22 August 2015

Currently Coveting #1

Currently Coveting
Looking back through my blog archives it would appear as though that the last time I posted a wish list was back in October last year. That's almost one year ago, therefore I thought I would take things right back to how they pretty much started on A Little Boat Sailing by putting together a current wish list of things that I have caught my eye in recent months. 

Starting off with the most out of place item is something which I have been contemplating for the best part of two years now. When I was in school I used to play the guitar, I wasn't great, in fact I was far from it however I did enjoy it and have regretted giving up ever since. I have grown up with guitars around me as my dad is a fantastic guitar player, my brother is also pretty good so I'm really temped to buy one again and try and pick it back up. Whilst I played electric before I know deep down that it is acoustic which I adore.

The Kate Spade 2016 Stripe Agenda had caught my eye from the moment Nikki shared it on her Instagram a few days ago. It visually looks beautiful; in fact I have already placed a cheeky order for this as I really like using planners like this throughout the year. Whilst initially it does seem expensive I find that I can justify it as it is something that I will be using for a whole year, in fact even more so given that it starts at the beginning of August. This isn't the easiest item to track down however after some fantastic customer service I was able to find one over at Magpie Decor.

For a long time I have heard countless rave reviews of the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. In the past I have never been personally taken by products such as this yet I can't deny that I am not intrigued; it's about time I picked this up to settle my curiosity and maybe a few blemishes at that.

There has been a fair bit of hype surrounding the release of the Becca Jacqueline Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop, however I personally have never tried any of the originals so I have thought about picking one of these up in order to see what they are like.

The Shu Uemura Stage performers BB Perfector has like the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist been on my mental beauty check list for a little while now. I have heard some great things about this base and seeing as I am yet to be totally sold on the whole BB cream thing I am more than curious to try this particular one out. I have also read that this is quite pale which I tend to like as despite not being as white as a milk bottle I am relatively fair, plus, it is a lot easier to warm up the complexion as opposed to having to solve the issue of a base which is too dark for you.

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