8 August 2012

Extracts Brazil Nut Body Butter

Sorry I have been slightly absent for the last couple of days, I like to keep my blog updated each day but I have been so busy since my boyfriend got back from Edinburgh on Sunday I have struggled to find the time to sit down and write a post.

Today I'm going to feature a product that I have loved using these last two weeks, with this being the  Extracts Body Butter in Brazil Nut which is available from Boots. This product actually made it onto my July Favourites which can be viewed here. The body butter originally belonged to my mom; however after trying it one evening after a bath I was smitten! Luckily she let me have it to finish it off as there wasn't a huge amount left.

These body butters in the 200 ml size cost £7.95 which I think is fantastic when you consider other similar products on the market. The Body Shop Body Butters spring to mind here which cost £12.50 for the same amount of product.

The product description reads as follows:

Extracts Brazil nut body butter intensively moisturises and hydrates, leaving skin feeling soft and smooth.          
Containing Brazil nut oil derived from the bertholletia excelsa seed, Extracts Brazil nut body butter is organic, sustainably sourced & fair-trade.

I love the fact that the products in the Extracts range are Fair-trade, this when shopping is something I do try to look out for as I know it is much more ethical. Fair-trade products helps people in some of the most deprived countries ensuring that they get paid fairly for the ingredients that they supply, such as cocoa beans which we use for cocoa butter.

If you're interested in this here is some more information on it.

As you can see, this is all but spent now but oh my have I enjoyed using it. My skin after using this felt so unbelievably soft, I also felt that it helped to improve the condition of my skin in terms of its appearance. The product itself is quite thick which is something I do like with moisturisers, I much prefer this to a runnier consistency. 

I will be re-buying this as soon as I have got through my spending ban and once I have used up some other little bits and bobs I have lying around.

These body butters also come in:


  1. i have the nectarine one still unused, this has give me the urge to use it! thanks xx

    1. You have to tell me what it is like once you use it! I'm quite interested in that one as well as the Mango and Cocoa.

      :) xx

  2. These seem like such a good alternative to The Body Shop's! I may have to go in search of that Mango one xx

    Violence & Fashion

    1. I like the sound of the Mango one too, it appeals to me as I should imagine it would be quite fresh and fruity for the remainder of the summer :)


  3. Love body butter, I mist try this one!

    Lana, xo

    1. I hope you like it as much as I do :) xx

  4. I really do love body butters and have a few but one of my favs is the Betty Hula Rum & Blackcurrant :)

    Tanesha x

    1. I will look that up now, thank you! :)


  5. Hi there,
    I just found your blog and im so so glad i did!

    your blog is so amazing and this is a good review on body butters, i agrree- the body shop butter is quite expensive!!

    would you like to follow each other?i just followed you on GFC and would appreciate if you could do the same back! :)

    have a great day!
    Nicole and Eli

    1. Hello :)

      Thank you for the lovely comments, I will have a look at your blog too :)


  6. Hi! just discovered your blog and we have similar taste in beauty products. Ive been using the brazil nut body butter for years and its a wonderful product. Just to let you know the mango one is another of my favs - maybe you could give that a go! Also the cocoa is pretty good too! I reccomend trying the shower gels, they are so lush! :) They come in sets at christmas - great gift ideas! :) Extracts is a lovely brand, as you might tell I buy a lot from there range! happy blogging! :)

    helen @ http://helensfashionblog.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. I've yet to try the mango one Helen, I keep looking at it though! I will buy another one closer to christmas as I still have some other things to use up.

      I love buying the gift sets for friends as I think they are brilliant! :D

      Thanks for stopping by xx

  7. Body butter is essential for any skin . It absorbs any skin.

    1. I've never found anything as good as body butter, I buy nothing else now :) x


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