1 May 2012

Collection 2000 and Maybelline 24HR Tattoo

I wanted to share with you some of my very recent purchases, of which will be my last for a while. I have a university trip coming up very, very soon so I'm saving some spare cash for that :D

I have already mentioned these nail polishes before, but seeing how great they were I went back and picked up four more colours. They are 'Collection 2000', with them being on an offer or 2 for £3 which is really great, especially when you have spare points on your Boots card!

The colours here from left to right are as follows: 'Bongo Beat', 'Siren', 'Look at me' and lastly 'Electric Dreams'. They are really nice fresh, bold colours which will be great for summer! I do find that these last quite well, especially for the price and for someone like me who changes the colour on their nails so often this is an added bonus. I can't pay loads for nail varnishes just to end up taking it off 2 days later.
I have to say, the shade 'Look at me' has come out yellow looking in the picture I took, yet it really is like a lime green shade.

As well as these I have also purchased the 'Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24Hr' cream eye shadows. Now these appear to have been 'blogged' to death, however, I can see why! They are soooooo nice, I really do recommend them. I know in Boots they have been buy one get one half price and in Superdrug they were on 3 for 2 the whole of last week, plus in Superdrug you can get student discount, yay!

Ok, so I do have all the colours available at the moment, however I'm hoping that they produce some more shades soon. I took up both offers at the Boots and Superdrug so it worked out cheaper. The shades from left to right and then bottom are as follows: 'On and on Bronze', 'Eternal Silver', 'Immortal Charcoal', 'Endless Purple' and 'Turquoise Forever' and they retail at £4.99.

I cannot stress how nice these eye shadows are, they last very well too which I was quite dubious about yet they did not disappoint!

This post has been kind of rushed towards the end, I'm going to the library with my friend in 15 minutes and I have done nothing with my hair; such a lazy day.


  1. I've swatched the Maybelline eyeshadows a few times in the shops now, and I really want some! Think I'll be taking advantage of the offer this week and treating myself to a few :) I hope they bring out some more shades too, I think theres about 10 in the US?
    Great blog by the way :) x

    1. You should definitely treat yourself! They are so nice, I will be re-buying when they run out but I have a feeling they will last a while. The silver is my favourite I think, so much sparkle! :)

      I hope they bring some more to the UK, from what I have seen there are some nice shades in the US.

      Thank you very much for commenting: D
      I'm glad you like my blog

      Amy x


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