19 September 2014

Faith in Nature Hair Care

Faith In Nature Hair Care
Sticking along with the theme of my previous post a few days ago I today would like to share with you my opinions on the Faith in Nature Grapefruit and Orange Shampoo* and Conditioner*. Hair care is actually the one thing that rarely receives a mention on here as in all honesty I'm just not good with hair, I just tend to wash it in whatever I have picked up that was on offer at the local supermarket at the time and hope for the best. Therefore when I was originally offered the chance to try these I was a bit hesitant seeing as hair care really isn't my forte however I'm so glad I accepted the opportunity as these products have worked so well for me since I have being testing them out. 

Faith in Nature is a brand that likes to use organic ingredients where they can across the various different ranges of products that they produce. From hair care, skin care, baby care and even home care they have a wide variety of products that would suit the more ethical consumer. Faith in Nature products are free from quite a few ingredients such as SLS, synthetics, fragrances and many more and are of course cruelty free. There is a wide variety of different scented shampoos and conditioners such as chocolate, aloe vera, tea tree and many more however why would I break a habit of a century and not choose a citrus scented shampoo and corresponding conditioner; you all know that these are one of my favourite types of scents.

Upon use of these I find that the scent does not disappoint at all however I would say that the grapefruit scent is a lot stronger than the orange, it is however in my opinion not over powering in the slightest. At the moment I'm testing out the reverse shampoo theory to see if it works whereby I have to say I think it does therefore I shall start off with the conditioner first. The conditioner isn't too thick which I think works well for my hair type as I do tend to be on the greasier side of things (attractive), therefore the lighter the better in my case. I have found that it leaves my hair feeling really soft and remaining soft even once I have washed my hair with the shampoo afterwards.

Combined with the shampoo my hair is left feeling really clean and refreshed without feeling stripped as grapefruit and orange do have cleansing properties which I find really do help to remove any build up that has gathered from dry shampoo and hair spray. Due to the fact that SLS are not present within this I did worry that it wouldn't 'foam' up enough for me to really feel that typical shampoo experience however I was pleasantly surprised as I didn't really notice that much of a difference. In terms of how long my hair remains feeling this way I can honestly say that I have noticed a bit of a difference in terms of how long it is before I feel the need to wash my hair again. I feel more confident that my hair does not look as greasy as quickly which can surely only be a good thing.

Overall I really couldn't recommend trying these out more. I really do hope that one day we see them in places such as Boots and Superdrug as I have thoroughly enjoyed using them and would really like to see the products more widely available.



  1. danniella josephine19 September 2014 at 18:30

    These sound gorgeous! I have heard of this brand but sadly haven't seen many reviews. My hair seems to prefer natural haircare like this but they are quite hard to find on the high street. We should start a campaign :)
    Danniella x

  2. I rarely mention hair care on here and I know that I was sent these but I was honestly really happy with them. At the moment I'm thinking of ordering the coconut ones to try :) Yes I agree they can be hard to find, it's such a shame. A campaign you say? :P xx

  3. I never seem to take much notice over which shampoo I use. I tend to buy whatever is on offer in Superdrug or Boots. These sounds lovely however. I like the fact that this doesn't leave your hair feeling stripped. I've tried far too many that do that.


  4. I'm exactly the same to be honest. This duo here however really has left me happy with how my hair feels and behaves :) xx

  5. This is a brand I've been curious about for a long time so thank you for the detailed and positive review!

    Morag x

  6. You're welcome, I hope you like them too if you pick them up one day xx

  7. I've tried out quite a few of the FIN hair products. I do like them as they are natural and cruelty-free but I have found that the formulas are often very thin and the conditioners aren't moisturising enough for me, but I do have very dry and frizzy hair to contend with, so often require extra conditioning treatments. I've still to try their coconut range and as there are great benefits of coconut oil for hair, I'm hoping they will be the ones for me! :) xxx

  8. My fingers are crossed for you in regards to the coconut range, I'd be interested to hear how you get on with those actually. For me I have found that they have suited my hair however mine I would say isn't too dry xx


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