4 February 2013

My Music Monday #1

I've thought about doing a post on Monday’s about songs I’m currently playing before, yet somehow I've been under the impression it might not go down too well, therefore until now I have put it off. However, I’ve being wanting to stretch my boundaries in terms of blog posts to include more lifestyle posts as well as beauty and fashion so, what better way to get to know me a little bit more than to see what music I’m into...right?! Let me know if you think it is a good idea or if it is just pants, I can take it; honest!

I can say hand on heart that I have no particular genre of music that is my favourite; I enjoy listening to such a wide variety of bands and solo artists that are from such a diverse range of genres that I simply cannot put a focus on one. Therefore, be prepared for quite a variety of music that could appear within this series.

The first song to grace this 'hopeful series' of mine will be a song by Ladyhawke. This New Zealand artist is very new to me but ever since my boyfriend sent me her album I've had it on none stop; the song I have chosen is from the album 'Ladyhawke' and it is called 'My Delirium'.



  1. Great idea! I love finding out what people listen to and discovering new bands, so I'm excited for these posts!Music is always a good way to start a monday morning (and coffee too!)

    Great choice - I love that song!



    1. Yay thank you Shelley! Tea here but I agree, you need a good drink and a song to wake you up! :)

      I'm glad you liked my first choice! xx


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