29 May 2015

Topshop Beauty | Five Years

Topshop Make Up It is hard to believe that Topshop Beauty turned five this month, it honestly only seems like yesterday when I first very first discovered it. From the vast array of nail polishes to the awesome cream blushes it is safe to say that Topshop Beauty has been one of my favourite discoveries in the time that I have being blogging. 

Last year I dedicated a whole post aptly named Topshop Make Up in which I shared with you a few of my favourite products from the range. To this day I still think that Topshop Beauty is great value for money, the packaging is also incredibly sweet and what with the added rose gold detail for the five year celebration who wouldn't want a little something from the collection.

In order to kick off the five years of the Topshop Beauty line they have re-released their best selling products in limited edition rose gold packaging, which I have to say looks absolutely beautiful! There are a grand total of fifteen products within the limited edition collection which consists of five lipsticks, five nail polishes, a liquid liner, glow highlighter and a lovely cream blush. My local Topshop did seem a little sparse on the lipstick front as only Innocent and Nevada was available at the time however I would have loved to have picked up Beguiled whilst I was there.
Topshop Make Up
To this day I still enjoy using the Topshop nail polishes in particular as I find the formula to be pretty fantastic, especially considering they only cost £6. They're often just as good, if not better than other brands that I have tried which have been more expensive. It goes without saying that I had to pick a nail polish up therefore I decided to go with 'Green Room' as I don't own a shade like this at all, the only similar one I have tried is from Models Own and that technically does belong to my sister. 

I also decided to pick up one of the lipsticks in the shade 'innocent' which in the bullet looks like a warm toned pink yet when applied does come across a little bit cooler than you would have initially thought. Nevertheless I think it is a really pretty colour that will be really lovely to wear throughout the remainder of spring and as we head into summer. The last time I purchased a lipstick from Topshop I must admit that I do remember being a little underwhelmed in regards to the formula, however I'm all for giving products a second chance so hopefully this time round I have a much better experience.

Topshop packaging has always been a hit with me, I think it is fun and cute yet in the same breath it wouldn't see any of us feeling slightly daft pulling it out of our handbags. I really do love it and will continue to browse those nail polish stands for a long time to come yet. Now if only they would bring back the highlighter in 'crescent moon' then I would be quite literally over the moon!


  1. I\m picking Innocent up tomorrow, it's so pretty. I also have Green Room and I love it so much! They have a highlighter at the moment that I don't know what it's called but it's stunning and I keep swooning over it but it's never in stock...really hope that's not Crescent Moon!! xx

  2. nice choice of shades :)


    Rao / Red Alice Rao

  3. I love the look of this collection, and the rose gold is so pretty!

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  4. Topshop beauty has some great products, and this nail polish looks similar to Barry M's Greenberry Gel Polish - I might be wrong!

    Meg ♡

  5. I have Greenberry!! Oh no haha I will have to check this out, thank you! x

    1. It was just at a first glance reminded me of it! Haha

  6. I have Topshop beauty to thank for my discovery of beauty bloggers/Youtubers! I googled it to try and find a review and found a Youtube review haha, so the brand has sentimental value for me :) it is a fab range as well, good price for very quality products.

    Kat www.kathorrocks.com

  7. The shade of that lipstick is stunning! X

  8. www.ohjanuary.blogspot.co.uk

  9. I love that nail colour =]


  10. Such beautiful packaging! I love Topshop makeup especially their nail polishes, they have such a great selection!
    Nicola x

  11. I love the packaging of the Topshop 5 years!

    Jenna xox / Beauty And The Style

  12. I saw that you picked Innocent up Claudia, I hope you liked it. Green Room is so gorgeous, I can't wait to start wearing it once I get my nails back (exam stress has ruined them). Oh gosh I hope it isn't either, I'm dreading mine running out as I love it so much.

  13. It's a nice added touch to the collection isn't it.

  14. That's exactly how I discovered Topshop beauty too, I can totally relate to that. It really is a great range, I'm forever looking at all of the nail polishes.

  15. It's so pretty isn't it Hannah.

  16. Me too, it's so good! I love vibrant colours for summer time.

  17. They really do, I keep meaning to go back and see what nude shades they have as I haven't had a look in a while.

  18. Me too Jenna, it's so pretty but not tacky at all.


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