth every single penny. Two such products will be featured today as they have been products that I have continually reached for ever since they made their way into my morning routine. 

Starting off with the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette* this was something that I held off purchasing myself for a very long time as I wasn't too sure how I would feel about matte eye shadows. Back in August I took part in a festival challenge with Folli Follie whereby one of the packages they kindly sent to me had this palette within it which took me by complete surprise as I didn't know what would be in it until it arrived. Since that day I can honestly say that this product has been my most reached for when it comes down to eye shadow, no other product has come remotely close.  

Right from the compact size (perfect for travelling) to the wonderfully pigmented shadows this palette is a dream to work with. My favourite shades are 'naked 2' and 'faint' where I find myself using 'w.o.s' all over my lid as a neutral base on top of my primer of choice. I then like to use 'naked 2' over the top, following with 'faint' within the crease where I find that these combined provide a lovely, effortless yet natural look for every day. If I'm wearing liner that day sometimes I will like to set it with the black eye shadow 'crave' in order to prolong the longevity of the liner, doing this works so well and also increases the intensity of the liner. 

My second favourite product just so happens to work beautifully with this palette, the MAC 217 Eye Shadow Brush. After thinking about this for so long I finally made the purchase back in June and have not regretted it one single bit. I'll be honest and say that I did not understand what the fuss was about where this brush was concerned however having now used it myself I can categorically say that I would buy this again in a heartbeat if anything was to happen to mine. If you struggle with eye shadow in general, particularly in achieving that smooth blend between shades then this brush really is worth considering having a look at,  it works a treat and to this day I still cannot believe how good it is.


19 Nov 2014

Guest Post - Top Five Winter MAC Lipsticks

Winter MAC Lipsticks Winter MAC Lipsticks

(Photo L-R: MAC Rebel, MAC Viva Glam Rihanna, MAC Plumful, MAC Velvet Teddy, MAC Viva Glam IV)

Hi everyone, my name is Charlee and I'm really excited to be guest posting for the lovely Amy! Thank you so much for the opportunity! Over the past year I've grown more and more confident with experimenting with different lip colours, and venturing from the once overly worn safe nudes to brighter and bolder shades. For me MAC are my go to brand for lipsticks, not only do they stock a wide range of shades but I have yet to come across a lipstick that disappoints.

MAC Rebel

Rebel is one of those shades that is truly unique, and I think this is the main reason that it is one of my favourite Mac lipsticks. This is a gorgeous cream plum with hints of fuchsia, and to be honest in the bullet can appear a bit shocking as it is one of those purple vamp shades. However when you swatch or apply this lipstick it’s a whole different story, and gives off more of a berry shade making it the perfect wintery plum for a night out.

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna

The Viva Glam Rihanna was probably the first lipstick from the Viva Glam range to really excite me and for many different reasons. The lipstick is described as a frosty blue red, and I find that this really suits my skin tone. Red lipsticks are something I used to stay away from as I felt I could never find one that suited. I like that this is once again one of those lipsticks that can easily take you from day to night, dab it on slightly for a daytime deep pink and then apply properly for a dark red. 

MAC Plumful 

I’d describe Plumful as Rebels younger sister, as I find the colours quite similar just not as bright. However that is what I love about this, whereas Rebel is quite in your face this is described as a blossoming rose-plum and is a little more conservative meaning that this is the perfect everyday winter shade. This does look a little dark in the bullet but once applied this is a little sheerer, but with saying that this makes Plumful my first choice for an everyday plum. 

MAC Velvet Teddy 

Velvet Teddy has quickly become a cult favourite thanks to the 90s lip trend. For me a dark nude is essential for the winter, and is one of those shades that can easily take you from day to night. Once applied this gives the ‘your lips but better’ effect, which I love. I always find that with this particular lipstick it always enhances my bottom lip giving it a more fuller look. Velvet Teddy is a matte lipstick, and surprisingly isn’t drying on the lips and applies smoothly on the lips. 

MAC Viva Glam IV 

A second Viva Glam lipstick has made it into my top 5, this time I have chosen Viva Glam IV. This lipstick is described as a mid-tone rose with gold pearl shimmer, and what I love most about this lipstick is that it’s a great everyday reddish/brown shade with a stunning lustre finish. I don’t think this lipstick really gets the recognition it deserves especially this time of year as for me it is one of my most used everyday winter shades.

17 Nov 2014

Key Hair Products

Key Hair Products

My mop and I have never really got on. From the frightful experience as a child when I got a round brush caught in my hair (I mentioned that last night in the blogger chat) and was frog marched to the hairdressers to have it cut out to the more present indecision of whether to dye my hair brunette. When it comes to styling I'll hold my hands up and say that it is not my forte by any stretch of the imagination, therefore what little skill I do have is very much helped along by some of my favourite products at the moment.

Starting off with the Charles Wortington Texturising Spray this is a fantastic little product to use if you want to achieve a slightly tussled look, whereby this is created quite easily and lasts quite well throughout the day too. I really dislike having my hair flat on my head so this comes in really handy, especially on fresh hair days. Another product I quite like for providing a bit of volume is the Batiste Dry Shampoo which although as suggested the product is to help tackle greasy hair in-between washes I do find that it helps to provide a little bit of lift too.

A long term product of mine now is the Argania Liquid Gold Hair Oil* which is something that I purchased myself a while back where before it had a blue label on it, since then it has been repackaged. The team at Argania kindly sent me some of their products a little while ago now of which they are just as good as they once were. This oil smells incredible and works a treat leaving my hair silky soft without feeling weighed down. I like using a small amount of this when my hair is still wet, focusing on the ends primarily I work it to about half way where I ensure to avoid my roots.

Tools of the trade of course always involve a decent hair brush of which recently I have being using the new Air Motion Hair Brush*. A unique product designed in the UK this is a great hair brush no matter whether your hair is wet or dry. Claiming to reduce hair breakage by 95% and being suitable for all hair types this sounds like a good product to have for everyday use. Of course I cannot comment on it being suitable for all hair types as I only have my hair to compare it to yet it works well for me. It's also incredibly light weight too which was something I noticed when I started to use it.

Onto bobby pins I feel as though I would not be able to mention a hair product post without featuring them. Every day I use these for one reason or another, be it to help keep hair out of my face when having a wash in the morning or to keep loose ends in place. These are one of the most important items I use so naturally they have a habit of disappearing on me quite a lot; if there's one hair product I buy more than any other it is bobby pins.


15 Nov 2014

The Muji Files | Part 2

Muji Files 2

Roughly one month ago I decided to share with you my make up collection in a roundabout way. Like most people I store my make up in Muji, it's practical, easy to keep clean and looks relatively nice too so long as in my opinion you don't go too high. At the moment I have six draws and if I'm honest it's too much for me, I wish I had stuck to just four however I'm sure I will have no problem in finding another use for them in the near future; I'm thinking jewellery or possibly a few nick knacks that I have floating around.

The Muji Files Part 1 featured my base products whereby my foundations, concealers and primers were all discussed. Today however I'm going to share with you my eye shadow products that I use, of which I use some more regularly than others. Starting off with my eye shadow primer I'm currently using the Lancôme La Base Paupières (Long Wear Eye Shadow Base) which I find to work very well in keeping my eye shadow in place throughout the day. As well as this I also have a mini sample set from Urban Decay which came with my Naked 1 palette however I'm yet to try those.

Next up I have two Rimmel Scandal Eyes Eye Shadow Paints which are incredible for the price. It was way back in February when I originally posted about these whereby I have continued to use them quite regularly since, although I must admit I opt for rich russet considerably more than golden bronze. Upon overview of this image I have realised I have missed my Maybelline Colour Tattoo which was a complete oversight as that is probably my most used product to date; it was probably lying around somewhere having being used that morning. My one other individual eye shadow is the Nude Swings Eye Shadow* from Benefit which is a lovely champagne shade however I must admit I don't wear it much at all as I use my palettes most days which tend to have something similar within them.

Onto quite possibly my favourite make up products; palettes! Palettes are generally quite pleasing to the eye which is partly why I love them so much, this is a far cry from how I used to feel about them as believe it or not I used to dislike palettes as I found them to be too bulky for my personal use. Fast forward on a few years give or take and my opinion has changed dramatically as I now really like them and tend to shy away from individual eye shadows; hence why I now only own two. Only one palette featured here was purchased by myself so starting off with the NARSissit Palette I managed to pick this up from ASOS whilst I had a voucher; this made quite an expensive purchase much more bearable. Sticking with NARS I also own the limited edition Fairy's Kiss Palette which my mum bought for me as a Christmas present last year; I have to say I use this one a lot more than the NARSissit Palette.

Finally I'm going to round off with my Urban Decay Naked 1 and Naked 2 palettes of which the first one I won from the lovely Laura and my second was a birthday gift from my mum. These despite being from the same brand are quite different where I have to say I think my preference lies with the first one of the series as the tones are much warmer. The packaging however in my opinion could be so much better as I don't like the fact that the velvet case picks up the slightest hint of fluff, meaning that the sellotape comes out a bit too often for my liking.

So there we have it, an insight into my eye shadow collection. Since photographing this image back in September I've since picked up the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette which is utterly beautiful however in my personal opinion I'll go out on a limb here and say that if I had to pick any it would be the Urban Decay Naked 1; it is for me so far unbeatable in terms of value for money and quality.

Don't forget to check out the first in the series, The Muji Files Part 1 if you missed it!

What are your favourite eye shadow palettes?