30 December 2012

December Empties!

The end of the year is here, I can't believe 2012 is almost over!Even though it is the end of the year it is also the end of December, so here are my empty products that I finished this month.

The quality of this picture is so poor, I really didn't like it but my room is just awful for taking pictures, especially now it is so dark so early and I'm working during the day; sorry!

I finally finished my No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser, read my review on this here. I was rather happy to see the end of this as it meant I could open the much raved about Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. This cost £10 at the time, of which with the vouchers it cost me just £5, a wonderful price to get me started in these types of cleansers.

The Soap and Glory Greatest Scrub Of All...sorry I don't agree, it didn't do anything spectacular for me at all so I won't be re-buying this, at £9 I expected something much better. I definitely prefer the other Soap and Glory scrub which is Scrub Your Nose In It, plus it is cheaper at £7.50. I have a tube of this at home so I'll bring it back with me to university to finish off.

I was gutted to run out of the Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub; it has to be my all time favourite product by Soap and Glory. I will be re-buying this as soon as Christmas is over, I simply adore it. The smell is truly incredible, as well as it being a pretty great scrub to boot! At £9.50 it really isn't that cheap but my oh my in my opinion it is worth it!

The Simple Soothing Eye Balm finally made it to my empties post. This product did its job for me; it was soothing at night and lovely for waking up tired eyes in the morning. I probably will buy this again as it only costs £3.99, especially if I need something cheap and cheerful, however I do have quite a few eye products to use up first.

The John Frieda Sheer Blonde leave in nourishing spray was again something I was happy to be finishing as I found it didn't do that much for my hair, other than to make it more easy to brush after having washed it. I have tried previously the Aussie leave in conditioner which I think does a much better job however, I'm pretty sure Aussie is not cruelty free so I try to not buy their products anymore. This product costs £5.89 which is pretty good as the bottle lasted me a long time.

Lastly I have finally finished the Soap and Glory Girligo Body Moisturising Mist. I seem to have got through quite a bit of Soap and Glory this month! This product was ok; I'm not a huge fan of anything in spray bottles I've decided, not moisturisers anyway. I wouldn't re-buy this in the future I'm afraid as this type of moisturiser is just not my cup of tea, it smelt nice and worked to an extent but it was nothing fantastic for me. This costs £6.50 which is rather reasonable as it lasts quite a long while from my experience.

21 December 2012

Home for Christmas.

So tonight is my last night at university until after Christmas, I'm finally going home after spending over three months here. In my last two years at university I have always popped back at least once, however this year I found myself getting caught up working so much I just never had time to go home.

Having not been back for this amount of time has been quite hard for me, especially this year due to a few family issues that I've not really spoken to anybody about. Needless to say, I cannot wait to be going back home tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to seeing my family so much, along with Oliver my beautiful cat along with my boyfriend who will be back home from Edinburgh.

Whilst being a beauty blogger I do find it can be rather materialistic, I was thinking about this the other day and I thought there is much more to people and indeed myself than what frequently appears on this blog. Being away from home for this amount of time has really highlighted to me the importance of family, love and laughter all of which I have missed over the last three months. I can't wait to give all the important people in my life a huge hug tomorrow.

Where ever you are this Christmas have fun, be merry and remember how important everybody is to you. 

“Christmas doesn't come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps means a little bit more....”
Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas


19 December 2012

Craft Project #1

I love the idea of making your own things, whether these are clothes, cushions, phone cases, homemade beauty products you name it; therefore I decided to have a go myself. I decided to start off with something simple to get me going, which was to make own makeup brush holder.

My brushes were previously just sitting in a box rather miserably, each day I would delve into it to reach for the brushes I wanted. Surely it is much easier to have them at hand on my desk....it is now! 

What I used to create my makeup brush holder.

I used Dazzle Tac which is jewellery glue as I wanted it to work on glass. This roughly cost me £5, I'm no expert in craft at all so there may have been an alternative to use however this is just what the sales assistant advised me to go with. 

Tubes of glitter! I'm not joking I purchased these glitter tubes from Woolworths a long time ago, they've been shut down like how many years now?! I knew they would come in handy someday, I just knew it. I used just the plain silver glitter for my project but you could use any you like if you fancy having a go yourself.

Lastly I purchased three different shapes and colours of little rhinestones, here I have silver and lilac circles and light blue tear drop shapes; these cost 99p each. The shop I purchased these from is called Abarkhan but I'm sure other places such as Hobbycraft would have them too.

For the makeup brush holder I used an empty and cleaned Nutella jar. To get the sticker off I put it in very hot water for ten minutes, of which after this time it peeled off easily; it was rather satisfying I have to say.
On my clean jar I placed some sellotape along the top of the glass about 1cm down as I wanted to try and create a neat edge with the glitter. I then using an old paint brush painted the glue along the area that I wanted to cover with glitter.  Having to act quite fast as the glue dries rather quickly I poured some glitter onto a flat surface which then allowed me to roll my glass jar in the glitter; hey presto the glitter stuck to the glue! Once it had dried which took a matter of seconds I then was able to peel off the sellotape which left a rather impressively neat edge considering it was my first attempt.

Using a cuticle pusher (naughty) I placed the rhinestones in the order that I wanted along my jar, just a small amount of glue set them in place. I put tiny silver ones all along the bottom edge of the glitter band, with the lilac and light blue stones set in intervals on top of the glitter band.

Ta daaaaaaar! 

My finished makeup brush holder which I'm so incredibly pleased with! I really want to make more even though I have no more make up brushes, or Nutella jars....

What do you all think of my first attempt?
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