26 October 2012

Halloween Nail Art

Here is my attempt at a random nail art design for Halloween! I've wanted to do so many designs this week but I feel so limited with such short nails. I say this all the time, but I'm trying so hard to grow them they just don't seem to be getting any longer!

Anyhow, enough of self pity, here are my nails and how I created them!
To create this look I used the following:
Barry M - Vivid Purple
Barry M - Foil
Models Own - Black Nail Art Pen
Models Own - White Nail Art Pen

Both Barry M and Models Own are great polishes, with Barry M being the slightly cheaper of the two; although in my opinion I think I prefer Models Own for the few extra pennies.

To create the look I created a step by step guide; here is how I did it.

I chose purple for my nails instead of black as even though I love black nail polish I find it is very harsh and can make my skin look a little ill, plus, purple I think is very suited to the Halloween occasion. I painted all my nails in purple and chose to just do one simple web on one of my smaller fingers leaving the main design to my thumb nail.

I didn't really know what I wanted when designing this last night, all I knew is that I wanted a web! I decided to add some random background detail to my nail with this being the white and black lines. I then proceeded to place the web design over the top once the second layer was dry. I chose silver as I had already used white and it wouldn't have been as visible, I think the silver adds a nice touch and indeed finish to the design.

I'm going to just add that to draw the silver web I used an old paint brush that I thinned out with scissors, I found that this was such a good tool to use to create my lines!
I forgot to add a clear top coat to the top image but I'm sure you all know to add that to seal in the colour and prevent chipping anyway.

What do you all think?

Happy Halloween!


  1. These look amazing :) I like the spiderweb idea! xx

    1. Thanks! I really like doing the spiderweb, hopefully I have longer nails next year so it looks better :) x

  2. i love the tutorial idea! It's helpful for people like me who just fail at nails. lol thanks x

    1. Thank you, I prefer to do it that way :) x

  3. I like it, when you show it looks so simple but i dont know if its going to be :D

  4. Aw I love these! Such a good idea - I definitely need to give these a whirl at Halloween! xxx

    1. Thanks Luna, I like that you want to try them :) x

  5. Hi. I love your blog. I'm a new follower. Maybe you want to follow back?? XX


    1. Hi thanks for following, I'll have a look at your blog x


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