24 March 2015

RMK Vintage Sweets Collection

RMK Vintage Sweets Collection RMK Vintage Sweets Collection RMK Vintage Sweets Collection RMK Vintage Sweets Collection

RMK is a brand that I have mentioned before yet up until now I have never tried any of their make up for myself in the comfort of my own home. Back in November I attended an event held at the RMK counter in Selfridges where I got to see the launch of the Christmas range. This time around I was kindly invited back to have a look at the utterly beautiful RMK Vintage Sweets Collection which is the spring and summer launch for this year. 

The Vintage Sweets Collection boats an array of delicately chosen fresh floral colours which are candy like in appearance helping to portray a sweet, soft and natural finish when worn. From eye shadows, nail polishes, lip glosses and blushes there is a little something for everyone within this collection; I like to think of it as a form of candy that isn't bad for you.

Starting off with the RMK Sweet Sugar Eyes (£21) there are five different eye shadows within the collection which are all equally as pretty as one another. They're relatively shimmery so that's something to watch out for however with a steady hand and application they are beautiful when applied; Ting looked absolutely gorgeous once she had her make over with the collection. One of the most impressive products from the new collection and one which actually took me by surprise was the RMK W Color Mascara (£25). There are five in the range and what makes them so unique is that they have different coloured ends, take for instance the middle image in the second picture. The model has blue mascara on her top lashes and pink on the bottom, I think that image is so beautiful yet creating this look is quite achievable for you too. I had the opportunity to try the blue and pink mascara myself and I was pretty impressed actually where if I'm honest I really didn't expect to be as it's not every day you wear two different shades of mascara. Whilst it probably won't be for everyone I do think that for those who simply love their make up and enjoy experimenting it's an incredibly fun way to add something more adventurous to your routine.

Blushes are fast becoming one of my favourite make up products so it's of no surprise that I had to add one of the RMK Vintage Candy Cheeks (£20) to my little collection. There are four limited edition shades of which I chose Candy Red Rose; this is incredibly elegant and suits my complexion really well as it adds a healthy flush of colour to my cheeks. As you can see there is a pretty little pattern within the blush, in fact it reminds me of old fashioned lolly pops however it is in fact a blush and highlight in one. You can use them separately however I personally do find that a little tricky as they're close together and it is only a small blush, therefore what I have being doing is simply using it as one product on its own for my cheeks. Together the two shades really do work very well so I'm happy to keep using it in that way.

On my way home from the event I had a little peek into the bag that the team at RMK had given us. They had kindly included some samples of some other RMK products along with a full size RMK Vintage Drop Gloss; I got the shade Butter Scotch which could not have been more perfect as I adore that scent. Generally speaking I do shy away from any form of lip gloss because I never get on with them very well however today I decided to wear this to work in order to test it out. Overall I have to say it felt really lovely on the lips, it wasn't sticky and it tasted pretty nice too although I'm not sure that's what you're supposed to do with lip gloss. On a slight tangent I think it tasted of fruit salad sweets which happen to be one of my favourites!

The collection also has Vintage Sweets Face Color (£33) which comes in two different shades, blue lilac and yellow green. Blue lilac can be used to create a luminous finish whereas yellow green can be used to help diminish uneven skin tone; personally I have never tried anything like these although I'd be tempted to give them a whirl in the future. RMK have also launched the Nail Color EX (£14) which consist of some beautiful pastel nail polishes, they really are gorgeous and are said to have a pretty good formula or so I have been told; I'm yet to try them for myself but do hope to at some point this year.

Overally RMK have created yet again another beautiful collection, it's a brand that in the past I have never seen much of yet every time I pop to Selfridges these days I have to stop by to see what is new. It's well worth stopping by to have a look at this collection as well as the skin care that's on offer; their cleansing balm on a side note is also pretty great.

RMK can be found at Selfridges.


  1. oh what a lovely collection! how cute are those lip glosses too!? x

  2. charlotte samantha24 March 2015 at 07:43

    Such a gorgeous post!
    Lovely blog hun!

    Charlotte // www.charlottesamantha.co.uk

  3. This looks like a stunning launch, I love the look of the lip products!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  4. The products are so cute, although they do make me want sweeties :)

  5. These just have the best name, and I adore the polishes!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. They are lovely! I love the candy stripes in them :) x

  7. Thank you so much Charlotte x

  8. They smell so good! It's the blushers that got me, they are so pretty x

  9. Isn't it just, the whole collection is really pretty if I'm honest x

  10. It does I agree! My friend has told me that the formula of them is really good although I haven't tried them myself x


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