25 September 2014

We're all the boss!

We're all the boss

Being the boss; are you? I'm not referring to the boss in the work place, I'm talking about being the boss of you, your life and where it's heading. In the last year my life and where I thought it was heading took a drastic U-turn whereby I was left feeling quite frankly abandoned, alone and empty inside. An envisaged short stay at home after graduating turned into returning home for the long term, whereby living back at home with your mum and other siblings after three years of living away at university was something rather difficult to get used to.

The reason I'm getting a bit deep and personal on here with this post today is because I was recently approached to write about being your own boss to coincide with the latest campaign from Giff Gaff. There's a pretty energetic and inspiring video to go along with the campaign which can be viewed here. The campaign is all about young adults who live at home with their parents whether it be for financial, educational or for other reasons; for me it's an interesting little campaign as I personally can relate to it.

Whilst living away from home on your own you do have responsibilities, for example you have to ensure that your weekly shop is done, clothes washed and bathroom cleaned as nobody will be doing it for you. For me personally I relished living away as being that bit older than most people starting university I was already very much in that mind set of looking after myself. For me the real gain was in areas such as privacy and I guess freedom as up until university I had always had to share a bedroom.

Therefore being back at home for the long term I found that privacy all but gone. Along with this my way of doing things and effectively living my life for the past three years had to change because the people around me simply didn't live the way I had been doing and do you know what, that's ok however it is something I've had to re-adapt to. When I sit back and observe my living habits I realise that I'm quite a fussy person, I like things done my way and when I say however living back at home with your parent or parents you know that ultimately it's not your place anymore; loosing that authority in your own home I guess is sometimes a bit hard to take.

Being at home with mum can be hard work on occasion as we do have different opinions on a lot of things however ultimately we are best of friends therefore if I'm honest I've never found it particularly difficult to live with her; my brother on another hand is a whole different kettle of fish!

For me I'm still fifty fifty on the idea of whether you can really be your own boss whilst living at home with parents yet that is just simply from my own personal experience in my own individual circumstances. Having said that where I do feel that you can take control and be your own boss all whilst still living at home with mum and dad. Right at this very moment sitting here writing this I can honestly say that I feel like I'm my own boss, I'm starting a new path in my life this very next week whereby I'll be taking on a brand new challenge that I know will be hard work but worthwhile. Whilst doing this I'm also going to be heading into my third year of writing A Little Boat Sailing which is a rather strange feeling I must say.

Writing my blog has allowed me to be my own boss in a way, of course not officially as this isn't my job however it's something that I work hard at and feel quite proud of. It's my own little thing that I've built from scratch whereby I'm able to put my own voice out there as small as it may be. It's a place where I have complete control of the content, what the images look like and ultimately what is said on here for you to read. That may sound like something minor to most but for me it means a lot.

Ultimately writing this post has led me to a few conclusions. Whilst living at home for me has been quite a challenge since last year I honestly now wouldn't have had it any other way. My mum has been like a rock to me as she has been quite literally the boss for me when I haven't had the courage to be for myself. Living at home with your parents is never easy, especially as you get older and want to venture off on your own (financial circumstances don't always allow this, especially these days), however for me personally it has allowed me to get better and find myself once again. I now feel more like the boss of my own life than I ever have done before rather than being left feeling like a bystander watching it go by. Living at home isn't too bad you know.

Do you live at home with your parents or have recent experience in doing so? Do you find it tough being your own boss within the parent environment?

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  1. I definitely find it hard to be my own boss in this kind of environment. It's hard to be an adult and want your independence while being under a "our house, our rules" roof. Obviously they have every right to be this way as it is their home, but it can be tough none the less.


  2. I moved back in with my parents after graduation this summer and truth be told, I feel you on the feeling like you're no longer completely your own boss. It's impossible to when you're living under someone else's terms in a household that they run - every day I have to feel that I'm pulling my weight to make up for the fact that I'm depending on them! Though I am a huge homebird and love my family, so I feel lucky - but there are some difficult days! Thanks for sharing how you feel about your living situation, I think that posts like yours help to shed the supposed stigma of living at home somewhat! xx

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

  3. I can completely understand where you're coming from, as that is my situation at the moment. Whilst I love being at home I really do look forward to moving out and having more control if that makes sense xx

  4. Thank you Tamsin, I feel like you do too. I'm such a home bird too but really do look forward to having my home/space without feeling as though I can't do something. Thank you so much for commenting on this :) xx

  5. You really have to be proud of your blog, as it's amazing! Having said that, I can totally understand you as I'm still home at nearly 24. I have the house to myself every day of the week, if I actually have the time to stay there, so it's not too hard, but I'm hitching to finally have my own place! I fell like I'm my own boss for the most part, but sometimes I wish I had more freedom, and it's not always because of the living with my parents thing. It's not so easy as we'd hope! Loved this, it was really something that I needed to think about ;) xx

    Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty | GIVEAWAY

  6. Thank you ever so much! Yes I agree with you on that point, having not much freedom doesn't always relate to the living with parents thing. I'm so glad you enjoyed the post :) Xx

  7. My husband and I met at a very young age and that saw me moving out of my family home just a few weeks before my 17th birthday! At that age, having so many new responsibilities is very daunting! When we decided to move back to Dean's home town here in Dorset, because we had to find jobs e.t.c. and start from scratch again, we ended up having to move in with his parents and brother for one whole year. It was very difficult living under someone else's roof - we didn't even have our own room! We had to sleep in the living room. Not having somewhere to go when you want some time to yourself was awful. Although Dean's parents were completely laid back and welcoming, you can never feel 100% "at home" and able to do whatever you please. We've now been living in our own place again for four years and I could never go back now! I just love having my own space and being my own boss. xxx

  8. Oh I completely understand where you're coming from there, my mum is super laid back too in all honesty but you never really do feel 100% free to do as you please do you. 17 is so young, I can't have imagined moving out at that age, what an experience! xx


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