6 June 2012

Wishful Wednesday #1

1: A Cutey Shamballa Bracelet! I adore these soooo much! I've seen many different brands with these in various shops and online, I will most likely go with Cutey if I buy one. 

2. Essie Nail Polish! I read about these all the time on various blogs, they certainly sound great.

3. Mac Lipsticks! I'm a Mac virgin so far and the first item I buy from them will be a lipstick...just need to get myself to town!

4. Babycham Sherbet Polka Dot Cork Wedges! These are so cute, there are other similar ones too by Babycham, I found it hard to decide on my favourite. 


  1. I really wanna try Essie nail polish too :) xo

    1. I know, they are now in my local Boots! I need to behave haha!
      Thanks for your comment sweet! xx


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