11 March 2013

11/03/2013 EU Animal Testing Ban on Cosmetics

Today marks a huge day in history, as today the European Union has enforced the ban on the importation of animal tested cosmetics whereby new products and ingredients are no longer allowed to be sold in the EU. Hurrah!!

The implementation of the EU ban means that any company wishing to sell new products and ingredients within the EU must ensure that they have not been tested on animals anywhere in the world. From lipstick right across to toothpaste, all cosmetics and toiletries are covered.

The British Union for theAbolition of Vivisection (BUAV) are perhaps the most renowned body who have brought this day upon us, it was founded in 1898 whereby ever since it has campaigned to bring a stop to animal testing on cosmetics. Over the years improvements have been made with the UK banning animal testing for cosmetics in 1998, just one year after the implementation of my favourite logo in 1997; the leaping bunny!

It wasn't until 2004 when efforts started to pay off in the EU when a ban was put into place on finished cosmetic products; a small step I would say, but a step forward nether the less. The year of 2009 was much more successful with the EU banning animal testing on cosmetics; however the importation and sale of products which had been tested on animals were still allowed at this time.

2012 saw the BUAV start  Cruelty Free International which is a campaign to stop and ban animal testing for cosmetics globally, currently this is now the next step in preventing animal testing on cosmetics.

So here we are, 11/03/2013 whereby the EU has now banned new products and ingredients which had been tested on animals outside of the EU, it has been a long time coming but I'm welcoming it! As estimated by the EU Commission, predictions put forward estimate that up to 27,000 animals per year could be saved now that the ban is in place.

The fight against animal testing is still not over though, as 80% of countries still allow animal testing for the purpose of cosmetics. This is really quite sad as 80% is a huge percentage, however the ban today really does show how serious people are now taking this and hopefully it will be a sign to other countries that animal testing for cosmetics is no longer warranted.

What are your opinions on animal testing?


  1. I'm so glad! Yesterday I was freaking out because I wasn't sure what cosmetics used animal testing :( xx

    1. It can be really hard as some companies seem to be cruelty free and then you find out they're not, it is rather disheartening xx

  2. Great to see another post on this ban too. I'm glad they banned selling animal tested goods.
    I say hooray for non animal testing : )

    1. I agree Jenni, I'm not perfect and buy stuff now and then that isn't cruelty free but I do try so it is nice to know things like this are making people more aware :) xx

  3. This is great news! It can get so confusing when some brands don't test but particular ingredients have been tested etc. Loopholes eh

    1. I know, it is really quite difficult at times! I agree, it is fantastic news! :) xx


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