31 May 2012

Jubilee/ Team GB !

So everywhere you look at the moment there are signs of the Jubilee. Now, I'm not normally one to get that excited over things like this, however I'm partial to the 4 day weekend!

I have to say I'm far more excited about the Olympics and supporting Team GB, woop woop!

I have created some Jubilee/Team GB nails today. They're not that great to be honest, I need firstly longer nails and secondly, a better tool for creating stripes, but for my first attempt I think they turned out ok.

Barry M 'Bright Red' 
No 7 Stay Perfect  'Sing the Blues'
Barry M 'Matt White'
Colour Club Clear Topcoat

So I chose not to paint all of my nails with the flag, they are still too short and it would have taken a long time, especially with the lack of decent tools for this.

I only chose to paint my thumb nail with the British flag as there was more space for the design. I'm looking forward to reading and viewing other designs with beauty bloggers; I'm sure there will be loads over the next few days! 

30 May 2012

Scotland Trip to the Isle of Rum and Inverness

I'm back from my trip away to Scotland! First of all, thank you to everyone for the comments whilst I've been away, I think I've replied to everybody now.

I have had a lovely time away, it was so much fun! The sun was shining every day, it was so hot! People in the UK will know just how gorgeous the weather we have had this last week has been. I went hiking a lot, long walk’s and visits to new towns and National Parks, I do a Geography degree for those that aren’t aware so it is all in relation to my degree topic.

I went to the Isle of Rum where I camped for 4 nights, for the record, I don't think camping is my thing haha! I went up mountains and walked to the opposite side of the island, my feet have complained quite a lot but I enjoyed it all the same. Walking in the heat was quite difficult, especially carrying a full rucksack!

View from my tent on the Isle of Rum.
This next picture is another view I had from the tent I was sharing with my friend, we woke up to this each morning, and it was glorious!

I also went to Inverness, which is perhaps the largest city in the Scottish Highlands, with residents of just 57,000 people. I had never been here before so I didn't know what to expect, although I was hoping to spot Nessie! I refer to Nessie because for those that are not aware, the mythological creature the 'Loch Ness Monster', aka Nessie, has been recorded for many years in Loch Ness, not far from Inverness. Loch Ness is the largest inland volume of water in the Scottish Highlands of which reports of Nessie have been rife for many years.

I recommend people going, it is lovely and of course the weather helped. Guess what...I found Nessie!! Ok, ok I know it's not real but I reckon it is the closest I'll get haha!

I thoroughly enjoyed my "holiday", though it wasn't really a holiday as we had to do field notebooks (we had lots of talks on various issues), we also now have an essay to write about a certain issue we learned of whilst away.

I'm glad to be back now though, I was missing my comforts! I'm looking forward to blogging properly again too, thanks for reading this long post!

20 May 2012

New years resolutions...ahem, June resolutions

Lying in bed last night I was pondering recent events in my life, this has led me to take some form of  action into making things better for myself. So I decided to make a list of 5 things I would like to do/ achieve for the rest of the year, so here it is.

I got the notepad background from Shabbyblogs.

Ok, so firstly I want to get fit! I don't really want to lose weight as such, I would just like to tone up and improve my overall fitness. I generally eat quite well, I'm not a take away person in the slightest and I love my fruit and vegetables, my main crime is chocolate! I'm off on a hiking trip tonight, so this new fitness regime starts tonight! I want to expand my art style, find my own 'niche' as it were. I also plan on doing a few book reviews over the summer break as I adore books so much! In terms of the fourth point, I recently have come to realise that some people are probably not worth my time anymore. I'm going to stop trying to please everyone. Lastly, this will be my last summer before I finish university completely; it's scary and exciting at the same time! Does anybody else have these mid-year changes of thought?

18 May 2012

New painting - Pondering Princess

Just a quick post for tonight ladies, I'm yet again so very tired and I ache after leaning over painting this all day. Let me know any opinions please.

17 May 2012

17 Mirror Shine On Lipstick

I'd like to share with you all two really great products that I have recently laid my hands on, these being the 17 Mirror Shine On Lipsticks in 'Beehive' and 'Belle'.

First off the packaging as you can see is electric blue! You will either love it or hate it I think, I personally love it as it is so different and what with the colour being as it is this allows it to be spotted at the bottom of even the biggest and cluttered hand bags!

At the moment there are eight different shades within this range. They cost £4.59 and at the moment with Boots Advantage card holders you can obtain a voucher for 50 points when you buy any 17 product, (I never used to use those advantage card machines, however now I make a habit of checking each time I go in as there are some great vouchers to use)!

So my chosen shades were Beehive and Belle.
Beehive and Belle
Beehive is a very natural pink nude shade, whereas Belle is slightly rosier however it is not too overpowering once on. Both shades are great for an everyday natural look; out of the two my favourite is Beehive.

Beehive on the left and Belle on the right
I'm really glad I purchased these two shades, they are unbelievably moisturising! They apply so nice and smooth, much like a lip balm and I have to say that since I started using Beehive a couple of days ago my lips haven't been as dry as they were.

Overall, they are great value for money as at less than £5 you're getting a great lipstick! The only negative thing I would have to say about them is that they are not long lasting, a couple of hours is all and then you have to reapply. However, this really doesn't take two seconds especially as I don't think you even need a mirror to apply these two shades.

16 May 2012

Sleek Original i-Divine Palette

I would just like to do a quick THANK YOU to my followers! I'm now at 15 and I'm so grateful that each one of you has opted to follow little old' me! 

Here is something that I got after seeing it a couple of times in Superdrug, I was intrigued by the numerous different palettes available, as well as the current 3 for 2 on cosmetics offer. 

I chose the Sleek Original i-Divine Palette which costs just £6.49, which I have to say after using them is an absolute steal! I will be going back to buy the Sleek Au Naturel i-Divine Palette when I get paid at the end of the month.

Once the palette is open you're greeted with twelve lovely shades, all different. There are quite a few different types of palettes available, of which I think there are ten different palettes at the moment which is really great; there is something for everyone! You also get quite a large mirror too which is so useful if you're an 'on the go' kind of girl or if you do a lot of travelling. Like me for instance, I live away from home at university so I'm back and forth between Staffordshire, Lancashire and Scotland where my boyfriend studies quite often.
Sleek 'Original i-Divine' Palette.
These come out really quite lovely once applied, I was very surprised to be honest. I swatched each of the individual shades below on my wrist to give an indication as to what they are like on the skin. This image really doesn't do them justice so I do urge people to have a look at them in store if they pass by.

Top row
Bottom row
I like these shades so far and I'm going to continue experimenting with them!
Has anybody else used any products by 'Sleek' before, if so, what are your opinions?


14 May 2012

Avène Cleanance Gel

I'm introducing a new product to my skin care regime, as over the last 2 weeks my skin has turned horrendous! It has gone patchy in colour; I have had several spots which I never get now, and they occur once in a blue moon so yes, weird activity on my face! I cannot put a pin point onto the culprit however, the direction I'm looking at is towards my Nivea Pure and Natural Cleanser but surely Nivea cannot be causing this, I mean, it's Nivea!

I've decided on taking a sabbatical away from it for a few weeks to see what happens, I can then decide if it is the Nivea cleanser which is not agreeing with me. So, I've went in search of a nice, sensitive skin cleanser for my blemish ridden skin, with me picking out the Avène Cleanance Gel. I have heard of this brand before, I know somebody that uses it ritually and their skin looks great! 

The actual product reminds me of washing up liquid when you initially put it on to your fingers. I've literally only used it for the first time this morning but after putting it on my face, of which it lathers up great I found that my skin did feel very refreshed and calm if that makes any kind of sense. 

It cost me £8.25 from Boots, which for me at the moment is a tad expensive but under normal circumstances I wouldn't mind. However, I have to say I feel it will last me a long while, a small amount really did go a long way.

Hopefully it will start to sort out my skin over the next few days.
Has anybody else used any products from Avène, if so, what were your experiences?

13 May 2012

Sleepy Sunday.

Just a quick post for today, I'm so tired! I hope everyone, where ever you are around the world has had a nice chilled out Sunday, after all it is the day of rest. Here is my cat Oliver doing what he does best!

I caught him reading Harry Potter too but that is another story.

12 May 2012

Maybelline Colour Sensational Popsticks!

I thought I would do a little review today on the Maybelline Colour Sensational Popsticks, in particular, the shade 030 'Pink Lollipop'. The craze of the Revlon Lip butters I think has caused this little gem to slip through the net so to speak, I haven't seen it spoken about much throughout the blogging world.

These first caught my eye mainly due to the product packaging, a bright neon pink case on the shelf; they're hard not to miss! I think it is also worth mentioning the mirror on the top end of the packaging, it is really useful for when you are out and about.

Here it is in all its glory! Now, the lipstick itself is like a neon see through pink with small glittery particles within it, I love it! It is so pretty and cute and do you know what, for me it comes out lovely! It's not bright and in your face once applied so you could use it every day. It has like a waxy appearance to it, that is the only way I feel I can describe them. They glide on great though, I even thought of a lip balm when I first applied it.

Here is a swatch I made of the shade; I hope people can see it as it's quite pale on my hand. The picture below gives an indication as to what it is like on. These shades are not something to choose if you are after a really pigmented lipstick, they are however perfect if you're after a  nice natural sheer to your lips.

They have an OK taste too which when comparing these to the Revlon Lip Butters that was something I noticed they lacked in; I think Revlon missed out on that. My only issue with these as at the moment as far as I'm aware there are currently only 5 shades, hopefully more will come out! 

These can be picked up from Boots and Superdrug.

11 May 2012

New Drawing.

I've finally finished this picture, it has been half drawn for about 3 months until now.
I didn't design the composition myself, I got the picture from Google however, what you see below is my version of which I drew by myself at University.

This is a scanned image so apologies about the sides being a bit dark.

Original that I found on Google can be seen here.

My week :)

Firstly, we have here the Cherry Blossom Eau De Toilette from The Body Shop , I love this scent, it is nice and fresh and despite the name it doesn't smell too 'flowery'. It is described as having top notes of Fuji apple, a heart of cherry blossom and a base of sandalwood, hinoki wood and fruity musk, overall, I love it! The Body Shop currently has 25% off its Fair Trade products of which this lovely fragrance falls under; I paid £11 roughly for this.

Secondly, the much talked about 'Fifty Shades of Grey' series by E L James, I won't say much here just in case people have not read/finished them. I'll be doing a little review on them next week.

My colour club shade that I love! This is shade 905 'Incognito', it is a nice pale pink pastel shade I would describe, very natural looking.

Next is my skull necklace from 'Republic', it is by the brand Miso who I really love; they make such cute things! I got this in the sale today at £2; it is really cute and quirky. He has sparkly eyes with a nice colourful flower on his head.

That scary looking picture in the middle there was part of my last piece of coursework for my second year at university, I hate maths, I hated GIS so I'm glad it is over now!

Last but not least is a nice little gem that I have found. The Nivea Pure and Natural range is something that I quite like and much to my delight I discovered that they have a hand cream out. My hands get very dry all the time, I think it's because I clean so much and wear no protective gloves or anything...HARDCORE! Anyhow, this cream is lovely and light, soaks in well and doesn't leave your hands sticky which is a big bonus, plus it is only £3.05 at Boots.

Hope you enjoyed my week in pictures!

9 May 2012

Liebster Award

What a lovely day I'm having so far!
I've handed in my last piece of coursework for university, so that's the end of second year now, yay!
As well as this I've also been nominated for a little award called the Liebster Award from the lovely Natasha at 'Clouds and Cuticle Oil', thank you Natasha.

★  This award is for new bloggers with under 200 followers 
All you have to do is graciously accept your award and credit the person that gave it you.

I'm going to nominate others I feel should get this too.

A Scholar Life
She Paints Her Nails
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6 May 2012

Camomile Eye Make-up Remover by The Body Shop

Last night was a sad, sad night indeed. I have come to the end of my much loved 'Camomile Eye Make-up Remover'.

This has lasted me quite a long time, I purchased it back in August last year so it has done me proud!
It is made by The Body Shop, with two sizes being available, 60ml at a cost of £3.00 and 250ml at £8.00. I purchased the larger size and I have not regretted it; I will most definitely be re-buying this.

I find that it removes my make-up very well, I wear quite a lot of eye make-up too so there's always a lot to remove! However, what I like most about this product is how gentle it is, it has never caused any irritation what so ever. Not long after I first started using this I ended up putting too much on a cotton pad one night and when I used it some of the product went in my eye....I waited for the inevitable sting but nothing happened, success! (Not that I recommend squeezing make-up remover into one's eye).

So if anybody hasn't tried this I do suggest giving it ago, you can always purchase the smaller version at first. 

Has anybody else come across good make-up removers? If so, let me know everyone.

1 May 2012

Collection 2000 and Maybelline 24HR Tattoo

I wanted to share with you some of my very recent purchases, of which will be my last for a while. I have a university trip coming up very, very soon so I'm saving some spare cash for that :D

I have already mentioned these nail polishes before, but seeing how great they were I went back and picked up four more colours. They are 'Collection 2000', with them being on an offer or 2 for £3 which is really great, especially when you have spare points on your Boots card!

The colours here from left to right are as follows: 'Bongo Beat', 'Siren', 'Look at me' and lastly 'Electric Dreams'. They are really nice fresh, bold colours which will be great for summer! I do find that these last quite well, especially for the price and for someone like me who changes the colour on their nails so often this is an added bonus. I can't pay loads for nail varnishes just to end up taking it off 2 days later.
I have to say, the shade 'Look at me' has come out yellow looking in the picture I took, yet it really is like a lime green shade.

As well as these I have also purchased the 'Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24Hr' cream eye shadows. Now these appear to have been 'blogged' to death, however, I can see why! They are soooooo nice, I really do recommend them. I know in Boots they have been buy one get one half price and in Superdrug they were on 3 for 2 the whole of last week, plus in Superdrug you can get student discount, yay!

Ok, so I do have all the colours available at the moment, however I'm hoping that they produce some more shades soon. I took up both offers at the Boots and Superdrug so it worked out cheaper. The shades from left to right and then bottom are as follows: 'On and on Bronze', 'Eternal Silver', 'Immortal Charcoal', 'Endless Purple' and 'Turquoise Forever' and they retail at £4.99.

I cannot stress how nice these eye shadows are, they last very well too which I was quite dubious about yet they did not disappoint!

This post has been kind of rushed towards the end, I'm going to the library with my friend in 15 minutes and I have done nothing with my hair; such a lazy day.
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