31 July 2013

Elle Magazine Freebie!

Just a quick one for today folks as I'm sure some of you will be interested in what is on offer on our newsstands this month. I spotted today in Elle Magazine that they currently have the Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray free with this month's issue. At just £4 I thought I would pick it up as I know I've seen so many reviews on this brand in general but have always put off buying anything as I think it's quite expensive. Therefore here's a cheap way to try out something from the brand! 

Last month was brilliant for magazine freebies as I like to call them, hopefully this month carries on.


30 July 2013

Henryka Amber & Silver Jewellery

As a huge lover of silver jewellery I couldn't help myself but enter the Henryka Amber and Silver Jewellery blogger competition.

Henryka specialise in Baltic amber and silver jewellery and after browsing their site I found some of my favourite pieces, I could however have made a huge list as there really are some lovely things on there. What I really do like about all the items on the website is that they are all hand made therefore no two pieces are the same.

I knew amber was formed from trees after watching Jurassic Park all those years ago but here is a bit more detail about it from the Henryka website. Amber is formed from fossilised tree resin that dates back 40-60 million years ago. It has in the past held significant worship from the Greeks whereby they believed it to hold magical properties that could ward off asthma and other diseases. It is known as the 'Gold of the North' due to the abundance of amber in the Baltic region, it is said that 80% of the worlds amber deposits are found there.
My favourite things off the Henryka website was this gorgeous Amber and Silver Butterfly Bangle. I used to have a silver bangle a long time ago, I loved it! However I was rather stupid and wore it to school...needless to say I lost it. I've always looked out for something special as I tend not to just buy any old thing when it comes to real jewellery; this ticks all of the boxes.

I also picked out the Silver and Amber Five Petal Flower ring which is simply beautiful. I really do like things like this, I think it would look really pretty on.

I think that this type of jewellery could be styled with so many things as the colours are so rich and warm, they would simply go with anything. I decided to jazz it all up a bit and take an oriental twist by styling this beautiful oriental kimono from 'In Love With Fashion' with the amber jewellery.

What do you think?

This competition ends on the 31st July so you have to be quick to enter.

Haul Time!

It's been a little while since I posted a recent haul post so I thought today I would show you all the things I've picked up over the last two months. I have to say it has mainly been skincare that I've purchased as I've been on a mission to use up some of makeup and nail polishes that I already own, because let's face it, there is only so much you can use on a day to day basis.

I have picked up some things from the Good Things range which those with beady eyes will remember that I featured the cleanser in my July Favourites. I chose these because I'm aware that they're free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oil and animal ingredients which is something I'm finding myself looking for more and more often these days. I've being used these two together and whilst I really like the Creamy Cleanser I'm not completely sold on the Deep Pore Anti Blemish Lotion as of yet; further testing is required.

I was incredibly lucky to find the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel in a makeup store up town from where I live. This shop is a bit like Fragrance Direct but in shop form, it's really quite good. I picked this up for just £12.99, what a bargain! It's all sealed up so I've decided not to open it just yet until I've used up some other bits and bobs lying around.

I picked up a new clay mask from the Superfacialist Tea Flower range by Una Brennan as I found myself needing a new one after a new one I was trying by the Yes to Tomatoes range started to sting my face, yikes! So far I really like this mask as I've found it clears out my pores pretty well leaving me with a noticeable difference in my skin once I've used it.

I picked up just yesterday the Simple Eye Make Up remover as the Clarins one I was using has finally run its course, leaving me with a tiny sample of the Clinique Take The Day Off eye makeup remover which has also nearly all gone. I'm not quite sure if I've ever tried this but for £2 I'm not too fussed, I wanted something cheap and cheerful to pick up during my lunch break.

My next product also only cost me £2 as it was a freebie with Glamour magazine. I love a good freebie; let's face it, who doesn't? Balance Me are one of my favourite brands so once I saw their products free with the magazine again this year I headed straight for them. I picked up the body wash and the lip balm which I somehow missed from photographing for this post. I've yet to use the body wash but like all Balance Me products I've high hopes.

The last product I picked up was the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer. I've read that this is a dupe for the YSL Touché Eclat Radiant Touch which is lovely however quite expensive, therefore I'll be seeing how I get on with this.

Maybelline is not a cruelty free brand.

29 July 2013

July Favourites

July has been a busy month for me, I've felt rather rushed off my feet to say the least! Therefore I find myself quite surprised that I'm managing to get my July Favourites post up a few days before the end of the month, woo hoo!

I've recently picked up a few things from the Good Things skincare range as they have been on offer in Boots and Sainsbury's. The Creamy Cleanser has become a frequently used product ever since I picked it up earlier on in the month, in fact, I would say I've used it every day. I think it is really nice for the morning which is when I tend to use it as it leaves my skin feeling refreshed after waking up. I'll be doing a full review on this in a few weeks time.

As I suffer from hay fever my eyes can go a little irritated and puffy, therefore I've being reaching for the Yes to Cucumber soothing eye gel to help ease the irritation. This little product has been a little saviour I must say. The cool gel really calms down any puffy areas, leaving my eye area much more refreshed and calm. I tend to leave this in the fridge to go extra cool!

Next up is my Satsuma Body Mist from The Body Shop. I really love this stuff and I've found myself using it so much throughout this month that I'm nearly half way through it. It smells utterly divine, a perfect fresh and fruity scent to spray on after a shower or bath.

Last but not least is my new Kobo e-reader! I never ever expected myself to enjoy reading off an e-reader as I'm a book girl at heart. I love front covers of books with their beautiful images and nice fonts, along with the unique smell of books and each turn of the page I really thought I wouldn't adapt to something so different, yet I have to say after having this for just less than two weeks now I've really found myself liking it. I've only got a few books on there at the moment as I still have so many paperback books to be read, I'm currently reading 'Wool' by Hugh Howey. I really can't see this replacing me buying books from the book store completely, however I will now probably only buy books that are big series such as Game of Thrones as I think they look really nice on bookshelves...perhaps also because I'm a huge fan.

Good Things are a cruelty free brand along with this as are The Body Shop. In regards to the brand Yes To, they were originally cruelty free however I'm now not 100% sure of this.


25 July 2013

Ali Mac Camellia Cleansing Melt

Ali Mac Camellia Cleansing Melt Ali Mac Camellia Cleansing Melt

As my interest in skincare grows more and more by the day I've found myself using so many different types or products over the last six months, particularly cleansers. From gels, to creams and to balms I've tried them all with my preference changing pretty much on a day to day basis depending on how I feel.

Recently I have been trialling the Ali Mac Camellia Cleansing Melt* which is from the new natural and organic skincare brand Ali Mac. The Ali Mac skincare range has been developed in order to provide a skincare brand that is free from synthetic ingredients, whereby only natural and organic ingredients are used that are ethically sourced.

The Ali Mac Camellia Cleansing Melt* is of a balm consistency (mine melted in this heat though so I had to pop it in the fridge) of which you put a small amount onto your fingers and then work it into your face to remove your make up. I use this as a pre cleanse before I use either my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish or the Good Things Creamy Cleanser, however please note I only double cleanse if I've being wearing make up as I like to be sure I've removed everything.

I must say I think it breaks my make up down incredibly well, I even used it on my eye make up which I don't normally do as I tend to prefer using a dedicated eye make up remover for this. I do like to test these things properly however so for the purpose of my review I made sure I tried this and I can happily report it worked pretty well indeed. The product itself caused no stinging or soreness around my eyes which I was initially wary about so I will definitely be using this on my eyes in the future. 

This product is incredibly smooth on the skin, particularly if it has melted like mine did one evening! It is an oil based cleanser which I've cone to learn is nothing bad if you have oily skin, they for me have never made my skin any worse, in fact I would say that they have improved my skin in general. This cleanser leaves my skin feeling so good, it is lovely and moisturised without feeling greasy in the slightest. A little goes a long way with this therefore there is no need to use a lot of the product; I find that just two small 5pence sizes of the product is sufficient. Once I've massaged this into my face I remove it with a warm to hot flannel which removes the product leaving my face feeling so soft and hydrated...that's before I second cleanse.

In regards to the smell of this I personally love it as I'm a huge fan of anything remotely citrus, I find that the lemon peel oil within this really stands out which for some may be a little too much yet for me it makes my evening cleanse even more enjoyable.

Using this product has been lovely; I really like knowing I'm using something natural on my face that is also cruelty free. I think at £18.95 it is not a budget cleanser however if you're looking for something natural, organic and cruelty free then why not check out Ali Mac.

*PR Sample.


23 July 2013

Revlon Lip Butters

Last year was a great year for new products with my favourite from the year hands down being the Revlon Lip Butters. I can't quite believe it has taken me so long to write about them but what can I say, better late than never.

Wild Watermelon, Peach Parfait, Strawberry Shortcake, Sugar Frosting, Juicy Papaya

Wild Watermelon, Peach Parfait, Strawberry Shortcake, Sugar Frosting, Juicy Papaya
I currently own five of these lip butters and I must confess I can't see myself stopping there as I really want to buy Berry Smoothie and Pink Lemonade if I can ever get my hands on it.

Wild Watermelon is the most vibrant from my collection which is quite clear to see from above. It's quite a heavy swatch which was not intentional as I found that it had in fact melted a little when I went to use it. I haven't noticed this with any of the others so I'm rather stumped as to what had happened. I keep them all together in the same place so it's not as it had been left in a sunny spot anywhere. 

Peach Parfait is a nice peach shade as the name would suggest with a slight shimmer to it. I don't mind the shimmer in this to be fair as I find it quite subtle and after wearing it out last Sunday I can confirm I'll be reaching for it a little more as I had forgot how nice it was.

Strawberry Shortcake is definitely the most girly shade out the five with this being a light bubblegum pink. I tend not to build this up too much as it can look a little Barbie on me if I'm not careful which I must say isn't the type of look I like to go for. Having said that with just a nice light application I think it looks really pretty and feminine.

Sugar Frosting was the first shade I purchased last year and to be honest it is my most disappointing shade as I find it to be very sheer. It's still very nice but it doesn't provide me with much colour pay off therefore I only use it now if I want a nice finish on my lips without wanting a lot of colour.

Last but not least is my favourite shade which is Juicy Papaya. This is a gorgeous peachy/coral tone that I have being reaching for pretty much none stop since I purchased it earlier on this year. This has no shimmer to it unlike Peach Parfait therefore the colour is much more bold if that makes sense. On the lips I find this can look quite natural if applied lightly whereas if you want more colour this can be easily achieved.

Overall I really do rate these lip products from Revlon. They're incredibly moisturising I think which is something I find hard to say with many lip products as most tend to dry my lips out. The one thing I would say is that they don't last that long on me to be honest, as I find after a few hours they do need reapplying however for a product that I'm pretty much obsessed with I can't say that I mind this. 

These are available at Superdrug and Boots for £7.99.
What is your favourite lip butter?

*Revlon are not cruelty free.


22 July 2013


I've recently being thinking of trying to incorporate more outfit posts to my blog as those types of posts are some of my favourites to read on other blogs therefore when I was contacted by the team at Stylight I thought it must have been fate. After having a good old browse of the site I've found myself thoroughly enjoying what was on offer with it providing me lots of new and fun ideas for outfits for the future.

Stylight is a website where you can easily be inspired in your day to day outfits by creating new looks online from the vast array of clothing and accessories on the site. As well as this you can even upload up your own outfits to share with the fashion community. I've created just two looks so far and bravely uploaded one of my own...eek!

Here is an outfit I put together on my profile where I chose a pair of simple black skinny jeans as they are a key feature in my every day wardrobe, along with original black converse. I wanted to keep my look quite simple therefore to go with the jeans I included a nice grey t-shirt paired up with a smart blazer with the finishing touch being a silver bangle with three stripes in red, white and blue.

What I find really useful about concept is that if you find something that you really like such as a  nice bag or a jacket you can easily be directed to a website where you can buy that item. Don't worry if you forget where it is from as if you have 'hearted' the product online it will be saved upon your profile; how handy is that!

I was really surprised at the wide variety of fashion outfits that have been posted online; I spent a good hour or so browsing the site to see what other people had styled. If you find someone's style to your taste you can easily follow them so that you are able to keep updated on their uploads, I've already found some of my favourite fashion bloggers on there.
Overall I'm actually really impressed with Stylight as I've tried similar sites like this before all of which have never really kept be that interested, however with this I can see myself definitely adding more to my profile and even uploading more of my own personal outfits in the future.


20 July 2013

Summer Fever: My Top Five Summer Nail Polishes

I was really looking forward to doing this post however I had the misfortune of falling down my boyfriends stairs last week where, in a bid to save myself from being a crumpled heap at the bottom I ended up breaking three nails and damaging a few others. Put it this way, they're certainly not fit for any type of public display at the moment, therefore my top summer five nail polishes will be on a nail wheel today.

From left to right we have Rimmel 'Too Cool To Tango', Essie 'Lights', Essie 'Orange It's Obvious' Color Club 'Edie' and lastly, Rimmel 'Hip Hop'

Too Cool To Tango from the Rimmel 60 Seconds range is a recent addition to my nail polish collection, I was feeling sorry for myself last week after a trip to the dentist and somewhat caved into buying two nail polishes. I think this is a gorgeous light sky blue which is really pretty, however I must say I'm not completely sold on this formula as I find that I cannot get away without a top coat when I use this. Nevertheless, it is a lovely colour; it is quick drying and has a nice brush for application. This polish has quickly become one of my favourites from the blue nail polishes that I own.

Essie Lights and indeed Orange It's Obvious were Fragrance Direct purchases for just £1.99 a couple of months ago. To be honest I'm not that fussed by Essie in general as I personally think they're very expensive for what they are, however when they were available at such a low price I had to give them a go. I've chosen these two colours for this post as I had being wearing them on and off for the last few weeks as I personally think they're amazing! They're so bright and fun, for me they're summer in a nail pot. I find that the application of these two Essie polishes is superb as they're opaque in one coat and apply really well.

How could I not include a mint green shade? When I look at Edie by Color Club it is a much stronger mint shade compared to other mint polishes out there such as Maybelline 'Mint For Life' however I think this is what draws me to it. It is much brighter and reminds me of the mint center out of the mint feast ice creams which happen to be the best things in the world...fact.

Last but not least is Hip Hop from the new Rimmel Salon Pro Nail Polishes. I'm not really a huge lover of red nails as I find that I can't pull them off very well however this definitely has orange tones to it which calms the whole look down a little as I find red can be very harsh if I'm not careful. I quite like this range at the moment, the application and overall finish of these nail polishes is pretty good with this range out of the four featured providing the glossiest finish.

*Rimmel and Essie are not cruelty free.


18 July 2013

Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover

After being pretty committed to using eye make-up remover from The Body Shop over the last three or four years I fancied trying something different. At the time of looking for something new to try the Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover was floating around with it receiving pretty darn good reviews at that. 

I decided to treat myself to something a bit more luxurious, with this of course meaning it was more expensive to boot. At £17 this is not by any means a budget eye make up remover therefore I was expecting to be blown away once it came to using this...I wasn't. Now don't get me wrong it is a nice make up remover and does work for me relatively well, however I found that it worked no better than previous products I have used which I must note have been less than half the price of this. 

This is a bi-phase product which in order to activate needs to be shaken whereby the combination of a water phase and oil phase helps to remove waterproof make-up. I found that even though this was oil based it wasn't overly oily therefore it was a much better experience than when I had used the No7 Eye Make-Up Remover last year which left my eye area feeling really greasy. The Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover claims to be hydrating, soothing and suitable for those with sensitive eyes which I do agree with to some extent as I can definitely say my eyes have never felt sore after using this which is a big plus and something which I look for in eye make up removers. I guess I could say my eye area is left relatively hydrated however; I end up washing it off afterwards anyway once I start to cleanse my face.

Overall I have to say I wouldn't repurchase this as I personally think it is rather expensive for something which I haven't found to be any better than previous products I've used.  I feel like I've been a tad negative towards this which makes me feel a bit bad however I was left rather disappointed with it. I honestly don't think it is a bad product at all, in fact it is really quite nice however why spend more for something if you don't need to.

If however you're still interested in trying this then perhaps get a sample from your local Clarins counter so that you can try it before buying the full size.

Have you tried the Clarins Instant Eye Make-Up Remover?

*Clarins is not a cruelty free brand.


16 July 2013

Instagram #9

As much as I love Instagram I often fall behind posting a round up therefore it goes from one week to spanning across a couple of months...oops!

Blossom Trees walking through the meadows in Edinburgh | Carlton Hill in Edinburgh | I captuired one lonely tulip in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh | Chocolate Cake | My favourite sweeties | Red Lipstick as I was feeling brave | My dissertation all bound and ready to hand in | Barry M Gelly Polishes | Spring Nail designs | The task that is make up brush washing | My Real Techniques Core Collection | Polka Dot nails.

If you would like to follow me on Instagram I'm over at 'alittleboatsailing'


15 July 2013

I graduated!

So, after three years at university it all came to an end last Friday where I found myself graduating in the glorious sunshine. I studied Geography and Environmental Management which was at times difficult and challenging yet I somehow managed to come away with a first class honours, I'm still in utter amazement as at times I felt like I had really hit the wall with my degree. However, three years later there I was with a cap and gown on feeling a huge sense of relief and happiness.

This was me and my boyfriend Jack at around 6am in the morning, we had to drive up to my university which was a couple of hours away so we had to set off early due to registration being from 8am onwards. An incredibly early start I must say! As you can see, he looks far more awake than I do. I opted not to wear heels on the day as if anybody stood the chance of falling flat on their face walking across stage it would be me, therefore I played it safe in flats.

I had a wonderful day with my family and my boyfriend which I really will cherish for the rest of my life. Seeing my family so proud really made me realise what I had achieved and what they had indeed helped me to achieve.

I have to say though; it was like a sauna in the graduation gown!


13 July 2013

Wednesday Addams

Pinnafore 2 For Dress c/o Warehouse

Meet Wednesday Addams.... A for effort though right? Despite not having long black hair I couldn't help feel a bit like the gloomy lass out of the Addams Family when I put this on the other evening. One slight difference is that I have a smile on my face which is not lead by something sinister as to plotting to torture my brother but to the fact that I adore this dress from Warehouse.

I love collar detailing so this dress was right up my street, it fits really nicely at the waist and flairs out at the hips which is very forgiving if you have a huge pear shaped hips and derriere like myself. The sleeves are a sheer cream which in my opinion are gorgeous, adding such a sense of elegance and indeed a Victorian twist to the dress. The quality of the dress is second to none, of which I would expect nothing less from Warehouse as I've often found myself eyeing up so many dresses in their stores.

If this is just your cup of tea then check it out over at Warehouse. I have to say they have some gorgeous dresses in at the moment, check out the whole range here.


8 July 2013

Sleek Blush By 3 Candy Collection

Sleek blushers have been a firm favourite of mine since I first discovered them this time last year, therefore once I found out that there was a limited edition blush palette being released not so long ago I must admit I was really intrigued. I promised myself I would not pick it up as I do not need any more blushers in my life however after seeing it in Superdrug in Edinburgh a few weeks ago I crumbled and gave in to buying it.

The Sleek Blush By 3 Candy Collection retails at £9.99 which in my opinion is fantastic value for money as Sleek blushers are so pigmented and last well on my skin. Another fact worth noting with this product is that their individual blushers retail at £4.49 therefore you're getting a third and very good blusher at that for a pretty good price.

The blush palette consists of three blushers of which the first is a cream blusher called 'Candy Floss' with this being a vivid bright pink that can be blended out beautifully. The remaining two blushers are in powder form, with these known as 'Dolly Mix and Cupcake', of which to me my favourite out of all three is Cupcake as it has a truly beautiful shimmer to it which Dolly Mix lacks as it is a matte blush. 

'Candy Floss, Dolly Mix, Cupcake'
I'm so glad I decided to pick this up as with it being a limited edition I have no idea how much longer it will be available for and seeing as I'm travelling here and there between my boyfriends and mine it is really handy to have a few different colours all in one palette.

I've had fantastic experience with Sleek blushers in the past so I was really looking forward to this palette, my thoughts after using this have not altered at all. If you haven't tried Sleek blushers before I would definitely recommend giving them a whirl. These blushers and indeed the whole of the Sleek range can be accessed online or in Superdrug stores.

*Sleek is a cruelty free brand.


6 July 2013

Summer Giveaway!

*This give away is now closed*

So, today is my birthday and whilst I'm at work slaving away...on my birthday...I have decided to host my give away that I've being meaning to do ever since I hit 500 followers.

I need to say that I get so much enjoyment out of reading blogs, running my own and interacting with so many different people that this is the least I could do in regards to thanking my readers. I appreciate every single one of you, all the comments that are left to me mean a huge deal and of course people sticking around means even more; thank you.

So, as a little thank you I've put a few things together over the past few weeks that I hope you will like. I must state that this is a UK only give away due to the weight of the package, therefore I do hope you all understand. I do intend on holding an international giveaway later on in the year so that everybody has the opportunity to take part.

So, what can you win?

Soap and Glory Scrub Of Your Life 50ml
Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish 30ml
Liz Earle Pure Muslin Cloth
Accessorize Bracelets
Jouls Hardworking Hands Hand Cream 50ml
The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter 200ml
Montagne Jeunesse Mud Pack Face Mask
Montagne Jeunesse Strawberry Souffle Face Mask
Rimmel Glam Eyes HD in 'Heart of Gold'

If you would like the opportunity to win these then all you have to do is enter below and follow a few rules which are specified on Rafflecopter below. The start date of this is today the 6th July whereby this will run for two weeks ending on the 20th July.

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck to everyone that enters!

4 July 2013

Deborah Milano Pret A Porter Nail Enamel

As a huge nail polish lover I'm always really interested in trying new brands and shades in order to widen my collection. Today I have two wonderful shades from the brand Deborah Milano which is an Italian brand that has recently become available within the UK.

After a while looking at the all of the shades I finally decided on two nail polishes from the Pret A Porter range. The first colour I chose was a bright pink shade called Lollipop Fuchsia*, with the second shade a pretty lilac called Iris Bon Bon*. 

The nail polishes themselves are 4.5ml in size which is smaller than your average nail polish you can pick up on the high-street. I've never been a huge fan of smaller nail polishes as I like to have a nice amount of product for my money but actually when you really do think about it how often is it that you finish off a nail polish before it turns into a gloopy mess? Not that often if my collection is anything to go off.

I've really being enjoying using these nail polishes, particularly Lollipop Fuchsia as it is so bright and fun; it really is a perfect shade for this time of year.

These nail polishes cost just £3.50 which I think is pretty good value considering that they're so shiny once applied and that they last a good 3 or 4 days on me without chipping. This by my standards is very good as if anybody is prone to chipping nail varnish it will be yours truly. I find that two applications of these polishes are required as they're a bit patchy with just the one however,that wasn't too much of an issue for me as I always do two applications regardless.

There is a wide selection of nail polishes in three different ranges so, if you're on the hunt for some new nail polishes to add to your collection then make a mental note of Deborah Milano.

*PR Samples, these products were kindly sent to me for my consideration


1 July 2013

June Favourites

Throughout June I've being trying a couple of new things here and there whilst using up some forgotten hero's. From rediscovered loves and fantastic new purchases I've chosen my favourites from the month to share with you today.

I've so far being really enjoying the Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream which provides light weight coverage for my skin. My skin over the last month or so has being behaving really well so I was finding that I didn't need too much coverage. I treated this to myself after finishing university as for £28 it is a little bit of a splurge, it is however lovely as I've finally found a product that for me does not cling to a single dry area on my skin. This product also provides SPF 30 which adds reassurance during the day, I also find that it gives my skin plenty of hydration. I'll be doing a review of this in the next few weeks so if you're interested please do stop by.

I've mentioned the Boots Extracts Body Butters on my blog before here , at the time I really loved them and nearly a year on my opinion has not changed. At Christmas I picked up from the Boots sale a set of five mini body butters from the Extracts range of which I've finally been using now I'm home from university (I forgot to take them with me), I've actually finished the Honey one above and I've now moved on to the Coconut. These provide my skin with a lovely amount of moisture, leaving my skin looking and feeling so much better. At £8 they're fairly reasonable and seem to always be on some form of offer.

Another love of mine this month has been the REN Clarifying Clay Cleanser* which has become a staple product in my weekly routine. I'll refrain from going into too much detail as I did a review on this only just last week, if you would like to you can find that here. At £18 I would not hesitate to buy this in the future as I truly think it is a wonderful product, amen to REN!

After seeing the Dove Hair Therapy conditioner spray featured on Ghostparties I found myself becoming rather intrigued as I do tend to stick to my normal Aussie leave in conditioner the majority of the time. I wanted to try something new, something that was super affordable too therefore I found myself picking this up in the Edinburgh Boots as for some reason it was unobtainable everywhere I went. This is a wonderful light weight product with a simply divine scent which at first I thought was the best aspect of the product as I wasn't too impressed with the actual results. However, after using this every time I have washed my hair throughout the end of May and the whole of June I have noticed an improvement as my hair feels softer and looks healthier too. At just £3.59 this product is great value for money, a definite re-buy for me.

Last but not least I have switched up from using muslin cloths of an evening to flannels as they retain the heat so much more when washing products off my face....so far so good!

*Clinique and Dove are sadly not cruelty free.
*The REN product featured in this post was kindly sent to me for consideration.

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