11 November 2012

Artist No.1 ~ Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Ever since I started my blog I have being meaning to post about some of my favourite artists that I have come across over the years. Well, today is that day when I finally make that addition to my blog by introducing you to one of my all time favourite artists, Jasmine Becket-Griffith.

Jasmine is an self employed artist from Florida, whereby in my opinion she paints the most amazing, and captivating pictures. I first discovered her work when I was roughly around 17, so, I'm going back a few years. Ever since then I have admired her paintings which have just got better and better! Sometimes I think she will never top 'that' particular painting, then all of a sudden a few weeks later out pops another and I'm completely blown away by her next piece.

I wanted to check with Jasmine that she didn't mind me posting this; luckily she didn't as I really wanted to share with you such a unique and wonderful talent.

Here are some of my favourite pieces by her, starting with my favourite.

'Angel of Starlight'                                                   'Marie Masquerade'

'Angel of Starlight' has to be my all time favourite by her, I find it simply stunning. There are no other words for it. 'Marie Masquerade' I see as quite haunting, as if she has some secret to tell.

'Zodiac: Cancer'                                                                            'Skeleton Magic'

I've added the 'Zodiac Cancer' picture as this is my star sign; I quite like quirky things like that. You should have a look at your star sign picture.

Lastly, 'Skeleton Magic' is just one of a few of Jasmine's 'Halloween' themed pictures; this is my favourite from those. I like how she is sitting there with her black cat practicing magic; I would like to think it is good magic! :)

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I can definitely say that I have. I'm quite excited to share this with you, although I'm sure some of you will have come cross Jasmine's work before.


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