8 February 2013

John Greed Valentines Blogger Challenge

So I had a lovely e-mail from the gang at John Greed Jewellery inviting me to take part in the blogger challenge, as you all know me, I love any form of jewellery so there was no hesitation on my side in taking part. I took part in the challenge at Christmas time and I thoroughly enjoyed myself so here we are, I'm having a go again!

Pandora Silver House Charm £20.00 | Pandora Silver Open Heart Charm £20.00 | Pandora Starter Bracelet £55.00 | Swarovski Simplicity Clear Pendant £69.00 | Alchemy Pewter Elizabethan Bracelet £32.99 | Pandora Dainty Silver and Zirconia Flower Stud Earrings £30.00 | Virtue London Silver and Zirconia Sparkle Stacking Ring £20.00| 

     The total of a whopping seven items reached £246.99 just under the budget of £250 

Pandora Starter Bracelet 
I've chosen a Pandora Bracelet not for myself but for my mother. She has nothing like this at all, in fact she has never really treated herself to anything nice so if I was to win this competition then this bracelet would go to her. Valentines is about showing someone you love them and well, I love my mom very very much. If I had loads of money I would buy her so many things and treat her, just like she always has done for me, my brother and my sister; we always came first as kiddies and we still do now when we're adults. I guess that is just what it means to be a parent; all I know is that this would make a perfect gift along with the two charms I have chosen to go onto it.

Pandora Silver House Charm 
I chose the house charm because for me your home can sometimes be taken for granted. I've found that moving away from home to come to university has made me realise just how much I miss it. Of course it is only bricks and mortar; it is what's inside that home that makes me miss it, my family and my naughty cat. Home is where my mom is, where my brother and my sister are and well, I'm really looking forward to going back soon to visit. My mom has built our home and made our family what it is today so this is why I chose the house charm.

 Pandora Silver Open Heart Charm
Again I have chosen another charm for my mom's bracelet, of which I felt that a bunch of hearts seemed very appropriate. I love my mom more than she will ever know, she has been the most wonderful mother as I have grown up and she still amazes me how great she can be even through the tough times. We can have a laugh together, we cry together and we sometimes argue....we're not perfect, but I guess who is? The heart charm was chosen because she means the world to me, my brother and my sister as well as the rest of my family; she's an absolute star in my eyes.

Swarovski Simplicity Clear Pendant
I chose this one for myself as I'm a huge fan of shiny things, I could easily have been a magpie in another life as they like to pinch shiny things and pop them in their nests! I really would like a necklace with a little 'wow' factor which for me this necklace has, I have a lot of love for this. Aside from bracelets necklaces are my favourite item of jewellery to wear so owning this would make me rather happy and maybe put my dissertation woes to one side for a bit!

Alchemy Pewter Elizabethan Bracelet 
I've chosen this because as soon as I saw it I was instantly transported back into my high school days where I had a little phase of being into Gothic themed clothing and jewellery. Me and my best friend loved things like this and would often spend hours on end in quirky little shops in Birmingham looking for weird and wonderful pieces to buy. Sadly we're no longer the friends that we used to be, I guess we all grow apart at some point but seeing this really made me think of that time and it made me smile inside, those were pretty good days. Aside from that it is a gorgeous piece of jewellery and reading about it on the website it is a replica of Lord Dudley's lost sign of devotion to Elizabeth I. I'm really very interested in Elizabeth I so that was an added bonus!

Pandora Dainty Silver and Zirconia Flower Stud Earrings 
Considering I passed out having my ears pierced (long story, but it does involve the gun becoming jammed as my ear was pierced causing the lady to freak out, resulting in me having some odd sensation that I was bleeding. I wasn't but you tell my brain that at the time, next minute I know everyone is around me asking if I'm ok; how embarrassing). Anyway, after that slight detour I think it is about high time I actually starting wearing some earrings. I do have trouble wearing just anything though as my ears tend to get very sore if I wear something that is not real silver or gold so I never buy that many really. I think these are really cute to be honest and I prefer studs over hoops as they're more practical. 

 Virtue London Silver and Zirconia Sparkle Stacking Ring 
I've also chosen a ring because I do not own any rings that fit me, no real ones anyway. I have a teeny tiny christening ring which barely fits over the top of my little finger, it is amazingly cute and a ring which I had off my dad but it wore away at the back, womp womp (that reminds me I need to get it fixed). Also considering the fact that I doubt my boyfriend will ever marry me (he insists he does not want to get married ever) I have came to the conclusion that I will have to buy my own finger jewellery in the future, however I know deep down that I'd rather not get married than not be with him, as much as I would love to be a bride one day.  This ring would be a nice start as my hands are looking rather bare at the moment.

I hope you all like my choices, I wrote more than I intended to actually. Maybe this is what happens at 1am in the morning, all your thoughts and feelings just pop out one after the other. Anyway, I had best get ready for bed now seeing as I have a lecture in the morning...uh oh, I had best sit at the back!



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    1. Hey Amy, thank you for getting back to me! I haven't used Maybelline in a loooooooooong time, I'll check it out. Thank you very much :) xx

  3. in love with that bracelet!!!
    thank you ever so much for following my blog xxx

    1. Thank you! You're welcome, I need to pop over soon and have another look :) xx


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