12 March 2015

Narciso Rodriguez For Her

Narciso Rodriguez For HerNarciso Rodriguez For Her

If like me you're a little bit stuck for ideas as to what to pick up for Mum this Mother's Day then I may just have an answer for you. I don't know about you but when it comes down to my Mum I know that I'm pretty safe with a fragrance as she absolutely loves them, I certainly take after her in that department as together we can be found trying out the various new scents that launch each year. 

One such scent that we have both admired for a while now has been Narciso Rodriguez for Her* which is available both as a Eau de Toilette (black bottle) and a Eau de Parfum (pink bottle). As you can see I have here the lighter version of the two which is generally the path I follow when it comes to fragrances as I often do find that the parfum version of any fragrance for that matter tend to be a little too strong for my personal taste. Narciso Rodriguez for Her is firstly a very elegant and sophisticated fragrance in terms of packaging, it has that grown up feel about it despite it having slight floral notes, those of which for some reason I tend to associate with younger fragrances although I do not know why. Visually I think it looks beautiful, it's weighty and bold yet is sleek and feminine; it's simple and I like it.

Moving onto the actual scent it has top notes of flower honey, middle notes of amber light rounding off with base notes of tactile woods, although the blend consists of much more such as orange blossom, vanilla, vertiver and solar musk which all enhance the heart of musk. Previously I mentioned that it has light floral notes in which I feel that they really are present, I feel like I tend to catch them at the end of the scent when I smell it where at first it does feel quite warm and sensual although I'm sure this is different for everyone as we all pick up things differently.

The beautifully presented Narciso Rodriguez for Her Gift Set that is currently available from Fragrance Direct provides you with the fragrance itself in a generous 50ml size. Alongside that there is a 50ml body lotion and a little black sequin bag which will be handy for nights out; it's the perfect size for popping a lipstick and concealer into.

It truly is a beautiful fragrance that remains on the skin for a good few hours afterwards; in fact I would argue that this is a scent that lasts all day which is something that I find harder to come by these days, particularly from an Eau de Toilette. My final thoughts on this fragrance is that if you haven't yet tried it then it's one worth popping on your radar. If you're a fan of Stella by Stella McCartney or you know your Mum is then I'd like to think that this fragrance is well worth looking into, it would make a fantastic gift for Mother's Day.


  1. this sounds like the perfect gift :)

    emily xx


  2. The packaging is to die for! X

  3. I have been wearing this perfume at the moment. I just love the way it lasts on my skin x


  4. It sounds like a gorgeous fragrance! x


  5. One of my favourite perfumes and it has just run out! I'm very tempted to purchase a new bottle very soon.

  6. This is one of my most loved perfumes ever. And it was such a surprise as I never thought I'd like it!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  7. It's a lovely gift set for any occasion I think x

  8. It is beautiful isn't it x

  9. I agree, it lasts really well on me too which I find a rarity these days x

  10. It is a lovely set Sarah :) x

  11. It's beautiful, I absolutely love it and have done now for quite a long time x

  12. I can see why Natasha, it is gorgeous isn't it x

  13. It must have been about a year ago when I first tried it myself and even back then it was an instant hit for me. I do think it is quite a grown up scent if that makes sense, it's funny that I tailored this towards Mother's Day because it actually does remind me of the type of scent my mum would choose herself x


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