11 January 2015

Time Flies When Doing Something You Enjoy

A Little Boat Sailing 2014

Last year was a good year for me and my blog, by that I mean it was the year where I finally got out and met some of the wonderful ladies within this awesome community that I'm so incredibly proud to be part of. Looking back it was a good year; I really enjoyed it and found a new found love for my blog when I had been struggling. It's not easy blogging regularly, especially when juggling everyday life, work, socialising and taking time aside from all of that simply for you. I would have loved to have produced more content last year but overall I'm relatively happy with the way things panned out. 

In January I kicked off the year with the coming spring trends along with a couple of LUSH reviews, both Tisty Tosty and the blogger favourite Snow Fairy were featured. The one question I'm left with right now is why didn't I stock up on Snow Fairy this year? February was the month that I decided to treat myself after finally passing my driving test; it took forever as I had put it off for such a long time. Passing first time was incredible, although to be fair my instructor was awesome! My treat for passing was a palette from the Bobbi Brown Nude Glo Collection whereby my mum also treated me to one of the lipsticks from the collection.

In March I decided to start posting more about books in Bookshelf  #1 although looking back this did not last. This is probably one of my only blogging regrets thus far as I absolutely adore reading and it is something I want to highlight on my blog more this year. Blogging daily was the challenge I set myself that month whereby you can read about it here in my blogging experience post. It was super tough however it would have been so much easier if I had planned ahead. April saw me start my new job so it took a while for me to get used to incredibly early mornings. Being at work for 7am soon took its toll on me as I was rather used to having late nights, my dark circles were even bigger than normal! The NARSissist Palette came into my life that month where for some reason as much as I love it I've found that it has sat rather unloved as of late. I've recently dug it out to start using again as it is a fantastic eye shadow palette. I also braved MAC All Fired Up which became one of my favourite shades to wear in the summertime. 

Rolling into May I found myself trying to come away from single beauty reviews as these had been such a huge focus of mine in the past. To this day I will still continue to produce them as I enjoy writing them however I do like to try and mix things up where I can.  One such post was A Sunny Weekend where I shared with you some pictures from that beautiful week we had in May; oh how I miss the sun at the moment and the warm breeze. June was a fantastic month for me as I attended my first blogger event and met an amazing group of girls in the process! A bit later on in the month I was also kindly featured in the Blogosphere Magazine which was a little bit surreal considering it's a magazine that I read myself; a huge thank you to this day goes out to Rosie for thinking of me.

Within July I featured a brand focus post whereby my Ode to Una went down really well with so many of you. The Superfacialist brand has been one of my favourite skincare brands to date as everything I have so far tried has worked really well for me. I also went back to basics with an everyday make up post as I realised I had never really done one before. As always I'm forever late to the game with incredibly hyped up beauty products however I finally did manage to try Rimmel 107 in August where naturally I just had to share with you my thoughts on it. It's all about Kate was such a pleasure to write as it was nice to be writing about a product that warranted the hype.

During September I felt like being a little bit more personal on my blog whereby I shared with you many of my thoughts at the time in My Blogging Relationship. From that post I received so many comments of support and encouragement, along with people sharing their own thoughts which I found incredibly interesting and reassuring at the same time. October was the month in which I started my GDL course in which I'm so grateful that some of my favourite bloggers helped me out with a few guest posts whilst I settled into my course. At this time I set myself some Short Term Goals as I felt like I needed to address certain things in my life, looking back I think I managed them in the end.

Winding down towards the end of the year November it was becoming extremely chilly and my skin was looking a bit worse for wear. At any first sign of my skin acting up I immediately pick up my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish because I know that it will sort out any issues. I know that this cleanser is spoken about a lot therefore I hate to sound like a broken record but for me it is always the cleanser to beat, it sorts my skin out every single time. Finally wet hit December where if I'm truthful this is always one of my favourite months when it comes to writing my blog. I love how festive and excited everyone becomes (I confess I sit down to watch one too many Vlogmas episodes) and I look forward to reading and watching yearly beauty favourites. Naturally I put my own together whereby this year I decided to have three categories instead of one big post. Skincare Favourites and Beauty Favourites were my primary favourites of the year whereby to round the year off with something a little bit different I decided to add a brand focus whereby Charlotte Tilbury came out on top.

Throughout 2014 I found myself enjoying blogging more than I had ever done before. It goes without saying that a lot of that comes down to the level of engagement that I feel I have with so many of you. It's great to have conversations with people who have the same interests as me and to that I thank you. All of the kindness and encouragement over the last year has been amazing and it's something that I'm so thankful for. Currently I'm running a very short blog survey whereby if you do have a moment to spare I'd greatly appreciate any feedback that you could give me. Once again thank you to those that have already filled it out.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely blog year and hope you have an even better one.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  2. I have loved reading your blog this year Amy!
    You also have some of the prettiest photos! :)

    xo Sharon
    under the blush

  3. Charlotte Greenhalgh11 January 2015 at 18:33

    Great post sweetie, I have loved watching your blog develop over the year and you have accomplished so much :) All fired up looks gorgeous on you, and I'm tempted to try the lipstick out myself :) xxxx

  4. What a lovely post, it's so nice to look back over the year and see how far you've come :)
    Wishing you all the best for 2015 Amy! :)

    Jess xo

  5. Thank you Jackie, I really appreciate that :) x

  6. Sharon you are far too kind, thank you! :) x

  7. Thank you so much Charlotte! I think you will really like that lipstick, it's a lovely one for spring and summer x

  8. Thank you Jess and likewise! :) xx


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