14 July 2012

Quick Hello!

 Just a quick message to say hi to all my new followers! *wave*

I'm looking forward to checking out all of your blogs as soon as I'm home from Edinburgh next week. The internet here is quite intermittent so I've just about managed to reply to post comments as well as type this up. I hope you are all having a lovely week where ever you are.

We had some sun up here today which was lovely; it makes a change to all the bad weather at home! The Fringe Festival starts here at the beginning of August so I will miss that but I have managed to see some acts in the streets that have started early. They are so good; I would love to attend the Fringe one day. 

Take care all, catch up soon! 



  1. I so need some good weather right now, we have had flood weather today

    Tanesha x

    1. We had rain the very last day which was no big deal. The weather this 'summer' has been so poor!


  2. Replies
    1. Aww thanks Avy!

      Interesting blog name you have there! xx


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