16 August 2015

The Sunday Script #2

Food Market Food Market
The weekends sure do seem to be flying by now that I am working full time, so much so that I'm already looking towards planning what I can do next weekend so that I feel as though I have made the most of it. Over this last week I'll be the first to admit that there has been a lack of blog posts, I want to apologise for this, although I do know that I don't have to; it is after all my blog and it is only a hobby after all. Having said that I really do enjoy writing and publishing new content, yet I had completely underestimated just how much both working and travelling throughout the week would take out of me.
Food Market Food Market
At the moment I am also trying to cram in revision again alongside work so there will be a lack of posts to come until my exams are over with. It sucks to put things quite bluntly but it's the situation I'm in; it also won't last forever so for now I am just trying to get on with things as best as I can.

In the mean time I did manage to pop out for a couple of hours with my mum yesterday. We decided to have a little browse around the local market as we had never been before. There were loads of nice food stalls and various bits and bobs so I decided to take a few pictures to share with you. They are not of the best quality I have to say but I did only have my phone on me. I hadn't even thought about using these pictures for a blog post as I'm still in the process of trying to plan more lifestyle based content. If you write about things other than beauty then I would absolutely love to hear about the types of things you like to read about.
Food Market Food Market Food Market

All the pictures were from my local food market which whilst relatively small it had some really nice things there. I treated me and mum to a rather yummy chocolate fudge cake! There were also various craft stalls present with handmade items, the image above featured various wood carvings which engravings on. I really liked those as they made me think of the countryside.

Naturally I can't stay away from beauty for too long so the products that I have being loving this week consist of the Oxygenetix Foundation* (blog post to come in early September) and the Clarins Melting Gel Cleanser which I purchased last week, it sure is lovely!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead and that you have a lovely relaxing end to your weekend.

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