18 August 2015

Thierry Mugler Alien

Thierry Mugler Alien Review
At over ten years old, I have only in the last two years discovered Thierry Mugler Alien. I have always been captivated by fragrances, even from a rather young age when I used to love looking at such a variety of the many differently designed glass bottles. Even now I still fall for beautifully designed fragrances and that is often before I have even tried them for myself.

Thierry Mugler Alien* had always been a fragrance that caught my eye. Not least because of the unusual style of packaging and indeed name but also because of the scent. Out of all of the fragrances that I have tried in store from Thierry Mugler Alien has always been my favourite by far. For me it is similar in ways to one of my all-time favourites which is Stella by Stella McCartney in that it is based around base notes of amber, albeit this does lean towards more of a woody scent combined with the soft floral scent of Jasmine. In a way I really do think they're quite similar which is why I adore Alien so much.

At the moment I seem to be going through this beautiful scent extremely quickly. I am having to remind myself to not spritz it on every passing occasion as it really is one that I would like to make last as long as possible. Since I started my new job this has been my go to scent, not least because I like it so much but also because of the amount of compliments I seem to get when I am wearing it. It is no word of a lie that at least four different members have staff have all asked me what it is I am wearing because they have liked it too.

I will be the first to admit that Alien isn't your typical summer scent, in fact it is quite the opposite, yet I personally have never been one to fall for typical seasonal scents. I truly believe that fragrances are incredibly personal and that tend to reflect your mood as well as your personal tastes. In fact, I would go out on a limb here and say that I think that they are probably, if not the most personal beauty product that there is. What one may find appealing and attractive may not be another's cup of tea and vica versa. For me I tend to associate certain perfumes for different times of the day, perhaps even seasons too, yet most of all I tend to associate them with the people who wear them. If in the future people associate me with Theirry Mugler Alien then I can honestly say I will feel quite happy about that.

Thierry Mugler fragrances can be purchased from Boots, Debenhams and more.

Have you tried any fragrances from Thierry Mugler?

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