30 April 2013

April Favourites!

Here we are, my April favourites, just in time before May appears knocking on the door!

I picked up the Neal's Yard Remedies Bee Lovely Hand Cream out of a magazine last month and I've being using it ever since. It smells delightful and sinks in rather quickly which is something I do require in a hand cream. I will definitely be purchasing this in the future, at £10 for a 50ml it isn't the cheapest hand cream around but with 10% going to help protect the Bee's then I'll happily pay a bit extra.

Next up is a product I have re-discovered. Beady eyed followers on my Instagram would have noticed that I was having a sort out of all my makeup, whilst doing this I picked up my Maybelline Colour Sensational Popstick in 'Pink Lollypop' lipstick and thought what the heck; I'll pop a bit of this on. I was amazed to see that the lipstick did not crease up in my lips which are badly chapped at the moment and that was without putting any form of balm on beforehand. Needless to say I'll be using this shade a lot more now. I did a review on this a long time ago, however if you would like to read it click here. Maybelline are not cruelty free.

I've being using Seche Vite religiously since purchasing it a few weeks ago; I've found that it has really helped with the longevity of my nail polish. This product costs £9 which isn't too bad I don't think, especially when you consider how much an Essie polish costs; you want it to remain on your nails for as long as possible.

I have really dry skin on the tops of my feet which I had noticed was getting worse, it's more like eczema to be honest and my e45 as much as I love it was not improving the condition. I originally was looking for the La Roche Posay Cicaplast however at the time it was out of stock in my local Boots. I spotted this on my way out and thought for less than £2 I would give the Boots Derma Care Daily Moisturising Cream a go and do you know what, it's working so far. It's not a miracle worker but the condition has very much improved since using this.

Lastly is a new night cream I've being using from Superdrug, it is the Naturally Radiant Renewing Night Cream at £5.99 which I did do a little review on here. It is lasting me ages as I don't need much at night time, when I wake up my skin is really soft and rather fresh looking...so far, I love it! 


29 April 2013

My Music Monday #2

A quick post today as I'm busy finishing off an essay on Carbon Management in the UK, thrilling I know...therefore, here are a few tunes I'm listening to in order to get me through it so I can sit down and watch Game of Thrones tonight without feeling too guilty.

On a side note, is anybody else starting to warm to Jaime Lannister?! Never thought I would say that.

Hit me up with any tunes you've been listening to lately.

25 April 2013

Barry M Gelly Nail Polishes

The Barry M Gelly Nail polishes are everywhere at the moment and with good reason. They're fantastic value for money, they look incredible and there is a colour for everyone; what more can I say.


24 April 2013

I ♥ Spring Tag

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I was tagged to do this post by the lovely Mia over at Mia Alice, thank you! 

1. Favourite spring nail polish?
I'm pretty much in love with all the Barry M Gelly Nail Polishes at the moment, therefore my choice will be those with the shades Pomegranate and Papaya being right at the top. 
2. What is your must-have lip colour this spring?
 Revlon Lip Butter in 'Juicy Papaya' if you haven't picked it up already you must, I'm smitten with it. 
3. Show us your favourite spring dress!
 I can't show you as to be honest I'm not a dress kinda girl, I prefer my skirts if I'm honest. One particular skirt which I think is beautiful is this from Free People. 
4. What's your favourite flower?
 I don't have a favourite as there are so many I like, with some of them being Tulips, Daffodils, Sunflowers and Calla Lilies. 
5. Favourite spring scarf/accessory?
 I have a scarf from H&M from the new conscious collection, it has a huge jungle scene all across with a nice bright toucan on it, it's so pretty I'm scared to use it. 
6. What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? (Make-up, fashion or both!)
 None in particular to be honest, I don't tend to follow trends as I like to be comfortable in my own thing however, I'm really liking monochrome...although that doesn't make me think of spring. 
 7. Favourite spring candle?
University student here living in a teeny weeny room, no candles allowed, not unless I want to cause the whole building to vacate due to alarms setting off. I do like candles though and I look forward to buying some for my first home in the summer. One can tell that this is very much a beauty blogger tag ;) 
8. Favourite body spray/perfume for spring?
 I like to use Huge Boss Orange as I find it really light and refreshing, other than that I do like the Body Shop Body Mists, with Satsuma being my favourite. 
9. What is spring like where you live?
 Here at university it isn't very exciting, I'm in a city area where there's lots of traffic and noise. However, back home it is such a nice place to be during spring as I live close to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which has so much wildlife on, it's quiet and peaceful. I miss it a lot!
10. What's your favourite thing about spring?
I'm going to say longer days as whilst coming home from work during the winter it is dark and miserable, whereas when spring arrives the evenings are lighter and I can also leave my coat at home as it is warming up. I also like seeing all the lambs in the field, it's a lovely warm feeling. 
11. Are you a spring cleaner?
I'm a spring, summer, autumn and winter cleaner! Joking aside, I'm always cleaning, I drive my family mad as I like to de-clutter quite a lot. In fact only today I 'spring cleaned' my make-up collection and got rid of a few pieces that were rather questionable. 
12. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation?
Not at the moment as I'm still at university and I will be for another three weeks or so, however I'm hoping to visit Edinburgh one last time before my boyfriend moves out of his flat so that will be a nice little break. There is no upcoming vacation as money is being saved this summer where my life will change dramatically as I will be flat hunting with my boyfriend in London, I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this. 

I tag every single one of you! 
 Let me know if you do this tag, I'd love to have a read.

p.s if anybody has advice for finding a place to live in London please let me know :) 


23 April 2013

Beauty UK || Blush and Brush

Whilst popping into Superdrug for dental floss and ear plugs (oh how I like to treat myself) I spotted down the beauty isles some blushers that caught my eye, well, how could I not stop and have a further inspection.

I found myself at the Beauty UK stand which I must admit I will hold my hands up and say that Beauty UK is a brand I never really pay much attention to. However, I may just change my ways as I've found some lovely little blushers which I can see myself using throughout the rest of the year.

'Dawn Glow' and 'Rustic Peach'

I must admit when I very first saw these I immediately thought of the '& other stories' brand as I know that those blushers also have imprinted text on. I haven't yet had the pleasure of trying that brand myself though so that is where my comparison will stop.

First off the packaging is relatively simple, a plastic case, see through top along with a small blush brush which is provided. I most likely will not use these brushes but they are a nice little addition and I think for taking a product like this away on holiday or just popping in your handbag I reckon that they could actually come in handy.

I picked up a light pink shade as I wear a lot of pink blush if I'm honest so that was my safe option. I did however step out of my comfort zone and pick up a peach shade which is something I find myself lacking in the blush department and I have to say I really do like it!

These blushers are really pigmented as you can see and I have found that they have lasted quite well on me, I've even graced my cheeks with them today as I really like the colour pay off. These blushers cost just £2.99 which I think is fantastic value for money; I want to go back and pick up a few of the other shades now too. They're currently on an offer of buy one get one half price at the moment in Superdrug so if you're interested pop in to get them even cheaper.

As far as I can work out Beauty UK is a cruelty free which is something that I'm always on the lookout for.

 'rustic peach'
Being brave I put on the peach blush to complete my review, I rather like it folks, what do you think?

P.S On a completely different note I'm so tempted to be rid of this hair colour! Scared to dye it darker though.


20 April 2013

STELLA by Stella McCartney

For as long as I can remember I have been into my perfumes. For me I find that there is something really elegant and actually quite sexy about wearing perfumes, I personally love them and I'll always spend money on them....if I can afford it.

I had wanted to purchase STELLA by Stella McCartney for a while after having a smell of it just after my birthday early last July. However the price did scare me a little, as at the time I was being good, or trying at least. Therefore, a number of months later a little promotion in Boots during March this year finally persuaded me to pick it up, STELLA was finally mine!

STELLA by Stella McCartney


18 April 2013

Barry M Gelly Nail Polish 'Papaya'

I'm very much on the Barry M Gelly Nail Polish bandwagon, I'm fully converted! When these were originally released just before Christmas I picked up two and I have to say I struggled with them quite a lot. I found that they chipped so easily despite using a topcoat, I was incredibly disappointed. However, with the new colours that were released earlier this year I thought I would try one more time and that was that...

I have a new topcoat which appears to be doing the trick therefore, queue a surge of gelly polish buying!  I've picked up quite a few of the shades recently as they're so affordable with the shade Papaya being a new favourite.


17 April 2013

Wishlist Wednesday #10

I feel greedy with this little list here as every item is rather expensive but heck, a girl can dream right?

At the moment I really like the idea of brightening up my complexion, especially now spring is finally here and summer I hope is in the not too distant future. I've heard that the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Brightening Toner is rather good for brightening up the skin however at £25 I'm slightly scared to take the plunge but we shall see. Clarins is the only brand featured here which are not cruelty free.

I'm still on the hunt for a new eye liner product, with me currently very much wanting to purchase the Illamasqua  Eye liner Cake. I saw a friend who had used this on himself to create a really dramatic eye liner look and I knew I had to ask him what he had used. This costs £15.50 which I guess would be worth it as these types of products last such a long time.

The Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette...why oh why is this not in my life yet?! I'm asking for this for my birthday in July, only a few more months to wait! This product costs £36 and it really does appear to be a staple product across the board, so many people love it.

Next up is the Juliet Skin Brightening Gel Cleanser by Antipodes at £24.99. This brand has me so incredibly intrigued that I know I'll be purchasing something to try before this year is out; this gel cleanser is at the top of the list.

Last but not least is the nail polish brand Zoya, with this particular shade 'Caitlin' very much taking my fancy, to me it is a pastel blue/grey shade which I rather do like. I've never tried Zoya before yet I'm very keen to as I've read very good things about their nail polishes. 


15 April 2013

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Renewing Night Cream

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Renewing Night Cream Review Superdrug Naturally Radiant Renewing Night Cream Review

When it comes to skincare I will pretty much give anything a go, whether it is a budget price brand or more expensive I'm all for it. So, after seeing a new range within Superdrug about three weeks ago along with the fact it was all on offer I decided to pick up a few things to try.

Superdrug has their own branded products as you're probably all aware of, with their Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser cropping up from time to time within the blogging community. However, the new range which I would say is an alternative to the Vitamin E products is the Naturally Radiant range, which is in light green packaging compared to the soft peach of the Vitamin E products.

Being rather curious to give this range a whirl because I had read nothing about it before I decided to pick up the Naturally Radiant Renewing Night Cream as at the time I did not have one, along with this I also picked up the Naturally Radiant Brightening Radiance Balm.

A tub of this well set you back £5.99 of which I think is fantastic value! I managed to get this even cheaper at the time due to the offer that was on, however at full price I know I would still pick it up.

Product claim:

"Superdrug Naturally Radiant Renewing Night Cream is formulated with a unique energising complex and infused with Kiwi Fruit and Mulberry extracts to help revive skin’s radiance and even out skin tone. Enriched with nourishing Sugar Beet extract and skin renewing Fruit Acids, this intensive formulation delivers rich and long-lasting moisturisation, whilst helping to refine skin’s texture as you sleep, leaving skin feeling smoother and looking more youthful".

Considering I have used this every night for three weeks there is a lot of product left, so again good value for money. The packaging to be honest is nothing too special, I would have preferred a pump dispenser however I will overlook this minor gripe as I really do like it.

Now, I guess this post today would be classed as a mini rave because I must say that I'm so pleased with this product. I think it is quite light for a night cream yet it is thick enough at the same time to be classed as one. The product sinks in lovely and does not leave my face feeling greasy at all which nobody would want come bed time.

It is the morning however when I really notice what the product has done for my skin as my skin is so incredibly soft in the morning. As well as this my skin really does appear to be much brighter and fresher looking despite me most likely feeling like I need another few hours snuggled up in bed. Everything that the product claims to do I can whole heartedly agree with; my skin is really enjoying this product at the moment.

Overall I'm very impressed with this and for such a small price tag I'm even more impressed. As some of you may know Superdrug own brands are cruelty free and do posses the leaping bunny logo therefore this makes this product 100% perfect for me.
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