30 November 2012

November Favourites

It's December tomorrow! I'm rather sad about this as I will not be at home to fetch the Christmas tree next weekend, gutted. I love going up to my local forested area where they sell the trees, they have loads of those mobile food stops with the hot pork baps, burgers and hot dogs, you all know what I mean. The atmosphere is really nice, with loads of people picking their trees, standing with steaming hot drinks having a laugh. Plus Santa is usually there....!

Anyhow, whilst I'd rather be at home writing up my November Favourites post I'm still stuck here at university, I'm literally counting the days until the 22nd when I'm homeward bound.

Here are my favourite products from this month.

I'm planning on doing reviews of everything you see here apart from the Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Lip Balm so pop back to check every now and then if you're interested in my opinions on them.

I've not being using this very long however since I purchased this I have used it every day. I picked up the Sleek blusher in Rose Gold and my oh my I'm glad I did, it is beyond gorgeous. Every time I use this I'm amazed at how stunning it is, I just love using it in the morning. It doesn't come out as dark as it looks in the pan, it can however be built up into quite a glow if that is the look you're going for. I'm currently considering buying the Pomegranate one; however I need to see what it would look like on my quite fair skin.

Whilst in Edinburgh I picked up the Topshop Highlighter in Crescent Moon, I'd seen this before whilst in town about a month ago and then all of a sudden it was cropping up amongst beauty bloggers everywhere. I decided to take people at their word and picked one up, I really quite like it at the moment so for my first highlighter I'm pleased with the results. (I've linked you all to the highlighter section at Topshop, however Crescent Moon isn't on there for some reason).

My Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Serum, oh how I love you! At first I wasn't too struck on this, I didn't feel like it gave me the coverage that I was after yet just after a week I had completely changed my opinion on this which lead me to give it the thumbs up! Beautiful product, gorgeous application, I love everything about it.

Lastly, my never ending search for a lip balm continues. This Blistex lip balm is doing the job ok, it is probably the best one of a huge collection that I have really. I've had this for a while so I'm trying to use it up. I'm so tempted to try the NUXE lip balm to see if it sorts out my chapped lips once and for all, you all know which one I mean and for those that don't, click here

29 November 2012

November Empties!

I have a Batiste can every month; I'm not going to harp on about them anymore, other than to say I cannot live without the stuff. Ok that's probably a slight exaggeration...or is it?

I've finally managed to use up my Palmer's Cocoa Butter which has allowed me to open up my Soap and Glory Body Butter, yay!! I enjoyed using Palmer's though, despite it being more of a moisturiser than a butter which I tend to dislike. It smells really good and has some really nice skin benefits, plus, as far as I'm aware Palmer's is cruelty free.

I've used up my third bottle of The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make-up Remover and I'm now on to my fourth. I really like using this product, read my review here! However, I do find that I would like to try something new in terms of eye makeup remover so suggestions are welcome.

I finished my two moisturisers, my day and night cream by the No7 Beautiful Skin range. I enjoyed using these in conjunction together, however at the moment I've decided that I will not repurchase as I want to try some new products.

I finished one of my bottles of John Frieda which I think this particular one has to be my favourite. I have the lightening one also which I'm afraid to say I do not like as I found that it made my hair a funny yellow colour at the roots. However this one is lovely and I shall be re-purchasing now that I know that John Frieda is cruelty free.

Dove however is not cruelty free which sure is a shame as I quite liked this product.

22 November 2012

Instagram #2

I've fell a tad behind on these posts, a pitty as I now have a backlog of photos to share!

I picked up two of the Gelly Nail Polishes by Barry M, I've used both so far and I cannot decide if I like them. They never seem to really dry properly to me, I also find that they're easily dented which I find quite annoying. They do however have a lovely shine so I'm going to persevere with these for now.

My Poppy Nail Design that I did for Remembrance Sunday, you all seemed to like these, thank you!

Nail Care!
This is me trying on my new jacket which I went and purchased ten minutes later! I adore this jacket, I literally adore it. I picked this up from Red Herring in Debenhams; I've seen very similar ones in other places though.

A mini LUSH purchase!

Lastly, whilst writing my report on the River Wyre in Lancashire I realised my pen had 'Wyre' written on it...spooky!

If anybody would like to follow me on Instagram my name is: 'alittleboatsailing'.

20 November 2012

Nail Polish Envy #1

I have so many nail polishes that my bag that holds them in is getting harder to close by the day, but that doesn't stop me looking up new nail polishes that I want to buy.

Here are just five nail polishes that I'm dying to get my hands on.
First up is a nail polish by Topshop called 'Jem', this is a beautiful red glitter polish that I really want to get hold of for Christmas as I think it will be perfect.

Next up again is another nail polish by Topshop; the distinctive packaging gives these all away. This is called 'Cloak and Dagger' and the reason I want a new black nail polish is because my current one by Barry M has gone very gloopy (I've had it a while), however, I'm looking to find one a bit more hard wearing so I'm going to try this one next.

My next three are all by Models Own, I've purposely not ordered these offline despite wanting them quite badly as I'm hoping to pick them up in Boots when I go back home at Christmas. For some reason the HUGE Boots here where I study at university does not stock Models Own but the tiny one back at home does. Anyway, I digress...the polishes above are 'Snowflake' from the Wonderland Collection with the last two from the Mirrorball Collection, 'Disco Inferno and Dancing Queen'.

Has anybody else tried these?

18 November 2012

Bourjois Haul!

For ages now I have been looking up new foundations to try, what with going cruelty free in August I feel as if I've been restricted somehow in trying some of the popular ones that have been popular over recent months, Revlon Colour Stay springs to mind as well as Rimmel Wake Me Up. 

However, one brand which I knew I could try was Bourjois, woop woop I have to say as their make-up is so nice! I had heard so many positive thoughts regarding their foundations, I just didn't know which one to go for. After asking around for what felt like a decade I was finally able to make a decision based on advice from fellow bbloggers to pick up the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum; thanks folks!

Luckily for me on the day I went to choose my foundation Superdrug happpened to have a 3 for 2 on all cosmetics....well, what was a girl to do?

Healthy Mix Concealer £7.49, Healthy Mix Serum £10.99, Healthy Balance Unifying Powder £8.49

I went a little Healthy Mix crazy and got my foundation, the concealer and the pressed powder. I needed a new powder as my Rimmel Stay Matte is almost spent and seeing as I won't be re-purchasing it I thought I would give this one a whirl. I've yet to try the Healthy Balance Unifying Powder so I cannot comment on this properly at the moment. I picked this up in shade 52 'Vanille' as this is the lightest that they do in this powder.

I picked up the Healthy Mix Serum after what felt like ages trying to decide on my shade. In the end I decided to go with the lightest shade available which is shade 51 'Vanille Clair', however I have to say that when I was testing the foundation shades I found 51 and 52 to be quite similar, it was either that or the lighting in the shop was throwing me off!

I'm quite terrible at picking shades and I find that the sales assistants in Boots and Superdrug are just as bad as nobody could help me! I may still have the wrong shade for all I know :/

So far I'm enjoying this foundation, however I will say that I do not find that this foundation provides full coverage. If you are looking for full coverage from a foundation I think the  Flower Perfection might be better as I've read this provides more coverage (I really want to try this). I find that the Healthy Mix Serum gives light to medium coverage, but it appears to be pretty buildable. I hope to do a more in depth review of this soon as I have only being using it just under two weeks now.

The Healthy Mix Concealer again is something I haven't properly used yet, just the once to try as I want to finish up using some other ones first but from that first use I can already say that I liked it. I realised that I picked this up in shade 52 which is darker than the foundation, or is supposed to be but as I said before I think the shades are quite similar.

Has anybody else tried these products? What about the Flower Perfection Foundation?

15 November 2012

Neve Cosmetics 'French Royalty Collection'

Today I'm going to show you all some of the products from the new French Royalty Collection by Neve Cosmetics. Neve Cosmetics are right up my street as they are a cruelty free brand, as well as with the majority of their products also being vegan.

Neve Cosmetics currently have a number of collections out at the moment with the latest being the one I'm going to review today. The collection consists of four French Royalty Mineral eye shadows, two mineral blushes and two new pastello eye pencils. Today I will look at the Eye shadows and Eye Pencil from the range, with the blushers featuring in an upcoming post.
Eye shadows from the collection: Versailles* £6.50 Collier* £6.50 Sang Bleu* £6.50 Chateau* £6.50 
(Prices for 2g).   
 Pastello Eye Pencil in Silver* £4.95
 This pencil is beautiful and what I found was that when it was blended the glitter particles all separated creating a lovely sparkly shimmer...I can see me doing this for Christmas.
Left to right we have 'Sang Bleu, Chateau, Versailles and Collier'

Once I swatched these I knew I had found a brand that I wanted to try more, I mean, just look at the colours...they're divine!

I've never used mineral make-up before so I was pretty excited to use these products. I found that to apply them with a dry brush was quite tricky as they did not seem to want to sit very well on my eyelid, however, this soon changed once I dampened my brush a little.

I decided to test out Sang Bleu and Collier on my eyes along with the eye pencil. I'm a sucker for anything blue and purple!

I really liked using these eye shadows once I got the hang of them. I'm looking forward to trying much more daring looks with them next time. I found that they lasted pretty well throughout the day and they came off very easily when it came to my evening cleansing routine.

Neve Cosmetics can be purchased from CuteCosmetics which is one of my favourite websites at the moment as all the products they sell are cruelty free so it saves the endless searching and uncertainty that often comes when looking for cruelty free products.

What do you all think?

*PR Samples.

14 November 2012

Wishful Wednesday #6

First up is a bracelet set from ASOS retailing at £12. I love all the spikes that are popular at the moment whether they are on clothing or on accessories. Combined with the set gems on the bracelet in a range of multi colours I think this provides a winning combination.

I've been browsing the Urban Outfitters website after a nice skirt as I don't own many at all, in fact I currently only own two! Anyhow, I was spoilt for choice as they had so many nice ones to choose from! I finally decided upon this one, the 'Pins & Needles Pop Floral Skater Skirt'. This skirt retails at £30, a tad pricey but it is very nice! I'm tempted to pop into Urban Outfitters in Edinburgh next week.

The third item on my post today is a Black Christmas Snood from River Island. I find that River Island tends to do the best scarves, snoods etc, I just adore their designs! This again is £30 which I do believe to be over the top really in terms of price, I guess it is that price due to Christmas arriving soon as the other snoods are roughly £10 cheaper.

My fourth item is a jumper that I spotted over at Marie Loves which is a lovely blog, have a look folks! It is from the ohmylove.co.uk where it retails at £39. From what I can tell from the images this looks pretty well made and thick so I can justify the price for this little number. Again, the studs make an appearance...want, want, want!

Lastly is a really cute bag that I spotted in New Look on Monday, it is only £12.99!

Anything take your fancy? 

13 November 2012

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream

I'm sharing with you all today my new moisturiser that I picked up about three weeks ago whilst The Body Shop had yet another one of their fantastic promotions on the go. The Vitamin E Moisture Cream was 50% off at the time...bargain! I had heard so many good things about this product, so, aware that my No7 moisturiser was nearly gone (in fact it is now sitting in my empties pile) I decided to take up the offer and grab myself a little tub.

I had noticed over the last few weeks that my skin had become quite dry so I started using this and I can honestly say I have already seen a difference, the dry patches have vanished around my nose. It even helped to soften up the skin around my nose where having a cold and constantly using tissues had left my nose extremely sore and red...you got it; Rudolph had made an appearance a whole month early!

I picked up the 50ml due to the 50% off promotion at just £5, I think had it had not been on offer I would have picked up the smaller version to give it a try before committing a whole £10 to the full size version. I quite like the packaging, the pink against the black; it looks nice on the bedside table in my opinion.

I wanted to include a little feature that I found within the packaging which I really like. I had to hold it in my hands to get a good angle so you could see the plastic cover protecting the product. I think this addition to the packaging is fantastic as it saves the product going in the lid for example, plus I think it is a bit more hygienic this way.

The actual product itself is a nice light pink colour, which I really like as all of my other moisturisers have been white in the past, little subtle differences are nice in my opinion. I’m a huge fan of the smell, to me it is really light and fresh, that is the best I can do at describing it I'm afraid. I personally think you should all check it out at your local Body Shop as it is lovely.

I use this in the morning after cleansing my face, it leaves my face lovely and soft and smelling so nice. Generally my skin is combination to oily so I was unsure whether this would make my skin worse but I think the cold weather has left my skin feeling quite dehydrated with this product causing no problems at all for me. After all, the main reason I got it was to try and get rid of the dry patches which it has done 100%, thumbs up to Vitamin E!

Has anybody else tried this?


11 November 2012

Artist No.1 ~ Jasmine Becket-Griffith

Ever since I started my blog I have being meaning to post about some of my favourite artists that I have come across over the years. Well, today is that day when I finally make that addition to my blog by introducing you to one of my all time favourite artists, Jasmine Becket-Griffith.

Jasmine is an self employed artist from Florida, whereby in my opinion she paints the most amazing, and captivating pictures. I first discovered her work when I was roughly around 17, so, I'm going back a few years. Ever since then I have admired her paintings which have just got better and better! Sometimes I think she will never top 'that' particular painting, then all of a sudden a few weeks later out pops another and I'm completely blown away by her next piece.

I wanted to check with Jasmine that she didn't mind me posting this; luckily she didn't as I really wanted to share with you such a unique and wonderful talent.

Here are some of my favourite pieces by her, starting with my favourite.

'Angel of Starlight'                                                   'Marie Masquerade'

'Angel of Starlight' has to be my all time favourite by her, I find it simply stunning. There are no other words for it. 'Marie Masquerade' I see as quite haunting, as if she has some secret to tell.

'Zodiac: Cancer'                                                                            'Skeleton Magic'

I've added the 'Zodiac Cancer' picture as this is my star sign; I quite like quirky things like that. You should have a look at your star sign picture.

Lastly, 'Skeleton Magic' is just one of a few of Jasmine's 'Halloween' themed pictures; this is my favourite from those. I like how she is sitting there with her black cat practicing magic; I would like to think it is good magic! :)

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I can definitely say that I have. I'm quite excited to share this with you, although I'm sure some of you will have come cross Jasmine's work before.


6 November 2012

'Lest We Forget' ~ Remembrance Nails

Every year in November on the build up to Remembrance Sunday I make sure I buy a poppy to raise money for The Royal British Legion. The money raised nationwide helps to raise awareness of those who have bravely fought for their country in the past as well as those who still do today.

I took this little piece of information off The Royal British Legion website:

"The poppy is an instantly recognisable symbol of respect for those who've made the ultimate sacrifice in conflicts past and present. As the nation's custodian of Remembrance, the Legion is committed to helping everyone understand the importance of Remembrance, so those sacrifices are never forgotten."

I have my poppy already, but I wanted to do a little something different this year which is why I came up with my poppy nail design.

I found them really easy to do folks so I urge you all to have a go and show your support this weekend . I took four colours from my mountain of Barry M nail polishes.

To create this look I used Barry M 'Bright Red, Black, Matt White and Spring Green'.

I painted all of my nails white for my base colour; I reckon however that this look would look quite good with a black base coat. Once your base colour is dry you can then roughly paint on a poppy shape. Don't worry about being neat, I find that with these types of nail designs the unorganised look of the design is a nice touch.

Once the flower is dry add a black dot into the middle and then a few green leaves. That is all there is to it, you now have poppy nails! Of course, remember to put a nice clear top coat on top so that your nail design is more protected.

What do you think?

5 November 2012

Things I wish I hadn't purchased #1

As a beauty fanatic I buy lots of products, more than I probably should and well, there comes to a point when you realise that actually, I didn't need this, do I even really like it?

Well, that is where the thought behind this post comes from. I have a few things lying around in my make-up box/ nail varnish bag/ bathroom that to be honest do not float my boat. 

Today I'm showing you two nail varnishes which I never use, and when I look back I wonder why I even got them in the first place. I'd like to state that the products I feature in posts like this and future ones are products that I do not personally like, some of you out there will indeed like these so I hope I don't offend anybody; we're all different after all.

Firstly here you can see one of the Hot Looks nail polishes from Collection 2000, now just Collection. The shade is 'Look At Me' and I these cost £1.99. I generally do like these polishes; they're cheap and cheerful and do the job. They don't last very long but they're great if you change your polish quite frequently. This shade however in my opinion is just wrong, it does nothing for me at all, I still to this day do not know why I got it...I've never worn it until today when I put it on to show you in a picture.

The second polish is by Barry M who once again I really like. These polishes cost £2.99, with their being a huge variety of colours to choose from. Once again, they do not have the best staying power in my opinion but they do the job relatively well all the same. This is the shade 'Spring Green' which isn't as bad as the Collection 2000 polish, nowhere near as bad but it is still a colour that I just cannot pull off for some reason. It is however a good 'leaf' colour for my nail art attempts!

Here are the polishes on my nails, apologies for how scruffy these look!

Here I have two layers of each polish on my nails. The Collection polish I think comes out a bit more yellow than how it appears in the bottle but for me it still does nothing, it is quite an 'ill' colour on my nails. As for the Barry M polish, I really cannot decide, I don't love it but I can't say I hate it either.

What do you think?

3 November 2012

Topshop Haul

On Monday I popped into town to hunt for a pair of blue jeans, I found some finally in Marks and Spencer of all places however whilst in town I did go into Topshop.

I had a look at their vast collection of nail polishes which I have to say I've pretty much fell in love with! I already have two from the range with those being two glitter ones which are probably my favourite glitter polishes to date. I had however not tried their normal colour polishes so I went ahead and picked up two colours with these being 'Crystal Clouds' and 'Rainy Day'.

Crystal Clouds is from the metallic polish range therefore it cost a little more at £6 compared to Rainy Day at £5.

I can honestly say that having used 'Crystal Clouds' already that the colour is beyond beautiful once applied, I love it so much! It is a gorgeous champagne colour for Christmas,  I urge you all to get a little bottle as a treat for yourselves. I used two coats but I reckon you could easily get away with just one with this polish.

The opposite however can be said for 'Rainy Day' which is a nice shade of grey/purple once on but I think you need at least 2/3 coats before this looks opaque which is slightly annoying. It is however a nice polish and I'm glad I have it, I just find it so strange how big a difference there is between the two; this isn't putting me off choosing my next shade to buy though.Both polishes however have lasted well so far without chipping and that was without a topcoat.

I'm sure you can all see my monkey necklace making a cheeky appearance! I'm in love with this at the moment; I haven't taken it off apart from when I'm in bed and in the shower. This was in the sale for £2.50, with the original price being £8.50 I think.

Has anybody else had bad/good experiences with Topshop nail polishes? I want to buy more! Any recommendations folks?

2 November 2012

Instagram #1

So I'm pretty darn late to the Instagram party folks, I've very recently upgraded my phone which has allowed me to finally get the Instagram app. I know these posts are not everybody's cup of tea but I personally really enjoy reading and looking at them so I have decided to do my own. 

My new necklace from in the Topshop sale, it has gold and silver monkeys on it which at first I thought was hideous, however I found myself looking at it more and more so I snapped it up for £2.50, bargain!

My Rudolph socks from Primark!

Again, another Topshop find with this polish 'Crystal Clouds' becoming my favourite for Christmas.

Vapour Rub, Inhaler and Blistex...just what a girl wants to go to bed with at night! I'm full of a cold at the moment so these are much in need.

My poppy for Remembrance, have you got yours yet? This is actually last year’s poppy which I still have, so I need to pop some money in the collection box tomorrow whilst out at work for this year.

Dairy Milk Oreo....divine!

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