20 July 2014

Music Covers

Pink Guitar
 My rather neglected guitar.

Music is so very personal to each and every single one of us. What band one person may adore another will easily dismiss therefore for me I've always found it to be somewhat of a 'taboo' subject. Will people quickly click off my little blog here if they see a band they can't stand or if they think my taste is a little bit odd? I've come to the realisation however that this is a little bit daft as after all my first sentence of this post says it all. 

Up until now I've only ever posted a few music posts which in all honesty have never really gone down that well. Surely you guys are music fans too? There is more to life than our lipsticks and skincare I'm rather certain which is a feeling that is striking me far too often these days. I'm feeling a little disengaged with the whole 'beauty blogging' thing at the moment, I want to tweet my feelings about it but fear I may be taken the wrong way. If I'm honest with you I feel I've become a bit too materialistic and it is a feeling that I do not like, not one bit. I'm trying to find myself again as I'm a girl that loves the countryside, animals, painting and singing albeit not that well, where has Amy disappeared to? This is becoming far too deep for this rather light hearted music covers post today, maybe I'll save it for another time.

Moving swiftly on to the topic today I found that whilst browsing through my iPod the other day I stumbled across a couple of songs which are covers. These are original songs that have a different artist performing them to the original which gives them a unique and individual twist. Personally I love things like this which is why I adore the BBC Live Lounge on Radio 1. Seeing as music is a big part of my life I decided I'd do a little post today on some of my favourite music covers. I've added in the links below to the various YouTube pages so you can have a listen to them yourselves. Please do let me know what you think and of course please leave me further recommendations in the comments below.

P.S I still adore the original Kate Bush version!

Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats (The Knife Cover)



  1. I really love Landslide by the Smashing pumpkins. And the best cover ever, is Hurt by Johnny Cash

  2. I love music a lot (it came to my life way before beauty, although i think they're pretty close since I got into them at an incredible early age), and I am planning to post something on my blog about my favourite songs of the moment. I'm also pretty scared at the thought no one will even read that post, but well, I enjoy it when others do it so I think I'll go for it when it's ready!
    Love your picks, I also enjoy covers a lot, when done well they give so much life to a song!


  3. I know exactly what you mean about being a bit fed up with the beauty blogger scene. I started out being a beauty blogger then realised that I have more to say so now I do mainly lifestyle! I love music and my latest post is about music but you're right, the posts are never as popular, sadly :-(

  4. Love your post! I think we bloggers should post on what we feel like. If you are passionate about it, your readers are going to notice it. No matter if music posts are not popular. I love this one and your blog.

    Jasmine x

    For a Real Woman

    So easy Spanish!

  5. Oh I will look up Landslide, thank you! :) x

  6. I think you just have to go for it, I'm glad I did this one despite it not being that popular, it keeps the content a bit refreshed too.

    Super glad you liked this post, thank you :) xx

  7. Oh definitely, I'd like to incorporate more lifestyle posts into my blog in the future :) xx

  8. Thank you Jasmine! I completely agree with what you have said here :) xx

  9. I love the José Gonzalez cover of heartbeats.

  10. It's always refreshing to read something other than make-up, skincare, etc. Being a music lover I'm adding my 2 cents here.
    Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (original by Leonard Cohen)
    Franz Ferdinand - Call Me (original by Blondie)
    Cat Power - Ramblin' (Wo)man (original by Hank Williams)

  11. Oh me too, it is such a beautiful song x

  12. Thank you so much for those, I have heard Jeff Buckley's version before but the other two are new to me I think. I'll check those out :) xx


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