30 March 2013

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick

Revlon have always been one of my favourite drugstore brands, despite the brand no longer being cruelty free I find it the hardest one not to buy from as I just love their products. After spotting some new lipsticks the other week whilst Revlon was on 3 for 2 at Superdrug it was almost a give fact I was going to cave.

I picked up two shades along with another lip butter which I will blog about separately. The two shades I chose were 'Womenswear' and 'It Girl', numbers 10 and 60 respectively. I think what initially drew me to these at the stand was the packaging, I mean, just look at it! I love the clear plastic which is pretty thick and sturdy; your lipstick will be well protected in your bag with this style of packaging I feel. The lipstick winds up as any normal lipstick with three clicks before winding up fully, I like the click...simple things eh.

Swatches are the bane of my life! I need a much better lens for this kind of thing but whilst I wait until that rather fantastic day these will have to do. As you can see 'Womenswear' is a nice pink shade whereas 'It Girl' is much more of a coral tone. I find that with these I do have to use a lip balm beforehand which for me is second nature considering I have so many to use up. I have read a number of reviews on these where people have stated that they are sticky, however I have to say I haven't found them to be too bad at all. I find 'It Girl' to be more sticky than 'Womenswear', but the stickiness soon wears off pretty quickly, therefore, for me I have no problem with this issue that others have reported to have.

In terms of longevity these do last pretty well for me, throughout eating and drinking I have found them still to be in place therefore good thumbs up from me to be honest. At £8.99 they're certainly not the cheapest lip products out there. These lipsticks are just slightly more than the Toyshop ones which I still have yet to try and I've read such good things about those; I must pick a shade at some point.

I cannot yet decide if these do dry my lips out as currently my lips are always dry so it would be unfair to say that these lipsticks are having an influence on this.

I'm wearing Womenswear in this picture. Please excuse the dark circles, I cannot get rid of them no matter what I try. It will also be nice to not have to take pictures in my rather small university room soon, roll on the end of third year!

I do recommend giving these ago but for £8.99 I wouldn't rush out to buy them, maybe see if you can pick them up on offer. There are apparently twenty shades out there to choose from so that's quite a variety.

29 March 2013

Easter Nails!

Happy Easter everyone!

This is a rather quick post as I’m off to work in ten minutes, work on Good Friday...it just is not right is it folks?! Anyway, I did these last night and amazingly they lasted until this morning chip free so I was able to take a picture to show you today.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, don’t eat too much chocolate,who am I kidding...get it down you!

27 March 2013

Instagram #6

This was long overdue, some of these pictures are from a few weeks back but heck, let's have a catch up!

Essie polishes at just £1.99 from Fragrance Direct | My Beatrix Potter Mug from TKMaxx | My valentines nails that I did, see them here | My Swatch Watch, cute package; I did a post on this here | Effaclar Duo Purchase | My bracelet | Peacock Nails | My cat Oliver | Selfie | No7 Cleansing Brush and a Dr Jart Primer haul | My eye, my lashes look huge | My MUA post was featured on their facebook page |

23 March 2013

Sleek || Mirrored Pink Blush

I have a little love affair with the blushers from Sleek, they are such good quality for less than £5. Sleek has recently launched a new collection with this being the 'Aqua Collection’; I must say that as soon as I knew there was going to be a blusher within the collection I was already committed. I'm aware that there is also an eye shadow palette within the collection which looks gorgeous however, I do know deep down that I wouldn't really wear the shadows on offer in that palette. The blusher however is a whole different ball game....introducing, Mirrored Pink!

Now after falling in love with Rose Gold also by Sleek (see my review here) I was pretty sure I wouldn't find anything else to rival it, until now. I think Mirrored Pink looks the same in terms of the shimmer that Rose Gold gives but obviously the colour is different, for me it is simply perfect for spring and summer.

As you can see the packaging is the same as all the other blushers offered by Sleek, it is nice and compact. There is a nice handy mirror too which is great if you're taking it with you on your travels.

This blusher is extremely pigmented therefore you don't need to apply much to get a nice pop of colour on your cheeks. Vibrant or soft you can achieve which ever look you want with this blusher, so be daring! It is one of my favourite things I've picked up this month therefore I'm really pleased I picked up the last one off the shelf at my local Superdrug. At just £4.49 I think the blushers by sleek are fantastic, I'm surprised I only own two to be honest.

20 March 2013

Travel Make Up Bag!

Now, as some of you may know I frequently up sticks and head off to Edinburgh for a week every now and then. Tomorrow just happens to be one of those occasions, therefore I’ll be heading up north after my morning lecture in order to see my boyfriend, I cannot wait! It has been two whole months and one week since I last saw him, it is looooooong overdue.

Anyway, I have wanted to do a post like this for a while however I just have never ended up getting around to it but today I was prepared! I took some photos of my make up that I plan to take away with on my Edinburgh trip whilst on my two hour break from my dissertation, it was nice to do something else let me assure you! It has felt like ages since I sat down and took some pictures for my blog. After banging out just short of 2,000 words in one day yesterday I was feeling pretty positive today.

So, here is the make up that will be accompanying me to snowy Edinburgh tomorrow. 


19 March 2013

It was all getting a bit too much.

It's been a four days since my last post which is rather unlike me as I do try to keep my blog updated with frequent content but alas, sometimes more important things do prevent blogging; after all it is not as important as my dissertation.

After having all my research done last summer I was in a really good position starting the beginning of third year, however, it all went downhill after that. I had two modules last semester which were very important towards the final year grade as you can imagine, as well as this I took on way too many hours at my work place; for some reason I can never really say no to people. Therefore right up until Christmas I was working like mad on everything but my dissertation.

Alas, January arrived, I was back at university, away from home and my boyfriend and I felt rather miserable to say the least. I wasn't at home for very long, after working like mad and being so stressed all I wanted to do was be at home and have someone to look out for me. I didn't want to be back at university and I just could not cheer myself up; therefore not much progress was made. I also felt as if blogging got in the way too, I've found myself enjoying it so much that I cared more about it than university; I had my priorities very wrong for a few months. 

I've realised the error of my ways, just in time I think...better late than never! So you may have noticed not as many posts coming up recently, I do apologise but I'm afraid it has to be this way whilst I get myself sorted. This is my last year or university, my last shot at a good grade of which I don't want to mess up. I feel as if I done pretty well up until now so I don't want to fail at the last hurdle. 

So, here we are today, literally one month until hand in date and I'm now at 5,000 words...just 5,000 more to go folks. It is slowly coming together now, bit by bit but my word has it taken some time to get to where I am now, if only I had stuck to my original plan eh....but then I guess we can't always stick to a plan, nobody is perfect and things do and have got in the way at times.

I now feel pretty motivated to just crack on with things, therefore after putting 1,000 words together today I felt I needed an hour’s break to relax. I grabbed myself a cup of tea, a couple of Oreo biscuits and sat down to write this post, thank you for reading.

15 March 2013

Mass move to Bloglovin!

Well, by now I'm sure most people have read about the end of Google Reader considering it went on for the whole evening last night on Twitter. It was really quite nice actually how the majority of people helped each other get sorted over on Bloglovin which appears to be the next best thing. Anyway, the reason for this big move is that Google reader is being closed down with this coming into force on the 1st of July this year, leaving numerous questions in regards to GFC. Will it remain present? Is it going to go the same way as Google Reader? Are they linked?

Well, I have no answers for any of these questions, all I know is most people are now moving to other platforms in order to follow their favourite blogs, myself being no exception. So, a little self plug here but I guess we all should be doing it one way or another, in order to let our readers know. After all, if you're like me, you've worked pretty hard at your blog so why not let everybody know other methods of how they can follow you so that you don't lose valuable and loyal readers, I for a fact have some lovely folks following me who I do not wish to lose.

So, what way can you follow A Little Boat Sailing I hear you cry? Never fear, I've listed below a number of ways to follow my blog, therefore it would be great to see you there!

***Please note as of April 1st 2013 Hellocotton is going so I wouldn't recommend following me through that platform.

Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

I made this pretty collage however no idea how to have separate links so you have them below, sheesh, I try to be all unique with this post as lots of people have done it and it backfires on me!

You get my drift anyhow!

I've followed blogs mainly through Bloglovin as I prefer it over the other options, with Hellocotton being my next favourite method.

Thanks all! 


13 March 2013

One Year Giveaway!

 **This is now closed, thanks to all those that entered**

So, time has really flown since I started this little blog, I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has grown steadily ever since I started back in March last year, growing at a nice pace to fit in with my busy schedule of university and my part time job. I feel incredibly proud of it I must admit, there isn't incredibly expensive stuff featured on here, just the standard bits and bobs you can pick up pretty much anywhere yet I find people do like coming back which always makes me smile.

I would like to say a huge thank you to every single person who has ever commented on my blog, hearing what readers think of my posts is really very important to me. Along with this I would like to thank everybody who has ever sent a kind tweet message to me about various things, the blogging community has been ever so nice to me, I've never experienced any negativity or had any bad experiences so thank you everyone, you're a nice bunch!

Lastly, I would like to thank my followers, whether you're on hellocotton, facebook, twitter, bloglovin or the old thing GFC thank you for sticking by me for one whole year! It means more than you could ever really know guys, thank you.

So, in order to say a thank you I would like to offer a little giveaway. Now, my intention was to do this internationally however, Royal Mail changed their rules and now no longer accept nail polish being sent internationally, boooooo! I'm sure there is some other way but I have no idea where to begin with that so for now this will be UK based only. Next time I do a giveaway I either won't include nail polish or I will have found an alternative method of delivery; apologies to anybody abroad as I really did want to include everyone. I had already purchased these items before I was aware of the changes.

I'll be running this via Rafflecopter as it is the easiest way for me to keep track of the entries. Please do follow the rules so everyone has a fair shot, I'll check anyway just in case. A quick request is that if you do follow me via bloglovin as of today please let me know your follower number, as I do know what number I'm at as of publishing this post; thanks guys!

The giveaway will end on the Sunday 14th April and I will announce the winner that evening once I'm home from work. Work on a Sunday, it's just not right is it folks!

Good luck and once again, thank you all so much.

11 March 2013

11/03/2013 EU Animal Testing Ban on Cosmetics

Today marks a huge day in history, as today the European Union has enforced the ban on the importation of animal tested cosmetics whereby new products and ingredients are no longer allowed to be sold in the EU. Hurrah!!

The implementation of the EU ban means that any company wishing to sell new products and ingredients within the EU must ensure that they have not been tested on animals anywhere in the world. From lipstick right across to toothpaste, all cosmetics and toiletries are covered.

The British Union for theAbolition of Vivisection (BUAV) are perhaps the most renowned body who have brought this day upon us, it was founded in 1898 whereby ever since it has campaigned to bring a stop to animal testing on cosmetics. Over the years improvements have been made with the UK banning animal testing for cosmetics in 1998, just one year after the implementation of my favourite logo in 1997; the leaping bunny!

It wasn't until 2004 when efforts started to pay off in the EU when a ban was put into place on finished cosmetic products; a small step I would say, but a step forward nether the less. The year of 2009 was much more successful with the EU banning animal testing on cosmetics; however the importation and sale of products which had been tested on animals were still allowed at this time.

2012 saw the BUAV start  Cruelty Free International which is a campaign to stop and ban animal testing for cosmetics globally, currently this is now the next step in preventing animal testing on cosmetics.

So here we are, 11/03/2013 whereby the EU has now banned new products and ingredients which had been tested on animals outside of the EU, it has been a long time coming but I'm welcoming it! As estimated by the EU Commission, predictions put forward estimate that up to 27,000 animals per year could be saved now that the ban is in place.

The fight against animal testing is still not over though, as 80% of countries still allow animal testing for the purpose of cosmetics. This is really quite sad as 80% is a huge percentage, however the ban today really does show how serious people are now taking this and hopefully it will be a sign to other countries that animal testing for cosmetics is no longer warranted.

What are your opinions on animal testing?

8 March 2013

Simply Red

Simply Red

Black Skirt: New Look, Black T-Shirt: Primark, Patent Shoe Boots: Primark, Red Coat: Red Herring

Don't worry guys; I haven't taken a step back into the late 80's! Today I'm posting my first ever outfit post, I must admit I'm rather scared and apprehensive about posting this as it is rather new to me but it is something I would like to start doing every now and then. I guess, if you don't try something you will never know...so the saying goes.

Excuse my awkward face, very new to this folks and I had my mother trying her best to pull off a David Bailey. It was a rather bizarre afternoon to say the least, very funny though!

The main focus of this outfit is of course the coat; I picked this up a few years ago in the sale for about £20! I adore it so much but I rarely wear it much now as I seem to have slipped into a bit of a rut with my clothing; I think it is high time I fetched this baby out more! I also love the Primark Shoe Boots of which are pretty old now I have to say, at least five years. They are so comfortable though, I've let my sister use these quite often as we both equally love them.

As you may have noticed, I like black.

5 March 2013

Barratts Hi Top Trainers!

When it comes to shoe shopping I'm the first one to admit that I find it a miserable experience, nothing ever seems to really fit me that well, I'm scared of heels even though I love them and don't get me started on dolly shoes!

So when I saw that Barratts were kindly offering people the opportunity to review some of their Hi Top Trainers I admit I hesitated for a few minutes, that was until I clicked on the link and saw what was on offer...I didn't look back after that!

I chose the Odeon Stud Trim Lace Up Hi Top Trainers in tan as firstly, I do not own any brown/tan footwear so I thought they would be different and secondly, I'm a bit of a sucker for the studded detail on things at the moment.

These arrived extremely fast after I had ordered them which was fantastic as I got to wear them a lot sooner! As you can see below they are a nice tan colour which incidentally matches a nice tan bag I picked up in the sale last month. As well as this they have brass coloured square studs along the back of the heel which I think is a nice added touch.

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