22 October 2012

No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream

So, I know I've been missing in action the last week, life outside of blogging has seriously taken over at the moment. I expect it will be like this for the weeks running up until Christmas, so yeah, my posts when they come will be extra special as I've managed to work them into my rather hectic schedule!

Before I start on today's post I would just like to say congratulations to Catherine for becoming the winner of my Body Shop Fragrance Giveaway! Thank you all for entering, I appreciated it very much.

Today I'm going to do a review of the No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for normal/oily skinI have been using this moisturiser since July, so I feel I can give an honest review on the product.

Please excuse the slightly battered packaging for this, it has been used every day so yeah, general wear and tear. This moisturiser is aimed at those with normal/oily skin which is where my skin type falls; it aims to hydrate the skin and control oily breakouts throughout the day.

A big factor which initially pulled me to purchasing this back in July was the added factor of SPF 15, along with a 5 star UVA rating. I always forget to use sun cream etc and I know we should all protect our skin as much as possible so having this already in my moisturiser was a huge plus for me.  

I have to say I really do like the packaging for the No7 range, I'm aware that it had a revamp over the summer which I think was a pretty good move by No7. My only gripe with this particular type of packaging is that it is in a tub rather than a 'pump' bottle which I don't like as in its current format it is much less hygienic.

Onto the product itself and I can honestly say I cannot fault it in terms of what it has done for my skin. I've read bad and negative views on this product which makes me sometimes doubt my own experience but then again, I have to remember that everybody's skin is different; what works for some may not work for others.

I feel that once applied this moisturiser gives me plenty of hydration for throughout the day whilst controlling oily breakouts. It is a nice creamy consistency which isn't too thick, it applies lovely and it mattifies well leaving my skin ready for makeup. I believe that this product has worked very well for me as I don't appear to be suffering so much in terms of an oily t-zone on a whole anymore, which is great news!

This product costs £12.50 from Boots, which I feel is rather good as it has lasted me a while, I still have a bit left now nearly five months on. 

Would I re-buy? 

At the moment no however that is not because it isn't a good product as I have enjoyed using this very much. I know  that I would re-buy this again  yet my reason for holding off for now is that being the beauty blogger that I am I wish to find and try other brands; I really enjoy trying new products.  

Just as an afterthought, I also have the Night Cream in the same range and I think it is just as good, my skin is super, super soft in the morning when I wake up!
Has anybody else tried this moisturiser? If so, let me know what you thought.


  1. I have been using this since July too, I love it for all the reasons you do! Scared to spend money on a new one now in case it doesn't match up! xxx

    1. I'm guessing it is the same as wasn't this the new packaging? Who knows eh! I'm glad somebody else liked it too :)

      Thanks :) xx

  2. I used to use no7 a lot, their skincare is great! Xx

    1. Everything I have had so far has been quite good, no bad experiences just yet :) x


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