31 March 2014

March Overview

March was a pretty hectic month for me when it boils down to the topic of blogging. Of course if you have read my previous post on my blogging experience you will know that I delved right into the deep end and published new content every day for the whole month; it was rather new territory for me to say the least. 

Normally for my monthly overview post I would pick out just four of my favourite posts but seeing as I posted so much last month I decided to go with nine this time. One of my top posts throughout March was my recent purchases post in which I featured my beauty purchases stemming from the beginning of January up until now. A nail polish from the new HyperGel range from Models Own was also featured which I kindly borrowed off my sister because at the moment I'm refusing to buy any more nail polishes, I'm doing quite well as I haven't purchased a single one since back in December.

A good tag always seems to go down well which was proven with 'The Blogger Love Tag'. This one was one of my most viewed posts throughout March whereby a lot of love was shared for bloggers that I follow. Right back at the beginning of the month I had the wonderful opportunity to review some products from Lily Lolo, the makeup was truly beautiful and ever since then I have being craving to try a mineral foundation. 

Finally in March I managed to get around to reviewing a gel cleanser from Korres that I had being using on and off for the last year, it was high time it found a place on my blog. A creamy candle bubble bar from LUSH also found its way onto A Little Boat Sailing however it was a bit of a disappointment in the end despite it smelling absolutely gorgeous. Quite a lot of love was shared for lip products this month whereby I picked out some of my favourites that I have being using. Speaking of favourites I also featured my March Favourites where by some unnatural force that pesky NARSissist palette managed to somehow find its way in there...fancy that.

I also went for a nice walk in the woods and took a few pictures which I thought you all may like to see; I'm nice like that.


30 March 2014

Blogging Daily: My Experience

Blogging Daily: My Experience

Throughout March I found myself blogging on a daily basis, in my head it was down as 'Marathon March' and boy did it feel like it. This was something that I wanted to try out because throughout my two years writing on A Little Boat Sailing I had never published work for an entire week, let alone for a month. Some of my favourite bloggers upload brand new content on a daily basis that myself and others can enjoy so I thought that I would give it a try myself.

Originally with the idea fresh in my mind everything seemed to run nice and smoothly. I took a week's worth of photographs at the end of February and thought that I would easily be able to keep on top of that each weekend. That same weekend I wrote and scheduled the corresponding posts for said photographs which I have to say left me feeling pretty smug with seven posts marked as scheduled. Things however didn't remain as organised as I had originally hoped due to work commitments, home life and general day to day things that sometimes just get in the way of our plans.

Late evening was the time where I planned posts because during the day I would either spend my time working, taking photographs, house work and various other bits and bobs as well as researching my university courses for this coming September. I found that often I would change my original schedule in my planner due to wanting certain posts for certain days which on a number of occasions left me with last minute posts to write for the next day which wasn't ideal.

If I have learnt anything from this experience I would say that it has highlighted to me that my organisation skills are not as good as they once were. Since graduating from university my organisation has slipped quite considerably, I still make lists and plans but I don't stick to them like I once did. I've also learnt that on a whole producing new content on a daily basis was something that I turned out not to enjoy. Looking back I think some of my posts were a bit poor and could have easily have been so much better if I had been more organised and planned them out over time. I feel bad about that because I want people to enjoy what they read when they visit my blog; I really hope that on a whole people still enjoyed visiting throughout March.

I enjoy writing and producing new content for my blog but for me new content on a daily basis is something that I doubt I will consider again for a while. Producing new content for me became stressful and took a huge amount of enjoyment out of something that I absolutely love doing. Luckily this really only started to happen in the last week or so therefore I kept on plodding along in order to finish my original aim. I guess it hasn't helped that I'm generally feeling really run down at the moment, I'm tired all of the time due to lack of sleep, stress and various other worries; in hindsight blogging daily wasn't the best decision I could have made for myself at this moment in time.

Overall I'm pleased that I have completed my little challenge as it has allowed me to have a little taster of what I guess it would be like to do this as a job. Whilst I adore blogging I highly doubt that it would be a career for me (not that it would ever have been anyway) I've never spent so much time at a desk and pc in my life which has left me going a little bit stir crazy. During March I never managed to find a balance between my job, my blog and my life outside of those two things; I know that deep down The Vampire Diaries and Netflix did not help my cause either Perhaps one day I will try it again once my job is more regular or once I'm in a better place emotionally, perhaps the second time around I will have learnt from the mistakes that I made this time round and who knows maybe next time I will really enjoy it.

29 March 2014

Hilary's Craft Competition Entry

A few weeks ago I decided to take part in the Hilary's Craft Competition which I first found out about from Caroline's blog over at Burkatron. In order to take part all you had to do was apply and pick out which fabric you wanted out of a selection of four that would then be sent out to you in order to create something at home.

For my entry I decided to create a vintage style rabbit cuddly toy therefore I opted for the Bird Parade Teal fabric because I thought that this would help achieve the look that I was going for.  After browsing online for a general idea on how to make something like this I then proceeded to draw out my various shapes on to the fabric for the different body sections that I would need. After a total of four arms, legs, ears and body panels as well as three head pieces later I was ready to cut everything out.

Sewing everything together proved to be a bit of a challenge because I hardly ever sew therefore my technique was rather poor. Due to my fabric having a pattern on it I had to ensure that I sewed the pattern inwards so that I could then turn the sewed together sections inside out in order to keep the stitching hidden on the inside; I got this wrong on several occasions and had to restart!

Once all of the arms and legs had been sewn together as well as the ears it was time to tackle the body and head. The head was probably the trickiest part but I finally managed to get there in the end with a little bit of guidance from my mum. Once his ears had been slotted into place it was actually rather nice to see it all coming together; I could finally see what it was supposed to be rather than just a lump of badly sewn material. To fill my rabbit out and make him nice and cuddly I used the inside of an old pillow that we had lying around the house. For his eyes I used some random buttons that were in the sewing tin, I'm sure nobody will miss them. 

Overall I did quite enjoy making my rabbit I just wish he looked a bit friendlier. I think he has somewhat of a sinister look on him therefore I may have to remove him from the end of my bed tonight before I go to sleep.

What do you think?


28 March 2014

March Favourites

I don't know about you but March has completely flown by for me! For those that are regular readers of my blog you may have noticed that there has been new content every day throughout the month. I set this little challenge for myself at the end of February in order to see what it would be like, twenty eight days later let's just say that I'm not as organised as I once thought I was because it has proven to be more challenging than I anticipated.

My guilty pleasure purchase last month was the NARSissist Palette which I picked up with a voucher that I had for ASOS. I feel that I have to point out that vital little detail just so you're all aware that I would not spend £55 on an eye shadow palette, it's pretty eye watering. Moving swiftly on I've being using this nearly every day since I picked up and can whole heartedly say that I'm pretty much head over heels for it. The only thing that bugs me about this palette is the top design (not visible in this picture) I really don't like it at all, in my opinion it could have looked so much better considering how much it costs.

Jewellery is something that I really enjoy wearing so a few weeks ago I finally decided to order a druzy necklace by the brand Delilah Dust. Featured in a post here along with a gorgeous notebook it was one of two items ordered from The Little Deer.

Two items from the past (not really that long ago) have made it into my monthly favourites this month with a little bit of love being shown towards MAC Patisserie and the Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser. Out of all my favourites this month I would highly recommend the gorgeous necklace and the hot cloth cleanser which is probably one of the best bargains I've ever stumbled across when it comes down to skincare.

MAC is not a cruelty free brand.


27 March 2014

Models Own HyperGel Turquoise Gloss

Last month nail polish addicts everywhere were stocking up on the latest release from Models Own. The highly anticipated range of the HyperGel polishes were quite the hit with the promise of a gel manicure at the fraction of the price of a gel manicure at your nearest salon.

The range consisting of ten shades is quite impressive for a new launch and one that I hope they continue to add to throughout the year. Turquoise Gloss featured above reminds me somewhat of a darker shade of Barry M Greenberry which is a favourite of mine. Turquoise Gloss is relatively opaque once applied however I would recommend using a second coat in order to achieve an overall nicer finish. The formula in regards to this particular polish is quite thick however this posed no problems when it came down to application. Chipping was down to a minimum with slight tip wear showing after a couple of days.

Overall I'm super impressed with these and cannot wait to treat myself to a few shades in the future. I'm currently holding off buying nail polishes for a while due to the sheer amount I have. Luckily I have a sister who is quite the nail polish addict who picked this up whilst the Boots 3 for 2 was running. She also kindly modelled this gorgeous polish for me because her nails are so much nicer than my own. Take a look at her own beauty blog called 'What A Little Pickle'.

Models Own is a cruelty free brand.


26 March 2014

Links of London

Links of London has always been a brand that I have stopped to gaze at in numerous jeweler windows over the last few years. Whilst at university there was a jeweler close to work which used to have quite a bit of the brands jewellery in, everything was always so pretty and captured my interest with so many unique designs. Today I've created a little wish list featuring a few items from Links of London because there is at the moment a competition being held where you can enter to win the items from your wish list for your mum for Mother's Day. I found out about this from Victoria so check out her blog for details.

This is my entry as you can see where I've chosen a few things for my mum that I think she would like. The cute silver earrings are really pretty and would suit her general choice for earrings as she prefers little studs to the other types. My mum only mentioned the other day that she needs a new watch so of course this stainless steel one seemed appropriate and practical to include. I have included a charm bracelet and a couple of charms because at the moment my mum owns neither, in fact when I think about it she doesn't own much jewellery at all. 

The charm bracelet would be a really nice thing to own because over the years she could collect more charms to be added to it making it quite sentimental in the long run. The two charms I picked out meant something to me as the buttercup charm reminded me of when I was little when I used to sit making daisy chains with my mum; I was a rebel and used buttercups here and there. The amethyst charm is a heart symbolising my love for my mum and what with amethyst being her birthstone I found it quite fitting.

By the way, what do you all think of my little design handy work at the bottom? I made the London Eye and Big Ben in picmonkey and for those that haven't guessed the blue line resembles the River Thames.

25 March 2014

March Empties

It has been a long time since I featured some of the products that I've being using up lately and whilst I had considered abandoning these types of posts I thought I would write one again as oddly enough I did enjoy them once upon a time.

One of the first products I finally waved goodbye to was the Botanics Rosewater Toning Spritz.  I picked this up a while ago which is testimony to how much I didn't use it because it was still lurking in my bathroom cupboard a century later. At the start of the year I made a quiet deal with myself not to buy many more products until I had reduced the amount of skincare products that I own. So far this year I'm doing pretty well and have found myself using up quite a few things, some of which went into the recycling before they could be featured on here. Back to the Botanics Toning Spritz I unfortunately saw no benefit in using this at all as my skin looked no different or felt any different, in fact if I'm truthful I found the whole experience of spraying this on my face quite horrible, it made me jump every single time.

The L'Oreal Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover was a spur of the moment purchase last year; it was on offer at the time and seeing as I hadn't tried it before I thought I would give it a go. Whilst I thought it worked quite well on my eyes in comparison to the Simple eye make up remover I still wasn't a huge fan, it took a bit of work to completely remove any mascara defying the world gentle leaving me with slight panda eyes. If you're looking for something that will work well on your eyes as well something which will help remove make-up for your initial cleanse then I highly recommend the Garnier Micellar Water for future reference, it works so much better if you're looking for quick removal of make-up.

Back in November I reviewed the Boch√©ry Nature Nanoface Eye Cream* which can be read here. I quite liked this product as it helped with puffiness in my eyes however it did fail to help with dark circles which are my primary concern. Throughout the end of last year and the start of this year I put all of my other eye cream products aside in order to finish this one up because the expiry date was February.

The Murad Time Release Acne Cleanser was a product that I received in a She Said Beauty Box back in the day. I have to say I really enjoyed using this product because for me right down from the smell to the texture it was a pure pleasure to use. The smell reminded me of lemonade whilst the texture was an extremely smooth white gel. Using this on my skin resulted in a really refreshing cleanse that left my skin feeling really nice and soft and above all else clean. In regards to helping improve the issue of acne I personally cannot comment on this because I have never suffered with it. Overall I was quite sad to see the end of this product because I really enjoyed using it.

My last product that I managed to use up was a tiny sample of the Origins Mega-Bright Skill Illuminating Cleanser. There are for me good and bad things about this product of which I will start off with the good. Firstly this cleanser if you buy the full size will last you a life time because a little goes such a long way, in fact when I think about it I'm still quite amazed by it. The smell is really pleasant too and was something that I looked forward to when using it of an evening however I have to say that the good things really did end there. Whilst this product did not cause me any physical reactions what I did notice was how squeaky clean my face felt afterwards. When I say squeaky I mean running your hand down a window squeaky, it was a rather unnatural feeling that I was left with and one which I do not wish to have reoccur, would this not have just exacerbated any dehydrated areas? 

*PR Sample.
Don't forget to enter the Pandora Competition in my previous post.


24 March 2014

Pandora Mother's Day Jewellery Collection

This Sunday is Mother's Day as I'm sure you're all aware, therefore in order to celebrate Pandora is giving you the chance to win a charm from the new Pandora Mother's Day Jewellery Collection as seen above. This collection is so beautiful; I only wish I could treat my mum to everything from it as she deserves something just as special as she is. In order for you to enter and stand a chance at winning one of the charms from the collection all you have to do is write in the comments below the sweetest thing that you have ever done for your mother. The competition will close on Friday 28th March and the lucky winner will be announced on Sunday 30th March; you've only a few days to enter so don't forget to leave a comment below.

This year has been the first real year where roles between me and my mum were reversed. I had to take care of my mum instead of it being the other way around. We of course always look out for each other and are very close but up until now it's always been my mum who is the strong one if that makes sense. I'm lucky in that in the past my mum has been healthy and has never been poorly, however in late 2012 she started to develop a bad shoulder which affected her doing lots of things, particularly driving which was vital for her line of work. I was away at university for the majority of the time however when I came back I knew it wouldn't be long until she had to have an operation. 

Since before the operation and after I have being caring for my mum a lot more than I would of had to in usual every day circumstances. Simple trivial things such as hovering up, loading the dishwasher, cooking and driving her to the doctors to more important things like helping her to dress and to wash her hair. Having her arm in a sling posed quite an issue when she wanted to put on her big heavy jumpers let me tell you! It's a bit of an odd one to be writing this on here as I never really talk about home much on my blog. Yet I guess that this is an appropriate post to mention it on and of course they are all nice things to do, however they're also very natural things for me to do too; I love my mum and would do anything for her. This year really showed me what it was like to have somebody I care about so much go through something a little bit out of the ordinary. It was scary saying good bye to her at the hospital before she went under for her operation, I knew she would be OK and that she was in good hands but I have to say it's not a feeling that I want to have to have again in a very long time.

This Mother's Day I will be treating my Mum extra special, she means so much to me and has had a bit of a bad start to the year. Hopefully she will be feeling better soon and will be back to how she was before, I'm sure some chocolate and flowers will cheer her up on Sunday. So there we have it, perhaps not exactly the sweetest thing I have ever done for my mum but overall maybe the kindest and most caring.

Please remember to leave a comment below stating the sweetest thing you have done for your mum if you wish to enter the competition. I'm not being sponsored in any way for this post for clarification, I was merely contacted about it earlier on today and thought that some of you would like the opportunity to enter it, who can say no to Pandora?

Please note that this competition is now closed.

The competition will close on Friday 28th March and the lucky winner will be announced on Sunday 30th March. Find your nearest Pandora store here. I won't be selecting the winner as that will be down to Pandora, I'm just a friendly messenger!


Happy Mother's Day from Monsoon

This Sunday coming I'm quite certain that there will be many mother's across the UK being spoilt with a few pampering treats, flowers and breakfast in bed. I'm hoping to make the day really lovely for my mum and I'm sure you are too. In order to acknowledge this little celebration Monsoon have put together a little video, it's super sweet and made me think back to when I was little and the reasons why I love my mum so much. The reasons are all the same as they were back then but are now magnified more than ever, as you grow up you realise more and more what your mum have done for you as a child and what they continue to do for you as an adult.

As well as the video there are quite a few nice items on the Monsoon website at the moment, of course I couldn't help but have a browse. The jewellery pouch is quite a nice idea I must admit and one that I haven't seen for a while, not since I went abroad a few years ago. Scarves are some of my favourite accessories and always seem to go down well with others and who of course can resist a statement necklace these days.

My mum means the absolute world to me, she is my best friend and has been there for me when nobody else has, let's just say that she has helped me through some really horrible times in my life. I can't ignore the fact that she also makes pretty darn good chocolate cakes too! I love you mum.


**Sponsored Post - All opinions and reasoning are my own.


23 March 2014

Blogs I read #4

Once again Sunday is here, a day of spending time with your family, the best meal of the week and general relaxation. Following on in my little series that features the blogs I read I'm bringing you round four which features four more fantastic blogs that I wish to share with you all today. I thought you could all sit back with your feet up and perhaps discover a new blog to follow this weekend.

Coco from The Beauty Milk is utterly beautiful and features some really lovely make up tutorials on both her blog and YouTube account. Her blog has lots of different make up brands both high end and low end so that there is always something for everyone no matter the budget. I personally really like her blog as there are lots of different brands on there, some of which are only available in the USA. However never fear beauty addicts because Sephora now ships to the UK, rejoice! I'll be stalking Coco's blog for USA products even more than before.

Next up I would like to mention LaaLaa from Dolce Vanity who has incredible hair and a really lovely personality to boot. I watched one of her videos recently which was the TMI Tag and she really struck a chord with me, she's the kind of girl that I would be friends with if I knew her properly. Her recent Patrick's Day Make Up Tutorial was really great and has ever since made me want to dig out my glitter eye shadow.

Jennypurr as the name would suggest is run by a beautiful lady called Jenny. I can't quite remember when I first stumbled upon Jenny's blog, all I know is that ever since it has been a daily visit for me. Full of beautiful pictures and honest reviews Jenny has become one of my all-time favourite bloggers. One of the things I really like about her blog is that she puts so much time and effort into it and this really does show, it's also so lovely that she takes the time to reply to every single one of us that leaves her a comment.

I conclude this post with a mention to one of the most bubbly and friendly bloggers that I have come across. Caroline from Burkatron is so full of life and energy; to me she is a little ray of sunshine within the blogging community. Her blog is one of the very first I stumbled across when I first started blogging two years ago and is still one that I get excited about reading today.

All of these ladies above inspire me in so many different ways, be sure to check them out. For further inspiration check out the lovely ladies that I have featured in the first three installments of this series.


22 March 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner everybody so I thought I would pop up a little gift guide of things that I have being looking at for my mom this year.

My mom is quite the fan of the skincare brand balance Me therefore I've being having a little browse of the gift sets that they currently have. The Rose Otto Collection sounds really lovely which includes a body wash and body cream, I think this little set would make a lovely gift for her because she hasn't yet tried any of the body care products on offer from balance Me, she's only tried the facial skincare which she really likes. 

Of course I had to feature some form of jewellery within this little list with my pick being this sweet little heart locket from H. Samuel. Jewellery prices can be quite expensive which can be disheartening if you're on a budget however this little locket isn't too badly priced with it currently being on offer at the moment for Mother's Day.

From Accessorize I chose this pretty Butterfly and Ditsy Silk Scarf which for some reason just made me think of my mom when I saw it, I think that it will be a perfect accessory for the spring and summer. As much as I like a box of Cadbury's chocolates I'm quite partial to trying something that extra bit special, my mom is too, especially when it comes to chocolate! From Hotel Chocolat I picked out a pocket selection of chocolates which I think look super delicious!

Yankee candles are always a popular choice however they can be quite the personal choice too because everybody is different when it comes to scents. A candle from Yankee would be a fantastic gift if you know which scents your mom is partial to, they also do a range of diffusers which I think are quite nice too. My last idea arrived in the form of a skincare gift set from No7 with particular reference to the Lift and Luminate range. These gift sets are superb value for money from what I can see and would make a extra special treat.


21 March 2014

Recent Purchases #1

Recent Purchases
It's been quite a while since I posted about anything new that I had purchased therefore I thought I would share with you today my most recent purchases, none of which resulted from the Boots 3 for 2. I'm just as amazed as you are, trust me.

Most of you will probably be drawn to the NARSissist Palette which I told myself upon launch that I would not buy due to the absolutely eye watering price. To be honest I was very lucky in that I had an ASOS voucher to use which brought the price of this down to £30, this for me was a lot easier to swallow and knowing that I wouldn't be able to pick it up that cheap anywhere else was enough for me to place the order. At the moment I'm going to hold off talking about this too much because it really does deserve a post dedicated to it. 

The next three products are courtesy of Rebecca at Fashion Train as I was so shocked to find out that I had won her Escentual give away a few weeks ago, thank you so much Rebecca! Through this I was able to order a couple of things that I had being wanting to try for quite a while. First up was the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush which I can confirm is pretty darn good however I do still hold a soft spot for the buffing brush. The second product I picked up was the La Roche Posay Physiological Cleansing Gel which happens to be a repurchase for me. Just over two years ago I purchased my first products from La Roche Posay whereby this cleansing gel happened to be one of them. At the time I really enjoyed using this and have ever since missed it being within my skincare routine, looking back I'm not entirely sure why it has taken me so long to pick it up again. 

For a long while now the Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Brightening Toner had been on my skincare wish list but sadly due to the price I had refrained from picking it up, however with the remainder of the Escentual voucher I finally decided to order it. In all honestly I really did feel that my skin would benefit from an exfoliating toner because it had being looking so dull and lifeless. After just one week of using it I can happily report that the toner has already started to help improve the overall appearance and surface of my skin. I'm thoroughly enjoying using this product at the moment.

Last but not least whilst in Boots I spotted a clearance stand which of course I was drawn to like a moth to a flame. Upon this stand I spotted the Avene Cleanance Emulsion which is a light moisturiser aimed at those with oily skin. I'm not entirely sure as to why this product was on the clearance stand; perhaps the packaging will be changing because I noticed that the same happened with a lot of Soap and Glory products late last year. For now I have decided not to break the seal on this because I've decided to save it for the warmer summer months.

On a side note I would just like to pass on my thank you to all of the comments I have received lately. I will be replying to you all asap!


20 March 2014

A walk in the woods

There's just something about being outdoors walking in the woods that fills me with a sense of inner peace. Listening to the low hum of urban life disappear as I walk further into the wood somehow allows me to leave all the worries and stress behind too; I leave them behind at the road. Bird calls replace the noise of the traffic filling the air with soft and happy chirps, almost as if they want you to join in. The little rustles in the bushes often suggest small creatures like mice, whilst the wind in the trees high above brings with it that fresh woodland air that I've often longed for; being outdoors is one of my favourite things.

Last week I went for a walk with my mom after work and took a few pictures whilst I was there. Unfortunately that day despite it being a really beautiful but cold afternoon no wildlife really wanted to stick around for a photograph. I saw a little mouse, a huge bird of prey and lots of other birds but they were all too busy about their day, they didn't have time to pose. After taking quite a few pictures of various trees and the landscape at the top of the hill we headed back home. Whilst on the last short stretch out of the wood we spotted two grey squirrels playing in the trees, they startled us and I'm pretty sure we startled them! This luckily allowed me to get one solitary picture of one of them before he scampered away. My mission that day was complete.

When was the last time you went for a walk in the woods?


19 March 2014

Benefit Nude Swings Eye Shadow

Benefit Nude Swings Benefit Longwear Powder Shadow Benefit Nude Swings Eye Shadow

Despite having being blogging about beauty now for just over two years I had never until recently had any experience of trying anything from Benefit other than the free sample of the They're Real mascara from a magazine earlier on last year. A few weeks ago I was kindly sent the Benefit Longwear Powder Eye Shadow* in the shade Nude Swings to try which finally broke the Benefit barrier.

Having tried so little from Benefit I was really unsure what to expect, therefore when it arrived I was completely taken aback by the packaging. The eye shadow arrived in a rather sturdy circular cardboard box that has a really pretty design on it, this protects the actual eye shadow and adds a nice extra touch; overall the presentation in my opinion is really quite lovely and makes the product that extra bit special. Inside the little box the eye shadow can be found along with a tiny little leaflet that provides a few tips on how to get the best out of the product.

The actual eye shadow itself is in a plastic little pot with a clear lid, this is handy if you decide not to keep the box as you will easily see which shade is which if you have a few of them. Having said I can be sure that my solitary eye shadow will be remaining in the box; it's far too pretty not to. Nude Swings is described as a soft rose gold by Benefit which I do agree with when it is observed within the pan, I'd also be tempted to argue that there are hints of a champagne tone within it which lightens up the overall appearance of the shade. 

Once applied I found that this eye shadow blended out really well however it looked quite sheer on me when I used it alone. Pairing it up with a darker eye shadow and then using this to create a lighter look in the corner of my eye worked and looked much better therefore I will continue to use it in this manner. As I mentioned I found that on my eyelids the eye shadow was quite sheer, more so than I had expected yet I could still see the soft rose gold hues coming through. Combined with a primer I found that the eye shadow started to crease on me after roughly five hours which I guess for a powder eye shadow isn't too bad. I have to be honest and say that for £15.50 I did expect the eye shadow to be a bit more buttery, yet I find myself being able to overlook this somewhat because of how pretty it is.

I had a look to see if I had anything similar to this eye shadow within my collection in order to compare it to something however it would appear not. A month or so ago I had quite the make up clear out where I dramatically reduced the amount that I had therefore my eye shadow collection now consists of just three palettes and one cream eye shadow. I have to say that having tried Benefit Nude Swings I've found that it has become a welcome addition to my much smaller collection. I'm really pleased I've been able to try something from Benefit and can feel myself wanting to delve into the brand further. If you're a fan do you have any recommendations for me?

*PR Sample.


18 March 2014

Pretty Pastels

The pastel trend seems to be once again a bit of a hit so far this season. I've already spotted some beautiful clothes and accessories hitting the shops up town and cannot wait to see what else will be coming out in the next few weeks. Some of my favourite items that I have seen have been bags therefore I thought I would pick out just a few to share with you.

First up is the Peacocks Large Block Coloured Satchel Bag  in a two toned pink which in some way I would argue is on the verge of peach. Either way for me this bag is pretty stunning; with it retailing at just £15 I think it is a complete bargain. It's also worth mentioning that this comes in green too which is actually my personal preference of the two however for some reason it hasn't made it to the online site yet. If you have a local store by you it's worth checking out. *Update, the green version is now available online.

My second choice was the ASOS Concertina Satchel Bag which retails for £30. I picked this one out as I think it's really pretty and quite typical of the pastel trend, girly and youthful. I think that the same can be applied to the Accessorize Pippa Double Pocket Lady Bag which is a little bit more expensive at £42 and is of course blue as opposed to pale pink. Personally I think this bag from Accessorize is a bit more grown up; I think it would be perfect for a day out with friends.

The Pieces Patricia Satchel Bag is one that I stumbled upon whilst browsing ASOS a few weeks ago and ever since then it has remained in the back of my mind. The light shade of grey here is beautiful and one that I think works really well with this time of year. The last bag I chose for this little feature was the Dorothy Perkins Mint Half Moon Bowler; of course I couldn't do a post about pastels without featuring mint of some description. Personally the shape of this bag isn't completely to my taste as I tend to prefer my bags with a longer strap so that I can wear them at the side however overall I think the shade of this is gorgeous. Can you please make a satchel in this colour Dorothy Perkins? Pretty please with sugar on top!


17 March 2014

The Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter

When it comes to moisturising my body I hold my hands up and admit that I cannot be bothered half of the time. I'm not a fan of jumping out of the bath and then slathering on the lotions or body butters because I simply want to get into my pyjamas as quick as possible, especially during the cold winter. This year however I'm trying to look after my body a bit more as I make a huge effort with my face when it comes to skincare so why not the rest of me.

A long term favourite product of mine has been The Body Shop Body Butters. If I'm ever going to be moisturising my legs, arms and everything else it will be this product that I will be using. I'm not too fussed as to which particular scent I use as so far I have really enjoyed all of the ones that I have tried. At the moment I'm currently using the Raspberry scented version which is truly incredible; it really does remind me of nice thick yoghurt. The scent is amazing and remains upon the skin after use, more importantly than that though I find that these body butters work incredibly well on my skin which can often be really quite dry. These body butters are quite thick in texture which is something I like to be honest as I'm generally not a fan of runny lotions.

There are currently quite a variety of scents available from The Body Shop which makes me super happy. Having already now tried the raspberry, mango and coconut body butters I have to say I'm really keen to give the chocomania, blueberry and vitamin e versions a try.

Dry skin conditions seem to run in my family I've noticed what with several members of my family suffering from dermatitis. It's time to start taking care of my body a little bit more now, never mind just my face.


16 March 2014

A Spring In Your Step

Spring sure is on its way, I can just about see it around the corner therefore I find it perfectly apt to pick out my favourite spring nail polishes from my collection.

My first choice was the Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polish in the shade 'Mary Mary Quite Contrary'. This is to me a gorgeous transitional colour from winter to spring with hints of grey within the pastel lilac shade. Of course for me no nail polish feature is ever quite complete without including some Barry M polishes, three of which made it into this spring edit. Firstly I picked out 'Blue Moon' which is a rather cool pastel blue, this shade belongs to my sister but I just had to include it as I've already become quite the fan. 

Next up I chose one of my favourite Barry M shades 'Strawberry' which is a really nice soft pink. This looks really pretty on and has been a firm favourite of mine for a rather long time now. Barry M 'Peach Melba' is also really pretty on; I do however think that it looks a touch lighter once applied than it does in the image above. It's certainly one to bear in mind if you like your peach and orange shades. My last choice had to be a mint green as I can't help but think of mint choc chip ice cream when I use these shades. Boycotting the trend of Essie Mint Candy Apple I went for the Maybelline Forever Strong nail polish in 'Mint for Life' which is beautiful to wear.

Rimmel and Maybelline are not cruelty free brands.

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