29 October 2013

Balance Me Limited Edition Box

I'm a huge fan of Balance Me, their products are gorgeous and really add something special within my skincare routine. Being able to try new brands is one of my favourite things to do as I love experimenting with new products, this of course inevitably rubs off on my mom who is often pretty keen to see what the latest product is I'm using. She recently tried a few of my Balance Me products and fell in love; therefore I decided to point her in the direction of the You Beauty Discovery. At the moment You Beauty Discovery are currently offering a limited edition box full of amazing Balance Me goodies worth over £100 for just £19.95, this is a fantastic opportunity to try the brand if you haven't already so....what are you waiting for?

Rose Otto Body Wash 100ml
Super Moisturising Hand Cream 50ml
Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm 40ml
Moisture Rich Face Cream 20ml
Facial Expression Filler 15ml
Wonder Eye Cream 10ml 
Radiance Face Oil 10ml 

Within the box there are seven Balance Me products along with a £10 voucher for the Balance Me website.

I personally have tried the Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm of which I did a review on here along with the Moisture Rich Face Cream here, both are fantastic products that I have thoroughly enjoyed using, particularly the cleansing balm. Whilst having not done a review on the Wonder Eye Cream I can tell you that it is a gorgeous product and one that I would purchase for myself in the future. 

Balance Me is a cruelty free brand that keeps out all the questionable ingredients out of the products leaving you knowing that you're using something really natural on your skin. I really think that this is a fantastic beauty box, whereby I wish I had one of my own however I'm being good at the moment due to the run up to Christmas. Speaking of Christmas, it would make a perfect gift for somebody although you must be quick because once they're gone they're gone.

I had best go and hand this back to her now the photographs of it are taken, she's been itching to open everything!


27 October 2013

Halloween Nail Designs

Sunday calls for F1, a roast dinner and plenty of blog reading, however whilst browsing blogs today I realised I hadn't done any nail designs for Halloween, therefore feeling rather left out I decided to put this right. Queue spontaneous nail art!
These were done pretty quick today I must admit so please excuse the questionable spiders and the really random black one (I have no idea what that was supposed to be...Zorro maybe). 

Whilst creating these earlier the one thing that was on my mind was the simple fact that why is candy corn not readily available here in the UK...this needs sorting out for next year as I really want to try some out of sheer curiosity.

If you have any Halloween nail designs featured on your blog then hit me with a comment below, I'd love to check them out.



23 October 2013

MAC Plumful

It's not often I crave a make-up product as I do find that I'm definitely more interested in skincare however every now and then there pops up an item which I keep on thinking about. This one product has been on my mind now for a number of months, do I, don't I...it took me a while to purchase it but I finally reached for my card and made that all important purchase; MAC Plumful was mine!

Keen eyed bloggers will notice the background to these pictures is no other than the new Blogosphere Magazine where the lovely Estée from Essiebutton graces the front cover. I hold up my hands and say it was Estée who originally made me want this lipstick as I thought it looked gorgeous on her therefore I found it quite apt for her to feature on my background today. On a quick side note, if you love blogging definitely check out the magazine, it is fantastic!

I rarely fall for a hype product, mainly because I can't afford to just buy anything as and when therefore purchasing this after thinking about it for a while has made it even more special; I just love this lipstick and can see it becoming a firm favourite throughout the rest of the year.

Plumful is medium pink toned lipstick with a hint of plum, it's the perfect autumn shade for me as it adds just enough colour without being too pink or too vamped up. With it being a lustre finish this means that it is quite sheer, however it can be built up if needs be. It is a really creamy formula that glides effortlessly on to the lips leaving them feeling really soft and moisturised; it also disguises dry lips pretty well. However due to this I do find that in terms of longevity the shade does not that last long as after a couple of hours at most reapplication is required. That to me is a slight bug bare considering that these lipsticks now cost £15 a pop having said that I have to admit I'm willing to overlook it for this particular lipstick as it is so nice to wear. 

I think this particular shade would suit so many people however it may be worth having a look at your local MAC counter to be on the safe side, that being said you may end up walking away with more than you anticipated, those counters are dangerous!

Have you tried MAC Plumful? I would love to hear your thoughts and any further recommendations on shades.


21 October 2013

Lily Lolo Honey Glow Shimmer Stripes

Before I delved into the realm of beauty blogging I can hand on heart say that I had never used a highlighting product before, I just wasn't aware of them. Fast forward a year and a bit later where I have a little collection of highlighters which have fast become one of my favourite products to use within my make up routine. The most recent addition has been from the brand Lily Lolo, a brand that I have often found myself browsing due to their cruelty free status (I had originally discovered them whilst researching cruelty free brands last year).  
The Honey Glow Shimmer Stripes* from the new Classics and Metallics Collection I have to say is one of the nicest products I've seen in a while. It arrived in beautiful simple packaging that is both elegant and sophisticated, all whilst being super protective of the product inside which is something I take note of as I'm not really keen on cardboard type packaging such as the benefit blushers. There is a handy mirror of a decent size too which is a huge bonus if you take this out with you or away for the weekend.

The soft pressed powder is adorned with five beautiful shades of peach, gold, bronze and pink which all work together perfectly to create a stunning warm shimmering glow to the skin. I've found that this can be used as lightly as you like to add just a hint of warmth to your complexion or indeed it can be built up to create a more intense look. Either way I think it is a truly stunning product that really has added something new to my routine. This has somewhat of a bronzing effect on me as I'm quite pale which is something that I was missing as in all honesty I'm rather scared of warming my complexion up from the fear of looking orange. 

There is another shade of this product currently available with this being the Rose Glow Shimmer Stripes. This too looks beautiful and has tones of pink and white within it which I should imagine provides a really refreshing look to the skin. Within the rest of the collection there are two beautiful eye shadow quads which again look wonderful. I must admit though out of everything currently on offer from Lily Lolo the lipsticks above all else really stand out to me as they have the most gorgeous packaging I've seen for such a long time.

I've found that the shimmer stripes last quite well on me, totting up a number of hours before any touch ups are needed. I have to say that being quite a novice when it comes to warming up my complexion these Lily Lolo Shimmer Strips have certainly eased me in gently, I really do love them!

Lily Lolo products are all made in the UK whereby they do not test on animals; they're made from natural ingredients and contain no parabens or other pesky ingredients. Derived from Sisters Lisa and Lorraine it is a brand that is fully committed to creating natural mineral make up for us ladies; a true blessing for us beauty lovers worldwide.

The Lily Lolo Honey Glow Shimmer Stripes retail at £19.99 and are available to buy from Lily Lolo.          


18 October 2013

The Autumn Tag

Source: We Heart It
I was recently tagged by Maggie and Ana  to take part in The Autumn Tag which has being floating around recently; thank you ladies. 

1: Favourite thing about autumn? 
My favourite thing about autumn has to be of course the change in all the colours, all the bright and flush greens start to fade into glorious crisp reds and orange, even shades of brown are rather appealing in this season. I also love that really fresh cold smell that grips the air, it's so incredibly awakening I find; I like nothing more than wrapping up warm and going for a walk in the woods when it is like that.
2: Favourite drink?
My favourite drink I'm afraid doesn't really change no matter what time of year as I'm a huge tea drinker so that's pretty much it. However, I do drink a lot of green tea too!
3: Favourite scent/candle? 
Hmm now this is a tricky one, I've already mentioned the cold fresh air smell (if you also notice that too then let me know as I feel really weird typing it).
4: Favourite Lipstick? 
This would probably be my Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Crush, it is a gorgeous berry colour.
5: Go to moisturiser?
Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser or the Ren Hydra Calm Moisturiser.
6: Go to colours for the eyes?
I'm torn between two looks for this as I really like a natural look with a nice deep wing of black eye liner; however then again I really like a deep brown smoky eye. 
7: Favourite band/singer to listen to? 
I listen to all sorts throughout the year therefore I have no real preference for this particular question, a few favourites of late are Lana Del Ray, Bastille, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Coldplay. I like quite a variety of music but sometimes find myself not listening to any new stuff for a while and just sticking with my favourites.
8: Favourite outfit to wear?
Skinny jeans, checked shirt and a baggy jumper and of course the obligatory scarf.
9: Autumn treat? 
I love those apple lattice things you can buy in Greggs during the build-up to Halloween. (Thinking about it those may have cinnamon in, eww!)
10: Favourite place to be?
I'm a home gal, I like being at home watching something on TV with a nice cup of tea, reading blogs with a chocolate biscuit or two...I'm so wild!

I find it hard to find anybody who hasn't already been tagged in this so therefore feel free to tag yourselves and let me know if you do it as I would love to have a little read.


15 October 2013

REN Rosa Centifolia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser

Out of all the skincare brands I have tried thus far, there are a number that stand out to me. The brand REN is one of those as in the past I've tried a number of their products which have always left me feeling really positive and impressed about the quality of the products. The most recent product I have being using has been the REN Rosa Centifolia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser* which as the name suggests is a gentle exfoliator which aims to remove dead skin cells leaving your skin refreshed and soothed.

I had for a while stopped using physical exfoliators as I'd had a bad experience with one from St Ives which left my skin red raw, however I had felt that I was definitely missing something within my skincare routine so  I opted to try this new offering from REN. 

It is described as a 2 in 1 cleanser whereby the first stage involves exfoliating Jojoba Wax microbeads which exfoliate the skin removing any dead skin cells and other pollutants built up from your day. As you work the cleanser into your skin the microbeads melt down indicating that the exfoliating stage has finished. The then melted down Jojoba Wax helps to hydrate the skin leaving the skin looking fuller and more rejuvenated. Once you're complete you simply rinse off with warm water whereby your skin is left nice and soft and more importantly clean.

Throughout the last month I have being using this product roughly twice a week as I don't want to go overboard on manual exfoliation. I have found it to be a wonderful product as it really is extremely gentle as the microbeads are very soft and do not feel harsh in anyway. I initially didn't see the break down in the microbeads however I think this was down to the fact that I wasn't using it for long enough as once I read the description a little bit better and took more time with it I did find that they did break down nicely. 

The cleanser itself is a simple white cleanser which has a gorgeous peppermint scent to it. I really do enjoy mint scented products so this was a huge bonus point to me as using products that have these types of scents associated with them makes my skin feel refreshed as well as me. I think because of this it is definitely a product to use in the morning in my opinion as I don't want to be feeling all refreshed just before I go to bed, I need that in the morning when I'm still rather blurry eyed after rolling out of bed. My only real issue that I found I had with this is that if stored standing up right I found that product leaked out leaving the cap full of cleanser. 

Priced at £15 I think it is worth the money as it will last you quite a long time, besides from longevity with REN you know you're getting a product that is free from parabens, mineral oil, silicones and a whole heap of other stuff.



Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Leaf Water, Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetearyl Glucoside, Cetearyl Alcohol, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Phenoxyethanol, Juniperus Communis Fruit Oil, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Limonene, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Citric Acid, Tocopherol.

*PR Sample. This product was kindly sent to be for consideration.
REN are a cruelty free brand.

11 October 2013

Nica Ashley Satchel

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to try the Nica Ashley Satchel* which is a brand I have often admired in various department stores due to the intricate and beautiful designs of each bag. I find the brand to be incredibly feminine without being over the top, every design I have looked at has been unique and truly beautiful. The Nica Ashley Satchel* is available in three different colours, black, tan and salmon with my choice as shown above being black. 

This bag can be used across the body or on the shoulder which is my preferred preference as it has adjustable straps allowing it to be set to your ideal length which is perfect for those like me who are pretty short. There is a floral embroidery pattern which flows across the bag adding just the right amount of detail. With this being black the floral detail isn't as pronounced as it is upon the tan bag (go take a look) which in my opinion is a shame as on the tan one it really does stand out; I think it looks gorgeous! 

The bag secures via a magnetic stud which is quite sturdy so I feel quite confident in knowing that my things are nice and safe within it. Under the flap of the bag there is a side pocket where bits and pieces can be stored if you want them separate from the main compartment of the bag. This isn't a huge bag although I must admit it was bigger than I thought it would be once it arrived. I have to say I found myself pleasantly surprised as to how much room there is within the main body of the bag as you could easily get a few A5 notebooks within it along with your purse, keys, make up and that obligatory chocolate bar. There is a zip pocket within the main section which adds that extra bit of security such you need it for your phone or purse.

As you can see there is a cute addition to this bag with this being in the form of a flower charm, this is detachable if you so wish. I personally will be leaving it on the bag until the end of time as I think it looks very nice indeed. For me this is just what I would expect from a brand such as Nica as it's the little additions such as these that really make me notice a brand. Complete with a gold bow on the front of the bag I think this really finishes off the presentation of the bag nicely, leaving you with a sophisticated satchel that can be used to soften up any outfit.

This bag at the moment is currently on offer for less than £35 with its full retail price being £49, snap it up whilst you can from Bagable.


*PR Sample. This product was kindly sent to be for consideration.

9 October 2013

Boots Haul

It's been a while since I posted a haul on here so I thought I'd share with you my post recent purchases from Boots. Please note that these purchases were not all in one go, they're a few things put together which I've picked up over the last three months.

Boots Haul

A while ago the Hydraulon Moisture Booster was on offer in Boots for roughly £16 instead of its full retail price of £25. I had read so many good things about this product for months and months that when the opportunity arose to pick it up cheaper I found myself struggling to resist. I have to say that once again the hype of a beauty blogger cult product really has been proven as this really is a fantastic product; I cannot recommend it enough. A further more in depth review is to come of this as it has dramatically improved the condition of my skin.

Next up is the Dr Jart Water Fuse BB Beauty Balm which at the time of purchase was on offer for £12. I actually used my Boots points to buy this as I had just enough to buy it, yay! It is quite a nice product and blends rather nicely onto my skin leaving a nice finish; I would however like to try it for longer before I completely make my mind up on it.

During July I found myself coming to the end of my OPI Nail Envy which I liked but never found myself seeing results to warrant the shocking price of £18.65. I'm aware that you can pick it up for cheaper off the likes of Amazon yet the truth remains that it is still quite a pricey product. I decided to go for the Essie Grow Stronger nail treatment instead so we shall see how that goes.

I have being thinking of buying the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm for a long time now (you all know which one) yet I just couldn't spend that amount of money on one product in one go, therefore I opted for the much cheaper Botanics Cleansing Balm. This was on offer for £6.99 and having enjoyed the original formula of this I thought it would be worth a try. I have to say despite it changing for what some said the worse I do happen to be enjoying using it.

Last but not least was the one product I knew I was going to splurge on a little. I had wanted to try Origins for such a long time therefore once I started reading fantastic reviews of the GinZing Moisturiser I knew this would be the product to go for. It is a gel moisturiser which I do tend to prefer as these make my skin feel really nice compared to a lot of creams which can make my skin feel greasy. Priced at £23 this was expensive to me yet it was something I had being wanting to pick up for a while.

7 October 2013

Winter Wellingtons

I've always had a little bit of a thing for a nice pair of wellingtons, the fact that you can walk through a huge puddle and still keep your little toes dry really appeals to me; maybe that's just the kid inside of me. I've always found most designs to be rather boring and plain however over the last few years there have been some really unique designs making this rather unattractive piece of footwear suddenly much more appealing. 

The Tottie Wharfdale Wellington Boots  caught my eye immediately whilst browsing for winter wellingtons this autumn. These come in blue and pink too however I preferred the dark blue and red as they look more appropriate for autumn. These wellies are the most fun out of the five I have chosen and indeed the most colourful; I would definitely wear these myself.

Of course a post featuring wellies could not be complete without featuring the classic Hunter Original Gloss Welly. These come in some great colours with the colour Dark Ruby being a new one for this season.

I had never really considered Tesco for clothing before but after having a browse I think I will definitely make more of an effort next time I'm in store. I found the F&F Spotted Welly  which immediately made me think of my current pair as they're very alike, mine are just a lot more dirty and worn....I think I should buy some new ones after making this post.

Ahh the Joules Premium Welly  has to be one of my favourites I've featured here as they're so sophisticated (if a welly can indeed be sophisticated). They look so nice and the bow detail on the back is just adorable, they have some other fantastic designs too however I chose the more simple one for this post.

Lastly, New Look came up trumps with the Black Russian Doll Print Welly. I actually really like this pair; I'm not sure what it is about them as really they're rather plain however I've always found Russian dolls to be rather quirky.

So there we have it, wellies for the autumn.....now find me some puddles!

Sponsored Post.

5 October 2013

Dixi Wish List

I'm a huge fan of the online jewellery website Dixi, so much so that I have placed an order in the past after chasing up a particular necklace. After having a browse on the website more recently I decided to make a little wishlist to show to you some of the gorgeous pieces of jewellery they currently have as I can't help but share this incredible site.

Dixi has recently had a new range released onto the site with this being the 'Gypsy Nights' collection which has an array of gold, silver and rose gold jewellery all combined with stunning crystals. One of my favourite pieces from the collection has to be the Keeper Of The Night Necklace in silver (my favourite) as I think this is so pretty and mystical as it has a silver disc with an incorporated half moon present of which etched stars surround it. I think this is so different to anything on the site therefore it really does stand out to me.

Next up is the Sterling Silver Plain Band Midi Ring which I've had my eye on for a little while as I really do want a plain silver band. I do already own the wishbone midi ring in silver from Dixi therefore I would love to add this one to my collection.

The stunning Ice Queen Druzy Ring immediately caught my eye as it is so beautiful, I really like the tear drop shape of this as its quite soft and gentle look. The colour of it appeals to me greatly, especially as we head towards winter as it makes me think of snow and ice.

The Harper Hammered Arrowhead ring has an antiqued silver finish to it which really appeals to me as I do like that older looking finish to jewellery. This is quite big compared to most rings I wear but again, I like it as it is so different to so many things currently available.

Last but certainly not least is the Dark Side Crystal Bullet Necklace which has either a Amethyst or Clear Quartz finish to it. Seeing as I already have an Amethyst necklace from Dixi I would probably go for the Clear Quartz version, I'd really like to have a few different crystals and gems within my jewellery collection as I'm fascinated by them.

Dixi on a whole has some beautiful pieces of jewellery which allow you to create a wonderful bohemian look by layering up a number of pieces together; I definitely feel a little order coming on soon.

I'd just like to add that this was not a sponsored post in any shape or form, I just really wanted to share with you all the fantastic items on this site because if you love jewellery as much as I do then I'm sure you would like this site too.

3 October 2013

Dolce and Gabbana Rose The One

The Italian luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana has always been one that has intrigued me, particularly when it has come to their fragrances. Recently I was offered the opportunity to try one of their fragrances courtesy of Fragrance Direct, which is an online website that sells a range of beauty products including fragrance, make up and skincare. 

Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One* at first glance is a truly beautiful fragrance, to me it looks so pretty and feminine. The rose gold detail of the lid and text adds that extra bit of femininity to the packaging, gaining instant brownie points from me as I'm easily persuaded by something that looks nice. The glass bottle itself is really quite thick and heavy making it feel rather expensive in my opinion. The actual fragrance has a slight pink tone to it within the bottle which again is a lovely addition. I have to say that the presentation of the whole product is really quite special.

The initial scent of this is a mix between citrus and floral as there is definitely a hint of grapefruit present at first with it quickly adapting on the skin into something much more floral; I really notice the rose scent coming forward after less than a few minutes. After a little while the fragrance does settle down on the skin quite a lot with hints of vanilla becoming more prominent. 

I would say that this fragrance is perfect if you're looking for something light and floral without being too overpowering. As we head into autumn I doubt I will use it too much as I want something deeper for these colder months, something like Stella, however, I know that this will be coming back out rather rapidly as we hit the beginning of next spring.

Dolce & Gabbana Rose The One is available from Fragrance Direct in a 30ml, 50ml and 75ml EDP Spray.

Top Notes: Blackcurrant, Pink Grapefruit, Mandarin.
Heart Notes: Peony, Madonna Lily, Lychee, Bulgarian Rose.
Base Notes: Ambrette Seed, Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla.

*PR Sample. This product was kindly sent to me for consideration.


1 October 2013


Grey Zip Vest Top - New Look, Black Skirt- Missguided, Black Converse

My last outfit post had this skirt within it yet I felt that I didn't really show it off in all its glory as the Kimono I wore completely stole the show. I picked this up earlier on in the year from Missguided as I really liked the leather looking panels against the matte material, overall something a little bit different to a plain black skirt. 

Paired up with a simple grey vest top from New Look I found quite a nice monochrome style outfit which incidentally is the best on trend style ever....fact. I was stuck for a name for this post as really it is a very simple outfit; however the zip on the top added a tiny bit of detail, therefore the post title name was born.

I'd like to add a little thank you to all the kind words I've received on my very few outfit posts. They're something I really want to expand on yet I do feel quite self-conscious about it at times, all your positive feedback has been very much appreciated.

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