28 February 2014

February Favourites

February Beauty Favourites
As February has drawn to a close I have found myself once again choosing my favourite products from the past month. It was quite an easy one this time around as I knew what I wanted to feature without having to narrow it down too much.

First up is my Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Colour in Pink Flush. This was a limited edition shade from the Nude Glo Collection and has been pretty much the only lipstick product that I have used this month aside from a couple of lip crayons. I did a review on this along with one of the palettes from the collection here if you would like a closer look.

For Christmas my mom ordered me a gift set off the Boots website where at the time there was a free sample promotion running of the Le Volume De Chanel Mascara. I finally opened this at the beginning of the month and have really being enjoying it as it really has helped to keep my lashes separated as well as providing volume and length; I've also been quite impressed with how it holds the curl throughout the day. 

During the month of February I was super good and only purchased one skincare product (no makeup at all) as I'm on a mission to use some things up at the moment, although the current 3 for 2 at Boots is extremely tempting! The product I picked up was the new reformulated Effaclar Duo + by La Roche -Posay because I really wanted to give it a try. Way back last year I had tried the original version and had been left disappointed by it so what made me pick this up I have no idea however I'm super glad that I did because it has worked wonders for my skin so far. I've not had any break outs since using this which has to be over three weeks now, in general my skin looks quite a lot clearer too.

I may have featured the Una Brennan Clay Mask from Super Facialist in a favourite post here and there in the past yet I feel justified in featuring it again as it is a wonderful product that can be picked up in your Boots; the range is also on offer quite a lot of the time too! Clay masks are some of my favourite skincare products to use, not just because it's just a little bit fun but because they really help to clear the skin of any impurities that are lurking. 

My last product from February comes in the form of a fragrance, none other than a celebrity one which in general I tend to not like as I have never really found any nice ones. However for Christmas I received the Lady Gaga Fame gift set and have being wearing it none stop ever since. The fragrance itself is black inside the glass bottle but sprays on clear, it's really quite unusual. It smells really nice and for me is perfect for every day, I also don't mind using this so frequently because it is more affordable compared to some of my other fragrances that I like to save for nice occasions.

Youtube - My favourite YouTube channel that I have being watching this month is HelloOctoberxo, ran by Suzie. She has a beautiful blog to coincide with her channel and has recently featured the bag of my dreams.

Blog - My favourite blog of the month is The Celution, ran by Celina this is full of beauty and lifestyle posts. She's also pretty darn nice too so it's worth checking her out!

What have you being enjoying using this month?

27 February 2014

Thirty Years of Accessorize!

It's hard to believe that Accessorize has been around for thirty years, ever since launching a small store in Covent Garden in 1984 the name has grown across the globe. This year in order to celebrate Accessorize is embarking upon a road trip where various stylish hotspots will be hit with sparkly statement pieces and pastels galore. First stop? London!

Take a look at the video below to get a glimpse of some of the items in store for London this year!

Now for those that don't live in London (like me) I see no reason for us to miss out on what the brand has to offer therefore I decided to compile a little list of things that I would like to get my hands on this year, I fully recommend that you do the same too.

Mint green is fast becoming one of my favourite shades this year, therefore the silk scarf above combined with grey (another favourite colour of mine) looks to be a complete winner for me. I picked out the military cap to add something a little bit different as I never ever wear hats however this could be the first hat to make an appearance on my head purely because I like it so much.

The Double Pocket Bag is another spectacular offering from Accessorize this year, it reminds me of the Zara City Bag somewhat but quite a bit cheaper!

Of course an Accessorize feature would not be complete without mentioning some jewellery with this being of no exception. The collection of silver bracelets here are extremely pretty and will add a little bit of a bohemian vibe to an outfit whilst the delicate flower necklace would look beautiful against a soft cream blouse. I also added in some plain sterling silver bands as you cannot go wrong with them, I'm actually making a mental note to pick these up in store next week.

The last item I decided to take a closer look at was the Leila Butterfly Vest Set as it immediately caught my eye whilst browsing the website. I have to say that I never really consider the clothing or underwear in store but next time I go in I'll make a point to have a look as they are super pretty.

**Sponsored Post - All opinions and reasoning are my own.

25 February 2014

Beauty Essentials

Beauty Essentials

Sometimes amongst all the latest beauty releases and countless blog reviews it is easy to forget those important essential beauty items that we rely on day in and day out. This post has been long overdue on my blog so today on my day off I thought it was high time it crept its way on here. These items are not fancy by any means yet without them I would find myself running into Boots or my local supermarket to pick them up ASAP if I suddenly found myself without any of them.

First up is a simple face flannel. These come in a variety of colours so you can buy some to suit your bathroom colour scheme or simply to keep them separate to everyone else's in your home. I chose white and have ensured that everybody else in my house has a different colour so that we all know which ones belong to which person. Face flannels such as these can be as cheap or as expensive as you like, it's really up to you. I picked mine up Dunelm however they can be purchased pretty much anywhere, Primark, Asda and Tesco are a few places that spring to mind. I use these as an evening to help cleanse my face after using a cleansing balm as they hold in the heat much longer than a muslin cloth; they also feel nicer on my skin too.

My L'Occitane Hand Cream from the magazine last year is a fundamental product for me as I suffer from dry hands quite frequently. I'm a huge fan of these hand creams as for me they leave my skin feeling really nice and soft without leaving that horrible greasy feeling which can often leave you redundant for fifteen minutes whilst the cream sinks in to your hands.

Of an evening I use large head bands to keep my hair back whilst cleansing my face. Since I had my fringe cut back in I find that it is easily soaked whilst cleansing if it is not pinned back somehow. These head bands are super handy to use and they're incredibly cheap to buy, they're also handy whilst working out to keep my hair off my face.

Glass nail files are the best thing since sliced bread; I will never use one of those Emery Boards again. I picked mine up super cheap from one of those cheap make up shops you can often find, mine cost me 99p and I've had it now for about three years. It's a fantastic little product and still works as if it was brand new.

Speaking of nails I find that cuticle sticks are really handy for pushing back overgrown cuticles to help to add a bit of length to the nail but also to tidy up before a manicure. Again these products are very cheap and can be found in most supermarkets so they can be picked up whilst on your weekly shop. 

Have you ever tried painting your toe nails without the odd things that are toe separators? I have and it was an epic failure. Since picking these up painting my toe nails has been a revelation, it's a much easier process now despite it feeling rather weird having your toes spread out like that!

What are your beauty essentials?<

24 February 2014

Blogs I read #3

It seems like forever since I last wrote one of these posts therefore what better way to spend my Sunday night/early Monday morning than putting a post together to spread the blogger love. 

First of all I thought I'd hit you guys up with an illustration blog ran by Kelly Smith over at Birdy & Me. If you're a fellow art enthusiast or simply appreciate beautiful illustrations then this is most certainly the blog for you. Often featuring illustrations focused on beauty and fashion Kelly has been one of my favourite bloggers over the last year, I'm also a huge fan of her instagram.

Claudia over at Beauty and the Chic was a discovery of mine towards the end of last year. I'm not entirely sure why it took me so long to discover her blog but better late than never as they say. Claudia features fashion and beauty posts and appears to have a slight obsession with LUSH...can you blame her? I'm a frequent visitor to her blog throughout the week with it being a must read of an evening as I sit down with my cup of tea.

Hello Terri Lowe! If you haven't already guessed it this blog is ran by Terri and features the most down to earth blog reviews and general chit chat that I have ever read in my two years of blogging. I absolutely love reading what she has to say next and she honestly makes me laugh so much. Hello Terri Lowe is most certainly a blog to check out if you want some true lifestyle blogging mixed up with beauty, fashion and the odd mention or two of Kitty.

Belle-Amie is a blog that I have being reading pretty much since I set my own up back in 2012, I'm pretty sure she was one of the first blogs I discovered too! The lovely Amie behind Belle-Amie features a wide variety of detailed beauty reviews from across the high street which are some of my favourites to read. She has also recently created her own tag which is rather exciting, make sure you check it out.

A short but oh so sweet post today of which I hope you all enjoyed. If you would like to check out previous blogs I have featured in this series then please check them out below.


21 February 2014

Supermarket Hair Styling

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to try out a few electrical beauty products from Tesco in the bid to see if supermarket electrical beauty products really do cut it. Inspired by the blog run by Debt Free Direct 'Making Money Go Further' there is an urge to know whether we can all save a bit of money by buying supermarket home brands instead of well-known brands on the high street. In order to run this little experiment I was kindly gifted the Tesco 2000W Hair Dryer*, the Tesco Black Ceramic Straightener* and the Tesco Female Trimmer* to try out to see what they were like in comparison to my other electrical styling products.

The Black Ceramic Straightener retailing at £19 was the first product I wanted to try as being a loyal fan to my Remington Pearl Straighteners I was really keen to see what this offering from Tesco would be like. Appearance wise they look appealing enough, they're also relatively light and easy to hold along with a 2m length cord that gave me easy enough access from the plug socket to my hair. There is also a basic on and off switch which lights up when they are on, handy if you like me often get paranoid that things are not switched off. 

I found that these heated up slower than my Remington pair as these took just under one minute for me which really in the grand scheme of things is not a long time at all but it is something to note. They did get quite hot to be honest and easily put an end to any curls in my hair leaving it nice and straight, the finished result left me quite impressed. The actual product itself got also quite hot which is something to bear in mind if you were going to have them on for a while, especially considering that they don't come with a heat proof mat or glove. Overall I did like these and would use them for a quick fix of a morning however if I wanted to style my hair properly for a day out for example I would definitely revert back to my trusty Remington straighteners.

Unfortunately I had a poor experience with hair dryer sadly because when I first turned it on the power cut out after five seconds, since this initial first use it has not worked right at all. It sounds rather feeble now when I put it on as if it is lacking power, it sure sounds like it too. I also witnessed blue smoke coming from it and the smell of burning so I have been very reluctant to put it on ever since. It's a shame really because the reviews on this product online are very good so I'm pretty sure that my experience with this hair dryer has been one of a minority. 

My experience with this hair dryer hasn't put me off at all as having tried cheaper hair dryers in the past from Tesco they have been ok and have served me pretty well. At just £8 this hair dryer seems like it would be a complete bargain, it could have easily been the star of the show in regards to this blog post.

Last but not least is the female trimmer which I have to confess I felt a little awkward about as to be honest I didn't really know what to use it for. This type of product is designed to be used for smaller areas that require hair removal, such as the eyebrows. I tested this out a little bit to see how effective it was but in all honestly I found that I prefer using other methods of hair removal such as tweezers or threading. At just £4 this is a super affordable product however I just can't really see any point in where I would reach for this over my pair of Boots tweezers. I'd be really interested to hear what you would use this for or if indeed you do use this type of product.

Overall these products were not that bad at all. The straighteners left me quite pleased because they did the job relatively well, the hair dryer was disappointing due to a fault however I won't be letting impact my view as I do honestly think it sounds quite good for the money. The female trimmer however left me rather baffled, I honestly wouldn't choose to use this type of product myself whether it was from a supermarket home brand or from a well-known brand such as Braun or Remington.

I would say after trying these home brand products from Tesco that I'm more open to trying cheaper alternatives instead of immediately deciding to buy brands that are more known to me.

Have you tried supermarket home brand beauty products?

*These products were kindly sent to me by Debt Free Direct as an experiment on money saving.


19 February 2014

Bobbi Brown Nude Glo Collection

Bobbi Brown Nude Glo Collection Bobbi Brown Nude Glo Palette Bobbi Brown Nude Glo Collection Just after Christmas last year I came across images of the new Bobbi Brown Nude Glo Collection. As soon as I saw the beautiful silver packaging and pretty shades I knew that it would be a match made in heaven for me and my first delve into the world of Bobbi Brown. For a while I refrained from picking anything up, that was until I read a review by Jenny who pretty much sold these products to me there and then. 

The Bobbi Brown Nude Glo Collection consists of a variety of products aimed at light, medium and dark skin tones. Finishing powders, nail polishes, sheer lipsticks and beautiful eye shadow palettes make up this truly gorgeous collection. From looking at the various products on offer I personally could pick out a few things from each, therefore I really don't think that you should stick to the products released for each specific skin tone.

The Limited Edition Nude Eye Palette was the first product that caught by eye just after Christmas and again in store the day before I read the review by Jenny. It is a truly stunning palette that consists of two matte shades and two shimmer shades, these being Dove Grey, Ballet Pink Sparkle, Nude and Cement Sparkle. I have to say that my favourite would have to be Dove Grey paired up with Dark Cement, although I have used all four of these together to create one look and really liked the results.

The matte shades are beautiful and easy to blend and have left me wanting to try more matte eye shadows from Bobbi Brown. The shimmer shades are equally as beautiful and really have to be seen first-hand to fully appreciate just how stunning they are. The glitter particles within these eye shadows are extremely fine and help to create a really elegant finish to any look. Needless to say I'm a huge fan of this quad and have being wearing it none stop since I made my purchase.

In my experience they do crease ever so slightly but it isn't very noticeable at all, any creasing experienced so far has been without wearing any form of eye shadow primer as I have misplaced mine somewhere. I should imagine that if I had of worn an eye shadow base or a specific eye shadow primer then these would have remained as if I had only just applied them.

A few days before I made my purchase I had passed my driving test therefore my mom very kindly offered to treat me to a little congratulations present. She ordered me the Limited Edition Sheer Lip Colour in Pink Flush in order to go with my palette I had purchased, thank you mom.

The formula of this lipstick is fantastic and for me does not highlight any dry areas which is always something I have to bear in mind when looking for new lipsticks or new lip products in general. This is a sheer lipstick as the name would suggest but it can be built up to give quite a nice opaque finish, this isn't generally the look I would go for as I do like to keep the application quite light. I find that it adds a lovely hint of colour that isn't something I have to remember when out and about as often with a lipstick that is more pigmented I'm far more self-aware. 

Personally I cannot recommend these products enough and really do urge you to try the shimmer shadows in particular at your local Bobbi Brown store as they truly are beautiful. These are limited edition products so you may have a hard time tracking them down online and in store but I'm sure there are some out there.

I nearly signed off this review without mentioning the packaging which has to be the most beautiful design I have ever seen or held. It is without doubt in my opinion the most perfect packaging, not least because it is silver (my favourite) but because it's so sleek, feminine and simply so simple; it's just beautiful.

Overall my first experience with Bobbi Brown has been wonderful.

15 February 2014

The Little Deer - Wishes of Spring

Being rather partial to the odd piece of jewellery here and there I thought I would share with you today the new jewellery lookbook from The Little Deer. This rather unique site clearly has a passion for design and individuality, supporting small brands and independent designers is a clear focus and one that for me is extremely important.

With the start of the new season there comes a fresh look with Wishes of Spring. I've picked out three of my favourite items from the site with the first being the Triangle Necklace in Black by Rachel Loves Bob. This is a stand out piece for me and would look fantastic with a monochrome outfit, I'll always find a time to wear monochrome no matter what time of year it is. 

Next up I chose the Single pendant in Emerald Green by Wold and Moon which again is a stand out item that I think is simply beautiful, just look at that beautiful colour; it also comes in a gold glitter which is equally stunning.

My last choice was the White and Silver Agate Druzy Necklace by Delilah Dust. Delilah Dust is brand I'm aware of so it was nice to see them featured over on The Little Deer. I've always wanted to purchase a druzy necklace because they're so unusual and bring out the inner geology nerd in me.

What do you think of the jewellery on The Little Deer? I know I certainly have my eye on a few things. I was recently lucky enough to be offered a place on The Little Deer Blogger Programme which is why I'm sharing this post with you today as I thought some of you may be interested in some of the pretty jewellery items that are available to buy at the moment. I simply had an email about this lovely lookbook launch and naturally wanted to share this information with you, I hope you all like it!

13 February 2014

Klorane Shampoo with nettle

When it comes to my hair and my blog I'm the first one to admit that it is a rather grey area. I never really discuss hair products on here for some reason therefore I plan on changing that this year as I like most people enjoy finding new products that work for my hair type.

Due to my lack of hair posts I will give you a quick summary of my hair type before I crack on with my review of the Klorane Shampoo with Nettle*. I've being dying my hair since I was twelve so it's a pretty long time, it's not something I'm proud of to be honest as I would like to have hair that isn't chemically treated however my natural colour is horrible. I used to have white blonde hair as a child however when I started to get older, I would say from around nine my hair started to turn to a mousy brown. This really wasn't very nice therefore I had a few blonde highlights put in when I was twelve in order to lighten it; this slowly stemmed into full highlights as I got older.

Over the last few years I have dyed my hair a dark brown, an odd shade of ginger and now it is back to some sort of blonde (don't ask). I don't dye my hair that often to be honest, I would say roughly once every six weeks or so and even then I only ever touch up my roots therefore despite it being chemically treated my hair is pretty soft and in quite good condition.

The only thing I have major issues with when it comes to my hair is how oily it can get. It can be a viscous cycle having oily hair as you end up wanting to wash it more frequently which only makes the issue worse. Dry shampoo folks is often my best friend in the morning let me tell you. Therefore when I found out that there was an opportunity to try a shampoo aimed at oily hair I immediately put myself forward on the off chance that I would be accepted. Luckily I was and within a few days had the Klorane Shampoo with Nettle* sitting in my bathroom cupboard.

This Klorane Shampoo in a nut shell aims to simply prevent hair from becoming greasy too quickly. Sounds perfect to me but does it work?

Having now being using this shampoo for over two weeks I have came to the conclusion that sadly this didn't work for me. I used this shampoo solely for the two weeks in order to give it a chance to work as over a period of sustained use it aims to reduce the time between washes due to oil secretion being regularised. Unfortunately I personally didn't see any difference in the time it took for my hair to look a bit oily. I still had to use a bit of dry shampoo each morning after washing my hair so that I wasn't left feeling self-conscious about my hair. 

The product itself reminds me of washing up liquid in terms of appearance, it is however far more runnier. I found that I needed more product than usual for me to feel as though I was properly washing my hair, even though SLS ingredients were present it didn't foam up that much for me. The ingredient of nettle Urtica dioica  is the main factor in which this product is based upon as nettle extracts help to regulate the activity of sebaceous glands, these are microscopic glands that secrete oil (sebum) across your body. Unfortunately for me and maybe you most of these glands are found upon the scalp and face which is why people can often suffer with oily hair, blackheads or acne on their face. 

I have to say overall I really like the idea of a product like this; it's just a shame that on this occasion it didn't work for me. I hope that one day I find something that works better however maybe this could work for you; after all we are all different.

If you're so inclined to give this a try it can be picked up from Escentual for £6.

Ingredients: Water (Aqua), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Polysorbate 20, Cocamide Mipa, Sodium Chloride, Propylene Glycol, Caramel, Ceteareth-60 Myristyl Glycol, Cetrimonium Chloride, Citric Acid, Disodium Edta, Fragrance (Parfum), Green 3 (I42053), Methylisothiazolinone, Methylparbaen, Phenoxyethanol, Polyquaternium-22, Propylparaben, SodiumHydroxide, Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Extract (Uritica Dioica Extract).

*PR Sample. 

Urtica dioica  is the Latin and indeed scientific name for this species of plant. Having been graduated from my BSc now for a good few months it was oddly nice to write a scientific name for a species down once again. I was suddenly swept back to memories of many an ecology essay or two.


9 February 2014

The Lipstick Tag

I was recently tagged by Ana Celine and Lena to take part in this tag so thank you very much ladies. I have a feeling I will enjoy this one quite a bit.

1. How many lipsticks do you own?
When I first saw this question after originally being tagged I must admit I had no idea how many lipsticks I currently own. I began the quest of tracking them all down from various bags etc and have found myself at a total of 25. I don't think that is too bad as I've seen some rather large numbers floating around here, although I'm sure my number will increase quicker than it will decrease. I did include lip crayons in this as to me they're a lipstick.

2. What was the first lipstick you owned?
I have no idea what my first real lipstick was therefore I'm going to put in here a lip balm. The first one that I can properly recall was one by Nivea, the soft rose lip balm. I adored that product as it gave a beautiful nice pink sheen to the lips, I have another one floating around my house somewhere. As for my first real lipstick it was probably something passed down to me from my mom that she no longer used, most likely something from Revlon.

3. What is your favourite lipstick brand?
I have two favourites here, one from a high end brand which has to be NARS and the other from the much more affordable brand of Revlon.

4. What is your most worn lipstick?
My most worn lipstick would have to be from Revlon with that being the Kissable Balm Stain in Honey. No kidding I reach for this nine times out of ten as it is just a perfect shade to me that works well at all times throughout the year.

5. What is your favourite finish?
My ideal finish is typical of a MAC Lustre lipstick; I like the smooth creamy texture that isn't too bold on the lips. I also like textures that don't feel too wet on the lips, as well as this I do prefer them to be quite sheer too as a bold lip is something I'm not always too confident about pulling off. I'm also partial to a matte finish as long as my lips are in a good condition as I'm really put off by lipsticks that seep into dry areas.

6. What was the last lipstick you bought? 
The last lipstick I purchased would have to be one of five from the NARS Promiscuous Lip Pencil Coffret, read my review here. I had never tried NARS Lip Pencils up until that point so I was extremely excited to purchase that.

7. How many lip products do you currently have in your bag? 
Currently there are none now because I just removed them from my bag in order to do a head count. On a normal day however when I'm not filling out beauty tags I normally have one lipstick of some sort along with about three or four lip balms for some odd reason. My current lipstick of choice is the Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous along with the Balance Me Shine On Lip Salve, Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch and Blistex Medplus.

8. What is your favourite red lip colour?
Having tried very few red lipsticks I can only go with one here with that being NARS Cruella. 

9. How do you store your lipsticks?
Currently my lipsticks are stored in an empty Ferrero Rocher plastic container that sits on top of my Muji storage. It's not bad but because there are no separate sections per lipstick they do tend to fall over a lot which is rather annoying.

10. Which lipsticks are you currently lusting after?

I think the lipstick I would like most to own would have to be a Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Sheer Candy Lipstick in Succulent Pomegranate. Lovelorn from MAC also springs to mind as well as the Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks in Rapture and Rush.

You're all tagged!

6 February 2014


Putting beauty products to one side for today I thought I would write about something different as I have recently decided to do something that I have being thinking about for a very long time. Plucking up the courage to do something that you're scared of is never easy, especially in my case where I often find that I will shy away from doing something if I'm too scared or too nervous.

A rather simple example of that has been to finally enquire about getting braces. I have wanted braces for a very long time however it has only been in the last three years where it has really started to bother me. I've had several people comment that I don't need them (although I'm convinced that they're just being nice), however I know that deep down I'm really self-conscious about my teeth and would really like for them to be straighter. 

I'm one of those people that will never smile with their teeth showing in photographs. It's a horrible moment in front of the camera when you're self-conscious about your teeth. At times I can forget about my concerns throughout the day yet when the camera comes out I'm suddenly reminded of my lack of confidence when it comes to smiling. The same goes for when I'm having a laugh with my colleagues at work, I begin to get self-conscious after a while of laughing and smiling and then that takes hold and I suddenly forget to have fun and become this nervous person inside my head...does any of this make sense?

At the age of 24 I do wonder whether I'm too old for braces, I know that sounds daft as of course 24 is not old at all but most people have orthodontic treatment when they're children or teenagers. It still seems out of the ordinary to me for someone my age to have them yet the final results of straight teeth are far too tempting now for me to not go through with them. I think my final tipping point of deciding to book a consultation was seeing a school friend on Facebook post a picture of her new smile after having her braces removed just before Christmas; the end results for her were fantastic!

Therefore at my next check up with my dentist I decided to mention to him my concerns about my teeth and to see what could be done. He was super helpful and pointed me in the direction of an Orthodontist in my local area. It is worth noting here that before I had spoken to my dentist I was under the impression that any dentist could provide orthodontic treatment, this however is not true. In order to have braces of some description I would have to see an Orthodontic Specialist, this is something to bear in mind if you're scared of the dentist (like me) and rely on seeing a familiar face when you end up in that big chair. My initial first thought was fear because it has taken me such a very long time to find a dentist that I liked and trusted therefore the thought of having to see someone else about this treatment made me worry quite a bit.

After researching this particular Orthodontist and indeed the practice itself and of course leaving it for another good few months I finally went ahead and booked my consultation. My consultation was this Tuesday just gone and I have to say it went extremely well; in fact it went so much better than I had imagined. I'm open to shopping around at the moment as so many practices offer different prices etc.

I'm going to do a post all about my consultation for anybody that is interested as I'm going to record my progress on my blog. I hope nobody minds the odd post about teeth on here, I promise there will be no horrible pictures as teeth really do freak me out!

Have you had braces?  Have you thought about them?


3 February 2014

Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

Cleansing Balms seemed to take over last year when it came to our evening skincare routines. Emma Hardie, Balance Me and Aurelia are all brands that come to mind when I think of this particular method of cleansing. These brands however all come with a bit of a price tag. This is all well and good but what if you've never tried a cleansing balm before, do you really want to spend £20 or more on something you may not like?

I hunted around for a cheaper alternative for a while and then I whilst rooting through my cupboards in the bathroom I stumbled across a previous cleansing balm I had used a long time ago, that was the old version of the balm I will talk about today. The Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm retailing at £8.99 has to be one of the cheapest options I have so far found. Having tried the old version of this quite a while back I was sad to see that the packaging had completely changed; the glass jar was replaced with white plastic which made it feel a lot less luxurious. To be honest the presentation of the product in general lost a lot of its appeal for me, I also noticed that the ingredients list increased for the new version too; sneaky. Within the ingredients list below I have highlighted the new ingredients added to the reformulated version which you see above.

I've being using this for a good few months now on and off and feel as though I can offer my opinion on it and whether it has worked for me. As already discussed I'm not a fan of the packaging, this is purely because I've had experience of using the first and simply preferred it. The smell of the new version is more muted in comparison to the original as I found that to be quite citrusy, which, if you read my blog you will know I'm a huge fan of citrus scents. It was a shame to see that it had lost some of that to be honest as that was one of my favourite things about the original version.

Those aspects aside, did the actual product when applied to my face work? Quite simply yes, however there is one small issue.

The texture of this balm is quite solid however once applied to the face it melts quite nicely onto the skin. I find that only a small amount is required as if you go a bit too overboard it can be a bit tricky to remove properly, leaving behind a slight film on your skin. I tend to use this as my initial pre cleanse to remove the bulk of my make up of which I then proceed with something a bit lighter such as a gel cleanser.

Overall I do like this and find that it works very well to remove my make up however I'm not entirely sure if it has being causing one or two break outs. Here is where my problem lies as it could be purely coincidental but I have noticed that when I use this I do suffer from more blemishes than usual as well as a few spots. I do suffer with blemishes anyway but to be honest I rarely will get spots therefore when I do get them I do start to question what I'm using at the time or if I've eaten too many naughty things.

One thing I do question about this product is whether my skin is being irritated by one of the new ingredients that have been added to this version. At the time when I previously used the old version with the old formula I cannot recall suffering from any form of irritation, therefore, has my skin resistance changed, or is it a new ingredient causing some disagreement? 

To be honest I don't know if I can recommend this or not. Everybody has different skin therefore what may irritate me may be perfectly fine on you, it's all about trial and error with skincare after all in my experience.

Have you used this? What do you think? If you fancy giving it a try for yourself this can be purchased from Boots.

Ingredients: Olea europaea (Olive) fruit oil*, Simmondsia chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil*, Cera alba (Beeswax)*, Butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter*, Prunus amygdalus dulcis (Sweet almond) oil*, Cetearyl alcohol, Rosa canina seed oil*, Limonene, Citronellol, Pelargonium graveolens flower oil, Citrus aurantium dulcis peel extract*, Linalool, Citrus aurantium bergamia (Bergamot) fruit oil, Citrus medica limonum (Lemon) peel oil, Geraniol, **Parfum (Fragrance), Citral
* Ingredients certified as organic by the Soil Association for use in cosmetic products
** Ingredients certified as organic by the Ecocert Association for use in cosmetic products


1 February 2014

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paints

Rimmel Scandaleyes Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paint Rimmel Scandaleyes review

Ever since I picked up the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Paints late last year I have being meaning to write about them on here. These were released towards the end of summer last year if I  remember correctly and after hearing some rather positive feedback about them I decided to pick them up during some type of promotion in Boots.

Currently there are just five shades available, these being Golden Bronze, Rich Russet, Slate Grey, Mercury Silver and Manganese Purple. To me this limited shade range is the only negative thing I have to say about this product as there are only two out of the current five that I honestly would consider wearing. I picked up Golden Bronze and Rich Russet as to me these were the most wearable.

Golden Bronze is exactly as the name would suggest however it certainly in my opinion leans towards the golden tones, it also has a metallic finish. Rich Russet is my preferred shade of the two with this being more my typical shade of brown; it is quite a cool shade which works nicely with my skin tone. Once again the metallic finish is there however once it has settled down on the eye lid I do think that calms down ever so slightly. Out of the two I always pick up Rich Russet as it just looks a lot better on me compared to Golden Bronze. I cannot make that shade work for me therefore I do regret picking that one up.

These are a liquid to powder formula therefore they apply quite wet and feel quite cool on the eye lid however this sensation does not last very long at all as they do dry super quick. I tend to blend mine out with my Real Techniques Shading Brush or more often than not my finger as this does the job just as well. Once I'm finished I know that the eye shadow is going nowhere fast as upon me this formula does not move. So far this has never creased on me and I've used these on many occasions since picking them up. I honestly cannot recommend these enough and would encourage those that are thinking of trying them to pick one up next time you hit the shops.

At £4.99 I do think these are a pretty good buy, I wouldn't hesitate to buy some more so long as Rimmel brought out some new shades along the lines of Rich Russet; a nice taupe would be nice I think.


January Overview

So January flew by in a hurry, it only seems like yesterday I was making New Year's Resolutions in my head which I went and broke within a week; oh well, there is always next year right?

Here is a mini overview of January over on A Little Boat Sailing with a few of my favourite posts picked out. If you have missed any of these and indeed any of the others then now is the time to have a little catch up session. I recommend a cup of tea and a bourbon biscuit...maybe two if you're feeling cheeky.

1: The Blogger Made Me Buy It Tag. Originally created by Danniella you can check out my answers to the tag and see what others had to think of it. We really are an influential lot on each other you know!

2: My current ASOS Wish List was an extremely fun post to put together. I find that ASOS is one of my favourite places to shop online because there is a wide variety of brands to choose from; they also have a pretty good beauty section too!

3: LUSH Tisty Tosty. Despite the unusual name for a rather gorgeous looking bath bomb this sadly wasn't that exciting.

4: The Origins 24 Hour Glow Set was a fantastic purchase which is still available at the moment; check it out to see what was inside.

5: The NARS Fairy's Kiss Palette was a wonderful Christmas gift of my mom this year. Of course I just had to feature it on my blog as I had never tried NARS eye shadows before.

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