26 October 2015

My Invisalign Journey | Introduction

Invisalign-Journey It seems like a rather long time ago since February when I first sat and wrote my entry to the Oasis Dental Care My Smile Matters competition. For a good few days I hovered over the publish button as I wasn't quite ready to put my smile out there for reasons which are obvious; my teeth are crooked. Nevertheless, the comments I received on that post made me feel much better about myself. They made me realise that I was perhaps being far too self-critical and that I also wasn't the only person who felt like this; thank you.

As some of you may know I somehow managed to win that competition from the post I wrote. It is without a doubt the best thing that has happened to me where this blog is concerned, especially as I believe it will help me in terms of my confidence which has always been lacking.

Naturally Oasis Dental Care had to ensure that I was a suitable candidate for Invisalign in order for me to undergo the treatment. This simply involved a twenty minute check-up in order for my Orthodontist to have a look at my teeth and to take some impressions; it didn't take long and it also gave me the opportunity to find out more about the treatment itself. If you are new to the concept of Invisalign then you can read more about it over on the Oasis Invisalign page, however put simply it is a teeth aligning process which is, as the name would suggest pretty invisible. Of course nothing is ever completely invisible, however Invisalign is one of the most discreet options available when it comes to straightening your teeth as the clear plastic aligners means that there are no metal wires or brackets on the teeth. What is more, you can also remove the aligners to eat which saves the somewhat awkward food stuck in the braces factor.

After I was given the OK for Invisalign I then had to have a few impressions carried out of my teeth. This involved a rather odd sticky type substance which was moulded around my teeth whereby after a minute or so it set and I was left with a representation of what my teeth looked like. I will be straight up and honest that this wasn't a particularly nice experience, it wasn't painful in the slightest however the taste of the product wasn't too great and it was far from dignifying, especially with green plastic stuck to the side of my lip....nice!

Once my moulds had been taken I also then had to have a couple of x-rays in order to ensure everything was ok. These were super quick and straight forward; in fact I think it took me longer to walk to the room than it did to have the x-rays taken. Once they were over my first consultation and step towards Invisalign was complete. I was informed that the next step would be to send off my impressions to America where Invisalign is based. After a few weeks I would get a call back in order to see a visual of what my treatment would look like over the coming months; I was super excited as I just couldn't wait to get started on the path to nice straight teeth.

Since writing this post I have seen my visual and I'm really happy with what the portrayed outcome will be. I will be writing about that within my next post on my Invisalign journey as I am hoping to get a copy of the Clin Check video from my Orthodontist in order to share it with you. It is incredible how these tiny bits of plastic are going to align my teeth; it sure is unbelievable how much dentistry has moved on over the years.

Have you had Invisalign?

I was given the opportunity to enter a competition to win Invisalign back in February 2015 where I am delighted to say that I won. Throughout the course of my treatment I will be writing about my journey as part of the rules of the competition. My treatment is free, courtesy of Oasis Dental Care however my opinions and my shared experience of my Invisalign journey will all be that of my own.

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