31 August 2013

Amargan Hair Care

Amargan Hair Care I realised only the other week that in all the time I have being blogging that I have hardly ever featured hair care products on here. I'm not really sure why as I like to make sure my hair looks ok like any other woman so therefore I'm going to make a conscious effort to include more hair care products in the future.

Today I will be upholding that promise by sharing my thoughts on three products from the brand Amargan. I was kindly sent some products from Amargan a number of weeks ago and ever since then I have being trialling them to see what I think.

First of all I would like to start with the Nourishing Protein Cleanser* which is a shampoo that is free from sulphates and parabens and enriched with keretin and argan oil. I've being using this shampoo about twice a week as I find that if I use it every time I wash my hair which is roughly four times a week then it can be a little too much, leaving me wanting to wash my hair more. However, after reducing this down to twice a week I have noticed quite a difference in my hair, particularly in regards to how soft and shiny it has being looking. I can definitely say that this is down to this shampoo alone as I've being using nothing different within my hair care routine apart from trialling these new products. It leaves my hair feeling really clean without that stripped feeling which can often occur with similar products.

The shampoo itself is a rich honey colour that smells really nice; it is quite a relaxing scent to me. Once applied I found that it did lather up quite well considering it is sulphate free, this did surprise me as previous sls free shampoos I've tried in the past have been much harder to work with. Keretin within the shampoo helps to strengthen hair which I can't really comment on as my hair has never been very weak to be honest; it's nice knowing that the ingredient is within my shampoo though as extra protection is more than welcome. I have noticed the benefits of the argan oil however as my hair is so much softer and shinier which can only be down to this wonderful addition.

On days when I'm in a rush the hair dryer does comes out whereby I ensure that I apply a few pumps of the Advanced Styler into my hair, distributing it evenly whilst avoiding the roots. This product activates under heat therefore I found that once my hair was styled it helped to keep my hair in place and dramatically reduce any potential frizz after blow drying.

Next up as some of you may have noticed on Instagram I've recently had my hair cut a lot shorter which  has being allowing me to curl my hair so much easier now that there is considerably less of it,  the whole process is a lot less time consuming. I have been using the Ultimate Curl cream to help add definition to my hair before I curl it, applying this to damp hair, combing through and then using my hair dryer and totem styler to create the desired curls. I found that if I used too much of the curl cream in one place then it could go a little crispy however that was down to me rather than the product itself as once applied properly and indeed evenly the cream left my hair feeling soft and bouncy all whilst holding the curls in place.

Using this cream really has helped the curls stay in my hair throughout the day which is something that used to put me off curling my hair as they would fall out quite quickly. In fact, the whole experience of trying a few new products within my routine has opened up my eyes as to how much I did neglect my hair in terms of using different products for particular results. I'm now really interested in trying more products for my hair to see what works for me and my much shorter mop.

*PR Samples, these product was kindly sent to me for consideration.

29 August 2013

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01

If you're anything like me when it comes to fragrances then I'm sure the Molecule 01 fragrance by Escentric Molecules will not have escaped your radar over the past few months. This fragrance has certainly been a hit within the blogging community but to me it has always been a bit of a mystery, what is it really all about?

Molecule 01 developed by perfumer Geza Shoen back in 2005 is created solely from one single molecule 'Iso E Super' along with the simple ingredients of water and alcohol.  Iso E Super adds the allure factor to a scent resulting in woody, velvet notes which then work with your natural pheromones vanishing over time only then to reappear discreetly resulting in a rather individual scent unique to you.
I must admit having seen this crop up a number of times throughout the year so far I have found myself becoming extremely interested in this product as the concept sounds too good to be true. Just think about this for a second, we have a fragrance here that once applied works with your skin to create an individual scent that is said to evoke a flirtatious and relaxed response to those that come into contact with it and more importantly you; supposedly making you even more attractive to the opposite sex. Now I'm not one to generally fall for these kind of promises however, after reading quite a bit around this unique molecule I'm beginning to wonder if there really is some truth to this, it sounds pretty darn good!

I personally would love to try this as the woody notes that are initially associated with this are somewhat replicated within one of my favourite fragrances by Stella McCartney. Over time I would find myself becoming extremely curious as to what the scent smelt like to others, however by the very nature of the product I guess I would never really find out.

Molecule 01 can be purchased from Harvey Nichols

*Sponsored Post


28 August 2013

Wishlist Wednesday #13

I've been on a tiny spending ban recently therefore after only slipping up once by buying one of the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paints last week I thought I would pop together a little make up wish list. I happened to find all these whilst browsing the website Beauty Bay last Thursday so I've linked each product to that site, they are all of course available else where too.

ARTDECO is a brand that I have never tried, in fact, all of these things I've featured are by brands which I have yet to experience, yet I must admit out of everything I've placed in the wish list it is this bronzing blusher that appeals to me the most. I adore the packaging of this, it looks simply beautiful and so incredibly detailed and that's all before you even get to the actual product itself. 

Next up is the new lipsticks from Urban Decay of which after having a look of the shades online I found that the shade 'naked' appealed to me the most. I would like to see these in store though before I decide to order one as I think I could easily be tempted to go for a brighter colour.

I made a stupid decision in chucking away the only angle brush I own a few months back, I really regret it therefore I've being looking for a replacement. I had heard about the Louise Young brushes before but had always steered clear as I had presumed they would be really expensive. However, at £9 for the Angled Brow Taklon Brush I must admit I was surprised, therefore I think I will be buying this come pay day.

The Stila Convertible Colours have been on my mind for quite a while now; I just couldn't decide which colour to go for. I think I have finally decided that the one I would like to try is Gerbera which looks a bit like a peachy/coral shade which I happen to be rather partial to. 

Last up are two nail polishes from Ciate in the shades 'Fade to Greige' and 'Cream Soda'. I'm fully aware that autumn is just around the corner as I'm finding myself donning the jumpers more and more often these last few weeks therefore I picked out two shades that will help me slip into the autumn mood.


25 August 2013



Every now and then I like to do a more personal post on my blog as I think it adds a nice touch and gives my readers more of an insight into the person behind 'A Little Boat Sailing'. Therefore today I'm featuring my favourite little chap, Oliver, my 13 year old cat.

I've had Oliver ever since I was 11 years old; we picked him up when he was a baby once he was just old enough to have left his mother. I'm not going to lie; he was very naughty and still can be at the ripe old age of 13. He is somewhat of a lone ranger and does what he likes when he likes, he will come to you on his terms and woe betide you try to give him a cuddle, trust me, I have had the scratches to prove it.

I would say he has mellowed as he has got older and I now find that he will happily sit on my lap and go to sleep for an hour or so. He can be such a loving boy, it's just a shame that it's taken about ten years for him to get to that stage! 

I have tried on many occasions to get a nice picture of him but I'm rather convinced he is camera shy as he will always look away or walk off right at the precise moment. However, a few weeks ago when it was really hot I was taking pictures in the garden for a blog post when low and behold I find Oliver lounging in the shade on the patio. I bent down to say hello and as he turned to look at me he paused in the perfect position and hey presto, I got my shot! I'm so thrilled with this picture above as I simply adore it, every time I look at it I'm just amazed at how beautiful he is and at how sharp those claws look!

Recently he has taken to becoming my little shadow as I buy him his favourite treats, Whiskers Temptations! He goes mad for them which I'm rather pleased about as I can bribe him in of a night time by shaking the box, I'm pretty sure he is catching on to my plan though.

So there we have it, a little peek into my life, or should I say Oliver's.

22 August 2013

Africa Honey & Beeswax Hand & Foot Butter

I've been a huge fan of The Body Shop for ages so it comes to no surprise that I often find products I fall in love with and buy all over again. The Africa Honey and Beeswax Hand and Foot Butter just happens to be one of those products, with this being my second tub of the stuff. 

First of all, just look at that packaging! I simply adore unique packaging of products of which this certainly stands out amongst my other products at home. I guess the only let down of this is that it is a plastic tub and not glass however this really does not bother me too much at all as I know it will never be in danger of smashing. 

The product itself is a rich creamy butter consistency which once applied sinks in rather well leaving my hands and feet lovely and soft. It has the beautiful scent of honey to it which isn't overpowering at all, I actually think it is quite a light scent in comparison to many of the body butters from The Body Shop therefore in my opinion it could easily be overlooked in favour of one of those. This would be a shame as I think this product really stands out, not just in appearance but in terms of quality too. 

In the past I've found this to work really well for me as I do suffer with dry patches on my hands and feet, particularly as we come closer to the colder months. I do think that if you're looking for something a bit more luxurious and indeed richer come the autumn and winter months then perhaps bare this in mind whilst out shopping. 

I was aware at the time of originally purchasing this that it was a fair trade product, but to be perfectly honest that was all I did know. I didn't know what made it a fair trade product and I guess at the time I should have looked it up, therefore it wasn't until I came to write this post that I discovered more about it. The foot and hand butter contains beeswax which I discovered is harvested by farmers in Cameroon through traditional methods of bamboo hives. Traditional bee keeping such as this helps to deter logging through promoting strong and healthy bees which is something to be more and more encouraged as bee populations across the world continue to decline. To read more about this click here.

I wish when I initially ran out of this I had thought to save the packaging as I could have made my own DIY body scrub and contained it in this nice jar, alas; I was not that quick of a thinker. Therefore, once this has been used up I will be attempting my own body scrub...I'm quite excited!


21 August 2013

Wishlist Wednesday #12

The last time I did a wish list was back in May, I somehow can't quite believe I've left it that long. You may be forgiven into thinking I've stopped lusting after nice skincare products, I wouldn't blame you however, have no fear! Here is a round up of the current skincare products I would love to try at the moment, I even popped in a sneaky BB cream as I can't help but fall for those.

Antipodes is a brand that I'm pretty much dying to try, yes that may be a bit of an overstatement but every review I read about their products fills me with confidence that these products will work. I picked out the Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser as it sounds really luxurious as well as the fact that as we will soon be moving into the cooler moths I would like to think that this would provide a really hydrating cleanse. I've also included the Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask as this is something that comes with solid recommendations.

Next up is the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser which ever since it was released a month or so ago I have put into my virtual basket about five or six times. I've only held off buying it up until now as I have other things I could be using up first. It has had very good reviews over the last month therefore I'm incredibly keen to try give it a go, it would also be my first ever product from Origins.

I'm very keen to try a chemical exfoliator within my regime as I'm currently not using much in terms of exfoliating products. The Pixi Glow Tonic is ideally my first choice however, as it is very hard to get hold of I looked elsewhere and stumbled upon the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner. This has had great reviews too although not as many as the Clarins and Pixi toners, maybe this is because it is less well known?

Last up is a bb cream! I live in the hope that one day I will find one that is perfect as I really do like the idea of a bb cream and the principal behind them. The Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream comes in one shade which will supposedly suit all skin tones; I'm certainly willing to give this a go after reading numerous reviews on it.

If you have any thoughts on the above products let me know.

19 August 2013

Perfume Collection

Perfume Collection

Perfumes are some of my favourite things when the subject of beauty crops up as I love to explore new scents and brands and indeed the incredible packaging that they so often arrive in. Perfumes are normally quite expensive and to be honest for me they are not the kind of thing I can buy very often therefore my collection is rather small yet modest at the same time; here are my current perfumes.

My Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Summer Edition of 2013 was a birthday present in July. I simply adore this fragrance and indeed the packaging which occupies tattoo designs based upon Japanese Koi, water and flowers. For me this is a really fresh and light fragrance which is beautiful for summer, with top notes such as tangerine, orange blossom, lemon and rose it certainly withholds all of my favourite scents.

Top notes: Tangerine, Lemon, Rose, Orange Blossom
Middle notes: Jasmine,Woodsy note, Ylang-Ylang,, Lily-of-the-Valley, White Iris
Base notes: Vanilla, Musk, Plant Amber

Flora by Gucci Garden Collection was also a birthday gift last year off my dad, it's not been used much in the picture as I forgot to take it with me to university so it sat in the gift box under my bed for quite a few months; it is so nice to be reunited with it again. Within the Garden Collection there were five fragrances with Gorgeous Gardenia being my favourite.

Top notes: Red Berries, Pear
Middle notes: Gardenia, Frangipani Flower
Base notes: Patchouli and Brown Sugar Accord

Boss Orange  by Hugo Boss was a treat for myself earlier this year, it was on a special offer in Superdrug as Valentine's Day was just around the corner. I have really liked this perfume for a while but I put off buying it as it was a little expensive to just buy on a whim, the offer at the time however was just too good to ignore. I've used this quite a bit since purchasing it as I find it really fresh and full of fruity flavours, perfect for this summer.

Top notes: Sweet apples
Middle notes: White Flower notes and Orange Blossom
Base notes: Sandalwood and Vanilla

I purchased Stella by Stella McCartney back in March after yet another great deal, this time in Boots. I did a small review of this back in April therefore if anyone would like to have a read of that then please click here. This is probably the most 'masculine' fragrance I own as all the others are very light and fruity whereas this is much deeper if that makes any kind of sense. It is one of my all time favourite scents meaning that I'm rather keen to try some other fragrances from Stella McCartney.

Top Notes: Rose Essence, Peony Flower and Mandarin Essence.
Middle Notes: Rose Absolute 
Base Notes: Woods and Amber

Whilst writing this post I came to realise I would like to learn a little bit more about top notes, middle notes and base notes. Therefore, I did a little search and found a nice bit of information from the website Escentual which explains these far better than I ever could, if you too would like to know more then have a little read of that here.

16 August 2013

Illamasqua Eye Liner Cake

Illamasqua has always been a brand that has intrigued me as I think it really stands out from all the other make up brands currently on the market. The brand is daring and bold and does something that nobody else can really quite achieve; it for me certainly stands out from the crowd.

I've always wanted to try something from the brand so when they did a big sale not so long back I ordered myself a couple of things to try, it would have been rude not to. One of the items I ordered was the Illamasqua Eye Liner Cake in the shade Mislead, a nice simple black.

Mislead is a simple black liner that is used by activating the dry pigment with water or sealing gel. This for me was a completely new concept as I had never heard of using any eye liner product in this way before. The product itself is completely dry in the pan whereby if you pop your fine liner brush into some water and then proceed to place this within the product it works up into a black paste liquid allowing you to create a smooth intense black line across your eyelid.

I currently use water as my activation method as I thought I would try that before purchasing the sealing gel, I do find that this works fine for me and that it lasts pretty well throughout the day. However, I would like to try the sealing gel just to see if there is any difference in longevity or indeed in the way it looks. I've read some very good things about the sealing gel therefore my interest is growing.

I use my Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush for applying my eye liner and I have to say...why has this not been mentioned before on any blog I've ever read? It's such a good brush and cost me around £6, bargain!

I originally purchased Eye Liner Cake because I had found that my current gel liner had dried up and had gone beyond usable therefore the idea of this product really did appeal to me as I knew I would be able to use it for quite a long time seeing that it was already a dry product. I wanted to get something from a higher end brand as black liner is something I use on a daily basis therefore I wanted to get something 'nice' if that makes sense. I have to say I'm so impressed with this product as for me it applies so nicely, it wears well and does not smudge, a perfect eye liner product. My only issue that I have found is that it can bleed ever so slightly; this may however be down to me using a little too much water, perhaps I need to be making the paste thicker which is where I think the sealing gel would come into play.


14 August 2013

That Summer Pout

During the summer I find myself embracing all colours of lipsticks, I must admit, I'm really enjoying wearing them this year as I've found myself being a lot less self conscious in terms of wearing brighter and bolder colours and indeed colours such as peach shades which I had never tried up until a few months back.

I do however tend to struggle in the lipstick department as my lips are always so dry, this is an issue I seem to moan about quite a lot on here but it really is something that bugs me! Nevertheless I've found that a simple routine such as this below really has helped with my bug baring problem.

First up, I've being using the LUSH Bubblegum Lip Scrub which has somewhat been a blogger favourite ever since I started up my blog. Technically speaking it is just castor sugar and jojoba oil in a pot with a bubblegum flavouring; however, it is rather lovely and a little bit fun too!

I use this to prep my lips by scrubbing away any dry skin that is present; this leaves them really soft once I've washed away the sugar. I have found this to be quite abrasive if you use too much like I did when I first purchased it, therefore don't use too much. Next up I have being using the Aesop Rosehip Seed Lip Cream* to put on after the lip scrub whereby this sinks in lovely leaving my lips really soft and quite moisturised resulting in a perfect base before I apply my lipstick. Enriched with vitamins C and E it softens and hydrates lips whilst also protecting them.

It is quite a heavily scented rose product which is not normally to everyone's taste; I have however found that it isn't as strong as the Balance Me Rose Otto Lip Salve which I did not get on with. I'm really enjoying using the Aseop product as it does sink in very quickly meaning I can put my lipstick of choice on straight away! My only issue with this is that it is the type of tube whereby the product can easily come oozing out of it rather quickly, much like a Blistex product I've had in the past.

I'm at the moment loving my Bourjous Rouge Edition Lipstick in Péche Cosy as it is a gorgeous peach shade that is so creamy and soft; it applies beautifully; especially having done this little routine beforehand.


12 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips

Maybelline Baby Lips

I'd like to think myself out of the habit of falling for hyped up products, but alas, as soon as I heard that the Maybelline Baby Lips were coming to the UK I immediately made a mental note of which one I wanted. I have so many lip balm products that really I could not justify buying another, yet at just £2.99 and the promising factor of 8 hours hydration I found myself wanting to try one.

First of all, I love the packaging! I can easily be how the packaging could be loved and hated yet for my part I really like it. The bright colours and bold text is an instant hit with me as I have nothing like this at all within my beauty collection.

I had initially only intended to buy the 'Hydrate' version as I suffer with dry lips pretty much constantly. I use the NUXE Rêve de Miel of a night time yet I find that too heavy during the day, therefore I thought the hydrate version would offer me my daytime solution. As they were on 3 for 2 at Superdrug I decided to pick up another in Pink Punch as I wanted to see what the colour pay off was like with my mom choosing Peach Kiss as her shade.

Upon application of Pink Punch I was really surprised at how shiny it was, this I felt was really nice and pretty with it not being sticky in the slightest. The colour pay off was good too, in fact, I'm quite surprised as to how much I like it therefore I think I will probably try and find some images of Cherry Me online as I've heard a lot of people mention that particular shade. Pink Punch has a slightly fruity scent which isn't that noticeable to be honest, I would have liked this to have been a bit stronger. I have noticed that Peach Kiss is much less pigmented with this creating a subtle wash of colour over the lips, to me it wasn't really that noticeable but it still did look pretty and quite natural on; I wouldn't hesitate to buy that one for myself.

Of course the Hydrate version is a clear lip balm which has so far being really moisturising, I think it is lovely as a base before a lipstick is applied; to me this smells the same as Pink Punch yet tastes a bit like lemonade. I doubt very much these will last 8 hours, I mean we're all drinking, eating and who knows what else therefore re-application is needed, however I have noticed that my lips still feel quite moisturised after a good two hours which for just £2.99 I'm pretty happy with.

Has anyone else caved into the hype of these? I think they are worth it in general as the price is very good, the packaging in my opinion is really unique and fun and overall they are doing a relatively good job. I'm glad I have the two I've chosen, I can't say I'll be rushing out to buy any more at the moment as I'm pretty satisfied with my two.

These can be purchased from Boots and Superdrug at £2.99 each.


10 August 2013

Blogs I read #1

I've being blogging for nearly one and a half years now and in that time I've found so many blogs that I have come to really love. I love nothing more than grabbing a nice cup of tea, the odd biscuit or two and sitting having a read of what you all have to say.

I've come to realise that I've so many that I keep going back to, it has developed into some form of evening ritual, therefore I thought it was high time I shared with you all some of the blogs I'm reading on a weekly basis as well as new ones that I'm discovering. I'm hoping to make a little series of this, perhaps one or two a month so if you like it please do let me know and I'll continue to do them from now on.

Sarah from Temporary Secretary is amazingly beautiful and so friendly. I really like popping over to her blog and reading about her latest product reviews as I've found some lovely things over on there that I want to try, particularly the Amie Facial Wash. She has incredible style, with everything she wears looking as if it was made for her. If you haven't seen Sarah's blog before then check it out, if for nothing else than her gorgeous cat Oscar.

Kirsty from the blog Behind These Close Eyes has a truly lovely blog which features really down to earth reviews on products that I trust 100%. I love everything about her blog; it is so crisp and tidy with really nice photography; I only wish my photography skills were as good! She is incredibly friendly and interactive with readers, which is something I really appreciate.

Celina from The Celution is a wonderful girl from Canada, oh how I would love to go to Canada! Again yet another clear and wonderfully written blog which deviates on occasion away from the beauty world, with effort focused on more thoughtful and engaging posts. A delightful change to my otherwise beauty filled bloglovin feed; I thoroughly enjoy reading Celina's blog.

Last but by no means least is Amy from The Little Magpie! I think I've being reading Amy's blog for the quite possibly the longest as it was one of the first I ever found when I first started blogging. I'm so glad I stumbled across her blog as it is truly incredible. She's so funny and down to earth as well as being stunning. Her style for me is second to none, she makes everything look amazing and she certainly has the eye for jewellery!

Let me know if you check out any of these blogs, I would love to hear if you love them as much as I do.

9 August 2013

The Skin Care Tag

This has been on my list of posts to do for ages, ever since Megan from Seek My Scribbles tagged me, thank you Megan!

Describe your skin care routine in 5 words.
 Enjoyable,  Relaxing, Nourishing, Refreshing and Hydrating!

What's your skin type?
Combination to oily, I've also noticed it can be quite dehydrated at times which is why I've incorporated a few things in to combat that. One product that I'm really finding helps with this is the Super Facialist oil above.

What's your favourite skin care product?
This is a tough one as I have so many things that I really like, if I had to pick one it would probably be the Super Facialist Rose Hydrate Facial Oil with the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish a very close runner up!

Top blemish zapper
Hmm I haven't yet found anything that works really well for me, suggestions are welcome :)

Face wipes yay or nay?
Nay! Even before blogging I never used these as they just seem rather lazy, hope I don't offend anyone there, personal opinion and all that. I must admit I've always liked to clean my face properly therefore wipes had never really crossed my mind.

High-end skin care or high-end make-up?
High end skin care every single time. I'd rather spend on a moisturiser and cleanser and achieve improved skin as make up will look much better once applied. Plus, drugstore make up is normally pretty good anyway!

What's the most unusual skin care product you've tried?
I tried an Montagne Jeunesse mask that was in the form of a face, a bit like those sheet makes you can buy....my word it was strange. See my review of that here :)

You're in a French pharmacy and can only pick up one item - what is it?
Most likely the La Roche Posay Serozinc as I really like the sound of the antibacterial properties that it claims.

Tell us your top skin care tip.
Keep it up, morning and night and you will definitely see a difference in your skin. I started double cleansing too after I initially hearing about it and I must say that ever since I've being doing this I've noticed such a difference. 

The only other thing I would suggest is try drinking green tea and more water, I'm no expert but last year I really made an effort and cut my normal tea down to the minimum. Just one cup in the morning and then green tea and water for the remainder of the day left my skin after a few months looking the best it had in a long time. I really need to do this again to test this as my skin really did improve during the time I did that.

I enjoyed doing this today, therefore the five people I tag are:

Of course really this is open to anybody so if you do it be sure to drop me the link below!


8 August 2013

Grey Mel

So far I had being enjoying our glorious summer weather, I don't think I can remember the last time the UK was graced with the sunshine for such an extended period of time. However having just got myself settle into a routine of skirts and sun tan lotion out popped the rain clouds and thunder...I'm convinced I jinxed it somehow.

This jumper, appropriately named 'Grey Mel' has accompanied me pretty much every day since I got it. It is so incredibly soft and comfortable; I've really never owned anything like it which is why it's not left my back in days. At first I thought it would be far too hot for this weather but actually paired up with a light vest top underneath it is surprisingly cool, perfect if you want to be covered up a little more on summer evenings.

I really like how it is longer at the back compared to the front as for some odd reason this makes me feel much more comfortable, like some sort of protective layer over ones behind..any of you guys find that?  No..just me then. 

I had never had anything from French Connection before so I was initially wary of sizing, therefore I went with a size small which is roughly aimed at a size 10. I'm really happy with the sizing if I'm honest as the jumper fits very well yet is still baggy enough as I do like my jumpers to feel a bit bigger; I'm all about the comfort! If you too like being comfy and have fell just a little bit in love with this jumper then take a closer look over at Veronica Vhari Knitted Jumper at French Connection, they have a gorgeous mint shade in this too.

Clearly I've being thinking it has turned into autumn much quicker than it really has as I paired this up with some black skinny jeans and my trusty black ankle boots. I must say, putting those boots on to wear on the sodden grass made me want autumn to get here very soon, I just adore wearing these as they are so incredibly comfortable, in the words of Ace Ventura, they fit like a glove!

I'm off to go and snuggle up on the sofa in my jumper now whilst reading Gone Girl.


6 August 2013

Dior | My Top Picks

1. Dior Miss Dior Eau De Pafum 2. Diorskin Nude BB Cream 3. Dior Skin Nude Compact Tan 001
4. Dior Addict Summer Lipstick
Let's face it, there is always that one high end product that you just can't wait to get your hands on. I know there are plenty of things I would really like but one has to be reasonable at times and remember that we're not all blessed with disposable income. However, I see nothing wrong with the odd treat here and there, or a possible hint as a birthday gift so if you're a fan of Dior and wonder what they have at the moment then look no further. After browsing the Dior range on the John Lewis website I've picked out my top things from the brand which I currently have my eye on.

I'll start with one of the most obvious products from Dior, with that being the Miss Dior Eau De Pafum. Everything about this appeals to me as it is a gorgeous glass bottle with a cute bow on top; it is simply beautifully designed. I've picked this up so much in the past in order to smell it because I love it so much, therefore I think it is high time I finally put it on my Christmas list.

Next up is a product I've seen Essie from Essiebutton rave about, with this being the Diorskin Nude BB Cream. I haven't yet had the pleasure to try this myself however it looks and sounds incredible. I can't help but give into the BB hype as I'm convinced I will one day find the perfect one, this may just be that.

I'm not usually a bronzer girl as if I'm honest I'm generally quite scared of over doing it, however if I could be tempted by any bronzer out there then it would most certainly be the Dior Skin Nude Compact. Again, another beautifully designed product that I would really cherish within my make up collection. This product offers four different shades therefore you could achieve a nice bronzed look or a beautiful fresh radiant look using the pink toned powder, I personally would use a bit of both and create a nice natural glow.

Last but certainly not least is the Dior Addict Summer Lipstick, oh how I would like one of these to grace my handbag! The shade 'Princess Extreme' appeals to me the most as it is a nice soft pink which would be lovely to use during the day as well as the evening.

If any of these products have tickled your fancy then I thoroughly recommend checking out the Dior range at John Lewis as the featured products above can all be found there along with some other great Dior products.

*Sponsored Post


4 August 2013

Balance Me Daily Essentials Moisture Rich Face Cream

Moisturising is a key part of my skincare routine, morning and night therefore when I find something I really like I tend not to look to anything else for a while.

Up until about two months ago I was using the Balance Me Daily Essentials Moisture Rich Face Cream* as my morning moisturiser. This is aimed at normal to dry or sensitive skin which even though my skin is not dry I would say it can be quite sensitive therefore I found this to be rather a good option for me at the time.

I found this to be a really nourishing day time moisturiser, particularly throughout the winter months when I found my skin needing that extra boost of hydration. This product left my skin feeling really soft and moisturised, whereby I also found it to be quite a nice base for makeup to be applied to after it had absorbed into my skin. It is quite a thick product I find which doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy in the slightest, however I have for the moment stopped using this as my skin hasn't required the nourishment that this provides due to the warmer weather making my skin oilier. I know as soon as the cold weather sets back in, which is never far away in the UK that I'll be picking this up again.

I really do like the smell of this as it is quite floral yet with hints of citrus at the same time; it's really quite refreshing. My only gripe with this is the fact that the product can often dry up in the dispenser resulting in hard moisturiser which is never any good. I've noticed that this product is not alone in this issue as my REN moisturiser also does the same, therefore, even though I think the packaging as it is currently is really nice I do overall think a tube would be more practical to help prevent build up of dry product.

Aside from this minor issue I really do like this product. At £24 it's not that cheap however for the price you are getting a product that is free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oils, silicone's, artificial  fragrances as well as no animal testing; that for me in itself makes me keen to try a product.

If you're new to Balance Me then I would highly recommend checking out their Daily Essentials Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm which is utterly divine. I did a review on that here.

*PR sample, this product was kindly sent to me for consideration.

1 August 2013

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic

I've being blogging for over a year now and I find it odd that I haven't yet featured a product from Liz Earle. As we all know, the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is a huge cult product within the beauty community therefore when I first started out blogging it was something I had to get my hands on. Now, after using that on and off for 6 months and more recently a lot more frequently I have finally decided that yes, it does deserve the huge applause it receives. Today however I'm not going to be reviewing the Cleanse and Polish as that is a future post in the works I will however be looking at the Instant Boost Skin Tonic, which is a product from Liz Earle which I think often is overlooked.

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic

The Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic is a toner which aims to soothe and brighten the skin after using your cleanser of choice. The packaging says to use this day and night but to be quite honest I only ever used it in the evening time after my cleanser and before my moisturiser. To use this I simply pour some onto a cotton pad and sweep it across my face, this ensures that any remaining cleanser is removed (although it should be anyway) whilst also soothing my skin.

The tonic contains aloe vera in order to revitalise the skin as well as chamomile and cucumber to soothe. I must say when I use this it is a really refreshing and calming experience as it smells so darn good. I find that this really does make my skin feel refreshed and revitalised and now that it has all been used up I find that I'm really missing this in my evening skincare routine, I'm rather gutted that I do not have another bottle in reserve.

This product can be used by pouring it onto a cotton pad or it can also be used a spritzer as it comes in two different packaging formats which is really quite a good idea; I've not noticed many other brands that do this. At £13.25 I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again barring funds permit as it is a lovely toner to have within your skincare regime.

I love the fact that Liz Earle products are not tested on animals, despite the brand having been purchased by Avon I understand that they remain true to their no animal testing policy.

I must admit there are a few products that I've still got my eye on from Liz Earle that I'm really keen to try, with those being the Signature Foundation and the Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion.
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