28 February 2013

February Favourites

Just in the nick of time I'm popping up my favourite products from February, phew! Anybody else not like posting favourite posts if they fall into the wrong month? No....just me then.


22 February 2013

January/February Empties!

I didn't do an empties post in January as I had just two things and well, I thought they would look a little lonely up here all by themselves. Somehow though I have turned this right around and used up quite a lot of stuff since then, so it is a bit of a mix this one.


18 February 2013

MUA | Undress Me Too Palette

After having owned the original Undressed Palette by MUA and loved it I knew I had to get my hands on the latest edition to this line, especially since it was being compared to the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette of which I do not own. The latest edition from MUA is the Undress Me Too Palette which I believe only came out on February 13th so it is still pretty new.

I'll jump right in with this one and show you all what it is like.


16 February 2013

B.Pure Micellar Water

Being the beady eyed blogger that I've become I'm always on the hunt for new things, so when I spotted a new range in Superdrug a few weeks ago I immediately zapped myself over to the stand. 

The new range by B. really intrigued me as it aims to provide premium beauty and skin care at affordable prices, who can say no to that? Now, I'm trying to be good and not buy duplicates of items, products that aim to do the same thing as I literally have so much stuff floating around (this does not include nail polish, I'm addicted)! However, I had nothing that described itself as’micellar water' and after hearing so much about Bioderma I just knew that I had to at least give the B.Pure Micellar Water a whirl.


14 February 2013

Valentine's Day Nails

Valentine's Day NailsI have had such trouble trying to photograph my nails for this post today, in fact it was a nightmare. This was the best I could achieve, therefore I decided to add little hearts to distract you away from it a tad.

Here are my valentine’s nails; they look a lot better in the flesh I have to say. I'm slating my evenings work here but the main reason why I wanted to show you these is to highlight where I found the inspiration from. 

I found a picture on Pinterest of probably one of my all time favourite nail designs. The design is by Rina Alcantara, check out the site as it amazing!

Seeing as my nails are short (but growing) I did not complete the pattern on each nail as it just wouldn't have looked right in my opinion. It was my first attempt too at this design but once my nails are longer I'm having another go as I adore the design.

The colours I used for this design were all by Barry M, with my choices being 'strawberry, bright pink, fuchsia and matt white'.

11 February 2013

Superdrug and Lush Haul

I've purchased a few things recently, uh oh!  I was starting to feel a bit naughty but then I realised, I hadn't actually spent that much, all of these products are super affordable, barring the LUSH product, however; read my justification for why it is perfectly acceptable below.

Superdrug and Lush Haul

First up is something I literally purchased today so I decided to add it into this post. It is the 'Inecto Pure Coconut Hair Repair Treatment', this cost me just £1.50 from Superdrug. I have no idea what to expect from this, all I do know is that it smells good!

Next up is the 'Collection Sheer Loose Powder', I've seen this pop up here and there on a few blogs and considering I wanted to try a translucent powder as well as needing it to be a cheap one at that (student budget) I decided to go with this. At just £2.99 I love it so far, it has replaced my Rimmel Stay Matte which I have run out of and that I do not plan to buy again. Collection products can be purchased from Superdrug and Boots.

Next up is the new 'MUA Undressed Too Palette', again this is from Superdrug and it cost me just £4, even less with student discount....oh how I will miss that little card! I've read that this is a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, I cannot comment as I do not have the Urban Decay version however from images online it does look similar! I saw this first mentioned by Sandra, her blog being 'The Black Pearl Blog', check it out for comparisons to the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette as her swatches of the two are brilliant!

Lastly is a product that I have wanted since I first saw it at Christmas. It is the 'LUSH Feeling Younger Skin Tint', this can be used as a highlighter for cheek bones and brow bones, it can also be used to brighten the under eye area; as well as this you can also mix it into your foundation. So far I have only used it as a highlighter and I have to say I'm really enjoying the results. This little gem cost me £12 and at first I thought yikes, this is a little extreme however you need such a small amount I just know it will last me well into next year.

As far as I'm aware everything featured above is cruelty free.

8 February 2013

John Greed Valentines Blogger Challenge

So I had a lovely e-mail from the gang at John Greed Jewellery inviting me to take part in the blogger challenge, as you all know me, I love any form of jewellery so there was no hesitation on my side in taking part. I took part in the challenge at Christmas time and I thoroughly enjoyed myself so here we are, I'm having a go again!

Pandora Silver House Charm £20.00 | Pandora Silver Open Heart Charm £20.00 | Pandora Starter Bracelet £55.00 | Swarovski Simplicity Clear Pendant £69.00 | Alchemy Pewter Elizabethan Bracelet £32.99 | Pandora Dainty Silver and Zirconia Flower Stud Earrings £30.00 | Virtue London Silver and Zirconia Sparkle Stacking Ring £20.00| 

     The total of a whopping seven items reached £246.99 just under the budget of £250 

Pandora Starter Bracelet 
I've chosen a Pandora Bracelet not for myself but for my mother. She has nothing like this at all, in fact she has never really treated herself to anything nice so if I was to win this competition then this bracelet would go to her. Valentines is about showing someone you love them and well, I love my mom very very much. If I had loads of money I would buy her so many things and treat her, just like she always has done for me, my brother and my sister; we always came first as kiddies and we still do now when we're adults. I guess that is just what it means to be a parent; all I know is that this would make a perfect gift along with the two charms I have chosen to go onto it.

Pandora Silver House Charm 
I chose the house charm because for me your home can sometimes be taken for granted. I've found that moving away from home to come to university has made me realise just how much I miss it. Of course it is only bricks and mortar; it is what's inside that home that makes me miss it, my family and my naughty cat. Home is where my mom is, where my brother and my sister are and well, I'm really looking forward to going back soon to visit. My mom has built our home and made our family what it is today so this is why I chose the house charm.

 Pandora Silver Open Heart Charm
Again I have chosen another charm for my mom's bracelet, of which I felt that a bunch of hearts seemed very appropriate. I love my mom more than she will ever know, she has been the most wonderful mother as I have grown up and she still amazes me how great she can be even through the tough times. We can have a laugh together, we cry together and we sometimes argue....we're not perfect, but I guess who is? The heart charm was chosen because she means the world to me, my brother and my sister as well as the rest of my family; she's an absolute star in my eyes.

Swarovski Simplicity Clear Pendant
I chose this one for myself as I'm a huge fan of shiny things, I could easily have been a magpie in another life as they like to pinch shiny things and pop them in their nests! I really would like a necklace with a little 'wow' factor which for me this necklace has, I have a lot of love for this. Aside from bracelets necklaces are my favourite item of jewellery to wear so owning this would make me rather happy and maybe put my dissertation woes to one side for a bit!

Alchemy Pewter Elizabethan Bracelet 
I've chosen this because as soon as I saw it I was instantly transported back into my high school days where I had a little phase of being into Gothic themed clothing and jewellery. Me and my best friend loved things like this and would often spend hours on end in quirky little shops in Birmingham looking for weird and wonderful pieces to buy. Sadly we're no longer the friends that we used to be, I guess we all grow apart at some point but seeing this really made me think of that time and it made me smile inside, those were pretty good days. Aside from that it is a gorgeous piece of jewellery and reading about it on the website it is a replica of Lord Dudley's lost sign of devotion to Elizabeth I. I'm really very interested in Elizabeth I so that was an added bonus!

Pandora Dainty Silver and Zirconia Flower Stud Earrings 
Considering I passed out having my ears pierced (long story, but it does involve the gun becoming jammed as my ear was pierced causing the lady to freak out, resulting in me having some odd sensation that I was bleeding. I wasn't but you tell my brain that at the time, next minute I know everyone is around me asking if I'm ok; how embarrassing). Anyway, after that slight detour I think it is about high time I actually starting wearing some earrings. I do have trouble wearing just anything though as my ears tend to get very sore if I wear something that is not real silver or gold so I never buy that many really. I think these are really cute to be honest and I prefer studs over hoops as they're more practical. 

 Virtue London Silver and Zirconia Sparkle Stacking Ring 
I've also chosen a ring because I do not own any rings that fit me, no real ones anyway. I have a teeny tiny christening ring which barely fits over the top of my little finger, it is amazingly cute and a ring which I had off my dad but it wore away at the back, womp womp (that reminds me I need to get it fixed). Also considering the fact that I doubt my boyfriend will ever marry me (he insists he does not want to get married ever) I have came to the conclusion that I will have to buy my own finger jewellery in the future, however I know deep down that I'd rather not get married than not be with him, as much as I would love to be a bride one day.  This ring would be a nice start as my hands are looking rather bare at the moment.

I hope you all like my choices, I wrote more than I intended to actually. Maybe this is what happens at 1am in the morning, all your thoughts and feelings just pop out one after the other. Anyway, I had best get ready for bed now seeing as I have a lecture in the morning...uh oh, I had best sit at the back!


6 February 2013

Swatch Valentine's Special || A La Folie

Swatch Valentine's Special A La Folie
I am rather partial to a Swatch watch, for those that follow me on Instagram you may have seen my Bengali Swatch pop up on there. For me Swatch offers something rather unique to the market with their huge range of watches from the most simple to some of the most unique. Swatch often brings out watches for special occasions, for example, there is one for the Chinese New Year of the Snake, along with the fantastic Kid Robot collection of which my beloved Bengali Swatch belongs.

Today I'm going to be featuring the Swatch Valentine's watch for 2013 as Valentine's Day will soon be upon us and well, I felt I just had to share this with you all as it is pretty fantastic in my eyes! The watch has been called 'A La Folie' which loosely translated means 'madly' as in 'madly in love'.  I'm rather overwhelmed with all this love...on to the watch!

Swatch Valentine's Special A La Folie
Swatch Valentine's Special A La FoliePresented in a sturdy white box it arrived in beautiful presentation, of which once opened you're presented with a bright pink ball with a cute white heart on it. For me this is brilliant packaging and presentation, thumbs up to their design team!

A La Folie for me is a stand out piece amongst the many Swatch watches available. It has a transparent front which allows you to see the working parts of the watch through the heart shaped window. The band is bi-colour with the top being white and the underside pink, it also has a vanilla scented band...I wonder how they did this.

Swatch Valentine's Special A La Folie
Swatch Valentine's Special A La Folie

4 February 2013

Four years ❤

Today is a rather special day to me as today marks my relationship with my boyfriend of four years. To some this may be nothing, to others this may be monumental, and as for me... it has been a true blessing.

We started off meeting at college, this soon spread to university where we have had to be apart for the majority of the last few years, with only the summer periods to properly spend time together. I have to say, I was worried at first, so scared at what could happen once we went to university, yet here we are four years later still going strong.

I love my boyfriend more than I could ever begin to explain, there are no words for how I feel about him, nothing that seems good enough. He has become such a huge part of my life; before I met him I could never have imagined how one person could literally mean the world to you.

He is my rock, he is my best friend and I'm so pleased to say he is my boyfriend.

Four years

"The heart wants what it wants. There's no logic to these things. You meet someone and you fall in love and that's that." – Woody Allen

My Music Monday #1

I've thought about doing a post on Monday’s about songs I’m currently playing before, yet somehow I've been under the impression it might not go down too well, therefore until now I have put it off. However, I’ve being wanting to stretch my boundaries in terms of blog posts to include more lifestyle posts as well as beauty and fashion so, what better way to get to know me a little bit more than to see what music I’m into...right?! Let me know if you think it is a good idea or if it is just pants, I can take it; honest!

I can say hand on heart that I have no particular genre of music that is my favourite; I enjoy listening to such a wide variety of bands and solo artists that are from such a diverse range of genres that I simply cannot put a focus on one. Therefore, be prepared for quite a variety of music that could appear within this series.

The first song to grace this 'hopeful series' of mine will be a song by Ladyhawke. This New Zealand artist is very new to me but ever since my boyfriend sent me her album I've had it on none stop; the song I have chosen is from the album 'Ladyhawke' and it is called 'My Delirium'.


2 February 2013

Instagram #5

Instagram #5Instagram #5

A new year, a new diary || A little Accessorize haul, I love their sales as they are amazing! || Picked up an edition of Vogue, or should I say my fella grabbed it for me || Christmas money spent well, I wanted some new ankle boots. These were from Office and they are by the brand 'Blowfish' || Lionheart Magazine || A necklace from Urban Outfitters || A little selfie photo, we're all offenders of this || Topshop 'threadbare' on my nails, my favourite colour for January || A Korres haul from Feelunique || Blogging! || Me and my boyfriend || Nail Envy in a bid to rescue my nails ||

1 February 2013

Michael Kors vs Marc Jacobs

Pretty much since I've been blogging Michael Kors watches have been floating around. Not too often mind as they are expensive, but more often than I would expect a watch to crop up.

Now I have to say I originally I loved the look of them, then whilst in Edinburgh I had a look at them in the flesh as it were and I found that I wasn't as struck on them as I originally thought I was. To me I thought they would look far too big on my small wrists, and therefore a little daft.

Whilst browsing watches over the last few weeks I have stumbled upon Marc Jacobs watches of which I now know I prefer to the Michael Kors watches that I have seen. I haven't seen any Marc Jacobs watches in the flesh yet so who knows, maybe I may get the same impression as the Michael Kors watches; they do appear to be smaller though.
Michael Kors vs Marc Jacobs

1. Michael Kors MK8096 Rose Gold Watch  £219
2. Michael Kors Rose Gold Plated Chronograph Ladies Watch  £209
3. Michael Kors ladies' rose gold-plated bracelet watch  £165
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy 36mm  $200 (I could only find an American price for this particular watch).
5. Marc Jacobs ladies' gold plated bracelet watch  £185
6. Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Dexter Rose Watch  £185

I've gathered a small collection of these watches, three from each designer. My favourite from the above would have to be a choice between number 4 and number 5 with I think number 5 having a slight edge. Whilst compiling this post I was not aware as to how many watches by these designers there are! I'm used to seeing the same watch pretty much so it was quite nice shopping in my head with all these watches available at my finger tips.

I'm really planning on treating myself once I graduate from university. I wasn't going to as I thought it is a lot of money really but actually I have decided that I've worked really hard over these last few years, as well as holding onto my job throughout my degree. A little self justification there but I wouldn't like people to think I was going to just splash the cash freely, it would be a reward to myself from myself! I may yet change my mind as graduation is just over five months away so I'm sure I may see something else by that time. 

A lot of these Marc Jacobs watches have 'Amy' within the title on quite a few websites, maybe this was meant to be!
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