30 July 2013

Henryka Amber & Silver Jewellery

As a huge lover of silver jewellery I couldn't help myself but enter the Henryka Amber and Silver Jewellery blogger competition.

Henryka specialise in Baltic amber and silver jewellery and after browsing their site I found some of my favourite pieces, I could however have made a huge list as there really are some lovely things on there. What I really do like about all the items on the website is that they are all hand made therefore no two pieces are the same.

I knew amber was formed from trees after watching Jurassic Park all those years ago but here is a bit more detail about it from the Henryka website. Amber is formed from fossilised tree resin that dates back 40-60 million years ago. It has in the past held significant worship from the Greeks whereby they believed it to hold magical properties that could ward off asthma and other diseases. It is known as the 'Gold of the North' due to the abundance of amber in the Baltic region, it is said that 80% of the worlds amber deposits are found there.
My favourite things off the Henryka website was this gorgeous Amber and Silver Butterfly Bangle. I used to have a silver bangle a long time ago, I loved it! However I was rather stupid and wore it to school...needless to say I lost it. I've always looked out for something special as I tend not to just buy any old thing when it comes to real jewellery; this ticks all of the boxes.

I also picked out the Silver and Amber Five Petal Flower ring which is simply beautiful. I really do like things like this, I think it would look really pretty on.

I think that this type of jewellery could be styled with so many things as the colours are so rich and warm, they would simply go with anything. I decided to jazz it all up a bit and take an oriental twist by styling this beautiful oriental kimono from 'In Love With Fashion' with the amber jewellery.

What do you think?

This competition ends on the 31st July so you have to be quick to enter.


  1. I love amber jewellery! The pieces are lovely


    1. I've never owned a piece of amber jewellery, I was always fascinated with it as a kid as you could often get little insects stuck in it from a long time ago. These pieces above are just a few of some gorgeous items on the site :) xx

  2. i love henryka! i have a brooch thats amazing! and definitely want a necklace.

    from Brigitte at // BreezeyBee Blog | BlogLovin'

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    1. ooo how lovely! I think everything is so pretty and unique xx

  3. Love your blog header!! It reminds me of a project I did at uni.
    Really love the Kimono! x

    Rachael | beautypea

  4. That ring is beautiful! I love amber jewellery, it's so pretty and warm :)

    Jess xo

    1. Isn't it just, I love the ring too :) xx

  5. your blog is so knowledgeable.Amber is very useful element and when it attached with silver jewelry then jewelry looking very beautiful.We can attached amber in jewelry in many ways in rings,pendants,necklace.


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