26 July 2012

Botanics Moisturising Body Balm

Today I'm going to show you a product that I have been using over the last two weeks. I have featured the Botanics Moisturising Body Balm only very slightly on a previous post, 'operation product use up', where I stated that I was on a mission to use up some of my products that I had lying around the house.

I didn't really think much of this product before I started to use it, I'm not sure why but I just had never had the urge to use it before until I decided to free up some space and use up some products. However, I have to say I'm really impressed with it and now that it is very nearly gone I can definitely say I will be going back to Boots to re-purchase this in the bigger tube.

The Body Balm aims to 'lightly hydrate and soften skin', with the ingredients being Ginseng and Cocoa Butter. We all know how great cocoa butter is, I think of Palmers straight away! Ginseng however I have never read much about, the back of the product states that:

'Ginseng is renowned in Asia as a tonic; this one plant delivers a multitude of benefits. This extract contains several powerful anti-oxidants, helping protect skin against damaging free radicals'.

I have been using this at night time just before I get into bed and read my book. I'm not one for sticky body moisturisers at all so I'm pleased to say that for me this product is really light on my skin and it sinks in quite quickly. I've actually only been using this on my legs as they tend to get really dry compared to the rest of my body, however, I'm sure it would be just as suitable elsewhere. My legs since using this have felt so much smoother, I've noticed this in the morning when I've woken up too so it's not just an immediate response to the moisturiser.

There is a smell to this product, I wouldn't say it is the greatest in the world however, I do like it. I cannot quite describe what it smells like to me, if you're out and about ladies have a sniff and see what you think.

Has anybody else tried the Botanics range from Boots?



  1. I definitely need to try this because I can't stand sticky moisturisers! Especially in this heaT!


    1. You're not the only one Andrea, I hate them too! I found that this is perfect for me, if you try it I hope you enjoy it as much as me.

      Thanks for stopping by! :)


  2. hey, I love your blog! I've just bought this cream and can't wait to try it haha.
    I've just followed your blog and would love it if you could check out my new blog :)xxx


    1. Hello! :D

      Thank you Pavan, I'm happy you followed! I also followed you, I love your owl necklace you posted on your blog :) xx

    2. Oh and let me know if you like the body balm! :D x


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