18 March 2012

F1 :D

So this weekend was quite a busy one, a busy one of sport! The weekend we saw the round-up of the Rugby 6 Nations of which Wales won a  thoroughly deserved Grand Slam, they truly played fantastic throughout the whole tournament! England played Ireland on St Patrick's day and we came home with a victory, a brilliant match! It's a shame we didn't play more like that in previous games although we should all be used to it by now when it comes to England, it's tough being an English supporter.

Formula 1 made a come back this weekend too, I absolutely love this sport!

My favourite driver made a return from a 2 year break, I was looking forward to watching Kimi Raikkonen race so much and he did not disappoint! Quali didn't go as the team would have wanted but he pulled it back in the race, 17th to 7th, if he had qualified higher up the grid on Saturday who knows where he would have finished! A great start to his return :D

Alonso drove brilliantly too, considering the Ferrari this year is awful! I hope they improve throughout the season, I want a tight battle at the top, he belongs at the top.

I was happy for Button, I have a soft spot for him, if Vettel or Raikkonen cannot win a championship then he is my next favourite, (I do have some patriotic values in there somewhere)!

As for me, I'm still working on this darn dissertation proposal, it's not even hard...just lack of motivation.


14 March 2012


So it's been a couple of days since I first posted...this really does not bode well for the blog upkeep I must say.

I should have been doing work today, actually, I did do some for 4 hours and then I kinda came to a halt and decided to draw a Kimmidoll instead. They are sooooo cute! My mom got me when I last went home and I've since become a little obsessed with them!

Here is my drawing :D 
Her name is  "Eika" and she is symbolic to being "successful"

There are quite a lot of designs for these dolls, take a look at www.kimmidoll.com

12 March 2012


Well, I must say I have never ever considered creating a blog, yet here I am =)

This will just be a method of posting my thoughts throughout my rather uneventful university week etc without posting numerous facebook updates, venting my frustration!  (I'm slowly falling into that habit).

Topics will include general day to day stuff,  my rather insane obsession of Formula 1, random make-up buys, of which I have found a rather brilliant foundation and I'm quite sad to find out that it was for a European market and never made it to the UK....needless to say I e-mailed the company ;) My opinions on new books that I'm reading as well as new artists I find may also be mentioned.

Stay tuned!
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