30 October 2015

House of Florrie

House of Florrie Watches
It is not every day when a new brand is introduced to you which captures your immediate interest. From the intricate feminine design to the timeless vintage vibe I feel these watches from House of Florrie are sure to interest many.

House of Florrie is a British brand which produces a beautiful range of elegant handmade watches. There are currently eight different collections, all of which contain some truly stunning pieces. The Pearl Slim Strap Collection is extremely pretty and soft, making this range in particular ideal for those with small wrists. Whereas the Pearl Expander Collection offers a more modern twist to the brand, all within keeping a graceful design.

Today however I wanted to share with you two pieces from the Eleanor Collection as for me this is my favourite. This collection allows you to be much more flexible with your watch choice as you are able to choose from a variety of different straps for your watch. Not only does this make things a little more fun, it also allows you to match your watch for your outfit and occasion which I think is a wonderful idea. 

House of Florrie Watches

The Eleanor Rose Gold Suede Floral Watch* for me is a perfect time piece to wear at this time of year. The dark navy blue suede strap features soft pink, blue and yellow flowers, making this a wonderful addition to any outfit. The watch face is matte white and has a satin rose gold finish, I like the fact that this watch isn't over the top, in fact it for me anything but as I find it to be incredibly feminine and petite.

House of Florrie Watches

Of course to show off this particular collection in all its glory I find that it is only appropriate to show you the same watch only on a different strap as it can completely change the whole look. The Eleanor Rose Gold Polka Strap* is in my opinion even more delicate than the first; for me this would not look out of place at a spring wedding. Over the last few weeks I have spotted a selection of brand new straps which have been added to the ever growing Eleanor collection; they are just as, if not more beautiful than the originals.

The Eleanor Collection starts at £105.00 with additional straps priced at £30. Personally I do think that when a brand is this good that the price is more than justified. It is clear to see that a lot of care and attention has gone into this British brand as both the presentation of the watch and indeed the product itself is faultless. We are these days at a time where everything seems to be mass produced therefore it has been a welcome change to experience House of Florrie; it truly has been delightful.

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