8 June 2015

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Lewis Hamilton Goodwood Festival

A Little Boat Sailing has for the past three years primarily focused on beauty and fashion based content which is something that I absolutely adore. However despite this I have hardly ever in that time delved into other interests of mine. If you follow me over on Twitter then it will come as no surprise to you that I'm writing about Formula One today, I'm an avid fan and have now being watching Formula One for ten years; I love it and find myself so darn excited at every race weekend. In fact looking back I have mentioned F1 before, but you'll have to go right back to my very first blog post back in March 2012 in order to find it.

Today I wanted to share with you a little bit about how I first came to discover F1, as I know it's generally not perceived to be a sport that many females like, although I can assure you that there are more of us than one might originally think. Back when I was a child, I'm talking four or five I can distinctly remember Sunday afternoons where my Dad would be watching the races, the Fleetwood Mac theme tune and the resounding commentary from Murray Walker. After about an hour in my Dad would always fall asleep in his chair where I'd attempt to turn the channel over, miraculously he would then wake up claiming that he had being watching it all along. Fast forward several years later I came across F1 again in 2005 where it was one driver in particular that completely captivated me. Kimi Raikkonen at the time then drove for McLaren where in that year particularly he had without a doubt the fastest car on the grid, yet also probably the most unreliable.

I followed Kimi throughout the season and watched him win races from last position on the grid, Suzuka 2005 and lose them on the last lap when he was in the lead; it was a year of extreme highs and gut wrenching lows and ever since then I have never missed a race. Of course it's not all about one driver for me but I think it was that immediate connection that I seemed to make with one in particular that lured me into the sport so quickly. 

Goodwood Festival of Speed

Whilst I have never had the chance to go to an F1 race before I have been able to go to the Goodwood Festival of Speed where I saw a number of F1 cars along with several drivers. The images used in this post are all pictures that my Dad took; his friend was the race director at the event so we got to stand a lot closer than many of the visitors there. The very first image is of Lewis Hamilton before won his championship with McLaren in 2008, we were so close to his car that we could actually touch it, in fact I'm 99.9% sure that my Dad's partner did!

All in all F1 is a sport that despite the various politics is one that continues to fascinate and excite me each year. Whilst I always had every intention of bringing back to my blog a bit more of my own personality and interests the opportunity to share with you a competition being run by Avios at the moment to win tickets to the Belgium Grand Prix was just too much to miss out on; it gave me the hurry up I needed. Spa-Francorchamps is without a doubt my favourite track on the whole race calendar, it is such a good race and is also one of the oldest too; if you're an F1 fan you don't need me to tell you that this would be an amazing one to attend.

In return for me writing this post I'm being sent some tickets to attend the qualifying day at British Grand Prix this year. Of course this is an amazing opportunity, especially for someone like me who has wanted to attend an F1 race weekend for such a long, long time. I know this topic is a little different to my normal content however sitting here writing this tonight has made me realise just how much I enjoy writing about my other interests; it felt good to write about something completely different for a change, to share with you something that I'm so incredibly interested in and passionate about.


  1. winterinadream8 June 2015 at 12:46

    I'm a big fan of F1 as well. I watched the canadian gran prix just yesterday which was great! All the action was in the mid pack and I totally did not care who won as it was more interesting to watch all other guys. There's nothing wrong to be a girl and love F1, I don't agree that it is only a mans sport.

  2. Oh no me neither. A lot of people are often surprised that I like F1, I don't know if you have encountered the same reaction. The race was great yesterday, I'd have loved to see Ferrari pose more of a threat though.

  3. I love sports and I've been a fan of Kimi since his time in Sauber...wow, 14 years? I feel old now. Never supported a particular team, just Kimi, this man is incredible!

    Lovely Little Bits

  4. Formula One has to be one of my all time favourite sports! This sounds like an amazing opportunity :D

    emily xx


  5. I'm too a big F1 fan and I LOVED this post! I cannot wait to hear about your trip to Silverstone!

    Stephanie xxx

  6. I love F1, its surprisingly how many woman like it, i have a kimi t-shirt, hes my fave =]


  7. It seems like such a long time ago now doesn't it! I love him too, he's not the most approachable for the media but I think that's part and parcel why I like him so much.

  8. I honestly cannot wait Emily!

  9. I would totally do that if I won the lottery! I agree, I think it's more common for females to be open about their love for motor sport than it once was.

  10. He's awesome! I also really love Vettel so the Ferrari paring at the moment is so good for me haha!


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