24 August 2015

Beauty Packaging That Looks Awesome

Beauty Packaging That Looks Awesome

Having now written about beauty on here for over three years I have found myself coming across my fair share of beauty products. Whether they are budget friendly or more of a luxurious treat I can't quite help but judge them not solely on how the product performs, but also in the way in which they are packaged. Naturally, where more affordable options are discussed then I think that there is some leeway to be given so to speak, however I do still find the packaging to be an important thing about the product overall.

A few days ago I was rooting around my make up collection and picked out five products which I thought stood out to me the most. Prices were not an influence here as I simply reached for what are my current favourites in terms of packaging, I didn't aim to pick from just high end or budget beauty as I believe both do presentation very well on a whole.

Starting off with Tom Ford I chose the Eye Colour Quad in Cocoa Mirage as this for me has to be one of the most beautifully presented beauty products that I own. From the stunning, yet simple and sophisticated packaging this is a product that oozes luxury; of course the actual product itself is pretty special too. The Tom Ford Eye Shadow Quads arrive packaged within a little velvet pouch which is a really nice touch, however if I'm honest I don't keep mine in there any more as I use it a bit too frequently to keep taking it in and out of that. The presentation is beautiful and the product is housed safely inside, my only issue I have with this if I am super picky is that where those little brushes are concerned I would have happily not had those and either had a slightly smaller quad or bigger eye shadows.

It is funny that three of the items I chose are eye shadow based which was not my intention; although I think that goes to show that so much more can be done with those types of products in terms of presentation. The By Terry Ombre Blackstars are a prime example of yet another beautifully presented product; once again they have an air of sophistication and luxury of which I think you are beginning to see a theme developing here. The same goes for the Charlotte Tilbury Eye Shadow Quads and everything else Charlotte Tilbury come to think of it.

Of course more purse friendly brands offer some equally as beautiful products when it comes to their presentation. I have just a couple here as I didn't want to go overboard however the likes of Kiko and Revlon for me always offer really nicely presented products, particularly Kiko. The Kiko Modern Tribes Collection for me was one of my favourites that I have seen them launch, I loved the whole collection and how rustic and earth like it felt. The Modern Tribes Maxi Bronzer* has to have been my favourite from the launch, it is bulky but in a very good way and quite weighty too; it also has a magnetic closure which naturally gives the product extra bonus points. Whilst it wouldn't have been the most ideal for travel due to its size I can't help but feel as though I would have wanted to take it where ever I went, it visually looks great. The shade I had was a bit too orange for me sadly, although I have seriously regretted not ordering the blush within the collection as that was presented in the exact same way. 

For my final product I chose one of the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks in the shade Cherries in the Snow. This was a gift from my friend at Christmas and I absolutely adore it. Whilst in the past I had tried various lip products from Revlon I had never tried any from this particular range. What struck me most about this, aside from the beautiful cherry colour was the packaging. For me it looks timeless, it is a simple chic classic lipstick which easily looks more expensive than it is; good job Revlon.


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