22 August 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa Face Mask

Earlier on today my face was feeling a bit oily and hot after I had been cleaning the house from top to bottom. I decided to treat myself to a face mask after I had finished, a little reward for all my hard work! The one I chose was the Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa Face Mask*which I had received in the post as a thank you for taking part in a small feedback session for Montagne Jeunesse.

I was really excited when I got this as I did not expect anything from them, how nice was that! I love clay masks as some of you will know so this made me even happier. I'm aware that these clay masks are new products for Montagne Jeunesse so I thought I would give this one a whirl and see how it faired.

There are two types of these masks currently available, this one as you can see if the Glacial Clay Spa mask whereas the other one you can purchase is a Dead Sea Mud Clay Spa mask; these retail at £1.49.

Now, I've used quite a few products by Montagne Jeunesse before so I just thought that I would tear open the packaging and squeeze the product out. I clearly did not look at it properly as if I had I would have noticed it was not your average face mask. Once I opened it I realised it was something quite different, in my curiosity I took it out and to my delight I realised it was some type of sheet mask. However, I was now left with a dilemma as my fingers were covered in clay and I really wanted to take a photo to show you all. I had to get my brother to take the photo; he was really quite baffled by the whole buisness!

Doesn't this look just a tad scary? I think it does! 

From doing further research into this product I have found out that the mask is made out of natural bamboo fabric whereby the clay is infused into the material...funky eh!


Arctic Cloudberry
Red Grape

This mask leaves space for your mouth and eyes, so you can go about your business for fifteen minutes. Just don't open the door to anyone as from the way I looked with it on it really would give somebody such a fright! 

Once the time was up my mask just peeled off really nicely, it didn't go hard at all. I then proceeded to wash off the remaining clay with warm water and then with cold water to help close pores. I have to say I did notice a difference in my skin afterwards, it felt very refreshed and clean as well as feeling extremely soft, in fact I was really impressed with how soft it felt.

My only gripe with this product is that the mask is far too big, it's either that or my face is too small.

Has anybody else tried these masks yet?
Montagne Jeunesse is a cruelty free brand as well as vegan.

*This was sent to me as a reward for taking part in a survey, all opinions on this product are my own.


  1. I really enjoyed using this mask too, but I had the same problem as you with there being too much mask for my face haha!


    1. There really was a lot of it haha! xx

  2. I've not tried this one but I've tried similar ones and I agree that the masks are always too big x

    1. This was quite nice I have to say :)
      My first ever once in this form so I can't comment on all mask sizes, oh dear if they're all like it! xxx

  3. Just came across your blog, great post im a new follower!:) Xx


    1. Thank you very much Elaine! :) xx

  4. I've done a blog post about those face masks! I've tried the Green Tea peel off and the White Chocolate Cream style one - LOVED them both! My skin feels amazing :) check out the post, it's not as detailed as yours though <3 x

    1. I tried the Green Tea one last week, I have the photo's ready to pop up on here at some point! I really liked that one, I enjoyed peeling it off :P

      I'll be sure to check out your post, thank you!

      Mmmm white chocolate :) xx

  5. Oh dear, that does look a bit scary!
    I'm glad it works though, might have to give it a try :) xx

    1. It did work, I really enjoyed it!

      I felt scary wearing it though haha! xx


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