11 November 2015

Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Things I Would Tell My Younger Self For a while now I have wanted to write this post, to put my spin on it. In the last few years in which I have being blogging I have seen this type of thing crop up across a number of my favourite blogs. I have always enjoyed reading them and more often than not have found myself nodding along as I reach each point stated. Therefore today instead of sharing with you my autumn go to make up (more on that over the weekend), I thought it would be nice to get a little more personal over here and share with you a few things that I would tell my younger self.


  • Bright blue eye shadow was never a good idea, especially metallic.
  • Stay away from the shimmery lipstick.
  • Don't be in a rush to start shaving your legs just because everyone else is doing it.
  • Whilst many over pluck their eye brows, I should have definitely started plucking a little bit sooner; they were wild! 
  • Floss at a younger age. I have no idea why this was not drummed into me sooner, however if I ever have children they will know about it.
  • Purple hair dye doesn't come out of cream carpet.
  • If you are offered braces take them! They are expensive when you sail past 18 and trust me that time will come quicker than you think.
  • Eye lash curlers are worth it.
  • Spend a bit more on eye shadow, the high street most of the time does not cut it.
  • Use sunscreen (queue Baz Luhrmann)


  • Dungarees will be back in fashion one day when you're around 22, don't mock them.
  • Learn to walk in heels as by the time you're 26 you will feel like you haven't quite made it as a woman.
  • In regards to that last point however, don't force yourself to follow a trend just to fit in. You'll only end up feeling more uncomfortable, just be yourself (although waking in heels successfully would be nice).
  • Converse go with everything and always will. Ignore mum who moans about that fact that's all you live in. She'll still be saying the same thing ten years later.


  • Whilst you always worked hard at school remember that you can be a little rebel at times!
  • Stick at sixth form; you shouldn't have let that teacher make you feel inadequate.
  • Do what you enjoy, not what you think you should.
  • Dropping out of university at first wasn't such a bad idea after all.
  • Moving away to university a year later would be one of the best things you ever did.
  • Don't study the GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) Full Time and work two jobs alongside it, it sucks and it made you miserable.


  • Rule 101; don't date your best friend....ever.
  • You don't need a huge number of friends, no matter how much you think you do.
  • One good friend is worth more than twenty friends.
  • Make more of an effort to catch up with people once school and college is over. It is very easy to loose contact with people and to become alienated. Even if you're shy, just try.
  • Have more sleepovers; they were hilarious!
  • Don't let someone make your drink for you at your first party where there is alcohol...it'll end up one inch coke, eight inches bacardi and you'll never be able to drink it again.
  • Take more photographs and treasure them forever. Sometimes friends will no long be there. 


  • Don't worry that you don't have a boyfriend when everyone else does.
  • Boys can be just as good friends as girls.
  • Not everyone is 'doing it', even if they say they are.
  • A man can capture your heart in a way you thought was never possible.
  • He can also run away with it, be careful of this.
  • You'll meet someone. You will fall in love and he will break your heart. In fact he will completely crush it. That being said, although you may not ever think things will get better and that you'll never escape the void of being heartbroken, you will. Trust me.
  • Time is a healer. It is a bloody clichĂ© but it is oh so very true.
  • You can love someone with all your heart, but don't lose yourself in the process. You are important too.
  • You deserve to be happy so let someone else in one day.


  • I should have started it sooner. It is so much fun!
  • Followers are important to an extent, but enjoying what you do is even more so.


  • When you got your cat you should have got him a play mate, he is far too spoilt now and grumpy for his own good.
  • Don't spoil said cat.
  • Sharing a room with your sister isn't so bad. One day she will hardly be there and you'll miss the late night conversations.
  • Read even more than you do. There's a whole heap of worlds to escape into out there so make more time.
  • Reading Harry Potter for what must be the tenth time really isn't a bad thing. You'll be amazing at all of those Harry Potter quizzes.
  • It's ok to play games on the PlayStation as a girl. Whether it's Spyro or Assassins Creed, embrace what you love and don't let anyone make you feel ashamed of that fact.

Looking back over the years throughout my childhood and teens there are so many things that I perhaps, knowing what I know now may have done very differently. They say hindsight is a wonderful thing, yet I do believe without growing up the way we have, choosing the paths we have chosen and perhaps making the mistakes that we have made then we wouldn't be quite where we are today. Wherever that is I truly believe we have the power and strength to change that if we want to, it just takes a bit of courage, willpower and of course self-belief to make it happen.

These posts are some of my favourites to read therefore I would love to hear what you would tell your younger self.


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