11 July 2015

Clarins Everlasting Foundation + SPF15

Clarins Everlasting Foundation + SPF15 Review

Today I am back with a good old fashioned make up review. It feels like a long time since I wrote one of those and do you know what it already feels good. The product I am looking at today is the Clarins Everlasting Foundation +* with SPF15 which I have being trying out on and off for the last three months or so. With this being my first ever foundation from Clarins I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I am sure we can all agree that when we are used to a certain brand we tend to have a certain expectation, yet because I had never tried one from Clarins before it was completely uncharted territory for me.

Starting off with packaging the Clarins Everlasting Foundation + instantly sets out a good impression to me. It is a sturdy frosted glass bottle, which, I know does not always suit everyone yet for me personally I like this as it is very rare that I take my foundation out of the house for travel purposes. Secondly a huge thumbs up is awarded for the fact that this has a pump because in my experience there are many brands that can be a little sneaky by not including one which is a huge bug bear of mine. I personally think that when you are paying over £15 for a foundation that this is the least they can do.

From doing a little research on this product I have discovered that this is a reformulated version of the much loved original Everlasting Foundation in which I can only base my review on this version because I have not tried the previous one. The new version promises to offer a perfectly even and flawless complexion with coverage provided for a rather impressive 18 hours. With sixteen shades I think this offers a relatively nice shade range however for those of you with a darker skin tone you may struggle to find one that works best for you, although it is worth popping along to your local counter in order to check out the shades in person.

In regards to the coverage that this provides I would argue that it leans between medium and full as I do find that when I apply it that it pretty much covers all of my blemishes, it also evens out my skin tone very well. From wearing this throughout the day I would agree that it holds up very well on my skin, although I can't imagine anybody wanting to wear any foundation for 18 hours. I think this impressive longevity is helped by the fact that my skin is typically combination to oily in which this foundation I believe tends to work at its best. For those with drier skins I do worry that it could be a little too drying as I know that at times this has stuck to dehydrated areas which have then been quite noticeable; this is something to watch out for if you suffer from dehydration or dry skin.

When it comes to application I found that that I didn't need a lot of it to cover my face as it is a very pigmented foundation; having said that I do find that it can be a little difficult to work into the skin because in my opinion it is quite thick, especially in comparison to the others that I have used in the past. Despite it being quite a thick matte foundation it does feel nice and light on the skin although in terms of finish I can't quite help feel as though it has somewhat of a chalky feeling to it once applied which I believe only exacerbates any areas of dryness and makes them more visible. 

In a nut shell there are most certainly pros and cons to this particular foundation. The pros consist of the fact that it has good coverage, the shade range is good, that it also feels light on the skin and that it also contains an SPF as I do like to know I have some form of sun protection present; even if it is a gloomy day. The cons however are also worth noting as I do think that it is quite thick which requires me either mixing in a little bit of moisturiser to thin it out or just blending for a longer period of time. In my experience it also highlighted dehydrated areas a little bit too much for my personal taste. I was quite aware of this when I was wearing it so it didn't make me feel too good; having said that you may have a completely different experience to me and of course when my skin is at its optimum this may work very well indeed.

Overall I'm a little bit torn over this product, I think for £27.50 it is most certainly one that you need to obtain a sample of in order to try it at home first because it is a bit of an odd one. 


  1. This sounds like an interesting foundation :)

    emily xx


  2. I have never considered clarins foundations. This sounds like it won't work for me though :(

    Jacynta xxx

  3. I love Clarins makeup and this looks gorgeous!! <3

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  4. This sounds lovely - I love the packaging and that it's medium/full coverage. I've never tried Clarins foundation before but this is definitely cheaper than me EL one so might be worth investing in!

  5. I had never tried one before but this hasn't put me off as there are some aspects about it that I like. Their concealer is on my list to pick up as I have read a lot about that lately.

  6. It sure is one that requires sampling first, I mean I know that is what you should do with foundations anyway but this one was hit and miss with me depending on how my skin is at the time.

  7. I have tried very little Clarins make up myself although I absolutely adore their lip perfectors.

  8. Oh yes it is certainly worth having a look at, especially if it is more purse friendly.


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