29 September 2012

Floral Nail Art

I'm being so naughty right now, I should be working on my essay that is due in on the 12th of October but I just couldn't wait to stick up today’s post.

Last night whilst watching yet another episode of Downton Abbey I decided to try some nail art on my tiny nails. I wanted to try a design that I had seen in a YouTube video by the one and only Bubzbeauty. I have been following her for such a long time on YouTube, she is so gifted at what she does, plus she is amazingly beautiful! Anyhow, after seeing her most recent video on this vintage nail design I just fell in love...I had to try it for myself! Bubzbeauty has used inspiration from Cath Kidston designs, you all know which ones!

Here is my attempt everyone, and just so you know, even short nails can kind of pull this off hehe!
My finished nails are above, along with the nail colours that I used to create this look. I have a mixture here of Barry M, Color Club and Collection all of which are cruelty free polishes. I also have a nail tool here which I got off eBay a couple of years ago, I think I got a set of 5 for less than £5, however there is no need to buy something like this as you can simply use a toothpick or anything quite small with a point.

I've recreated the flower on a piece of paper as I'm new to this whole art design business and I didn't take any pictures whilst I was creating the look last night. In my defence it was too dark for pictures as they would have looked a bit ropey under my bedroom light.

All you have to do is paint your nails in a solid base colour, as you can see I chose a pastel blue and white as my base colours; once this is dry you're ready to get designing! Simply place your first colour for your flower onto your nails, seeing as mine are quite short I did just one flower on each nail and then two on my thumb nail. Next all you have to do is using your tool of choice just create an edge around your flower to be, this doesn't have to be neat. Then all I did was put a few leaves on either side of my flowers using two shades of green, one would be fine though. Lastly all you have to do is add a top coat to help the design last longer on your nails and then you're done!

Seriously, if I can do this anybody can as my nails as you can see are very short and I think they look ok; in fact, I'm quite pleased with them!

So, what do you think?

Thanks to Bubz for the great video, she inspired me to create this look.

25 September 2012

Just to say....thank you!

Today is the day; I have finally got around to posting my giveaway. I'm so excited and quite nervous to be honest as I'm not sure how well it will go down with you all.

I'm holding this giveaway is to say a HUGE THANK YOU to every single one of you who has taken the time to follow and read my blog, especially those of you who are regular visitors here. You have no idea how much I have enjoyed running this blog along with reading all your lovely comments. I get so excited to see what you all think of the things I post about!

Due to the fact that I want to acknowledge current followers it only seems right that on this occasion I will only host this giveaway to those who are currently following me via GFC or Hello Cotton as of the post being published. I do not wish to alienate new followers but seeing as this is my first giveaway I'd like to thank those who have got me to the point where I now find myself, that being a happy blogger! I do plan to do a giveaway closer to Christmas so feel free to stop by to be in a chance with that next time round!  

Also, as this is my first giveaway and I'm not quite into the habit of sending things to be posted worldwide I'm going to keep this to within the UK. Apologies for International followers, I will aim to do one International in the future...small steps! Now, back to the giveaway! I've thought long and hard on what I wanted to offer to one of you, as I wanted something nice and a tiny bit different, I hope I have achieved this. So....what I'm offering one of you ladies is the choice of a select fragrance at the value of £15 from the 'Scents of the World Collection' by The Body Shop.  

Amazonian Wild Lily, Atlas Mountain Rose, Indian Night Jasmine, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Madagascan Vanilla Flower. So all I ask you to do is leave me a blog comment below with the name of the fragrance you would like to win, along with a contact e-mail address please so that I can get in touch with the winner as soon as the giveaway ends on the 20th of October.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Once again, thank you all so much! 

19 September 2012

Wishful Wednesday #5

I'm back at university now; I cannot believe I have begun my third and final year! It has seriously flown by guys; so if you've just started university make the most of it and more importantly enjoy it as it goes by so quickly.

Today I have finally got around to doing another 'Wishful Wednesday' post, I haven't done one in a while for various reasons, however, it is back this week. This post today is not just 'wishful' as it  actually features products that I really do plan on purchasing in the not so distant future.

First up is the MUA Nail Constellation which will be available to buy in Superdrug or online from the 26th September. Having seen the caviar nails over the last year I have been rather curious, yet I cannot decide if I like the look or not, however, seeing as these will cost just £3 I'm sure to be giving them a whirl!

Secondly is a pair of Converse. I need a new pair guys, I'm ashamed to say I was walking to Tesco two nights ago when I felt my one foot getting rather wet....it turned out there was a hole in the sole of my shoe! I ended up with a very soggy foot, feeling rather embarrassed even though nobody knew about it as well as feeling rather annoyed! I don’t think Converse are particularly cheap, especially as they never really seem to last me very long however, I'm going to have to get some as they are my casual every day item of footwear. They range from £40 upwards now depending on the style, speaking of which, I have a question for you all, black or white converse? I can’t quite decide, I see lots of people wearing white ones with jeans or tights etc and I really like the look, however black goes with everything!

The third item on my list is the NUXE Reve de Miel Baume Levres Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm...that is a mouthful! Anyway, my lips are constantly needing nourishment, I have so many lip balms on the go it is insane. I want something very hydrating so I will be buying this at the end of the month for a total of £9.50. I will most likely purchase it from feelunique as my local Marks and Spencer does not stock it, plus I want to give feelunique a go. I've read so many positive reviews on this so I'm very keen to see if it will work for me.

Lastly is the Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream which I have been wanting for quite a while now. I've wanted to try Burt's Bees for ages, their stuff smells so good, especially the shower gel! As they are cruelty free they just naturally became a brand I wanted to try. This item costs £5.99 which I don't mind too much, these types of products last quite a while so it would be money well spent. Burt’s Bees can be purchased online, as well as through Boots and Holland and Barratt.

14 September 2012

Barry M in 'Raspberry'

I'm back today to show you all my current favourite nail shade, this being the Barry M nail polish in the shade 'Raspberry'. I have no idea if this is a new shade or not to be honest, I can't say that I have noticed it before on the shelves but alas, it has made its way into my life.

As you all know, Barry M does some gorgeous shades at really great prices, they may not last as long as some other brands but hey, we can't have everything and for the price I think they do a pretty good job. The majority of the polishes cost just £2.99 with others costing slightly more such as the crackle and the new gel ones when they are released, I must add that I'm really looking forward to trying those!

As you all can see this is a deep red shade which in my opinion is just gorgeous! I can say right now that I'm not a red nail girl in any shape or form but this shade has got me hooked. How had I not seen it earlier? It applies pretty good in just one application, this here however is two as I always like to add a second layer.

I think it is just perfect for autumn; it reminds me of the dark red leaves on the trees.

12 September 2012

Product use up update #2

I hope I find you all well today. I've had an awful weekend for a number of reasons and to top it off I think today I'm coming down with a cold, just great!

I feel as if I haven't blogged much the last few weeks, this isn't like me at all, I feel very bad but other things in my life have taken a priority. I should be back to normal soon though, so thanks for sticking with me. 

Today I'm going to show you how I'm progressing with the products I swore I would try and use up, I have to say I'm rather pleased how I'm doing. There is now more space in my room, although I still have a bit to go so I will take a bunch of stuff back with me to university this weekend to continue the process.

So here we have a round up of my used up stuff! Quite a bit again I have to say, some of which I loved whereas others I can say I wasn't all that too keen on.

First up is the Champneys Perfect pedicure intensive foot butter, of which I think this was in a gift set from a couple of years ago at Christmas. I love using body butters, so I presumed this would be nice on my feet, I was wrong. I did not like this at all; it was too much like a lotion, not butter... I think there is a big difference! I like products that are thick and moisturising; therefore this didn't do the job for me at all. It did however smell quite nice and it did make my feet feel soothed, it sadly was just  not very moisturising. I can only find a tub version of this online which retails at £8, needless to say, I won't be re-buying this.

Second on my list is the Batiste dry shampoo in the 'seductive and elegant lace' version. I loved this product; I remember when it came out how much I really wanted to try it. Before this came out I had only used the tropical version which really was quite nice, yet I have to say the lace version tops that by far in my opinion, the scent is lovely. I purchased the cherry one last week as I cannot live without dry shampoo; I'm already wishing I had re-purchased the lace version. They cost £2.99 from Boots but they are sometimes cheaper in Bodycare for example. 

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter has also made it into my empties pile sadly, what can I say, I just loved this product. I will most definitely be re-purchasing some more body butters from The Body Shop. This costs £12.50 which is expensive, I'm not going to lie but oh my days are they so worth it!

The VO5 conditioner from the 'Gloss Me Smoothly' range has been quite a frequent feature in my bathroom at home. I have to say it really is a great conditioner; I wouldn't use it if I wanted an intense treatment but for your normal shampoo/conditioner routine I think it is perfect. I would re-buy this again, but at the moment I cannot be sure if it is cruelty free or not. I'm still checking this out so I will update this little bit when I find out more.

I cannot believe a nail polish has made it to my empties, wow! Those babies take some time to go don't they? Here I have the Barry M Basecoat, Topcoat and Nail Hardener all in one which I found did an ok job but I'm still looking for more from this type of product. So therefore, I'm still on the hunt for a really good topcoat that is cruelty free, if any of you know of any then please let me know. Barry M polishes cost just £2.99 which I think is a fantastic price, I recently picked up the shade 'Raspberry' which is a gorgeous deep red shade, perfect for Autumn!

The Midnight Fantasy fragrance by Britney Spears has also been used up. This has not taken long to use up at all as I quite liked this to be honest, it had a nice fruit scent to it. For me this was one of those every day fragrances, it is quite cheap to buy so I can afford to use this every day. This fragrance is most likely not cruelty free, I cannot say for sure though as there is no where categorically stating yes or no boooo! Prices for this do vary from place to place.

The Georgio Armani Black Code body lotions were from a gift set a few years ago. I really didn't like these; the smell was not like the perfume at all and because the product was a lotion and not in butter format it made the whole experience not a pleasant one haha! I used up one and I'm sad to say I poured the second one away. Georgie Armani does test on animals, so I'm quite glad to say that I didn't rate this product at all.

The Botanics Clay Mask I featured back in August finally made it's way into my empties post, I really did like this. Read my review here as I think it is a great mask. If you're looking to try clay masks for the first time then give this one a go, it is more expensive than I remember at £6.99 but Botanics is still on offer at the moment, it also works pretty well!

Lastly is the Sanctuary Body Scrub at a cost of £5.50 from Boots. I couldn't make my mind up with this product, the smell was quite nice, but I found I wanted something fruity or citrusy of which I got neither so I found that quite disappointing. The scrub however did lather up quite nicely once in use, the particles were not as rough as I would have liked but it did do the job relatively ok. I can say that I won't buy this again however as I'm far too in love with my Breakfast Scrub from Soap and Glory.

I would like to add that the majority of products I've featured today are cruelty free, there are however some that are not and some that I'm not entirely sure about which I have stated when discussing the product. I've only recently gone cruelty free so there are still products floating around in my house that are not. I really want to us them up as I have paid for them in the past and I would literally be chucking my money down the drain.

7 September 2012

The Body Shop: Japanese Cherry Blossom Fragrance

What a gorgeous day today! With it being nice and sunny I just had to go outside and take my pictures for my post in the sun, it was too good of an opportunity to miss.

Today I'm going to write about one of my every day favourite fragrances, with this being the Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance by The Body Shop. I bought this earlier on in the year when I ran out of my previous fragrance, it was a bit of a whim purchase but I'm so pleased to say that it was a winner!

This packaging is the old one as I've noticed that The Body Shop has had a re-vamp which I have to say looks great! I do prefer the new packaging so I look forward to re-purchasing it once this runs out. It costs just £15 for 50ml of the product which I think is brilliant for an every day fragrance. I have had far more expensive fragrances before, for example, at the moment I have Flora Gucci Gorgeous Gardenia which is truly gorgeous as it says however, because of how expensive it is I refuse to use it every day.

The Cherry Blossom fragrance first caught my eye mainly because of it being Japanese orientated; I love anything Japanese so that is honestly what made me pick it up.

What The Body Shop says:

At first the smell can be quite strong, but this honestly does not last long at all as I find it settles down into a lovely light floral scent on your skin. It lasts quite well for a fragrance on the cheaper side of the market and I think the packaging is lovely; I really do rate this product and as I said before, I will definitely repurchase this.

There are many other fragrances in this range; I particularly like the look of the Amazonian Wild Lily and Indian Night Jasmine, I look forward to trying these out in store!

*The Body Shop as well as being cruelty free also supports community trade with the alcohol in this product being from an organic source in Ecuador.

4 September 2012

A visual shopping trip!

You guys will be so proud of me today! I went to Telford shopping with my mother and spent nothing, that's right, nothing! Believe me, I wanted to buy so many things but I'm really trying to behave at the moment.

I'm going to show you four things from today that I really did like whilst out shopping, see if you like them too.

1. bareMinerals Purifying Facial Cleanser 2. Blonde and Blonde Cable Knit Crew Jumper 3. Bank Floral Skull Print Scarf   4. River Island Pink Oriental Pink Scarf

Firstly I’m featuring a brand which I have wanted to try for a while, purely for their make-up as it looks divine; this being bareMinerals. After browsing the stand in Debenhams today I came across a skincare range, I was not aware that they did skin care products so I was very intrigued. The Purifying Facial Cleanser retails at £15 which I think is rather reasonable...if it is a good product. I would pay that much for a cleanser as I have done in the past so I would be willing to give this a try in the future. The products from bareMinerals are also cruelty free so I'm able to buy things in my head freely...I’m thinking their mineral eye shadows!

The second item I saw today is a knit jumper from Bank. Now, I have never ever shopped in Bank before as I'm quite put off by the Paul's Boutique stuff therefore I tend to avoid going in. However, I braved it and walked through the door and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as there were some great items in store; I'll be sure to go pop in for a quick browse in the future. This knit jumper comes in four different colours: cream, navy, wine and teal. I was rather torn between the wine and navy shade of which on the Bank website neither of them look as they do in store so I chose to show you the cream version. I expected this jumper to be verging on the side of £40 so I was quite shocked to find out it was only £20.

Another item from Bank was the Floral Skull scarf which I really liked. I love scarves so much as I think they can really finish off an outfit. I've been after a skull one for a while now but I've never really found one I liked. This cost just £10 and again, I expected prices to be higher, I'm impressed Bank!

Lastly, is probably my most favourite item I have seen all day. This is yet again another scarf with this one being from River Island. It features an oriental design which I adore, honestly folks, it is beautiful. I love anything oriental so this was right up my street as it were. This costs £16 which is a bit expensive but I'm going to be honest, I would of paid it if I hadn't of been being good; it is beyond beautiful! River Island do so many gorgeous things, I had a snood from there for my birthday which I felt was really unique; I feel the same about this scarf.

Has anybody else fallen in love with the River Island scarf? I sure have!
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