28 July 2015

Life Lately #2

Life Lately

A Little Boat Sailing first started off as a beauty blog and if I am honest it will probably always remain that way. I enjoy writing about make up and skincare so much, it's a really nice thing to sit down and do, it's therapeutic to me. Yet amidst the lipsticks, perfumes and cleansers I do like to insert a little snippet of my life and what I am up to at the moment; if anything it is a little online diary for me.

Back in February I wrote my very first instalment of my life lately posts, in which now that we are just over five months since I first published it, I thought it was about time that I posted an update. Since we last properly caught up I have finished my GDL course, which I have to say was a huge relief! I really did find it very difficult because of how intense it was as it was a course that is recognised to the level of a law degree, only you study it in 9 months as opposed to three years; man it was tough. I'm not going to lie in that I also really struggled to gain a balance between that and this blog because to put it simply, I enjoy writing this blog so much. Yesterday I got my results back, I managed to pass everything barring a couple of exams and I am quite frankly gutted. Up until now I have never failed anything, I didn't even fail my driving test yet I have found myself in this situation of a resit. To put it frankly I feel really ashamed and embarrassed about it, it's odd being in this situation as it has never happened to me before. Yes I was that girl who cried on the train to work this morning because of this.

Despite that somewhat miserable start to my post I'm happy that I can say I got my first legal job working in a solicitors, let's just say it's a good thing that this job was not riding on me passing my course first time. It is a full time job so please bear with me whilst I get to grips with working 9-5. My blog posts over the next few weeks will be a little intermittent I am afraid, yet those posts that will be published will still be of the quality I hope people have come to expect here; less is more for me at the moment and I sure hope everyone can understand that for the time being. 

Recently I also got to go to Silverstone which I wrote about, it was a great day out and one that I will never forget. I have always been such a huge fan of Formula One so it was great to finally see the cars in action. Speaking of which, the sport has gone through a very painful week where it has lost one of its promising young drivers. Jules Bianchi was only 25 years old when he sadly lost his life through injuries sustained in a crash at last year's Japanese Grand Prix. It was a very sombre mood watching the race this weekend, although in one way it was nice to see how tight knit the F1 community truly is, it's just a shame it was in such circumstances.

You may remember that last time I wrote one of these posts that I had entered the Invisalign competition with Oasis in which I somehow managed to win. I have had a few people ask me about that so I thought it would be appropriate to mention that here. There has been somewhat of a delay with this process due to various things however I am super happy to report that by the end of August (you have to wait three or four weeks for the Invisalign to come back from America) I should have started the treatment; I can't wait to keep you all updated on the progress.

In terms of beauty I have picked up a few new things recently although I haven't had time to mention them much at all. Due to this post from Catherine I finally managed to purchase the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette which had been on my list of products to buy since I very first saw it last year. It sure is a thing of beauty and the product itself is as good as I had heard, despite the high price tag I have not regretted purchasing it at all. There were also two products which caught my eye from the new Lasting Finish by Kate Nude Collection from Rimmel in which I found myself purchasing one of the nude lipsticks in number 45 (I can't see a name) as well as a nail polish called soul session. In the relatively short period in which I have being using them I have to say that I am so impressed, the nail polish is beautiful and the formula even more so whereas the lipstick shade is incredible; it is such a nice nude and I cannot get enough of it.

Finally I would like to end this post with a huge thank you to you. A couple of days ago I reached 3000 followers on Bloglovin. This truly was a figure I could never have imagined, I'm so blessed to have this blog and to be able to interest just a handful of people, let alone more. Thank you.

So there you have a bit of a round up for me, what about you?

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