4 August 2012

Product use up update #1

I have been trying so hard this last month to use up products that I have floating around the house. I seriously had so much stuff I had began to struggle to find places to keep it all, it was so unnecessary

I mentioned back at the beginning of July that I had started this, I wrote a post on it here. Some of the products featured here I have managed to use up, however a lot of them will take me another month I think. I ended up finding other things that needed using so I was rather spoilt for choice, here today I'm going to show you just a select few. I think I recycled another six empty bottles before I took my pictures for this post, it was too much! I feel very satisfied though having managed this; I'm going to keep it up throughout August.

Ok, so firstly I finished up a large bottle of Sanex Shower Cream. This is quite a frequent visitor to my bathroom, it is aimed at dry skin which I do tend to have, especially on my legs and the tops of my feet for some reason. I really liked this and it is great if you have sensitive skin too. Sanex does not test on animals, however it is owned by Colgate Palmolive who does.

Secondly is the Batiste Dry Shampoo in 'tropical'. I was happy to use this up so I could buy the 'lace' version which I prefer, the smell is much nice and less 'cloudy' if that makes sense, I don't feel as if I breathe in smoky stuff so much haha! (I've e-mailed Batiste to enquire if they test on animals as I cannot find any clear clarification anywhere; I'm currently waiting on their response).

Next up is a small tube of the No7 Radiance Revealed Exfoliator. To be honest, I didn't think much of this; to be it was just your normal standard exfoliator, I wouldn't buy it again as it really didn't stand out to me. No7 is cruelty free as far as I'm aware.

My last few products I'm showing you all today feature the Botanics Body Balm, The Body Shop Shower Gel and Body Lotion in strawberry and L'Oreal Eye Make-up Remover and finally Sanctuary Body Wash.

The Botanics Body Balm I recently did a review on here, so I will not discuss it much further other than to say I love it and I will certainly re-buy. Botanics is again another cruelty free brand.

The Sanctuary Body Wash again is something I was not wowed by, it was nice but I'm pretty certain that I tend to prefer more fruity, zesty smells rather than spices. The smell wasn't all too amazing, I think for the price there are much better products available. For the full size it costs £5.50 from Boots.  Sanctuary state that their products are not tested on animals.

Now, these last two products whilst beginning to write this put me in a HUGE dilemma! I would appreciate your opinions on this everyone. The Body Shop I love, I seriously do love it however it is owned by L'Oreal who is well known to test on animals. L'Oreal own so many companies, it is very hard to avoid them I feel. The Body Shop do maintain that they are cruelty free and I believe this, however, what about the profits, do they go to L'Oreal and fund further animal testing?...this is what my concern is. I'm going to try and find out more about this as I really would hate to have to boycott this brand that I have come to adore.

The L'Oreal Eye Make-up Remover is quite good to be honest, it is also pretty cheap at around £3.50, and it can be purchased from pretty much anywhere. I purchased this a few months back when I forgot to take make-up remover with me somewhere and I was quite pleased with the results. I won't however be re-buying this for reasons above. (This is what puts me in my dilemma with The Body Shop as I want to continue buying products from there).

Lastly, The Body Shop Body Lotion and Shower Gel. These were a gift at Christmas which I had finally got around to using; I have to say I preferred the shower gel to the body lotion. I think with moisturisers I prefer them to be in a 'butter' format rather than a lotion, that being said it did do the job nicely with my legs being left soft and smelling lovely.

Wow this turned into such a hard post for me to write, I did not expect it.
I feel as if I've been left more concerned and confused than ever over animal testing!


  1. My mum has started buying the Sanex bubble bath, I may have to steal some now! I'm glad to see how passionate you are about cruelty free products, I'm a vegetarian so this post was super helpful to me! I had no idea L'Oreal owned The Body Shop, I'm torn over buying their products too now x

    1. I feel quite passionate about it yep, it is a new stance I'm trying to take. I must admit, it isn't easy, there's so much uncertainty :/

      I think L'Oreal took over The Body Shop in 2006.

      Thank you for commenting Leigh! xx

  2. I had to learn about the L'Oreal takeover of Body Shop for my Business A-level this year. As far as I'm aware, L'Oreal are trying to branch into the ethical market and are trying to keep the image of L'oreal's animal testing reputation away from Body Shop's ethical practices. I'm not up to date on the info, but I'm sure Body Shop wouldn't allow their income to fund animal testing - they stand by their regulations too much! Lovely post :) Hope that info helped haha xx


    1. I sure hope L'Oreal do something about their image, I'm so interested in so many of their products but I'm just completely put off knowing that they do animal testing.

      I sure hope you;re right on The Body Shop, their products are just too nice not to use! :)

      Thank you for informing me Amie, it's a huge help xxx

  3. i love sanex & body shop :)


  4. You got through so many products, I am a bit more aware of the Body Shop now after hearing that they are owned by L'Oreal because like you said they claim to be cruelty free - I just hope they do maintain this :)


    1. I really hope so too Charlee, it can be so hard to know what is right.


  5. I love the body shop, i never knew it was owned by L'Oreal


    1. I love it too, not many people seem to be aware that it is now owned by L'Oreal. xxx

  6. hey lovely, just popping by to let you know i've tagged you in the 'liebster blog award' tag! x

    You can find the post here! http://www.katblogsyeah.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/liebster-blog-award.html

    1. Hello, thank you very much, I'll be sure to stop by and have a peek :) xx


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