29 June 2015

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito
There is a new range at The Body Shop this summer which you may or may not have spotted over the last few weeks. The Virgin Mojito range has quite literally been splashed all over the blogging community recently and with good reason. If you are into super fresh and fruity scents which literally optimise summer then it is well worth checking this range out.

The limited edition Virgin Mojito range consists of blends of lime and freshly crushed mint, where upon use you are instantly transported to a beach with a cocktail or two in hand! Like most ranges from The Body Shop there is body butter, shower gel and body scrub which are all divine, and that is just the scent alone. Being quite a fan of The Body Shop I have tried more than my fair of body butters in the past, it goes without saying that the Virgin Mojito Body Butter* is already a firm favourite of mine; it is so incredibly refreshing. 

If you are looking for a good old exfoliator for in the shower then I can't say that I could recommend the Virgin Mojito* one too much. For me it is extremely light and doesn't provide the texture that I would like for a body scrub, although having said that it is really gentle and provides light exfoliation so this may be a good one to use regularly or to have at hand if you have a bit of sunburn.

In recent months The Body Shop have launched the body sorbets in which the Virgin Mojito Body Sorbet* is probably my favourite product from this whole range. Having never tried one of these products before I was incredibly curious to see how they worked for me as I have always been a huge fan of the much thicker body butters. Upon using this I was pleasantly surprised at how light it was and how easily it absorbed into my skin. Using this has made a nice change to my body butters although I do think that for those who suffer with drier skin that this may not be enough in terms of keeping the skin hydrated; overall I think the body butters would be much better. 

On a whole I have been really impressed with this range, it sure is perfect for the summer months, especially if you are jetting off somewhere sunny. Never fear though, for those of you who are not (me included) I hear we have somewhat of a heat wave coming this week so whip out your sun hat, sunglasses and the ever important SPF and enjoy.

28 June 2015

Recently Recycled #5

Beauty Product Empties In my bid to use up products before opening up new ones I have found myself getting through quite a bit of skincare recently; there is also a lipstick would you believe. I always find make up incredibly hard to get through as opposed to skincare so I am pretty impressed with that if I do say so myself. 

When it comes to skincare I won't deny that I do like things to be more affordable, especially as I get through the products much quicker. The Superdrug Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser is a product that has served me very well and will be one that I re-purchase in the future. Having said that I will be holding off for a while as I have quite a few cleansers to be getting through at the moment; I am trying very hard to stream line my skincare products as I do have quite a few still at the moment. This is a great fuss free cleanser that works really well at leaving my skin feeling clean and hydrated without stripping it of any moisture; it's a great product if you are on a budget.

The Soap and Glory Micellar Water* was a product I featured within my Ode to Soap and Glory post back in April. Whilst on a whole I adore the brand this was a product that I wasn't overwhelmed by. It was just OK for me and failed to remove my eye make up effectively therefore this wouldn't be a product I would be willing to purchase; having said that I am extremely keen to try The Ultimelt Hot Cloth Cleanser which I have being reading about recently.

Recently I have re-purchased the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado as I just couldn't live without it in my skincare routine. Of course that is a little bit dramatic, yet I really did notice it not being there so I made sure I picked it up again on a recent trip to Selfridges. This has been probably the best eye cream I have tried to date as it really does help with dehydration that I get around my eye area.

This month I say farewell to what has to have been one of my favourite lip products. The Maybelline Colour Sensational Popstick in the shade Pink Lollipop has been one of my most worn products. Whilst it was never the most pigmented product it was indeed one of the nicest formulas as I found that I could wear this and it never dried out my lips. In the past I have never really read great reviews on this but it was always something I enjoyed using, I'll be sad to see it go now as I haven't seen this particular shade for a while now in store. 

26 June 2015

Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum Giveaway

Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum One of my favourite things about writing this blog is that I sometimes find myself offered the opportunity to try out a new skincare brand or product. Today just so happens to be one of those occasions whereby just this week I have been given the chance to try out the Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum* which is a product that I have read quite a lot of things about.

Before I jump straight in with this post today I'd like to add that this is not a review of the product. This is because I have only being using it for three days so it is far too soon for me to talk about it in depth; I sure hope you can appreciate that. What I can however tell you is that my very first impressions of this are good, as in terms of packaging this comes within a pump bottle so it is nice and hygienic. It also applies lovely and does not feel too heavy on my skin, in fact on all three mornings since I have being using this my skin has felt the smoothest that it has done for a while; whether this is a coincidence or not we will have to wait and see. 

The Merumaya Iconic Youth Serum is on a whole designed to help prevent skin from further ageing and to protect the skin from signs of ageing that is already present. It is said to improve radiance and luminosity and will help to improve wrinkles and fine lines as well as also improving skin moisture and elasticity. In fact in respect to moisture I wouldn't want to jump the gun too soon but I feel as though I am already seeing improvements in my skin in such a very short time where dehydration is concerned.

Like I said this isn't a full review because I simply have not had enough time to test it out properly, I will however be back in a few month's time with my overall thoughts. Having said that if you fancy winning one of these to test it out yourself courtesy of John Lewis then all you have to do is fill out the rafflecopter form below. This will run for one week only in which once over I'll notify the winner via email, so don't forget to leave one in the comments below. This giveaway is open to the UK only due to postal restrictions however I will be running my own personal giveaway in a few month's time which will be open internationally, so stay tuned for that one.


25 June 2015

Ellen McCrimmon Illustrations

Ellen McCrimmon Illustrations Aside from all things beauty related I have a huge passion for art. This is something that I have touched upon briefly on A Little Boat Sailing before and has been something that I have wanted to feature again. In the past I had my very own illustration tab yet that has long since gone, I'd like to update it soon and include some more recent work. I have always been an admirer of other peoples work and often find myself losing hours online browsing black and white pencil sketches, watercolour landscapes and whimsical patterns and fonts.

It has been a little while since I dug out my own pencils and watercolours yet this hasn't stopped me admiring the talent of other artists that are out there. For me I often find new artists through instagram where I then spend the next twenty minutes stalking their feed. The most recent artist I have stumbled upon is Ellen McCrimmon who creates the most beautiful watercolour illustrations alongside charcoal and pencil drawings. Around a week ago I entered Ellen's giveaway for a chance to win a print of my choice (it was always going to be the two whales because they are my favourite animal), where low and behold I was lucky enough to be picked as one of the winners; thank you so much Ellen!

Ellen McCrimmon Illustrations
Just yesterday my little package from Ellen arrived and it was filled with the most beautiful prints I ever did see. The prints are A5 in size and will look perfect on my wall once my bedroom is decorated in a few week's time. She very kindly sent me a print with a majestical seahorse on as well as my print of choice; the two stunning whales. Alongside this I also received two mini prints of a bear and fox which are just as delightful; I cannot wait to pop them up on display soon.

I really wanted to share these beautiful pieces of artwork with you all today as they were simply too gorgeous not to. It is always such a pleasure to discover new artists, especially when they are as nice as Ellen.

You can find Ellen McCrimmon Illustrations on her Facebook page, Instragram and her online shop.

24 June 2015

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm Review When it comes to balm cleansers I will hold my hand up and say that I would regard myself as having now tried a few. From the somewhat gritty, sticky, luxurious and indeed delightful I think I have in my time discovered what I do and don't like from a balm cleanser. Despite the weather now warming up I do not feel a need to move away from this type of cleanse as I know so many people are often tempted to do. They are often depicted as being quite heavy for this time of year however for me personally I think they are fantastic for all year round; they simply do the job and they do it well.

For a little while now I have being meaning to write a dedicated review for the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm* which was kindly sent to me back in January. If we skip back briefly to my Skincare Overhaul post back in March you will find that I briefly touched on this product back then, however I really wanted to come back to it today in order to provide a more in-depth post because I truly feel as though this product deserves a little bit more attention.

The Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm* first and foremost is one of the more expensive (for me anyway) on the market at a retail price of £39.50 for 100ml. In the past I have tried balms that have only ever been cheaper so this to date, as far as I can recall is the most expensive so far. Like most balms I have tried this comes in a jar, which generally speaking isn't something I like when it comes to my skincare products as I find this type of product to be less hygienic. Despite this when it comes to balm cleansers I do tend to favour this packaging more because it makes the product so much easier to access and to use. Putting it quite simply you are not left squeezing a tube within the inch of its life to get the product out, I have been there before and it is no fun at all.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm Review
In regards to the texture of the product it is without a doubt the smoothest balm I have yet to try. It is so incredibly smooth on the skin and simply glides across effortlessly; it is a lovely texture to work with and does not drag across the skin at all. A little seems to go a long way with this which of course helps to soften the blow of the price somewhat. In regards to using it on my eyes I have found that whilst it does a relatively good job at removing standard mascara it does in fact struggle with eye liner so I do tend to use something separate for my eye make up when I use this. Having said that when I do use this product it is more likely that I will be using it as a second cleanse as opposed to that initial pre-cleanse as it is just too nice to use as that first cleanse. I feel as though the first cleanse removes the bulk of the make up before the actual cleansing process takes place with a second cleanse therefore I like to save my nicer, more luxurious products for the latter. 

There is a scent to this balm cleanser which I find to be really quite nice, it isn't overpowering but there is certainly a noticeable fragrance when I am using it. I am categorically useless at picking up scents however I definitely can pick out lavender there which I think coincides with the somewhat relaxing, calming sensation I have when I smell this. In terms of ingredients Elemis do not use any mineral oils, parabens or SLS within this product which is always an added bonus, although oddly enough there is no collagen within this product as the name may suggest.

Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm Review
Upon using this I notice that my skin feels instantly hydrated, smooth and youthful looking, especially after a long day of wearing make up at work. Whilst it is not a miracle worker at removing eye make up I do think it makes up for that in terms of how it makes my skin feel and indeed look. In the time in which I have being using this I have not experienced any irritation what so ever on my skin in general, although when used around the eyes I have noticed it to be a little stingy if I get it a bit too close. 

Overall this is a product that I have been really very happy with, it is a great second cleanse with an added element of luxury. I still have quite a lot of this left so I don't have to make a decision just yet as to whether I will pick it up once my current version runs out. I am in fact very torn because being a beauty blogger I am naturally very curious as to the other products that are out there on the market, having said that I certainly will not be forgetting just how good this has been.

Are you a fan of Elemis? This is my second experience with the brand by which after such a positive experience I'm really quite keen to dive in further to see what else they have to offer.

22 June 2015

Keeping Organised | Filofax

Filofax Notebook
For the longest time I have had a little bit of an obsession with stationary. I distinctly remember that time of year when right before school restarted in September me and my brother and sister would all go shopping with mum to buy a new pencil case, pens and pencils; I loved it! I was that child who had about twenty different scented gel pens and a variety of different shaped rubbers and pencil sharpeners. 

Of course being more grown up these days (ahem) I have somewhat refined my stationary choices yet I feel as though there is still room for a little bit of fun, or indeed quirkiness. I have found that through juggling both university, my job and my blog that I have needed to find a way to keep myself more organised; pretty stationary really isn't just for show folks as it is vital I find for keeping me on track, or at least as best as it can, as even I can still be easily distracted.

Filofax Notebook
Whilst I am a huge advocate of my planners I have recently being using something a little less bulky which I have found to make quite a nice change to how I organise myself week to week. The Filofax Notebook* is a brand new concept to me and is one that I'm thoroughly enjoying using. Of course a notebook of any description is nothing new however this one is quite unique in that it has a few features which makes it much more user friendly.

First and foremost it has the ability to lie perfectly flat which I have to say was something I had never really been bothered about before, yet now I have experienced it for myself I feel as though I will find it hard to use anything other than something like this again; it makes such a difference when you're right writing in it. For one there is no bump to write over as you head towards the end of the page on the left hand side which for me is great, I sure hope you know what I am referring to there or that point may be a little bit lost on you; maybe I am just a bit too picky who knows.

The second concept is in some way similar to the traditional Filofax in that you can remove the pages in and out of the notebook without having to physically tear them out. As you can see in both the images above and below the edges of the paper within it are not sealed where they attach into the notebook itself, this makes them easily removable as you literally lift them out and slot them back into your desired place. I really like this feature as it means you can write where ever you like within the notebook on a whim and then organise it properly at a later date; this is something I really appreciate as I like my notes to be in order.
Filofax Notebook
This very feature also applies to the four dividers in the back as you can just as easily move those too which has made planning my blog posts as well as a mystery project that I am working on at the moment effortless, especially when I have had last minute ideas when working on something completely different. The paper within the Filofax Notebook is of a really nice quality too, it is really nice to write on and is not scratchy in the slightest which is often a bug bear of mine. On more than one occasion I have had to physically feel the paper in notebooks before I buy them because I really don't like how some can feel when I am writing in them. You see I am pretty passionate about my stationary and always look for something that I know will be of relatively good quality.

The Filofax Notebook is priced at £12.99 for the A5 size and £9.99 for the pocket size. Whilst initially this may seem perhaps more than one would like to spend I feel as though you will get your money's worth, especially because you can buy refills for this which is really handy as you won't have to go out and buy another notebook in itself. Both sizes come in six colours which offers more flexibility and personal choice, it is nice to venture outside the standard black and red shades.

Upon writing this post today I didn't quite intend this to be a sole review of this product, it was genuinely going to be somewhat of an overview of the current things I am using to help me be more organised yet I honestly have been so impressed with this that I just felt the need to write a lot about it. As you can see despite this post moving away from the norm of beauty it truly is never far from my mind; I have already made a rather long and expensive list of skincare items that I want to research further.

How do you keep organised? I keep reading about online calendars and keeping notes on my mobile phone yet I have to say I don't think that you can beat a pen and paper; I am most certainly old school when it comes to things like this.

20 June 2015

Charlotte Tilbury The Rock Chick Palette

Charlotte Tilbury The Rock Chic Eye Shadow Palette

It is no secret that one of my favourite beauty brands is Charlotte Tilbury. Over the last six months or so you will have seen a few of her products featured on here whereby today I am back with another. In the past I have featured the Dolce Vita Palette alongside the Fallen Angel Palette as well as her beautiful lipstick Bitch Perfect. Having now three of the eye shadow quads from Charlotte Tilbury I have to say that they are some of my favourites, they are all (the ones I have tried at least) buttery soft and blend beautifully; I have yet to find a fault with any of them.

The next palette I wished to feature on my blog today is The Rock Chick Palette which was one that I won from Jordan a little while ago, I owe a huge thank you to Jordan because this palette is one that I enjoy using immensely; it is gorgeous! 

Charlotte Tilbury The Rock Chic Eye Shadow Palette

By now you all probably know the drill when it comes to these palettes but for those of you that don't I'll sum it up for briefly. Basically all of the Charlotte Tilbury quads have a prime, enhance, smoke and pop shade which is summarised on the back of the palette. By following them in that specific order you can create a perfect smoky eye with an extra pop of colour to it; call it the grand finale of the eye shadow world. 

Enter The Rock Chick in which the prime shade in this quad is of course the lightest shade, this to me is somewhat of a grey/beige toned champagne which is utterly beautiful. Despite it being light this isn't the type of shade I personally would want to use for highlighting the brow bone, it is too dark for me. Having said that it does make a beautiful base in which to begin creating your desired look, it is also very pretty on its own too. The second shade which is the enhance shade is quite comfortably my favourite shade in the quad. This is a medium toned taupe brown with somewhat of a pearlescent sheen to it, I think it is that added factor which makes it stand out more to me than any other shade like this.

The darkest shade in the quad is that of the smoke shade which is dark brown, although I would argue that it verges very close to the grey side of things. I have read a few reviews which seem to think this shade in particular isn't as pigmented as the others but I would firmly disagree, I think it is perfectly fine and that it is equal to the others within the quad. This really is the shade that you want to use should you wish to really smoke out your look, it is beautiful but is one to use with a light hand because you don't need much at all. Finally there is the pop shade which I think is very similar in shade to that of the enhance shade only with added glitter to it. The texture of this is different to the others as it feels glossy I guess yet applies just as well, the added factor of the glitter does not make this any rougher as in keeping with the quality of all of the shades it is soft and easy to blend. Having said that there is an element of fall out with this shade although this is something I can overlook; in all honesty in my experience it has not been too bad at all.

In terms of longevity and pigmentation on a whole, I can but say that I have been nothing short of impressed with The Rock Chick. Like all of the Charlotte Tilbury quads this is encased within the dark brown and rose gold packaging and retails at £38. Once again I feel incredibly happy with the quality of this eye shadow quad; it really does seem as though Charlotte Tilbury can do no wrong.

At the end of December last year I voted for Charlotte Tilbury to be my brand of the year, I truly loved everything at the time and continue to this day to reach for her products on a daily basis. It goes without saying that I cannot wait for her collaboration with Norman Parkinson in early July to be released, it looks incredible!

17 June 2015

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish | 20 Years of Botanical Brilliance

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Beauty Trio

It has been just under two years since I first tried out the iconic Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. Back when I first started writing about beauty it was probably the most discussed product when it came to skincare and yet still to this day it remains to be one of my favourite cleansers for both morning and night. Whilst my skin has never been the most sensitive (although it sure has had its moments in the past) this has always been a product that I can turn to when I need something simple and calming for my skin; it is a product I can trust which is why I keep on going back to it. You can read my review of the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser that I did back in 2013 if you want to know more about the product itself, however today I wanted to focus on a slight twist to this cult classic.

The reason behind this post today is to share with you the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Beauty Trio which has recently been launched in order to celebrate 20 years of this wonderful botanical brand. The Cleanse and Polish Beauty Trio comes safely packaged within a special 20th Anniversary keepsake tin which I think is rather nice as it adds something extra special to the product; I'll be using this to store samples in I think once it has fulfilled its purpose of housing my collection of Cleanse and Polish.

The Beauty Trio set consists of three limited edition hot cloth cleansers which all have different scents. The first one is Grapefruit and Patchouli which is a scent that I think will be nice for the summer, whereas in contrast to this the second one, Rose and Lavender is a scent which to me sounds as if it will be nicer as we head into the colder months, although let's not think about winter just yet! Finally there is also Orange Flower and Chamomile which is again another scent which I think would be nice for this time of year. Seeing as my set only arrived a few days ago I haven't yet tried any of these for myself, the reason for that is because I don't like opening products too early, especially when I have so many others on the go. 

In the past I had either missed out on these limited edition scents or had refrained from purchasing at the time of their release, where in doing so I had always presumed that my opportunity to try them had passed. You can imagine how delighted I was when I saw this set starting to crop up on a few of my favourite blogs over the last month or so as I knew it would be one that I'd be putting into my online basket as soon as I could. Retailing at £50 this is quite an expensive purchase however I was very lucky in that I managed to pick mine up for £35 whilst Liz Earle were running a special promotion around a week ago. 

I wasn't too sure whether to feature this set so soon after it arriving, especially when I haven't tried them just yet however it's nice to share things with you that are still available to buy as opposed to posting this in three month's time when it may have already sold out. Whilst these new scents are new to me there is no denying that I quite simply adore the original Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish, it has been a product which I have repurchased several times in the past therefore it is one that I whole heartedly believe in from my own personal experience.

Have you tried any of the limited edition Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish?

14 June 2015

An Origins Re-Purchase

Origins Skincare

Back when I first started blogging there was always one particular brand that I wanted to try, that was of course Origins. From the Drink Up Intensive Mask to the Gin Zing Eye Cream there were many products that were on my radar and remained so for a rather long time. It wasn't until January last year when I finally made one of my first purchases from Origins, at the time I'd only ever tried the Gin Zing Moisturiser which was something I thoroughly enjoyed using therefore when the Christmas sales were still on I finally took advantage and ordered myself the little 24 Hour Glow gift set which featured a few of their products.

Fast forward a year and a bit later I have since finished the Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins moisturiser and have now made a re-purchase because yes, I loved it that much. When making my order a few weeks ago I also decided to pick up the new Origins Facial Brush which cost me £5. I wasn't too sure about the concept of this but naturally being a beauty blogger I wanted to give it a try. Having now used this briefly I'm in two minds about it because when I very first tried it the bristles felt really gentle yet when I came to use it to exfoliate my face when using a cleansing gel I did notice that it felt a bit more rough on my face. Perhaps I'm using this wrong, are we supposed to use it dry only? Nevertheless I'm persevering for now.

Of course there is more than one product featured here yet I actually only paid for High Potency Night-A-Mins and the Facial Brush because everything else happened to be free when I spent over £30. I have to say that when it comes to gifts with purchases Origins has to be one of the best brands around. The majority of the samples here are of a really decent size so for the products which are new to me such as Modern Friction I'll be able to give them a good try before I ultimately decide if I like them or not.

Whilst the specific offer I used may well have ended there are always offers on the Origins website so it's well worth keeping an eye on that. This post wasn't sponsored in any way, I just happen to really like Origins and think that their gifts with purchases are fantastic; I wish all brands offered something just as good as this.

13 June 2015

Why I Blog

Why I Blog This is my third attempt at trying to write this post this evening. I have in that time watched a film the whole way through and now find myself watching An Idiot Abroad, I would love to call it procrastination yet I just couldn't find a way to get my thoughts down into words.

I wanted to open up A Little Boat Sailing today and dig deep; I felt the need to put beauty to one side in order to have a little heart to heart, or at least as much as one can do over the internet. My reason for this is that it's rare that I open up my blog to more than just beauty and fashion, although the latter has felt in somewhat short supply since this year started. Aside from wanting to shake things up a little I also wanted to share with you as to why I blog and why I keep on coming back over three years on. 

This all stemmed from having what can only be described as a hectic few months to say the least. As many of you may know I went back to education in October and embarked on a law conversion course. It has been tough, in fact it has been harder than I ever imagined, especially when juggling two jobs, exam preparation and of course my blog here. The last two months in particular have been the most emotionally and physically draining that I have ever encountered and yet somehow I have almost made it out of the other side, albeit needing what feels like a really long nap. 

My blog as you know is a hobby of mine, oh how I have dreamt of making it more than that yet I do realise that I have to be truthful and more importantly realistic too; this does not pay the bills and most likely never will. I know that I have put more time into this than I should have done in the past, especially when other things are technically more important. This therefore brings me to the question as to why I keep on coming back. Why do I continue to promote my blog daily and engage with others constantly as well as taking on more and more things when, quite frankly I'm exhausted. The answer to these questions I found was split into two, firstly, it is quite simply because I love blogging, I love creating new content and sharing it with others and having a good old traditional mothers meeting about it. My second reason is that blogging has in a way been something that I have discovered all by myself. I wasn't influenced as such when I created this blog as I just wasn't aware of what beauty blogging was, PR, SEO and everything else was completely alien to me. It was sheer chance that I stumbled across this concept yet it has been something which I have worked incredibly hard at and more importantly it has been something that I have wanted to work hard and have being doing so now for over three years. 

There is not a day which goes by when I'm not doing something for my blog here, whether that's replying to comments, taking pictures for my next post or simply chatting to other bloggers and reading their blogs; there's always so much more that blogging entails than what you see initially see on the surface. I think that is why so many of us bloggers at times feel as though we hit a wall, that point where we think that we just can't do this anymore which calls for us to take a break and re-evaluate. I've thought this several times in the past and yet so far I've never actually managed to do it, I just can't pull myself away; maybe that is good or maybe that is bad.

Whilst my blog is not old I can't really argue that it is one of the youngest out there either, yet I've seen bloggers who have in a shorter space of time grown to reach huge audiences and achieve milestones that I could only ever dream of. This has on more than one occasion made me question what I'm doing, what am I missing? Do I not write well, are my pictures mediocre, I've even at times questioned my own physical appearance. Writing that last bit makes me realise just how daft that is yet I'd be lying if I didn't put it down, this is after all my blog where I'm probably the most open and most vulnerable too, yet I guess that last bit is purely because of how much it means to me. At times I have felt very frustrated, I feel like I give it my all but that's just not good enough. What am I looking for is the question I ask myself and if I'm honest I'm not entirely sure. Do I want thousands and thousands of followers? Maybe, but that's only if they actually like my blog and enjoy reading what I have to say, if they never click back on it again after following then what really was the point?

Before I started my course I would have said I was a good blogger, not in terms of writing and sorting out my own blog but in terms of reading other blogs and actually making an effort to leave comments. I used to look back on my Disqus profile and be shocked at just how many comments I had made, yet I don't feel bad about that any more. Comments mean a lot to me as I'm sure they do to you, they are after all one of the only ways we find out what readers think of our posts therefore they are extremely important. I know deep down that I have always been supportive in this way although I'll admit that in recent months I have struggled to stay on top of this; in my defence though I have been very, very busy. I'm really looking forward to reading blogs properly again once my last exam is over on Monday, I have missed it a lot! Blogging to me doesn't just involve my own blog, I think blogging as a whole involves reading other blogs, getting to know fellow bloggers and offering friendships and support because I know that if I didn't have people reading my blog or there wasn't somebody to talk to about it when I needed to then I most likely wouldn't enjoy it half as much as I do today.

I feel as though I've lost my train of thought with this, it is not very often I sit down to write these posts because of that very reason, I tend to lose my way very quickly as I find that I suddenly have so much that I want to say. In a nutshell I blog because it is something I enjoy, it is incredibly cliché to say that yet it is true. It has given me more enjoyment than I could have ever imagined and has allowed me to gain confidence in myself and to meet new people. There are some incredible people within this blogging community that I feel very blessed to be part of, of course it has its ups and downs yet on a whole it is amazing.

So now you've read my long winded way of saying 'I love it', let me ask you this, why do you blog?

10 June 2015

Latest in Beauty Heart Beauty Essentials Box

Latest in Beauty Heart Beauty Essentials Box
When it comes down to Beauty Boxes I find it very hard to beat those that come from Latest In Beauty. They are in my experience the best that I have tried when it comes to getting good value for money, a nice balance of products and great brands to boot. Once again I really do think that Latest In Beauty have released another fantastic box, that being the Heart Beauty Essentials Beauty Box* which retails at £15.

There's a whole heap of stuff included within this jam packed box so I'll dive right in with the contents. Starting off with body care and haircare there are a few products which have immediately caught my eye; in fact all of them are brand new to me which makes this side of the box even better as there are lots of new products to road test. For hair there is a shampoo and conditioner duo from the Dove Youthful Vitality range, these are both 50ml sizes which makes them perfect for taking on weekends away; they're also great sizes to gauge whether you will like the product enough to warrant buying the full size at a later date.

Moving onto body I'm delighted to see an SPF included as this is a product that I tend to not have much of lying around. The Green People Sun Lotion SPF 15 will be one that I will happily incorporate into my routine however the only down side I have here is that I wish that it was a higher rating as being fair skinned I definitely need a higher SPF; having said that some protection is most certainly better than no protection. Sticking with lotions to an extent we also have the Le Couvent Des Minimes Cloisters Rose and Berries Moisturising Hand Cream which aside from being a huge mouthful is actually rather nice. The scent is based around rose however it's not as strong as I had expected having tried many rose based products in the past, in fact it's really quite pleasant and leaves my hands feeling silky smooth.

Also included within the box is the Kneipp Devil's Claw Herbal Bath Comfort which is actually a product I have heard about before. My mum for a while now has suffered with a bad shoulder and has often used this product and others like it to help provide relief to the muscle. Having never tried it myself I cannot comment on how good it is yet she has used it for a while so it must do something positive. Sadly since we moved house we no longer have a bath therefore I can't see myself being able to use this any time soon. Finally in this little category there is an Expandable Heart Face Cloth which I think is quite a nice little addition; I was always curious about these things when I was a kid and never managed to try one out so that's certainly something I'll be doing now that this post has been written.
Latest in Beauty Heart Beauty Essentials Box

As we move onto skincare I'm really happy to report that there are a few products here that I have wanted to try out for a while therefore it was great to see them included within this beauty box. Firstly the Amie Morning Light Hydrating Daily Moisturiser has been on my radar for a while. Not just because we share the same name but because in the past I have read great things about the cleansers from this brand therefore the whole range I have to say had been one I wanted to explore further. This to me sounds like it will be a delightful moisturiser for this time of year as it is described as light yet hydrating; despite the weather getting warmer we still need to keep our skin hydrated. 

Speaking of hydration there is also one single pack of the Skyn Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels which I must say look a little scary yet the idea of them intrigues me more than you can care to imagine. For someone who suffers with dehydration around the eye area and having now finished off my beloved Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream I think it is safe to say that this product will be being tested out sooner rather than later.

The last three skincare products are all products that I have heard of before and have wanted to try for myself. The Vichy Idealia Life Serum sounds wonderful for helping lacklustre skin look more revived and youthful whereas the Balance Me Radiance Face Mask will really help perk up the skin mid-week I feel, particularly if like me you are still battling on through exams. Back when I very first started my blog I used to read a fair bit about the Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser yet in the last year or so it has been a while since I last saw this crop up, nevertheless I think it is great to see it included as I will finally be able to give it a try. According to the information about this product it removes make up, cleanses the skin and also tones therefore I'm pretty curious to see whether it lives up to its claim.

Finally rounding up the content of the box there are three make up items, the first of which is more of a sample as you're kindly provided with two shades of the new BareMinerals Complexion Rescue to try it out. The shades are vanilla and natural of which having already been colour matched to this product already I know that both of these are too dark; I was matched to Opal for reference. Having said that what I can tell you is that Complexion Rescue really is a lovely base and does deserve the attention that it is currently receiving. I do already own it myself and find that I'm not using much else at moment, although do bear in mind that the coverage is light to medium therefore if you're looking for a higher coverage then this may not be for you.

The final two products cater towards the eyes and nails where both of these products are full size. The Wild About Beauty Eye Shadow in the shade 'Polly' was the shade I received although as far as I'm aware there is more than one shade that is available. I've never tried any eye shadows from this brand before so I'm quite curious to see how well they perform, however the thought of destroying that beautiful bumblebee embossed design makes me rather sad as you all know how much I love my bumblebees! Finally the last product is a nail polish from the gel Nails Inc line in the shade 'Hyde Park Place'. This is a nude grey taupe shade which I think will be perfect for the autumn, it doesn't strike me as the most spring appropriate shade however when have I been one to follow a particular beauty trend; I'll wear black nail polish whenever I can.

If you're interested in checking out the Latest in Beauty Heart Beauty Essentials Beauty Box* then I'd head on over soon, they won't be around much longer.

8 June 2015

Petrol Head | F1 Formula Fun

Lewis Hamilton Goodwood Festival

A Little Boat Sailing has for the past three years primarily focused on beauty and fashion based content which is something that I absolutely adore. However despite this I have hardly ever in that time delved into other interests of mine. If you follow me over on Twitter then it will come as no surprise to you that I'm writing about Formula One today, I'm an avid fan and have now being watching Formula One for ten years; I love it and find myself so darn excited at every race weekend. In fact looking back I have mentioned F1 before, but you'll have to go right back to my very first blog post back in March 2012 in order to find it.

Today I wanted to share with you a little bit about how I first came to discover F1, as I know it's generally not perceived to be a sport that many females like, although I can assure you that there are more of us than one might originally think. Back when I was a child, I'm talking four or five I can distinctly remember Sunday afternoons where my Dad would be watching the races, the Fleetwood Mac theme tune and the resounding commentary from Murray Walker. After about an hour in my Dad would always fall asleep in his chair where I'd attempt to turn the channel over, miraculously he would then wake up claiming that he had being watching it all along. Fast forward several years later I came across F1 again in 2005 where it was one driver in particular that completely captivated me. Kimi Raikkonen at the time then drove for McLaren where in that year particularly he had without a doubt the fastest car on the grid, yet also probably the most unreliable.

I followed Kimi throughout the season and watched him win races from last position on the grid, Suzuka 2005 and lose them on the last lap when he was in the lead; it was a year of extreme highs and gut wrenching lows and ever since then I have never missed a race. Of course it's not all about one driver for me but I think it was that immediate connection that I seemed to make with one in particular that lured me into the sport so quickly. 

Goodwood Festival of Speed

Whilst I have never had the chance to go to an F1 race before I have been able to go to the Goodwood Festival of Speed where I saw a number of F1 cars along with several drivers. The images used in this post are all pictures that my Dad took; his friend was the race director at the event so we got to stand a lot closer than many of the visitors there. The very first image is of Lewis Hamilton before won his championship with McLaren in 2008, we were so close to his car that we could actually touch it, in fact I'm 99.9% sure that my Dad's partner did!

All in all F1 is a sport that despite the various politics is one that continues to fascinate and excite me each year. Whilst I always had every intention of bringing back to my blog a bit more of my own personality and interests the opportunity to share with you a competition being run by Avios at the moment to win tickets to the Belgium Grand Prix was just too much to miss out on; it gave me the hurry up I needed. Spa-Francorchamps is without a doubt my favourite track on the whole race calendar, it is such a good race and is also one of the oldest too; if you're an F1 fan you don't need me to tell you that this would be an amazing one to attend.

In return for me writing this post I'm being sent some tickets to attend the qualifying day at British Grand Prix this year. Of course this is an amazing opportunity, especially for someone like me who has wanted to attend an F1 race weekend for such a long, long time. I know this topic is a little different to my normal content however sitting here writing this tonight has made me realise just how much I enjoy writing about my other interests; it felt good to write about something completely different for a change, to share with you something that I'm so incredibly interested in and passionate about.

7 June 2015

Kikki K | My Online Order

Kikki K
Ever since I discovered Kikki K from Kirsty I have being meaning to place my very own order. From the vast array of notebooks, planners and pens it is quite literally a stationary lover's dream. Every few months or so Kikki K launch a new collection which always consists of more than one thing that I'd like to pick up. However seeing as they are only based in Australia this does make things a little bit more difficult; it is not a site that I can justify ordering from often due to custom charges being implemented once your order arrives over here in the UK.

Kikki K 
Therefore I decided to hold off until something really did catch my eye and catch my eye something did. A little while ago Kikki K launched their Dark Mint and Black Cherry range which consists of planners, notebook, travel wallets, pencil cases and more. It was without doubt the Dark Mint planner that caught my attention, what with the beautiful mint against the dark blue and the golden detail of the rings and embossed honeycomb design along the spine, it was without a doubt something I knew I wanted to invest in. It's not every day I make an order from overseas, in fact I can only think of it happening on two other occasions therefore it wasn't a decision I made lightly. After enquiring with others who I knew had ordered from Kikki K in the past I decided to just go for it and place my order; I knew what I was getting into and that the possibility of custom charges was high.

Kikki KSeeing as though it is not every day that I go ahead and place an order from Kikki K (in fact this was my very first) I decided to get the things that I wanted, after all everything was coming from Australia so I wanted to ensure I ordered everything in one go as opposed to making an order a few more weeks down the line. Of course naturally I picked up the Large Dark Mint Planner (now sold out) as this was originally the product that had started off my order. As well as this I also wanted to pick up a pen for my planner, I decided to go with the Mountains Ball Point Pen because I think the colours went together really well and matched the planner nicely. 

What would a stationary order be without including a set of notebooks? Not quite good enough I say yet that's only because I seem to hoard notebooks like they are going out of fashion, therefore I also decided to pick up a set of the A5 Life is Sweet Notebooks (again now sold out) which I have to say are so incredibly lovely. Let's just say that I may have picked up a second set for a little give away on here in the near future, stay tuned! Alongside the notebooks I also ordered the Life is Sweet Vision Board Kit which is something I think people tend to use within their planners. I do like that idea although I think I'm far more inclined to save them for something else that I have planned once my bedroom is decorated.

Kikki K
For my desk I picked up another desk planner, this one is from the Minimalist range and was actually in the sale at the time. I've had one of these before from Paperchase and they really are great for helping you to keep organised; they provide an easy and immediate reference when sitting at your desk, so long as you keep them up to date of course. In terms of accessories I also picked up a few packs of stickers with the intention of using these for my planner. What can I say; I'm a huge kid at heart and love the idea of adding a few here and there to the pages that I'm using at the time.
Kikki K Dark Mint Large Planner
In a bid to save the last thing until the very end I have here the Kikki K Large Dark Mint Planner which is even more beautiful in real life as opposed to a picture on the internet. At first I was very torn as to whether to go for the Dark Mint or indeed the Black Cherry as that too is absolutely stunning; the only reason I went with this one in the end was because I do have a pink Filofax already although the colours are actually still very different. The Mint version was for me incredibly refreshing, it will make a nice change to what I use currently so I'm looking forward to starting to use it now I have the time to set it up how I want it; my exams are almost over!
The Large Dark Mint Planner is made from real leather and consists of various note pages, a to do list, an 18 month perpetual calendar, meeting notes as well as a selection of stickers which you can use to mark down various appointments or reminders. There are a number of dividers too which allows you to customise your planner to your own personal taste. Unlike a typical planner purchased at the beginning of the year this does not have the whole year set out with the months and days etc, this is completely blank which is great for me. I'm not a huge fan of diaries that start mid-year as I like them to begin in January and end of course on the 31st of December.

For now I'm a little torn as to whether to start this one off and fill in the dates myself or to wait until the New Year to kick it off properly. For the record other pages will fit into this from the likes of Paperchase, Filofax and WHSmith therefore all I have to do is go and buy my yearly pages once they start coming into the shops; I'm in no rush to pick these up just yet.

Finally for those who are wondering my Kikki K order did not escape the wrath of customs, I had to pay just over £30 to have my parcel delivered. Looking back I know that I would have paid this again, it hasn't put me off ordering from Kikki K in the slightest so if you are thinking about placing an order do bear in mind the charges but don't let them put you off too much, especially if like me you really do find yourself falling for something in particular.

6 June 2015

Harvest Moon Collection | Shop Dixi

Shop Dixi Harvest Moon Shop Dixi Harvest Moon Shop Dixi Harvest Moon By now I think it is self-explanatory that I'm a huge lover of jewellery, particularly any that falls vaguely into the remit of bohemian as I just love how seems to possess a natural earth type vibe to it; it's almost magical. A few weeks ago I featured some of my recent purchases from Shop Dixi which is a site which sells a variety of different pieces of jewellery which are in my opinion all beautiful; I find it quite the struggle to come off the website having not ordered anything. From rings, to necklaces, anklets and earrings there's sure to be something to catch your eye.

Shop Dixi regularly launch new collections of which the new Harvest Moon Collection launching on June 7th is sure to be another popular one. I've had a sneak peak at the collection and have picked out just some of my favourite pieces which I have featured above. I already own the Black Arya Onyx ring however I'm extremely tempted to add the Blue Topaz one to my collection, it is extremely beautiful and being blue (my favourite colour) it's an almost given that I'll be adding this to my jewellery box soon.

Don't forget to check out the Harvest Moon collection at Shop Dixi tomorrow, it sure is magical! 

These lookbook images have kindly been provided to me from Shop Dixi. This was not a sponsored post, I just happen to really adore the site and the jewellery and wanted to share with you a glimpse at the new collection launching tomorrow.

5 June 2015

Five Tips for Happy Skin

Five Tips for Happy Skin
Skincare for me is one of my favourite things to write about, I think that is quite clear on the face of it yet it has been a while since I shared with you some tips as it were for keeping your skin feeling and looking good; in other words my top tips for happy skin. At the moment I'm using five products in particular, some are old favourites and some are new. When it comes to skin I think it is important to remember that it is not just our face we want to look after it is our whole body therefore I've a bit of a mixture of products here today which I think work nicely together to provide a little insight into my routine.

My first tip from my own personal experience would be to include within your routine a clay mask. At the moment I'm using the Origins Clear Improvement Clay Mask which is great for drawing out impurities from clogged pores. However I think it's important to understand what your skin needs because there can be great temptation to just whack on a clay mask when your skin is acting up in order to attempt to solve flare ups or a dull complexion yet clay masks really can be quite drying. Therefore so you need to ensure you pop moisture back into your skin through moisturising afterwards; my top tip here would be to use an hydrating mask after your clay mask.

Secondly I personally love to include a spritz toner within my skin care routine or any toner come to that. At the moment I'm using my LUSH Tea Tree Water as my skin is feeling the stress of lots of late nights with little sleep due to exam stress. This is a great product for keeping the skin fresh and clean as it has antibacterial properties which I find really helps to keep my skin clean.

Whilst of course there are many other steps that I would whole heartedly recommend I'd definitely like to take this opportunity to state that my third tip would be to always try to incorporate an SPF into your routine somewhere. Whether it is a designated one such as the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Fluid or one within your moisturiser or foundation I do believe that this is key; especially if you are using acidic toners as they do make your skin more vulnerable to sun damage.
Five Tips for Happy Skin

Moving onto the body I can think of one product that I always turn to when I want to keep my skin looking and feeling fresh. The Soap and Glory Breakfast Scrub is a fantastic exfoliator which also smells truly incredible, I can always rely on this to remove dead skin cells so that my skin is left feeling revitalised. It goes without saying that to keep your skin glowing and in-growing hair free (it's a nasty business but it is one we are all probably far too aware of) then you really should try to incorporate an exfoliator into your routine; that would be my fourth tip!

Finally one of the newer products I have come across recently and one that is becoming one of my favourites is The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Splash* which is essentially fragrance for all over your body. You're able to use this after a shower or bath whereby it dries quickly on the skin and smells super fresh. It is a unique concept to me because I have never tried anything quite like this before however I have to say I like it! It is in my personal opinion strictly a morning time product purely because it is so revitalising; it'll be a great kick start to your day that's for sure which is why for me it rounds up my top five tips for happy skin. 


3 June 2015

A Quick Pit Stop at Clarins

Clarins Beauty Purchases

Forgive me, I have F1 on the brain at the moment as it's the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend and that's always a good one. Today I'm pretty convinced I failed my Equity and Trusts exam, it was quite simply horrendous therefore whilst I had an hour to kill before my train home and to save myself wallowing in self-pity I decided to go to Clarins and pick up a product that I have wanted for a while. 

The product that I wanted to pick up was the Instant Light Lip Perfector in the shade Rosewood Shimmer. This was a shade that I thought looked beautiful and having already tried these products before I knew that I really did love them. For a little while now I have being using Candy Shimmer which is pinker in tone with an slight hint of coral to it; to date it is one of my most worn lip products as both the finish and texture is so beautiful and so incredibly easy to wear. Personally I don't think they're completely free of that sticky feeling you can get with a product such as this, however I honestly do think it is more than manageable which is testament to why I've gone out and purchased another. Rosewood Shimmer is more of a my lips but better shade, which when I sit down and think about it are my favourite types to wear as they are much less maintenance and suit my skin tone more. The packaging of this one is a bit odd in comparison to the others, it's the same design of course but the colour I have to say isn't the most flattering, I do think that this would see this particular shade somewhat overlooked in comparison to the others on offer.

Whilst I was at the Clarins counter in Boots I was informed of an offer that they currently have running which allows you to choose three samples from a selection of deluxe samples when you buy two items; one being skincare. Having not tried much from the skincare line I actually ended up going with the advice of the assistant who suggested to me the Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel. This sounds quite nice and she has reassured me that this will work nicely for my skin type, therefore I'm looking forward to opening this when my current gel cleanser runs out.

Needless to say those two purchases enabled me to qualify for the free gift which saw me able to pick from what I hopefully remember correctly was ten samples. The three I chose were the Clarins Eau Dynamisante Moisturising Body Lotion 100ml, the Clarins Super Restorative Replenishing Comfort Mask 30ml and finally the Clarins Hydra Quench Cream 30ml. These are all new products to me that I haven't tried before so it has been nice to get a few new things to try out over the next few months.

This post was just a quick heads up to let you know about this little offer that Boots have on at their Clarins counters at the moment; I thought it was a pretty good one if truth be known. As far as I can see this is only in store as the online offer is different.

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