14 November 2012

Wishful Wednesday #6

First up is a bracelet set from ASOS retailing at £12. I love all the spikes that are popular at the moment whether they are on clothing or on accessories. Combined with the set gems on the bracelet in a range of multi colours I think this provides a winning combination.

I've been browsing the Urban Outfitters website after a nice skirt as I don't own many at all, in fact I currently only own two! Anyhow, I was spoilt for choice as they had so many nice ones to choose from! I finally decided upon this one, the 'Pins & Needles Pop Floral Skater Skirt'. This skirt retails at £30, a tad pricey but it is very nice! I'm tempted to pop into Urban Outfitters in Edinburgh next week.

The third item on my post today is a Black Christmas Snood from River Island. I find that River Island tends to do the best scarves, snoods etc, I just adore their designs! This again is £30 which I do believe to be over the top really in terms of price, I guess it is that price due to Christmas arriving soon as the other snoods are roughly £10 cheaper.

My fourth item is a jumper that I spotted over at Marie Loves which is a lovely blog, have a look folks! It is from the ohmylove.co.uk where it retails at £39. From what I can tell from the images this looks pretty well made and thick so I can justify the price for this little number. Again, the studs make an appearance...want, want, want!

Lastly is a really cute bag that I spotted in New Look on Monday, it is only £12.99!

Anything take your fancy? 


  1. Love the bracelets and the jumper! Great choices :) xx
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    Beauty by Emma

    1. Thanks Emma! :) I really want the bracelets!!

      Shall do xx

  2. I've been looking for spikey bracelets like that, thanks for this! haha The jumper looks lovely! Followed you. xx


    1. Aww you're welcome, I'm glad I helped :D

      Thank you for the follow xx

  3. that jumper is gorgeous!

    I'm new and just made my first post!

    1. Yay welcome to the blogging world! :)

      Thanks for stopping by too and I agree, the jumper is amazing! :) xx


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