20 September 2015

My Mac Eye Shadow Palette

MAC Pro Palette
Since I started blogging there has been one brand in particular which has left me feeling really excited, yet somewhat overwhelmed all within the same breath. That brand is of course MAC. From the abundance of eye shadows, blushes, lipsticks and limited edition collections I have always found myself wanting to play catch up, there's so much to discover that I just never knew where to start. Fast forward on three years later I still haven't tried that much from MAC; it is still uncharted territory for me and is forever a battle to actually see the products for myself at the counter. It has only been in the last three months where I have spread my wings as it were and tried something other than a MAC lipstick, that rite of passage we all have come to know and love.

For a little while now I had wanted to start my own MAC eye shadow palette up, yet due to sheer array of shades available I did find it pretty overwhelming to say the least. Nevertheless after numerous trips to my local MAC counter and with recommendations from some of my favourite ladies (Vanessa, Sarah and Aimee) I finally managed to pick up a few shades to kick start my very own palette off. 

MAC Pro Palette

Initially I was going to only build up a simple quad of eye shadows; however I knew that I would end up feeling a little restricted. I know deep down that I do like to experiment with colour now and then, I like the option of variety therefore I wanted to take advantage of having a bit more room within my palette. The Pro Palette which holds fifteen eye shadows seemed like the obvious choice because whilst it is bigger I do believe that I will end up filling this up one day and being really happy with the shades that I have chosen.

Currently I have five eye shadows within my palette which I am really happy with. The first shade I chose was Texture which is described by MAC as a 'peachy brown with shimmer'. Now I have to say that in the pan I would agree because it does have shimmer within it, yet once applied I honestly don't think that it is all too visible at all which is why I tend to use it as a shade within my crease to help create depth. Paired up with Amber Lights which is my second eye shadow, I think these work absolutely beautiful together. Personally I think Amber Lights would look amazing on anybody, however if you have blue eyes and you haven't yet had a chance to check this out then I would highly recommend doing so.

My second two shade choices are probably my most used out of the five because I naturally gravitate towards cooler neutrals as opposed to warmer ones. Quarry is a soft muted plum brown which has a matte finish which makes it a perfect transitional shade on the eye. Initially this shade was not one that was recommended to me; however I knew that I wanted to pick up Satin Taupe which is a taupe shade with elements of silver present. With this in mind I enquired with the assistant at the time as to what she thought would be a nice complementary shade to wear with it. After applying both shades together for me and creating a beautiful soft smoky eye I was sold.

From the amount of MAC eye shadow posts I have read in my time it is hard to come by any that do not feature the shade Cranberry. It is a beautiful red based plum shade which also provides a pink shimmer, yet do not let that last bit put you off. I wasn't too sure how I would get on with cranberry yet Sarah did somewhat ensure me that it would look great and do you know what, she was right. It is a stunning shade that offers something very different to my usual eye shadow choices. This brings me right back to my original reasons of wanting to start up my own MAC eye shadow palette as in doing so it has allowed me to explore what is truly on offer from MAC.

At the moment I am currently contemplating purchasing Sumptuous Olive and Vanilla however if you do have any other recommendations then I would love to hear them.

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