11 May 2012

My week :)

Firstly, we have here the Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette from The Body Shop , I love this scent, it is nice and fresh and despite the name it doesn't smell too 'flowery'. It is described as having top notes of Fuji apple, a heart of cherry blossom and a base of sandalwood, hinoki wood and fruity musk, overall, I love it! The Body Shop currently has 25% off its Fair Trade products of which this lovely fragrance falls under; I paid £11 roughly for this.

Secondly, the much talked about 'Fifty Shades of Grey' series by E L James, I won't say much here just in case people have not read/finished them. I'll be doing a little review on them next week.

My colour club shade that I love! This is shade 905 'Incognito', it is a nice pale pink pastel shade I would describe, very natural looking.

Next is my skull necklace from 'Republic', it is by the brand Miso who I really love; they make such cute things! I got this in the sale today at £2; it is really cute and quirky. He has sparkly eyes with a nice colourful flower on his head.

That scary looking picture in the middle there was part of my last piece of coursework for my second year at university, I hate maths, I hated GIS so I'm glad it is over now!

Last but not least is a nice little gem that I have found. The Nivea Pure and Natural range is something that I quite like and much to my delight I discovered that they have a hand cream out. My hands get very dry all the time, I think it's because I clean so much and wear no protective gloves or anything...HARDCORE! Anyhow, this cream is lovely and light, soaks in well and doesn't leave your hands sticky which is a big bonus, plus it is only £3.05 at Boots.

Hope you enjoyed my week in pictures!


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