20 August 2015

Summer Succulents

Debenhams Flowers Debenhams Flowers Debenhams Flowers

At the moment I am in the process of decorating my bedroom, which I have to say seems to be taking a rather long time. I feel as though I have being saying this for a little while, yet you know how it is, things tend to get in the way of said plans and before you know it you're two months or more down the line. Having said that my plan has always been to incorporate plants into my bedroom; I am a firm believer in having plans in the home, yet I have often noticed that the bedroom is often left neglected in that department. 

Therefore when I was kindly offered the chance to feature some flowers from Debenhams on my blog I decided to take them up on the offer. Now as you can see what I have here today is a trio planter of succulents* which I decided to opt for instead. Despite flowers always being very beautiful to look at I did want something that would last longer, plus I have always admired how wild and interesting succulents look so found this the perfect opportunity to try looking after some of my own.

These will be going onto my bedroom window sill as somewhat of the main feature once my room is done but for now they're taking pride of place in the dining room. I have being meaning to find out exactly what succulents I have here but as of yet I haven't managed to decipher what they are, although once I do find out I will update this post.

Whilst I chose this rather lovely planter there are some beautiful flowers over at Debenhams to choose from which can be delivered super quick through their next day delivery service. You're able to order flowers by post so whether they are for a loved one, a last minute birthday gift or even just a treat to brighten up your living room then they are definitely worth taking a look; you can also get 25% off with the code DFBLOG25.

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